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"Wario wants gold, and he wants it now!"

This was my FIRST Gameboy Game, and as soon as I popped it in my GameBoy Pocket, I was hooked. The game is beautiful, having great graphics and sound, plus a mixed challege difficulty.. but, alas, I haven't picked it up and popped it back in my GameBoy Color for a few years, and that has to do with me giving this game a 9.

STORY (10/10)

Wario, bored with being evil, decides to steal an evil pirate's treasure. The Pirate lives on Kitchen Island, so Wario sets sail on his dinky boat for riches, wealth, and fame..


This game has been out ALOT longer then the review, so maybe because of the bigger and better games is why I gave this a 9. Also, they should've explained that Captain Syrup is a WOMAN, not a MAN! Is there a female term for captain? I'll look it up later.. oh, and one more thing... WARIO MOVES TOO DANG SLOW!

GRAPHICS (10/10)

Detailed levels, nice looking bad guys, and Wario looks sweet too! The worlds are all themed from... uhh... food. Rice Island, Parsely Woods, and SS Teacup are from the many worlds you must travel through and get the treasures and coins needed for a castle at the end of the game. And Wario even has expressions on his face at different times. The Caps Wario uses to help him in his quest are nice looking too. Great graphics, considering how long this has been out on shelves.

AUDIO (9/10)

The music is catchy, and you'll find yourself humming to the tunes. The sounds when Wario breaths fire, does the body slam, breaks a block, etc. are nice too, but as someone who has written a review for this game stated, those little noises get a tad annoying.

CONTROL (10/10)

Quick and responsive control. Easy to learn, too! Not much else to say about it...


After playing for months trying to find that last elusive treasure, yes.


Maybe, if you are that determined to find the treasures. If you are like me though, you could only play it for about... a month or 2 before you give up.


Well, yes. Thats why I havent played it in so long. Even now, when I pop it back in my GBC and play, I quickly turn it off because of its boring-ness factor.


Rent first, then decide.

This IS a good game, by far, but I have played many better! They frusterating and boring Gameplay bring down the final score to a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/08/00, Updated 10/08/00

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