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"The best platformer on the original game boy. Nothing else comes close."

Wario Land is a fantastic game. With the exceptions of Pokemon and Link's Awakening it is easily the best game that I played on the original game boy. It completely destroys the first two Super Mario Land games and all of the later Wario Land games. Even the excellent Donkey Kong Land games can't compare to this. It's just that good.

GRAPHICS-10: Wonderful, beautiful, incredible, amazing. These are just some of the words that I would use to describe how this game looks. The sprites in this game are so much larger and more detailed than those from the previous Super Mario Land games. Enemies too are much better looking and more varied.
The levels look great also. In fact this game looks so good, if color was added and the screen stretched it would almost look good enough to be game boy advance title.

SOUND-8: Not much to complain about here. There are plenty of different songs in this game for each of the different worlds. The boss music is particularly awesome. Granted it's not going to give Link's Awakening any sleepless nights but it is still a damn good effort and makes very good use of the game boy's limited sound capabilities.

PLOT-9: Pretty original when you compare it to the usual stories in the Mario series. The game takes place just after Super Mario Land 2. Wario is just practicing being mean (he wouldn't want to lose his meanness and turn into a nice guy like Mario). While practicing he finds out that the pirates of Kitchen Island have stolen a giant golden statue of Princess Peach and that Mario is out looking for it. Wario decides that he should look for it too. Of course he doesn't plan on returning it to it's rightful owner. He plans to sell it and use the money to buy himself a castle that is even bigger than Mario's. And so he sets of to Kitchen Island to begin his quest.

GAME PLAY-10: Wario Land is a fun game. It plays a bit like Mario games (makes sense I guess). When you get attacked by enemies you turn small just like Mario. However unlike in Mario where an enemy just has to walk into you to harm you, in this game they have to have a weapon. This means that some enemies are harmless and are just there for you to bully. Also just like in Mario you hit blocks for items though the blocks look different and they give different power ups. In this game instead of mushrooms, you collect garlic. You can transform into bull Wario (Wario with a viking helmet basically), and you also get a jet-pack which allows you to fly temporarily and a dragon helmet that breathes fire.

This game has a map similar to the map of Super Mario World. You can go back to previous levels and play them again. Their are also secret levels for you to find including an entire secret world. You can collect hidden treasures and you need to collect them all to get the best ending. Basically, it's awesome and has tonnes of replay value.

FINAL RECOMMENDATION: I would definitely advise you to buy this game. It is one of the deepest, most visually impressive and most importantly, most fun games on the game boy.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/11/08

Game Release: Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (EU, 05/13/94)

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