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"It's me! Wario!"

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land is a Platform game developed by Nintendo. The third installation in the wonderful SML series features Wario in his first appearance who is something like the exact opposite of Mario, but of course the difference between these characters isn't the only one here…

Story: N/A

No, no damsel in distress here… Wario is the a thirsty-for-money kind of dude who doesn't really care about kicking Koopa butt only to save a princess that is worst than the kidnapper, nope… money is the only thing Wario wants and it turns out that some pirates have stolen all his got, so he must get it back. Lame? Yes but this is a Mario game so the plot doesn't really matters and as I've said no damsel in distress.

Graphics: 7.3/10

Wario Land stands out from the other Mario games for one reason… SIZE!!! Most sprites in the game are very large and look good, especially Wario who is one of the largest guys in the game, the most detailed and is full of character with his well designed animation. There is a nice variety in the level design and they all have very simple backgrounds something that works well for this game.

Sound: 6.6/10

The game has very good sound effects, the typical Mario stuff you would expect but the music just doesn't live up to the Super Mario series standards. It's actually not bad, in fact you might enjoyed it for a while, the only problem is the fact that there are only a couple of tracks and they are quite repetitive… errr, did I say quite? I meant extremely repetitive!!!

Gameplay: 7.5/10

What we have here is the typical Mario game with some small but very enjoyable differences. First of all Wario apart from stomping on enemies can, hit them with a dash move, stomp on the ground and flip them over, burn them with a flame thrower and finally grab and throw them to their buddies. Wario in his original form can only make simple attacks, in order to throw fire or create a small quake he needs the various special hats you'll find throughout the game. You can put a bull hat and make better dashes, destroy harder obstacles or stick to the ceiling with your horns, wear a dragon hat and shoot fire or a… errr, seagull hat and fly!!!

The level design is quite giving you a slightly different situation each time so that you won't get easily bored. There are 40 stages where you'll have the opportunity of using all these abilities in order to take your money back and with a refund too! You see the main fun in the game is to collect enough money in order to see the various endings available, but apart from YOUR money you'll need some extra cash and that's where the treasures come. There are various precious stuff scattered around the island where the game takes place and that are very fun to search for. But I have to be honest with you, while a it is a fun game it doesn't last long, it's quite easy even for a Mario game and after finding all the tresures, (only 2-3 are a bit harder to find), there is no reason to go through that again.

-Finding all the treasures is quite fun
-Various endings
-Good graphics, great main character design…
-Once again… no damsel in distress!!!

-Very repetitive music
-Short, easy and not worth playing again after completing it…

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Overall: 7.1/10

All in all a very solid game, good for times of boredom, it is classic in its own special way and is a great start for one of the best Nintendo Universe characters.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/20/08

Game Release: Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (EU, 05/13/94)

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