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"Of course a evil twin of Mario would be greedy. He dosn't get a princess"


The evil twin/imposter to everyone's favorite italian immagrint plumber. Not really sure on his backstory other than a evil twin but who needs one? Not this guy. It's all about the treasure. Shiny Shiny treasure. Treasure he will steal from the pirate gang and use to buy a new castle. He lost the one he stole in Mario land 2

In Warioland, it works alot like Mario land. Hit enemies and get loot. He does this by not just jumping but shoulder ramming, flying, breathing fire, and just generally throwing his weight around to get what he wants. Not as elegant of solutions like Mario with the jumping. But Wario get the job done.

The controls are a simple two button set up. Jump is "A" and Shoulder charge is "B" Jumping and holding down will do a butt stomp. There are three power up also in the form of hats. A Dragon hat that breathes fire. Good for breaking thropugh blocks that a butt stomp or shoulder ram won't reach. Also there is the Jet Hat, allowing Wario to jump and fly a short distance. Keep in mind when I say flying I don't mean Mario fly up to the sky and have fun, I mean just jump and fly to the right which is good for reaching out of the way secrets but not as grand as flying in Mario 3 or World. And the Bull hat which gives Wario double the ramming power which can break certin blocks but also good for bosses. Getting hit will shrink Wario and eating Garlic will make him big as oppsed to eating mushrooms.

Traveling the world map is familar territory with several levels having secret exits leading to another part of the map or treasure. And treasure is what your looking for. Out of all the levels only 25 have hidden tresure boxes that contain shiny treasure which goes into tallying your ending after beating the end boss. You can beat the game with minimal treasure and end up with enough to buy a birdhouse at the end. OR find every treasure in the game and get your own planet. And everything in between. The game is about explaration and if you go through every level and try every power up it's easy to find all the treasures and get your own Wario planet.

This is a exccelent platformer that is worthy of being a spinoff of the Mario franchise. Heavy on exploration is the game and it feels good when you discover a new secret ending or tresure. Wario may be smelly and ugly and nobody likes him but he don't care. It's all about the money he doen't need no princess to be happy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/10

Game Release: Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (US, 02/28/94)

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