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"Shouldn't it be an improvement from the first and second?"

This game is an introduction to a new gaming character: Wario. He is a rascal and is an evil version of Mario. He is overweight and his hat is yellow with a big ''W'' for Wario. His name suits his person. Think about it ''War'' - io.

Okay, enough explanation of Mari - Oops, I mean Wario, now tell me about the gameplay

You play as Wario and go through an annoying adventure of at least 30 levels. There are lots of different power-ups, including a stupid dragon hat which breaths fire about a hundredth of an inch in front of Wario, a flying power up, and a power-up that makes you more powerful, and more. You can collect treasures and go to bonus levels. However, I suggest you don't go to bonus levels because it's something that can give you twice the coins you have or make you lose coins. You lose almost all the time. (at least I do)

So how are the graphics and sound?

The graphics are horrible. Wario is generally O.K. constructed but the baddies look worse than those in the first Super Mario Land. They are poorly constructed. Also, Wario is bigger. That is also bad because you're so focused on this big thing moving around in your game boy that you wouldn't realize a tiny creature attacking you from above (falling on you). The sound is not that great either. It's not the least bit catchy

Don't sweat the small stuff dude! How fun is this game to play?

Not very. It's annoying how you have to get through level after level after level after level after level after level after level after level after...... Oops, did I drag on too long? Sorry. Each level is basically the same design and you'll have trouble getting past the first World (Rice Beach). On the second stage, I ran out of time 3 times before I was able to figure out what to do and complete it. If you want to get a game like this, don't get it just because Wario's the main character. I've had more fun brushing my teeth.

O.K. I think I may know the answer to this, but is it worth playing again?

Huh? What's that you asked? If you even get through this once, I must applaud because I haven't done so myself! After all those long hours, I doubt you'll want to try to get through this adventure again. This game is too long, boring, and challenging. Try pokemon next time.

So I see the 4/10 you gave this game. After your description, why not 1/10?

Super Mario Land was a good game, and this wasn't too much worse. Certain levels you can have fun getting through but I was just talking about the long run. Even though the new power-ups can be confusing, they add some fun to the game. Game boy games are usually awful and you are unable to get by the first 2 levels, but this game, you can actually get far in before giving up because it's too difficult. It's funny to see Wario's facial expressions after levels, failed or succeeded. The intro is pretty funny also with Wario charging in and losing his hat in the clear file tube. He then takes another hat and awaits where you bring him to. I did have a lot of fun with this game until it just got frustrating.

So what's the overall grade?

I give this a 3.8/10 which is actually good for a game boy game. If 5 game boy games were randomly picked, and this one was in the 5, this would probably be the 2nd best one. If you like game boy, get this game. If you don't or are not too keen on it, rent it first or play it at a friend's house or something.

This is only my opinion of this ''Not Too Bad'' game. I won't force you to get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/17/01, Updated 08/17/01

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