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"The superb SML series puts quantity before quality"

Firstly, this is NOT a Mario game. Well its the same style and stuff, but you control Wario (Mario's enemy, has he quit his evil ways?) on a quest to...get a castle. The game could be better, and its not happy like its two prequels.
Quite good. Wario, the main charachter, is larger than Mario and the animation is good. Enemy animation is also acceptable. No major changes over Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins however. The graphics do their job. 86%

Ah, they're acceptable. Music occasionally gets very very dull and boring, and is overused a lot. The world-map theme is about the only decent theme, the others just do their job. Sound: 83% Music: 83%

I think we've seen all this already. Wario can collect stuff that lets him stamp the ground, fly, and breath fire. Nothing special has been added really, except its a very good game to play if you're bored. You may complete it in a little amount of time, but there are hidden keys on almost all of the levels that let you access a special item. Bosses are ok, they're never really challenging. 88%
Yawn. Same as the other Mario games. 90%

Way too easy, dude. But you can replay it and try to get all the special items, which can be a good challenge. 76% (Easy)

Buy or Rent?
I'd say that unless you're a Mario/Wario fanatic, you should rent it.

As you probably know, there are loads of othe Mario games. But, since this isn't exactly a Mario game, here are some other Wario games in the series...WarioLand II (GBC), Warioland III(GBC), WarioLand 4/Advance (GBA).

-Good for holidays and road trips
-Lots of special items to collect
-It's the first game in the Wario series, and a good collector's item.

-Too easy
-Not happy
-Music can be depressing

It's out of print, but the ROM is one of the most popular GB ROMs, and its quite common in Z-Shops, import shops and second-hand stores.

Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/27/01, Updated 08/27/01

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