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"WARIO? I thought it was called Super Mario Land 3!"

After Super Mario Land 2, Wario had finally been addressed... and despite at the earlier years of Mario... people wanted a game where you could play, well Luigi as well as Mario. Heh! You thought I was going to say Wario... well also people wanted a game about Wario as well, just listening the truthful facts...

Wario then, finally, came out in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land! The game not only was a hit, but increased Nintendo's worldlywise gaming system, people wanting more of their games, more, and more, and more! Wario was just another add on to Nintendo's mascots... and finally became a GREAT add on to their family!

Super Mario Land 3, you play the mean, tough man himself, Wario. As you play Wario, you will see differences in his gameplay than Mario's play. As Wario, Wario can stomp on enemies harder than Mario, he can pick them up and throw them at other enemies quicker and harder, he can shoulder ram enemies out of the whole area. Alot tougher than Mario, and you think Wario would be the new Mario... the only two things than Wario lacks, is Mario's intelligence and speed. Even so, without it, Wario is still a dominating force in Nintendo gaming and will continue to have his own games... just like the newly released Wario Land 4 for Gameboy Advance.

Wario must beat up all the people in the land and defeat the evil beings who have taken over his once island, and now it is the property of an unknown force... and Wario, being much more rageful than Mario, will not just take it back by intelligent moves like Mario does, Wario will take it back by FULL FORCE!

Graphics: 78%
Words: Actually, the graphics were slightly DEGRADED from Super Mario Land 2, honestly, compare the backgrounds, drawings, and artwork of Wario and you will see what I mean.

Sound: 75%
Words: Sound was okay and the music was great. Very good music, newly updated Wario type of evil-meanish type of music in the beginning stage. When I first played that I never expected to hear such music. Heh! Heh!

Replay: 70%
Words: It is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT your usual Mario style game! You may not exactly want to play this game too much after you beat it since there are not as many mini games, the stages are over when you finish, even though you can semi play them again... and plus it is WARIO, not Mario. You will get tired of Wario eventually.

Gameplay: 95%
Words: Seriously, Gameplay is incredible. The new Wario shoulder knock, the Wario jump and smash move that beats enemies, throwing your enemies all over the place, lots of fun.

Story: 60%
Words: Wario must beat all the newly created and newly seen enemies in his old land. Semi interesting... to play it at most.

Characters: 75%
Words: Nice... Wario in his own game. I like it, no Mario for once... but Mario is still #1, it is nice to see someone else... Wario, ever notice that Wario and Mario have just about the same name if their M and W were reversed? They must be cousins!

Final Words: Another game that you must add to your Gameboy collection, a must have.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/20/02, Updated 02/20/02

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