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"Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land"

Hello everyone. I am going to be going over all the Wario games ever released. The Wario series has always left me amused and/or amazed, and I wish to share my personal thoughts on each of the games (there are many), in hopes of pursuading some of you to try some of this dimented Mario look-alike, and his many evil quests for more gold to fill his castle.

Maybe I should explain the character Wario a bit, before going into my review. Wario has always been considered a bully to the other Nintendo characters, wether it be Mario and his gang, a crew of greedy pirates, and even Bomberman. Wario has always been that dimented ''evil'' (I would hardly call him evil, he is just, a bit... disturbed...), man with that sinister look, the muscles, and enough bullying to actually kill somebody. He has always wanted more money, and is probably the greediest character, next to Captain Syrup which I will get into later on, ever. Now that you know Wario, let's get on with ''Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land,'' the classic game that really started Wario's reputation.

I will rate the various categories out of 10...

1. Story 10/10

What more do you want?! You play as Wario! The story of Wario Land was one of the best gameboy stories around. Basically, Wario is travelling to an island to rob a pirate by the name of Captain Syrup, a female with just as much, maybe even more greed than Wario. Wario intends to rob the Captain of a huge golden statue of Princess Toadstool, robbed by the captain herself, originally, and from then, hold a ransom for it, in hopes of making money off of it from Mario. At the same time, he hopes he can take home a bit of treasure... maybe a castle or two...

2. Graphics 5/10

The graphics were a weak point in the game, I have to admit. Some of the graphics were outstanding, while most, and the most important, were rather ugly. For one: Wario is HUGE! This factor in the game can be pretty bad... For 2: Wario is ugly! He isn't even wearing his true hat, which should have been corrected before release, but what the heck... For 3: Wario in his small, vulnerable form, doesn't even look like Wario, and this can be pretty ugly. However, the enemies were okay, but I had to rate the graphics in such a way because throughout the whole game, you stare at ugly Wario, which could have been improved greatly.

3. Gameplay 10/10

Oh boy... the gameplay was a very noticable and awesome feature of Wario Land. Instead of those standard abilties found in all the Mario games, Wario can rocket himself, dash at enemies with his rock-hard shoulder, stomp them, burn them with a flame-throwing hat, pick them up, and throw them. In the Mario games, Mario can basically just stomp or shoot them. He never could push them into a wall, or throw them. He certainly couldn't send them flying to space with a dashing ram. The only real problem is Wario's speed. There is a power-up for that, though, but to tolerate Wario's default speed can be hard to some. Basically, Wario is depicted as a bully, and the funny thing is, he even bullies around the common enemies that get in his way. Sometimes I feel bad watching him throw them about the wall, throw them at each other, stomp on them, and all that nice stuff, but all these features make up Wario, and these features are probably what got Wario so famous.

The levels can be fairly challenging, but not to where you die too often. At most, you may die about 3 times per level. The good thing is that there are checkpoints.

Another good feature is treasure hunting. If you are lucky, you may find a key in a level. If you are even luckier, you may find a keyhole that can open more riches Wario can stuff into his rather huge pockets and pouches.

There are many, many, many other features in Wario Land, but these are just the basic, and there is no way I can explain them all. Just play it, and you'll know what I mean.

4. Sound/Music 10/10

One of the greatest features in Wario Land, I think. The music is some of the best I have heard out of a handheld game. The music is so good, that I would be glad to listen to it over my headphones. Sounds a bit nerdy, eh? Well it isn't. That really is the type of music you can experience from Wario Land.

As for the sound, I saw no problems here. They all sounded like what they were supposed to, from stomping sounds, to swooping sounds and even ''cha-ching'' sounds. A lot of ''cha-ching'' sounds, as this game is based on money after all...

Overall, the music is superb, and the sound makes the game what it is. A definite 10/10.

5. Replay ability 5/10

You can replay Wario Land only so much. A great game indeed, but for some reason, replay ability is very low. You certainly won't replay it the next day after beating it, but when you are bored, you may pick it up. I have beaten it well over 15 times over the past 6-9 years or so, and I can't play it anymore with getting bored. Oh well, it still is a classic, and it brings back some memories of trying to beat those first few levels as a kid. You may want to replay it for different endings that I don't want to spoil here, so I think I'll move on.

6. Overall 8/10

Overall, the game is a fun platformer, with many features and twists, and oh! The music! However, you can't expect to play it over and over again, so I recommend you buy it for cheap, or at least get it from a friend or rent it or something. It is worth beating, but you may not be interested in it after that. It can be very repetitive, but then again, it might not. I have played it so many times after all...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/03/02, Updated 11/08/02

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