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"Be the bad guy, yeah!"

Nintendo had the superb idea of giving Mario a little break and hire his evil twin Wario to star in his first own adventure game, and guess what did happen?, Wario’s first adventure completely smashes into hundred of pieces any other Mario game for the Game Boy and creates one of the most classic games ever made.

Wario wants a big castle like the one Mario has, so he tried to take over Mario’s palace. Of course Mario kicked his big and ugly butt off his property, but Wario, being the persistent guy he is has not given up so he headed to Kitchen Island because a rumor has it that a gang of pirates have stolen a giant golden statue from the Princess palace, and with this treasure he can have an even bigger castle than Mario.

Graphics (10/10) :
Marvelous graphics, a lot like Super Mario Land 2 but bigger, more detailed, and funnier than ever. The overall design of the game well surpasses the previous Mario Land games in any way possible, from the scenarios to the enemies, the bosses, or simply anything you can think of, and not only in terms of graphic quality, more than everything I am talking about design.

Music (10/10) :
Wow! Wario Land’s music is fantastic, with incredibly catchy and funny melodies, you’ll be humming some of the tunes for the rest of your life, simply superb, and those who say Game Boy games can’t have a decent soundtrack have here not only a top notch among the top notch soundtrack, they have the proof that there are Game Boy games whose music surpasses at least 90% of the games out there for any console.

Gameplay (10/10) :
Again, very similar to Mario Land, and for that reason totally awesome. The controls are perfect, and Wario (despite of being so fat) climbs, swims, and jumps over his enemies heads as good as Mario did years ago.

Like Mario, while Wario picks up magic pots he gains three different caps with three different abilities, we have Jet Wario, who is able to fly for a short period of time; Bull Wario, your body slam (your average attack) increases its power; and Dragon Wario, a cap that will let us throw fire.

The Kitchen Island (the world of Wario Land) is an insanely fun place to be, there are eight sections of the island to visit, each one with tons of hidden treasures to be discovered, some courses has more than one exit so you’ll have to replay some levels and try to find out where the secret exits are (though they are quite easy to discover), and there are special treasures hidden in some areas that are necessary if you want to have the 100% after beating the game in order to watch the best ending. See that there are loads and loads of replay value, and then add that for sure you’ll want to replay the game a lot of times ( I’ve played again through the game about four or five times even after having completed everything ), so there is as much replay value as, for example, Super Mario World, only that in Game Boy size.

As a Result:
Wario Land kicks major ass, it’s one of my all time favorite games ever as well as one of the absolute best Game Boy games of all time, a must for any Game Boy owner, it’s much better than Mario Land and Mario Land 2 combined and even a lot better than Wario land 2, everything is incredibly funny, the enemies, the bosses, the music, the graphics, Wario himself,... EVERYTHING, even the instruction manual is funny as hell. Do not pass this gem by any means or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/09/03, Updated 05/04/04

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