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"The best Wario game made!"

Introduction- From time to time, a game comes out that revolutionizes its genre for that system. In this case, Wario Land was that game. This was the first GameBoy platformer I bought and I must say it really did impress me. I know quality when I see it. Every thing was done perfectly in this game. I liked this game so much, I decided to write a review. So here it is...

Gameplay- 10/10
This is what made the game great above every other factor. Wario Land is a traditional platformer. It is actually played very similar to the Mario Land series. It is a very fun game to play. On of my favorite things about this game is the use of different helmets. Every helmet has its own power. I turned the game on and I was hooked. By the way this game does offer a challenge. All forty levels have their own unique challenge. As long as you do not enter any type of cheat code this game offers a great challenge. I would say this game gives you a moderate challenge.

Story- 10/10
The story is good for that of a GameBoy game. To put it simply, Mario threw Wario out his castle. Wario got jealous, and went to look for a genie to grant him a wish for a castle. However, Captain Syrup and her minions have the lamp that the genie is in. It is a nice change from facing Bowser and his minions over and over again. There is a cool little clip of Wario and one of Captain Syrup's minions when you first turn on the game.

Graphics- 10/10
The graphics do their job well. None of the characters or items are too big or too small to see. Most of the time these graphics run smoothly. You can very easily distinguish the enemies from power ups and blocks. Occasionally they might look like they disappear, but that rarely happens.

Sound/Music- 10/10
I was amazed with what Wario Land could do with the sound and music. Some of the music was good enough to make want to replay the level. The sound and music in Wario Land do real nice considering the small speakers it comes out of. Some times the audio gets annoying, but it really is not bad at all. Some of these tunes were actually put into Wario Land II. The sound will never break up though.

Length/Replayability- 10/10
This game will keep you busy for a little while. When you beat a level later on, some secret areas earlier can be unlocked. The more coins you collect, the better your ending. You will probably want to go back and collect some more treasure to boost your score. Without the treasure it is almost impossible to get the very best ending the game has to offer. There are also two mini games at the end of each level. One requires skill, while the other requires luck. The mini games are a great way to gain more coins and hearts.

Final- 10/10
Wario Land gets a perfect score, not questions asked. Great job Nintendo! You may have made one of the best platforms on the GameBoy. Too bad that Wario Land did not come out on the Super Nintendo. Now that would be awesome.

Buy or Rent- You should definitely buy this game. It is a classic. If you find it, it would be a mistake not to buy it. If you do find it, it is not all that expensive. I got mine for twenty dollars, but I would have easily paid thirty dollars. If you like platformers, you will like this. I can almost promise that.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/20/03

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