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"One of the funnest Game-Boy games in existence!"

Behind the Pokemon games, I've always found the Mario/Wario Land series to be the most fun you can have on a Game Boy. The games use the classic platforming style (and do it really well), with a little bit of puzzle solving thrown in there as well.

I found the graphics of the game to be rather advanced for a Game Boy game during it's release time. Wario himself looks very large and formiddable, he always walks about with a big sneer on his face which shows how angry he really is and it helps to get the player in the same type of mood. The backgrounds of the game are as detailed as is possible, and at no time does the screen ever seem cluttered (which is a problem many other game boy games have had).
The graphics do look a little bit dated now compared to the later batch of Game Boy and Game Boy colour games, but overall, it wasn't a bad effort.

The sound was definitely one of the less memorable aspects of the game. Some of the background songs got irritating very quickly, and if it weren't for the volume control on the side this game could have found itself outside my bedroom window very quickly.
Once you get past the background music all you can find is....nothing. Just boring sparse sound effects of Wario jumping, landing and breaking blocks. A game to be played with the sound turned down.

The gameplay. I love the gameplay! A lot of platformers have become too boring and repetitive, but not this one. There are a multidude of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses to give you trouble as you progress, but the real strength of the game lies in the transforming.
You can get different types of helmets that change you into three different types of Wario's with different abilities. This feature alone lengthens the lifespan an extra month.
There's a huge amount of levels, they all have a varying design but each one of them is tremendous fun and can be replayed over and over and over. There's four or five different endings depending on how much treasure you've hoarded, finishing the game with the good ending requires months of playing and I guarantee that you'll play it that long without this added incentive.
Overall, the gameplay can be described with a few words. Addictive, Rewarding and FUN. You'll be playing this game until the cows come home.

I believe that this game deserves a home in any Game Boy players collection. Wario Land and it's sequel show that you don't need a huge amount of processing power to make a great game. Try it or buy it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/12/00, Updated 03/12/00

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