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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Captain J Whoosh

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    Date This File Was Made:  3/17/02
    Current Version: 1.0
    Author: GoombaKing
    E-mail me: Ihatemaximo@yahoo.com
    This Document Copyright 2002 GoombaKing
    ---===In no way do I own the rights to any characters mentioned in this 
    game. They are property of their respective owners. In other words, I 
    own the rights to nothing in this game or Nintendo. I am the only owner 
    of this FAQ though===---
    If you see this FAQ posted anywhere except GameFAQs.com, please email 
    me, telling me the site and the e-mail of the owner if you can.
                             CASTLEVANIA LEGENDS
    1) Intro
    2) Story
    3) Controls
    4) Items
    5) Special Items
    6) Soul Weapons
    7) Walkthrough
     7A) Outside The Castle
     7B) Inside The Castle
     7C) The Clock Tower
    1) Well, I've had this game long time and I've beaten it many times 
    over. One day, while bored, I was looking for a game that I could write 
    a FAQ on. I figured most of Castlevanias were full. I was right, with 
    one exception, Castlevania Legends. I only saw one guide to it and it 
    wasn't very detailed. I feel I need to do this game justice and write a 
    nice, detailed FAQ on it. Now I know this isn't the greatest Castlevania 
    ever, but it beats alot of other games that are on new systems like XBox 
    and PS2. Know that I am not saying this FAQ is perfect, it's just to 
    give you a basic idea on how to beat the levels and bosses. This 
    walkthrough will be used for Light Mode, or easy mode in other words. I 
    have also broken the sections of the levels up for you.
    2) STORY
    "It was the Middle Ages in Transylvania. One man came into possession of 
    an evil power and The Prince Of Darkness was born. Before long, this 
    being had used his new-found supernatural powers and the magic powers of 
    his followers to spread his plague of darkness and despair throughout 
    the European continent. He was Count Dracula Vlad Tempes. Even to 
    mention the name of this Prince Of Darkness was to cast fear into the 
    hearts of the people of the land, who were powerless to do anything save 
    voice their concern. However, at about the same time a baby girl 
    possessing special powers was born to a family living in a remote area 
    of the country. "You powers are meant for a higher purpose and not only 
    for yourself," she was often reminded as she was growing up. The plot of 
    this girl's fate began to develop one night in her seventeenth year when 
    she met up with a young enigmatic Alucard, who was on a journey to 
    search for the father that had deserted him. The young girl's name was 
    Sonia Belmont, and she was the first of the vampire hunters in the 
    Belmont family to become legendary." That's the first page of the 
    instruction book. Thank you Konami.
    Everyone know's the Gameboy button set up by now I would hope.
    The "A" Button: Used for jumping and selecting items on the menu. Hold 
    "A" and hit Up or Down to move on ropes when you see one.
    The "B" Button: Attacks using your whip. Hitting Up+"B" will cause you 
    to use your soul weapon. More on those later.
    The "START" Button: Used for pausing the game and skipping conversations
    The "SELECT" Button: Brings up your menu
    "A"+"B": Puts you in "Burning Mode" More on that later.
    The D-pad: Left and Right will move her left or right. Holding down 
    will cause her to duck.
    Hitting Start+Select+B+A will cause the game reset
    Ok about burning mode, when you use this, Sonia becomes invincible for a 
    limited time and her attacks do more damage. You can only use this once 
    per life per level. In other words, if you use it, you can't use it 
    again till you die or beat a level. I suggest you save it for bosses.
    4) Items
    These are some of the items found in the game. If I miss any, e-mail me 
    and tell me
    Meat: Restores your health
    1-Up: Gives you an extra Sonia
    Hearts: Raise your heart count by 1. More on that later.
    Crystals: Raises the attack power of your whip. You can only raise your 
    whip 2 levels.
    5) Special Items
    These are special items found by going off course on your level. Such as 
    if there's a rope to go up one screen but behind it is a few enemies, 
    you can probably bet good money those enemies are guarding one of these. 
    These items are also used for the multiple endings
    The Axe
    The Cross
    The Dagger
    Holy Water
    The Pocket Watch
    6) Soul Weapons
    To get these, you have to defeat a boss or sub boss. They take up hearts 
    when you use them. These are why you collect hearts. I have rated them 
    1-5 * (stars)
    Wind- Stops all enemy movement and attacks on the screen. Does not 
    effect bosses. Uses 5 hearts. * * * * _
    Ice- Heals your entire life gauge!! Uses 20 hearts. * * * * *
    Flame- A flash attack that hits all enemies on the screen. May or may 
    not kill them. Does not effect bosses or sub bosses. Uses 5 hearts. 
    Stick with wind. * * *_ _
    Saint- Coolest sounding one is also the worst. Fires a wave infront of 
    the player. Cannot be used in rapid fire. Uses 1 heart. * _ _ _ _
    Magic- Destroys all enemies on the screen and their attacks. Does not 
    effect bosses or sub bosses. Uses 5 hearts. * * * * *
    7) The Walkthrough
    7A) Outside The Castle
    This is the first level and is used to get you use to the game. It's 
    very simple. Enjoy it while you can because after this level, the game 
    actually gets challenging.
    1-A: When you begin, start heading right and destroy any candles you 
    find. They'll drop hearts for you. Watch for small spirits (the fireball 
    looking enemy), which you can kill with a standing whip attack. As you 
    get further you'll see bats. Let them fly down close to you, run right 
    then turn around and jump attack them. After a few bats you'll run into 
    leeches. They hang from the roof and when you get close enough, fall to 
    the floor and move towards you. You can kill them with one ducking 
    attack.After awhile you will come through a door which will take you to 
    1-B: Destroy the candles again and keep moving right. After four candles 
    you'll come across a ghost. Simply jump attack them once for them to 
    die. Now you'll your first game. Jump over it of course but remember, 
    like all Belmonts, Sonia jumps for crap. After the first gap you'll run 
    into a few more ghosts and another gap. Do just as you did the first 
    time. Once across the second gap, you'll see some leeches. Kill them and 
    move on. You'll see your first rope. Grab on to it and climb down. The 
    candle at the top of the rope is a Meat item. Get it if you need health.
    1-C: When you climb down, a ghost will attack. Kill them and jump off to 
    the left. DO NOT fall down the hole on the right. That's a very quick 
    death. You'll meet your first zombie here. He can be killed with one 
    whip strike or fireballs from your whip. Keep moving left destroying 
    candles and enemies along the way. When you get to the rope, jump on it 
    but don't go down.  Climb up and destroy the bats with your fireballs. 
    They shouldn't attack as you are too far away to trigger them. Jump to 
    the left and get your first 1-Up. Go back and climb down the rope.
    1-D:  As you go down, there will be a bat on the left and right of you. 
    You can kill them to get the candles but they're just hearts. Keep going 
    down the rope.
    1-E: Kill the leech before you climb off the rope. Go right through the 
    1-F: Pretty basic part of the level. Just go right killing enemies and 
    destroying candles till you get through the door. There are no pits here 
    1-G: Whatever you do here, DO NOT go down and hit that candle. The floor 
    will disappear and you will drop into a very small room where you must 
    kill about 30 zombies just to get out. Take the top path and keep moving 
    right. As you move right, you'll face zombies and bats again and deal 
    with some pits. Average stuff. You'll also see your first spearman. They 
    take 3 fireballs to kill or 2 whips attacks. Just keep going till you 
    get to a rope. Don't go up just yet. Keep going right destoying the 
    enemies till you get to a huge gap. You go across this by using the 
    platforms above. Pretty easy but watch for spirits. Once you get to 
    solid ground again keep going right, killing the zombies and bats till 
    you see a candle on the far right wall. Destroy it to get your first 
    special item, The Axe. Now go all the way back to the rope and go up.
    1-H: Once you enter this room quickly go up a little jump left so when 
    the Spearman falls, it wont hit you going down. Kill the bat so he wont 
    be annoying. Destroy the candle to get another Meat item and move left 
    just far enough for the leech to fall. When it does, use a standing 
    attack to destroy it and jump to the rope. Climb up.
    1-I: Climb all the way up to destroy the bat then jump down and deal 
    with the Spearman. Go through the door.
    1-J:  Don't hit that candle or you'll end up in that zombie room again. 
    Kill the leeches and take the top path to the right.
    1-K: You've got move up in this section. Watch for the bats and the two 
    spearman that will fall down once you get high enough. Once you get to 
    the top, hit the candle on the far left to get a Meat item. Go right 
    through the door.
    1-L: Before you drop down wait for the zombies to move. Just keep moving 
    right killing the enemies (Spearman, Zombies, Bats, Spirits, Leeches and 
    Ghosts) and destroying candles till you get to a door. Go through.
    1-M: Just head right to the rope. Grab it and climb up.
    1-N:  Climb all the way up and when the zombie falls, whip attack to the 
    right and destroy him and top candle in one hit. The candle will drop a 
    Meat item. Jump down and start heading right. You'll get to a part where 
    you must jump across platforms to the right. It's easy just watch for 
    spirits and ghosts on the way. After that part just keep heading right 
    to a door. Go ahead through.
    The Creature Bat
    This will be your first boss. Quickly do into Burn Mode when it starts. 
    When he floats to the left charge him and attack like a mad woman. If he 
    doesn't die, he'll swoop right and than left. He'll repeat this over and 
    over. Pretty easy. Just lay into him at the beginning in Burn mode and 
    he should fall pretty quick. You'll get your first soul weapon from him, 
    7B) Inside The Castle
    2-A:  Start moving right till you see a giant skull. From now on I will 
    call these G.Skulls. These will not move if you are looking at them. 
    When you see one, turn around, wait for it to move close to you, turn 
    around and hit it with a whip attack. Two hits should do it. Move 
    further right untill you see a Skull Totem. These are three skulls 
    stacks on top of each other who shoot fire balls. Take about 5 hits to 
    destroy. After you deal with the first one, take the top path as it is 
    easier to get through than the bottom. Walk through the little pathway 
    to get to 2-B
    2-B:  Simply kill the bat and get the hearts out of the candles and move 
    through the pathway on the right.
    2-C: Exactly the same as 2-B except theres a zombie instead of a bat.
    2-D: Exactly the same as 2-C except theres a skull totem instead of a 
    2-E: Exactly the same as 2-D except theres a hunchback instead of a 
    skull totem. Hunchbacks take about three hits to kill. They just move 
    around and jump real fast. No real threat.
    2-F: Exactly the same as 2-E except theres a G.skull instead of a 
    2-G: Simply move right and open the door
    2-H: Go right killing the hunchbacks and bats till you drop down. You 
    can go back left to collect heart from the candles you just went over 
    but I dont advise it. Keep going right till you get to a rope and go up. 
    The candle to the right of the rope is just a heart.
    2-I:  Work your way up, killing the bats and skull totems. When you get 
    to the top, you see you can either go right or up a rope. Go up the 
    2-?: Climb up the left rope and kill the G.skull. The candles in the 
    center are 1-ups and a Meat item. Jump to the center rope, climb it to 
    the top, jump to the right and land on the platform. Jump to the top 
    platform and destroy the candle. You just got your second special item, 
    the Watch. Work your way back down.
    2-I (again): Just work your way right and go through the pathway.
    2-J: Walk right across the bridge. It will start dropping but if you 
    dont stop you will beat it to the end. The candle on the bridge are just 
    2-K: Work your way right killing the enemies (all you have seen before) 
    till you get to the rope. You can go right before you down the rope to 
    get a Meat item but it really isn't worth it due to the spikes. Go down 
    the rope.
    2-L: Jump off to the right, turn left and kill the zombies. Go down the 
    other rope,
    2-M: Just go down and kill the bats. DO NOT jump towards the door. Keep 
    going down the rope.
    2-N: Here you will meet your first Living Armor. They are tough. You can 
    only hit them from behind. Drop down to the second step from the top and 
    fire fireballs at him when he turns around away from you. He cannot hit 
    you where you are at. It'll take about 10 shots. Now go back up the 
    2-M (again): The bats are back but the spikes are gone. Kill the bats 
    and go through the door that the spikes were blocking.
    2-O: Jump on the rope and go down. The hunchback is only blocking 
    hearts. You can get them if you want.
    2-P: Stay on the rope, fire right and kill the bat. Jump to the left 
    rope and go down.
    2-Q: Dispose of this living armor like you did the first one and go back 
    2-P (again): Kill the bat again and go through the door on the right
    2-R: Simply go right killing the enemies and jumping the pits. Go 
    through the door on the right. One candle near the door will drop a Meat 
    2-S: Go right killing the enemies. At the end of the level there will be 
    one lone candle. Destroy it and grab the orb....
    The Death Dragon
    When you grab it, the ceiling will fall (Sonia will auto dodge the 
    chunks) and the Death Dragon will appear. As soon as he does, go into 
    burn mode and lay into him. Attack him on the head. He should die before 
    it runs out. If it doesn't, his attacks are shooting fire balls at you 
    at three heights and jumping on the ground to cause more ceiling to 
    fall. He's not as easy as the Creature Bat but he's still a joke. He'll 
    drop the Ice soul weapon.
    7C) The Clock Tower
    3-A: You have to move up in this level. Start by getting rid of the 
    skull totem then working your way up dealing with the bats. Go up to 
    reach 3-B
    3-B: Here you will meet your first lizard man. They hang on chains Sonia 
    needs to climb on. They shoot fire balls are you if you get eye to eye 
    level with them. Attack them at their feet so they dont fire at you. 
    Work your way up again and go through the door on the right.
    3-C: Simply work your way up killing the enemies in your way. When you 
    get to the top, take the chain on the right up.
    3-D: Climb up a little and quickly jump off to the right to deal with 
    the lizard man on the chain on the left. After that just work your way 
    up again. The candle on the far right of the door at the top will drop a 
    Meat item.
    3-E: A sub-boss. This mini will fly up on the left side of the screen, 
    fire three fire balls at you, fly over to the right, walk around a 
    little and repeat the same the same thing over and over. Just whip him 
    when he's walking around and destroy the fireballs. When he die a chain 
    will appear. Climb up.
    3-F: Take the left side up as the right side ends in a dead end.
    3-G: Work your way up to you see a door going left. Go through there.
    3-?: Go left until you reach a few chains. Go up. Do not keep going left 
    as it is a dead end.
    3-??: Work your way up (suprise) until you reacj the top. The candle on 
    the left will be your third special item, the Dagger. The candle on the 
    right is a Meat item. Work your way back down and back to 3-G
    3-G (again): Kill the skull totem and go up where it was blocking. Climb 
    the chain on the right.
    3-H: Jump to the right and deal with the lizard man on the left chain. 
    Now work your way up to the door on the right go through.
    3-I: Just go up dealing with enemies you've seen before.
    3-J: Take the right side up as the left side ends in a dead end. Watch 
    for ghosts and go through the door.
    3-K: Again, just go up dealing with enemies and taking the chains up.
    3-L: Same as 3-K but it's the last part of the level.
    The Grim Reaper AKA Death AKA My Hero
    When you go up to jump off the chains and they'll raise up and the hole 
    will close. Death will appear and start jumping around throwing his 
    scythe at you. Just go into burn mode and lay into him. He'll die before 
    it ends, you can be sure of that. He'll just the Fire soul weapon.
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