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    Game Script by master chris x3

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    Castlevania Legends (English name)
    Castlevania: Dark Night Prelude (Japanese name)
    Game Script
    Copyright (©) 2003 by Master Chris X3
    E-Mail: FFXtidus@juno.com
    Last Updated: 10/23/03
    The following is the entire game script from Castlevania Legends for the
    GameBoy. If you don't want to know the ending or read what happens in this
    game, don't read this. If you are trying to find out what happened in this
    old and hard to find game, read on.
    	Alucard, son of Dracula, met Sonia Belmont one day while fighting
    undead creatures in the Transylvanian countryside. He realized that she
    could become a great vampire hunter, so he trained her, and taught her how
    to fight. One night, he told her to stay home, that he was going off on an
    adventure, and that she should not worry about him.
    	A castle had mysteriously appeared that night... knowing that she
    was a Belmont and that a mystical whip had been passed down to her, Sonia
    was ready to do what she had been waiting to do her whole life: fight
    the Lord of Darkness, Count Dracula
    	This is the tale of a young girl's struggle to single-handedly
    provide Transylvania, a place ruled by madness and despair with the light
    of hope.
    Meeting Up With Alucard:
    Alucard	Sonia! I didn't think it was true, but it is you!
    Sonia	Alucard!! I could say the same. What are YOU doing here?
    Alucard	Listen to me, Sonia. This is not a place for someone like you.
    Sonia	But Alucard...
    Alucard This problem concerns only me and my father. I've come to fight the
    	lord of this castle. I can not let my father, Count Dracula, get
    	away with this. I must do this for my mother and for the world that
    	she so dearly loved. Please understand. I am the only one who can
    	make amends for the sins committed by my father, and there is no
    	reason for you to get involved in this battle. Sonia, I could not
    	bear to lose you, too. Now, turn back!
    Sonia	Thank you Alucard. You- you're probably right. In fact, you have
    	always made the right decisions. But I have no intention of going
    	back now. Just as your father was granted strength from the evil
    	deity to conquer the world, I have been granted strength to fight
    	your father. I will not run away. We all decide our own fate. It was
    	you who taught me that, Alucard.
    Alucard	Alright, Sonia. Then show me this strength you believe so strongly
    	in, for I too want to believe. Let us test this strength on me.
    	Prepare yourself!
    Sonia	!!
    After Beating Alucard:
    Alucard	Ooww! I had no idea you had become so strong.
    Sonia	Oh, Alucard!
    Alucard	It looks like this time it is I who have learned a lesson.
    Sonia	Alucard, did you purposely...?
    Alucard	No, Sonia. You have made me believe in your strength.
    Sonia	Alucard. I'm so sorry.
    Alucard	Do not trouble yourself about it, Sonia. Now, I must sleep. I fear
    	we shall not meet again. Farewell, my beloved, my beautiful vampire
    Sonia	Alucard! Alucard, I will never forget you. Farewell, dear Alucard.
    Meeting Dracula:
    Dracula	You have done well, my girl. In fact, you are the first human who
    	has come this far. You have my praise.
    Sonia	You are the Prince of Darkness. Because of you many people have
    	died, many people have suffered.
    Dracula	Oh no, my dear. I have merely done what you humans wished for,
    	fulfilling your insatiable desires.
    Sonia	People must fulfill their dreams with their own power. You have been
    	consumed by the power of evil no longer have the strength to
    	determine your own fate!
    Dracula	Silence! On the contrary, I am just the one to use this power, and
    	I will be the king who rules over the entire world. Give yourself to
    	me, young lady. There may be merit in having your power, in having
    	your presence.
    Sonia	My strength will only be used to protect the world! Lord of
    	Darkness, prepare to suffer for trifling with so many lives!
    Dracula	As you wish, girl. Then it is your fate to kneel before my power!
    After Beating Dracula:
    Dracula	Well, well. You are a worthy foe. You have lasted much longer than
    Sonia	Prepare yourself!
    Dracula	Oh, I've just been toying with you so far. But now it's time to get
    After Final Battle:
    Dracula	Ohh, no! This can not be! Me losing to a- a human?
    Sonia	You poor man. It must be difficult for you to understand why you,
    	who possess eternal life, are about to perish. Humans are granted
    	such a precious short life in comparison to yours, but in that short
    	time we are able to love and to live for someone else. There must
    	have been a time when you too cherished the bonds with the ones you
    	loved. We humans are not so foolish as to throw away all of that in
    	exchange for the power you received. There is no place in this world
    	for the likes of you. You were already defeated when you accepted
    	the power of the darkness.
    Dracula	Heh heh heh heh. HA HAH HAH HAHH!! Don't let it go to your head,
    	girl. Do you really think the like of you can destroy me? You're a
    	fool just as Alucard was. Listen to me. Darkness will never die out
    	as long as there is light in the world. I am the ruler of that
    	darkness, and I will rise again and again, as long as people like
    	you are alive. Again and again, I tell you. HAH HAH HAH!!
    Sonia	When that happens, someone will appear before you to take my place.
    	If it is my fate to again be a vampire hunter, I will be ready! No,
    	I will gladly accept that destiny. So, until your soul is saved,
    	until all the evil desires in the world are exhausted, goodbye ruler
    	of evil. Goodbye, O woeful Prince of Darkness.
    	(Castle crumbles)
    	Thus, the fear of darkness that continued to envelop the world was
    lifted single-handedly by a young girl. There are as many legends in the
    world that deserve retelling as there are stars in the night sky. But this
    story marks the beginning of the Belmont family legend that has been passed
    on through many ages. And there is not a single person now who knows when
    the next legendary fight between another Prince of Darkness will begin.
    (Credits roll)
    If you found all the secret areas, you see this next part also:
    	After some time, the young girl of our legend became a mother, whose
    child would carry on the fate and tragedy of the Belmont family, and the
    bloodline of dark ways. A child burdened with a cursed fate. And yet this
    child, once content in the arms of its mother, will also rise to fight
    courageously against the Prince of Darkness, who will return once again.
    This child who, one day, will be praised by all the people as a hero......
    But that legend must be told another time.
    Well? Please send me an e-mail with comments about what you thought, if
    you find any mistakes, or if you have any questions about the game.
    I said it at the top of the FAQ, but I'll say it again:
    my e-mail address is FFXtidus@juno.com.
    If you want to use this script on another website, by all means do so, but
    be sure to include my name and do NOT alter the script in any way.
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    Castlevania Legends was copyrighted (©) in 1997 by Konami.
    All rights to Castlevania, Castlevania Legends, and anything
    with the name Castlevania or character names used in the games are
    trademarks of Konami.

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