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    Boss FAQ by snoocete

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Who:   snoocete (snoocete@yahoo.com)
    What:  Boss FAQ for Castlevania Legends on the Game Boy
    Where: Only at www.gamefaqs.com
    When:  October 17, 2003
    Why:   The other FAQs do not give enough detail on the bosses, so I
           decided that I should make one about them.
    There are only six bosses in Legends, and three mini-bosses on the
    later stages. Even though they are not too difficult for any
    seasoned Castlevania gamer, for anybody else they represent a nice
    challenge. This FAQ is here to help anyone who couldn't cope up with
    the bosses, and I hope that it would be a great help.
    Anything related to the FAQ (comments, corrections, curses, etc.),
    send them to my mailbox and I will view them within the week. And
    also, no spam. Everybody hates that. If you'd like this on your
    website, go ahead. It's okay with me, as long as you just POST it,
    and not EDIT it. Also, you might like to e-mail me so that you are
    at the 'where' part at the header ^_^. I think that's all, so let's
    cut to the chase, shall we?
    Contents: < ctrl + F for easy searching >
    1.0 - Creature Bat
    2.0 - Death Dragon
    3.1 - Mini-boss Dragon
    3.2 - Grim Reaper
    4.1 - Medusa
    4.2 - Alucard
    5.1 - Minotaur
    5.2 - Executioner
    5.3 - Count Dracula
    For some general boss strategies, it's always recommended that you
    have a full health meter, 99 hearts, lvl3 whip, and most particularly
    an unused burning gauge. Many bosses in this game fall within the
    few moments when you are invincible from the effects of burning mode,
    so use it only on boss fights.
    1.0 Creature Bat (20 hits)\_________________________________________
    Difficulty:  1/5
    Description: A humanoid form with bat wings. Looks delicious.
     - This guy flies around the screen, goes to the side for a few
    seconds (very easy target), then flies horizontally. Afterwards, it
    will flap its wings really fast, then tries to step on you. To avoid
    it, walk and jump away from him. If you do get hit, it's not that
    painful, only 3dmg. And that's his strongest attack. Pathetic.
    After that, you get the Wind soul (reminds me of Aria), which allows
    you to freeze time for 5 hearts.
    2.0 Death Dragon (25 hits)\_________________________________________
    Difficulty:  2/5
    Description: It's a dragon, with tattered wings to show it's undead.
     - He's still simple actually, just don't touch the fireballs it
    spits out (3dmg), and be careful when it shakes the ground because
    slow-falling platforms will try to smash you (1dmg). When it spits
    fire balls close to the ground, jump over it or it will hit you even
    while crouching. You might die once or twice, but that's it. You
    obtain the Ice soul afterwards, which refills your entire life
    meter for 20 hearts.
    3.1 Mini-boss Dragon (20 hits)\_____________________________________
    Difficulty:  1/5
    Description: Looks like a fire-breathing pterodactyl to me.
     - Okay, it takes its time going around the room, he breathes
    fireballs (1dmg) three at a time, and they do cover a lot of space.
    Contact with the monster hurts a little bit more (2dmg). There's not
    much to worry though, with the ice soul to push your HP back up.
    3.2 Grim Reaper (?? hits)\__________________________________________
    Difficulty:  4/5
    Description: Death in his younger years...
     - Once you enter his domain, the ropes will pull themselves up, and
    the floor closes. If you've ever met Grim Reaper/Death before, you
    know what to do: do not be hit by the big sickle or the small
    sickles that home in on you afterwards. I'm not sure of the damage
    these things do because I was in a hurry for time (30 seconds left
    to kill him >_<). Use the ice soul as you need it, and whip away.
    You get the Fire soul as your reward, which blasts every enemy on
    screen with a bit of damage for 5 hearts.
    4.1 Medusa (15 hits)\_______________________________________________
    Difficulty:  1/5
    Description: A woman with very rubbery legs and unsightly hair.
     - She's difficult if you don't know what to do to her. Contact does
    2dmg, while her sword does 3dmg. Worse, you can't jump over her.
    What to do now? Just stay in the right corner, crouch, and whip her
    when she comes near. Very easy.
    4.2 Alucard (30 hits)\______________________________________________
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Description: OMG, it's Alucard!
     - Actually, this is not a 'real' boss fight, but I have to include
    it by the fact that he acts like one. Contact with him does 3dmg.
    When he uses his sword attack (4dmg), just crouch a distance away
    from him, then whip. For his dual fireball attack (2dmg), you can
    either jump over it, or duck and hit the lower one so that it
    doesn't affect you when it passes by. When he is on one side of the
    room, he might turn into a bat and land on the other side. A bit
    difficult, but (hopefully) with the burning mode and ice soul, it
    gets much easier. From him, you get the Saint soul, which sends a
    powerful holy attack across multiple enemies for 1 heart.
    5.1 Minotaur (15 hits)\_____________________________________________
    Difficulty:  2/5
    Description: Some creature who likes to jump all the time.
     - As soon as you enter, this mini-boss jumps very high, then lands
    a few blocks to the direction where you are. Contact does 3dmg. Now,
    you must reach the 'safe zone'; the other side of the room where the
    door is. Once you reach that, don't leave but whip her when she
    comes around. She'll be down in no time.
    5.2 Executioner (20 hits)\__________________________________________
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Description: A big guy with a big axe.
     - NOTE: This boss is optional. You can reach him by striking the
    white candle in the vertical room of this stage to open up the floor
    at the bottom. Drop down, and then search here in the Forbidden Area.
     - Contact with the boss itself does 2 dmg. Touching his axe does
    5dmg (!). There are also spikes in his room which, as you may know
    by know, also do 5dmg. Be really careful here, because if you are
    not you are bound to die very quickly. After defeating this rather
    hard boss, you now have the Magic soul, which literally kills every
    enemy on screen for 5 hearts.
    5.3-1 Count Dracula (25 hits)\______________________________________
    Difficulty:  4/5
    Description: Is it just me, or does Drac always change his outfit?
     - After a short chat with the Prince of Darkness, the battle ensues
    with Drac teleporting all over the room, tossing five indestructible
    fireballs (2dmg). Contact does more damage (3dmg). Here is a picture
    to show where does he go when he teleports, so stay away:
    |            |
    |       *   *|
    |   *        |
    |            |
    |      *     |
    Whip him once before he fires, evade the fireballs, then come back
    to sink in another hit or two. Eventually, he'll move on to his
    second, and final form... <-- a big lie if you've played any other
    Castlevania game.
    5.3-2 Count Dracula [final] (30 hits)\______________________________
    Difficulty: 5/5
    Description: See for yourself.
     - Now he's serious. Vlad acts like he did in his first form with
    some key differences: (1) You now have a different target, his head.
    (2) More fireballs, one for each of the eight directions (!!). There
    are also some bottomless pits for instant death. Not much strategy
    here, just do your best dodging the fireballs, while whipping his
    bony head every now and then and healing when your energy drops low.
    After a few dozen deaths, you'll beat him, and the game is OVER.
    __________________________________________/Version History / Credits
    v1.0 - Everything layed-out, but Grim Reaper need some more info.
           Some names could be changed, too. [9Kb]
    I would like to say 'thank you' to the following entities:
     --> Konami and KCE Nagoya, for making a beautiful prequel to the
         Castlevania series;
     --> Dj Wolfchase, for his excellent FAQ that helped me a lot. How-
         ever, I couldn't get the boss names from him (actually, I can,
         but there is this stupid copyright clause), so I have it from;
     --> The Castlevania Dungeon (www.classicgaming.com/castlevania),
         The site for all your Castlevania needs;    
     --> <insert your name here>, for taking your time to read my FAQ.
    I think that's all, and have a good day. ^_^
    (C) snoocete 2003

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