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"A few flaws, but just plain fun."

Castlevania has been around since the NES, it has a large fanbase of its own, just as Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and so on do. It has many games in its franchise and has reserved its spot in the video game world. I personally have known about the series forever but never really looked into it. After searching around I discovered this game was first in a 'lore' aspect so I decided to start my Castlevania endeavors here. I was not let down at all. The game was exactly what I figured it would be. A nice fun platform game with a small, but noticeable story.

Gameplay - 8/10
The controls are solid for the most part, you won't find to many flaws in this game, all the controls are basically ripped from other games of the series and easy to use. The learning curve is very small, you can pick up in just a few minutes. However, there are 2 things that trouble me about how the game works.

The first is climbing. There are many ropes and chains to climb throughout this game, and some are very annoying. It can be tedious actually getting on a rope for the first time, but after you figure out to jump onto them you are good to go. The real complaint with ropes is the fact, you have to slide down them to go to the next screen. I never understood this, your character can battle crazy monsters from hell and do more then the average human, but she can't jump down a small hole without dying. Some hero...

The next complaint with the gameplay is the random enemies. Back on the NES I expected enemies to return after I had killed them if I walked backwards a moment or fell down screen. Not in a GB game. It is the most annoying part of playing the game. You will often find yourself being knocked down screen and on your way up enemies that you previously killed will be back. Now this is not so bad on most occasions, but some of the monsters float down the screen their sole intention to run into you. The amount of times I died to this was insane.

Story - 6/10
Well, at least there is a story there to say the least. There is not a lot of straight platforming games, even made today that have a storyline. Usually you are X hero and must beat X bad guy before he destroys Earth. This game is more or less that story but there is actual dialogue between characters to actually explain things, which gets a big two thumbs up from me. I like that they took the time to actually add this into the game. To give a short look at the story, you play as a young girl named Sonia who is the only one that is brave enough to kill Dracula, so she journeys to his castle to fight him. From a lore standpoint this is the game that started the Castlevnia series (though it has been thrown out by officials as not in the time line apparently). Beyond that there is nothing more in depth, but I would not expect much from a platforming game.

Graphics and Sound - 7/10
I don't have much to say about either of these so I will put them in one section. The graphics are pretty nice for a GB game. All of the characters do in fact look human and I thought the artists did a fine job with Dracula. He looked like a psychotic old man, which is what he was. As for the sound, nothing special. The music was decent, but it was nothing catchy. The sound effects in the game were balanced, nothing over used to force you into muting the game, but nothing dramatically cool.

Buy it, thats all I can say. Its a fun game, though a drawback may be its length. I beat the game twice the same day I bought it. There are no real side quests to do other then one that effects the ending of the game slightly, but it is still just a fun way to blow through a few hours. Today you could probably find the game rather cheap at a used game store. If you could buy it I would highly recommend it. Wonderful game with a few setbacks.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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