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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mykas0

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Seitoushi Saint Paradise for GB "FAQ/Walkthrough"
    By Mykas0
    Mykas0 [at] gmail.com
    version 1.1
    BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you
    don't change ANY part of it (including this small introduction). Also,
    you can print it but only for use at your home, you may NEVER sell 
    this stuff or else you will make me really mad and maybe I won't work
    anymore! Finally, if you want to use this faq on your site you have to
    mail me and ask me for it, I will almost surely grant it to you! =)
    0. Introduction AND Version History
    1. Main Menu AND controls
    2. Walkthrough
       2.1 Galaxian Tournament
       2.2 The 12 Temples
       2.3 Poseidon
    3. Cards
    4. Boss Battles
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    B_END. Special Thanks
    END. Contacts
    0. Introduction AND Version History
    This game may be considered as quite easy, but sometimes there are parts
    in which it may become quite hard to discover what you have to do next.
    So, this game will try to cover as much from the game as possible, while
    giving tips on what you must fear the next time you cross the corner.
    -> version 1.1
    - Corrected a small glitch in the contacts section.
    -> version 1.0
    - Finished the walkthrough;
    - Corrected some card's descriptions;
    - Added more bosses to the list.
    -> version 0.2
    - Finished the first section of the walkthrough, started the second one;
    - Added 2 questions to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
    -> version 0.1
    - Started this faq;
    - Started the Walkthrough, done it up to the point where you enter the
    - Added some cards;
    - Added some boss battles;
    - Started the Frequently Asked Questions section.
    1. Main Menu AND controls
    The main menu in this game is quite easy to understand:
    "START" is just the option that lets you start your adventure.
    "CONTINUE" allows you to continue playing, but only after you having a
    savegame, or it will just serve as another option to start your game.
    As for the controls, those are:
    A - chooses options
    B - skips text, runs
    START - goes to the menu (if not in the middle of a battle), lets you see
            your stats (in battle)
    SELECT - save game (if not in the middle of a battle)
    And once you reach the menu, you will see 4 different options (this is not
    a translation!):
    [Status]              [Cards]
    [Powers]              [Order]
    "Status" allows your to see the current stats of each of your characters,
    and you can choose any of them (pressing A) to see their individual stats.
    "Powers" allows you to see the current powers of each of the characters on
    your party.
    "Cards" allows you to see your cards, but only works if you have any.
    "Order" is only to change the order of your characters in the battle.
    In the save menu, your options will be:
    [Save game]
    slot 1 here
    slot 2 here
    [Text speed]
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    Pick "Save game" to save your game (obviously), and you should then pick
    in which slot you want to save it.
    "Text" speed allows you to change the speed of the text in battle and in
    the chat sequences, 1 is the highest option and 6 is the slowest speed.
    In the battles, the controls will be:
    ATTACK       CARD
    DEFENSE      RUN
    "ATTACK" uses an attack, whose damage will depend on your current stats.
    "CARD" allows you to use some of the cards you currently have.
    "POWERS" should be used when you want a specific character to use his
    special power, like "Pegasus Meteor" or any of the others, and you will
    win more powers as you advance in the story and gain more levels.
    "STATUS" is used for the same thing from the menu, and I mean... checking
    your characters' stats.
    "DEFENSE" allows your current character to block an attack, receiving less
    "RUN" is used to walk away from a battle, and as you may think it can only
    be used sometimes.
    2. Walkthrough
    This is going to cover as many chapters as the game currently has, and if
    you are just trying to get across a certain section of the game, be sure
    to check what chapter you are currently in, which can be done by reading
    the first stat in the Save Menu.
    Well, after watching a text introduction sequence, you will finally play
    your first chapter, which will be...
    2.1 Galaxian Tournament
    First, you should walk in the road to the right until you see a large
    house on the right, now enter it and take the lower right door (you can
    open a door by staying in front of it and pressing A) and go to the box
    with a S in it, stay on top of it and press A for your first card, "Mu".
    Now, exit the mansion and follow the road to the left, crossing a first
    bridge and then continuing to the left. When you find 2 roads, take the
    upper one and cross the 2 bridges, then following that road until you see
    a large mountain on top of the screen. Move there, but be sure to have
    your characters at least at level 3, which can be easily done just by
    fighting some battles in the world map, which you should be currently in.
    Now, you should be going north, but you will find your path to be blocked
    by some huge rocks. So, return to the place with the Colosseum (where you
    started the game) and then follow the road to the South, checking all the
    houses for an "Antidote" and an "Armor". Talk to everyone on the first
    house on the left twice, for the location of a card you will need. Now, go
    back to the large mountain and, in the first area, check the tree (with
    some empty spaces surrounding it) to get the card "Earthquake".
    However, before going up you should level up a bit. Be sure to have your
    lowest character at least on level 5, and then go up. When you are ready,
    just follow up and use card "Earthquake" on the rocks to remove them, then
    head to the cavern.
    There, go to the left in the first place with two roads, right on the next
    one, and up on the other, until you find Dark Pegasus. He won't be very
    hard to defeat if you have followed my advice, so you just have to attack
    him with everyone's best special move and eventually he will die. However,
    be careful with his special, Dark Meteor, as it can cause damage to
    everyone who is currently on your party.
    After defeating him, get the item in the left, which is a part of the
    "Golden Armor" Part. Then, continue following that path until you find a
    somehow labirinthic part, don't worry, I'll guide you! From this first
    point, go up, up (cross the bridge) and follow the path until a new cave
    with 2 items in it, open the one in the left for a "Master" and the one in
    the right for a "Mino" card. Then, go to the right until you find some
    paths, which strangely look like walls. Be sure to check the first two, as
    you will get a "Mu" card in the first one and a "Kiki" card on the second
    one. While on the second one, be sure to check the cave, as it will
    contain many things:
    - Awaken card
    - Mu card
    - $600
    - Ikki card
    - Seiya card
    - P. Venom card
    - Shina card
    Now, you should return and follow the third path, until finding two paths.
    Take the higher one (the lower one will take you to a road full of poison)
    and eventually you will face a battle against Black Swan, whose Dark Ice
    can cause you some damage. Apart from that, he is a stronger opponent than
    Dark Seiya, but he will go down after you keep on using the special powers
    of every of your characters. Then, grab the item in the left for another
    "Golden Armor Part" and proceed to the right. When you are able to choose
    from 2 paths, go left and hang in this area for a little, getting 
    "Healing Fountain" and "Marin", then enter the cavern for some more
    - Shina card
    - Herb card
    - Shiryu card x2
    - Mu card
    - Kiki card
    - Seiya card
    - Marin card
    - $200
    Now, exit the cave and make your way to the path all to the right, which
    should be followed (taking the upper path) until you find Dark Andromeda.
    My lower character were around level 7, so you should try having yours
    that specific level too. As usual, in this battle just keep on
    using everyone's powers, and eventually you will win. Be careful with his
    Dark Chain, as it can cause you a large ammount of damage. After winning,
    grab the item in the left for another "Golden Armor Part", then follow the
    path on the right.
    When you are facing 3 different paths, be sure to pick the one to the
    right, as the others will be in a trap. Keep on following that path until
    you find a place with 2 diffent paths, where you should go up. Continue
    walking until you find another confusing area, which you should check for
    an "Athena" card, "Shiryu" card. Enter the cavern, and you will see two
    Dark Phoenix and one Dark Dragon. Defeat the two Dark Phoenix just for the
    experience, and then fully heal your characters (using possibly a "Mu" 
    card) and then head for the Dark Dragon. As usual, just use the powerful
    special moves of all your characters and eventually you will win, getting
    another "Golden Armor Part".
    Follow the path and, when prompted to follow from two paths, go to the
    left one and use the "Healing Fountain" card in the space in front of
    thing with a bridge-like entrance. This will create an healing spot, and
    you should use it before the final battle, which is just next. So, after
    healing yourself and saving the game, go up and enter the next section.
    By going up you will find Ikki (my lowest character was at level 8), fight
    him by using the same strategy as before and eventually you will win.
    However, be very careful with his Phoenix Flight attack, as it will damage
    everyone for 50 damage. Eventually you will defeat him in 2 or 3 rounds,
    and then Docrates will appear and Ikki will attack him. They will then
    dissappear, and so will your "Golden Armor Part" cards. Now, go up into
    the stairs to leave the mountain. You should now go to city south of the
    Colosseum, and enter the first house on the right, where you will be told
    to talk to Saori, who will (obviously) be found in the mansion near the
    In the mansion, go up the stairs and check the middle door, Saori will be
    inside that room. After talking to her, she will tell you to go talk to
    Mu, which can be found in some palmtrees area, just in front of the big
    mountain from before. Save your game and then enter this area. Marin will
    be there, but Mu is on the opposite side of the entrance. Talk to him, and
    after chatting he will drop a Mu card. Now, go to the right, and you will
    have to fight Misty and more Silver Saints.
    As before, just use your most powerful special attacks in each turn and
    eventually you will defeat them. You will have to face them one after the
    other, and your enemies will be:
    - Misty
    - Moses
    - Jagi
    (You should heal your party by using a "Mu" card in here)
    - Jamian
    - Dante
    - Asterion
    Then, return to the mansion and talk to Saori, which will reveal to be
    Athena herself, and will tell you to get some rest before the next day,
    which would be an important day. Now, you can just leave the room and talk
    to her buttler in the hall, but you should leave the house and enter the
    rightmost house in the city nearby, as Mino will fully heal you. Then,
    talk to the buttler and he will tell you that Saori was kidnapped, and you
    need to go to the Colosseum in order to save her. Now, train for a while
    (until your worse character is at level 12) and then go to the Colosseum.
    Now, defeat the Crystal Saint and Gaist (that you find near the entrance)
    and then return to the city and heal yourself. Now, on top of the screen
    you should pick the second or third door, and follow the next door to
    fight the Fire Saint, then return to the first room and take the first
    door into the next section.
    Be sure to check all the doors in this room, as one of them will take you
    to one of those sections full of cards. There, you will find:
    - Awaken card
    - Mino card
    - Marin card
    - Hyoga card
    - Seiya card
    - Shun card
    - Sho card
    - Mu card
    - Master card
    Keep on searching, and eventually you will find a _|_ shapped room where
    you will have to fight Babel. His special attack is very powerful, but
    after defeating him you should heal with a "Mu" card and then get all the
    items that dropped, including $600, which will be useful later on. After
    finishing, use the stairs to go down and follow the path until you reach a
    new room. On the left, you will find a room with:
    - Sho card
    - $200 x2
    - Herb card
    - Athen card
    - Mu card x2
    - Mino card
    - Shiryu card
    Now, go up in the main room (I mean, the one you used to enter the room
    with all the previous items) and keep on following that path until you
    find some stairs going up. Follow them, and you will yourself near the
    You should now make some level ups (my worse character was at level 14)
    and then head to the arena, talking to Spartan (the one in the left) or
    Argol (the one in the right) in order to start a figth with them. I went
    to Spartan first, so you should do it too. He won't be very hard, and
    possibly you can defeat him in 2 or 3 turns, but you should then face
    Argol, who isn't very hard either.
    After the battle, talk to Kiki (he is generally found in the lower left
    side of the ring) and a new sequence will happen. Now, go to the upper
    side of the ring and enter some stairs going down that will appear. Follow
    that path and browse the next room for a usual "room filled with stuff",
    where you will find:
    - Shield card
    - Herb card
    - Master card
    - Shun card
    - Hyoga card
    - Seiya card
    - Shiryu card
    - Marin card
    - Silver card
    Then, exit that room and return to the room with the arena, and this time
    you should take the path from the stairs in the right. Now, follow that
    path and, when possible, go all to the right and enter the door. You will
    have to fight Deus and Sirius before reaching Algeti, who can also be
    easily defeated.
    Follow the path that just appeared until you get to a room which has the
    walls full of bricks and an healing fountain in the left. Use an "Healing
    Fountain" card to activate it, heal yourself, save your game and then go
    up, enter the door and fight Docrates.
    That battle may take a while, but you should just be very careful with his
    special attack (which causes 40 damage to every member of your team) and
    strike as much as possible with the best special of every Saint on your
    team, and after a while your opponent will finally go down. After
    defeating him, you will see a scene with Athena and the master of the
    Sanctuary, and you will then enter the second section of the game!
    2.2 The 12 Temples
    Enter the Aires Temple (no, there's no way to tell what temple it is,
    unless you know the series), get the items in the left and in the right
    and then talk to Mu.
    Next temple will be the Taurus one, with Aldebaran expecting you. Give him
    everything you've got and after a while he will go down. After the battle,
    your best bet is returning to the first temple and have Mu heal you. Then,
    return here and before leaving the temple go to the left. There, you will
    find "Taurus" card and "Tear" card, then proceed to the next temple.
    Before reaching some huge stairs, be sure to check the cave in the right.
    There, you will find:
    - $600
    - Herb card
    - 7th sense card
    Now, go for the temple of Gemini, where you will have to fight the armor.
    However, it is impossible to win such battle, so you have to use the
    "Taurus" card on the upper right pillar of the temple, and then follow
    that route until the end to get "Chain", "7th sense" and a "Sho" card.
    Now, return to the main temple and fight the armor, using the card "Chain"
    on your first turn and then give it everything you've got, and you will
    get an easy win in the second or third turn. Then, you should advance to
    the next temple, by using the door in the upper part of the room.
    Next you will find the Cancer temple, with Deathmask in it. He will take
    you to hell, so... search your current section for items, and you will
    eventually find a "Healing Fountain" card. After doing so, face Deathmask
    once again and, this time, be sure to kick his ass. Did you see a new
    chest appearing in a platform behind him? Go there and get that "Shunrei"
    card, which will remove you from this world.
    When you are back to the temple, use the "Healing Fountain" card on the
    space on the left, heal yourself, exit the temple, save your game and
    finally advance to the next temple.
    Turn left and go to the cave, where Shina will tell you that you need
    Cassius card to defeat Aoiria. Get the "Casius" card, "Antidote" and
    "Herb" and then keep on walking to the Leo temple.
    In there you will find Aioria, which should be attacked with the card
    "Cassius" in order to get an instant win. Then, you will tell Aioria that
    he was being controlled, and he will let you freely advance in his temple.
    Get the boxes near him for a "Ray" card, "Seiya" card, $400, "Mino" card
    plus a "Kiki" card. You should now keep on following your way, ignoring
    the first cave (it is just a difficult maze) and using the "Ray" card on
    the second one, so that you can open a door to the first temple, and heal
    yourself with Mu.
    On the Virgo temple, be sure to be extremely careful with Shaka, since he
    will be the most powerful opponent you faced so far. Give him everything
    you've got, (if you get low on CP with everyone, use a "Mu" card) and keep
    attacking, eventually you will defeat him. Now, follow the cavern until
    you find some new cards ("Tear", "Shaka" and "Shield"), then return to the
    temple and use the "Shaka" card to open some exits. Get all the chests,
    which contain:
    - Awaken card
    - Gold card
    - Waterfall card
    - Armor card
    - 7th sense card
    Keep advancing, but don't forget the cavern after the stairs, which will
    contain items like: "Clock", "Ice" and $600, then advance to the Libra
    temple, where you will find "Lance" and "Nunchaku" items. Heal yourself in
    the fountain nearby, and then keep on advancing to the next temple.
    In the Scorpio temple you will find Milo, who you should defeat using the
    same strategy as before. At the end, he will tell you that he just wanted
    to see how you fight ~_~'''' That's not funny... Well, just proceed to the
    next temple.
    This temple of Sagitarus was supposed to be like a maze, so... just pick
    the path in the left and keep advancing, not forgetting to get "Master"
    and "Mu" cards that you will see in 2 chests. In the end, talk to the
    statue in order to open the door.
    Keep following your path and eventually you will find Shura in the
    Capricorn temple, who you should defeat by using the same strategy we have
    been using all the time. After beating him, exit the temple and don't
    forget to check the cave in the right, for "Excalibur", "Shiryu" and
    "Hyoga" cards, before managing to advance into the next Temple.
    In the temple of Pisces, Camus will be expecting you, and Hyoga (who must
    be dumb!) chooses to fight him alone. When you have less than 180 HP left,
    be sure to heal yourself, and other than that you should always strike
    with your best attack. When you win, get the 4 items ("Absolute 0",
    "Hyoga", "Nebula Chain" and "Meteor") and then exit, proceeding to the
    next temple.
    As for the temple of Pisces, Aphrodite will fight Seiya alone. As before,
    heal yourself as soon as you get attacked (and have less than 160 HP) and
    attack with your best attack, in a few rows you will win. Now, heal
    yourself in the fountain and then proceed, using "Meteor" card in the area
    with all the roses. You should get the cards "Shun", "Shina" and "Healing
    Fountain" before proceeding.
    Before proceeding, be sure that the worse character on your team is at
    least level 30. This way, it will become easier for you to face the
    powerful enemy that you will have to face next.
    Advance into the next temple, which is also the final one. There, get the
    card "Pegasus", "Athena" and "Marin" (those last 2 are to the left and to
    the right of the master of the Sanctuary), and when you feel ready save
    your game (you must do it outside the temple) and then fight against your
    last temple enemy, who will send you into another dimension. You should
    now go left, use the flowers in the upper right corner, go up and get the
    "Saga" card, which you should use right away. Now, fight the Pope once
    more, and this time you have to defeat him. Use everything you learned up
    to now (including using the many attack cards you got up to now), and
    eventually you will beat him... After doing so, go to the back and take
    the way in the right up to the top, where you need to talk to the two
    healing fountains and then use the shield. You should now return to the
    temple, where the Pope is still laughing...
    His armor will appear and he will reveal himself to be Saga, the Gemini
    Saint, so give it everything you've (still) got and try beating him. At
    the end, you'll see a scene with Athena and Saga, and then the next
    chapter will start...
    2.3 Poseidon
    As soon as the chapter starts you will find some soldiers in front of you.
    Fight them and easily defeat them, before talking to Tetis, who is
    currently hanging around in that location. Fight (and defeat) her, then go
    to the left and fight more soldiers. Follow that path until you enter a
    Now, go left, up, left, up, right, up, left, and enter that next cave. Go
    all to the right here, and buy as many Mu cards as you can, I mean, at
    least 6 of them. You should now exit and go to the top left corner of the
    screen. Keep following that path until you have many places to go, where
    you should go to the right. Inside the cave, open the 3 chests for a
    "Seiya", "Shiryu" and a "Key" cards, exit and go all to the left, finally
    going up until the next cave. Go all the way up, use the "Key" to remove
    the door and go all the way up until you have a boss battle with Baian.
    Use your best attacks and he will go down in no time, and then you just
    need to get Kiki's item (which just appeared) and use it on the pillar
    to destroy it. You will now appear in the main area, so go up and you will
    find a secret area with an healing fountain in it, which you should use to
    heal yourself.
    After healing and saving your game, go left and keep following that path
    until you find a cave. Around this cave, search for a "Healing Fountain"
    card, then go to the upper right cave and use it (if you want to heal
    yourself, or else you can discard this), then go all to the left and into
    the leftmost part of the wall, into a small section with a "Key" card in
    it. Then, return to the cave before that one and make your way to the next
    cave, on the upper left corner. In there, go up and to the central point
    and into the next area, where you should go all up, using the "Key" card
    to once more open the door and make your way to the pillar, this time
    facing Eo. Kill him as you did to the other weak foes, and then break the
    pillar using the item that Kiki broght you.
    Once again you will find yourself in the middle of the central section, so
    heal yourself, save your game and then head down, following it until the
    rocky path, where you should take the route in the right up to a rocky
    In this cave, go left/down and enter the second cave. Keep following the
    path, go to the lower left cavern (for a "Ring", "Key" and "Excalibur"),
    then exit and go to the cave in the right, path which you should follow up
    to the end, with a room with 3 chests (for a "Shiryu", "Healing Fountain"
    and "Antidote"), then use the "Healing Fountain" in the room before. Now,
    return to the rocky path, and this time go up. You will find many spikes,
    so stay in the area just before them and use "Excalibur" to clean a path.
    As you may imagine, now you should follow that path up to the end, use the
    "Key" on the door and advance to the pillar to face Krista. Give him
    everything you've got, and after defeating him be sure to use Kiki's item
    in order to destroy the pillar. Heal yourself, save and then go to the
    area in the 
    Follow it until you find a cave, go right and face Kamus, which can even
    be easily defeated with normal attacks. Then, go to the upper right side
    and defeat Ikki. Then, go to the upper left side and defeat Marin. Lower
    left side, defeat Shura. Finally, go to the central upper door and
    interact with the top block (the one which is split from the others), and
    follow that path, defeating Kasa, and following the stairs. Go to the
    central room for "Key", $400 and "Ikki", left, up to the central part, and
    be sure to use the "Key" on the door at the end, and use Kiki's item to
    destroy this pillar too. Heal, save, and then take the upper right path
    on the main screen.
    On the rocky path go right and into the cave. Take the upper left door
    into a next cave, left for "Key", "Kamus" and "Hyoga". Now, return to the
    rocky path and go up, using "Kamus" on the wall, oppening the door with
    "Key" and facing Isaac at the end. Once again Hyoga will fight him alone,
    so be sure to use his best attack and heal with Mu when you have less
    than 120 HP left. I didn't need to use it, but perhaps you will... At the
    end, be sure to get Kiki's item and use it to break this pillar, and then
    get back by the path you took before. You will find Kanon. Seiya will
    battle him, and easily defeat him. Tetis will face the other 3 guys, who
    can also easily defeat her. You will appear in the main area, so (as
    usual...) heal yourself, save your game, take the middle left path.
    BE CAREFUL, since you will now only be controlling Seiya. Follow the path
    until you reach the cave, take the upper left exit to the next cave, upper
    left exit again, upper central exit, go all up (the door is already open!
    :) ) and talk any of your three friends, to have them join you. Now, you
    will have to face Sorrento, which will go down easily if you use your best
    attacks at all times. Once more use Kiki's item to destroy the pillar,
    heal yourself, save and then take the upper left route.
    Follow it until you enter a cave, the take the central right route to
    another cave, follow it, take the central right cave to a place with a
    "Key", then go to the upper right corner for a new cave. In this one, take
    the central route (on the top of the screen) and keep on going, using the
    "Key" on the door and defeating Kanon once more. Now, make your way to
    Sorrento (as before), who will give you the card "Simphony". You should
    now go back to the point where you faced Kanon, and this time be sure to
    use "Simphony" in the same room he is in. Now, fight him... giving him
    everything you've got, he will be down quite easily.
    Then, you will see his body on the ground. Talk to him, and now get the
    two items that appeared, the "Saggitarius Arrow" and Kiki's item. Use
    Kiki's item to destroy the pillar and then make your way to the main area.
    There, heal yourself and battle Tetis once more. After defeating her, heal
    yourself, save your game and finally head for the main pillar, which is in
    the top section of the screen.
    In here, you will have to face Poseidon. My lowest character was at level
    34, but be sure to give him everything at all times, and when you run out
    of CP in EVERY character (or if you are low on HP) use a "Mu" card.
    However, be sure to use the "Saggitarius Arrow" card as soon as possible,
    or else your opponent will be imortal.
    After beating him, grab "Mu" and "Cosmo" (which are items found on the
    left and right of your opponent) and advance to the top. Use "Cosmo" in
    this main pillar to destroy it, then talk to Athena and exit. Posidon will
    be up again, so be sure to defeat him this time.
    You don't need to use any item, so just keep on attacking with everyone's
    special attacks and when you are low on CP ON EVERYONE, use a MU card.
    When your enemy is low on HP, Athena will appear and enclose his spirit on
    the jar.
    Now, the ending sequence is seen (no, I won't spoil it for you! :P) and
    then the game is finally over...
    3. Cards
    7th sense             --- increases attack
    Absolute 0            --- uses special attack
    Antidote              --- cures poison
    Armor                 --- recovers 20 CP
    Athena                --- revives a character, fully heals him
    Awaken                --- cures paralysis
    Bronze                --- increases defense
    Cassius               --- used on story, defeats Aioria
    Chain                 --- used on story, opens a path on Gemini temple
    Clock                 --- increases attack
    Cosmo                 --- used on the story, destroys the last pillar
    Earthquake            --- used on the story, removes rocks
    Gold                  --- increases defense
    Golden Armor Part     --- used on the story
    Golden Armor Part     --- used on the story
    Golden Armor Part     --- used on the story
    Golden Armor Part     --- used on the story
    Healing Fountain      --- creates an healing fountain, only sometimes
    Herb                  --- recovers 20 HP
    Hyoga                 --- uses his power
    Ice                   --- cures freezing
    Ikki                  --- calls Ikki
    Kamus                 --- used on story, destroys wall near a pillar
    Key                   --- used on story, allows you to enter pillar area
    Kiki                  --- recovers 40 CP
    Marin                 --- recovers 40 HP
    Master                --- recovers 60 CP
    Meteor                --- used on the story, removes roses
    Mino                  --- cures confusion
    Mu                    --- recovers all HP and CP
    Nebula Chain          --- uses special attack
    P. Venom              --- protects against poison
    Pegasus               --- uses special attack
    Ray                   --- removes darkness from a cavern
    Ring                  --- kills weak enemies
    Saga                  --- used on story, exits the other dimension
    Saggitarius Arrow     --- used on story, makes Posidon vulnerable
    Seiya                 --- uses his power
    Shaka                 --- used on story, allows to advance from Virgo T.
    Shield                --- protects everyone
    Shina                 --- recovers 60 HP
    Shiryu                --- uses his power
    Sho                   --- uses his power
    Shunrei               --- used on the story, escapes from hell
    Silver                --- gives more defense
    Simphony              --- used on story, lets you battle Kanon
    Tear                  --- cures blindness
    Taurus                --- used on story, used to defeat Gemini Gold Saint
    Waterfall             --- ???
    4. Boss Battles
    (Their order is the same one you will find them in the story mode)
    - Dark Pegasus
    - Dark Swan
    - Dark Andromeda
    - Dark Phoenix
    - Dark Dragon
    - Phoenix Ikki
    - Misty
    - Moses
    - Jagi
    - Jamian
    - Dante
    - Asterion
    - Crystal Saint
    - Gaist
    - Fire Saint
    - Spartan
    - Argol
    - Deus
    - Sirius
    - Algeti
    - Docrates
    - Aldebaran
    - Gemini Armor
    - Deathmask
    - Aioria
    - Shaka
    - Milo
    - Shura
    - Camus
    - Afrodite
    - Pope
    - Saga
    - Soldier
    - Tetis
    - Soldier
    - Baian
    - Eo
    - Krista
    - Kamus (fake)
    - Ikki (fake)
    - Marin (fake)
    - Shura (fake)
    - Kasa
    - Isaac
    - Kanon
    - Tetis
    - Sorrento
    - Kanon
    - Tetis
    - Poseidon
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Where can I get this game?
    A: Hum... no idea... Japan?!
    Q: Why can't I open this chest?
    A: Maybe you already have the maximum ammount of cards you can currently
       have. So, access the menu and press the second option to drop a card.
       Then, you will be able to open a new chest!
    B_END. Special Thanks
    I want to thank these people:
    - Everyone who likes my works here on gamefaqs, it's for those people
      that I like to work in this type of project;
    - People who rejected to go out with me these days, this way I stayed
      home, played this game and took the time to write this faq;
    - BethanyM and CjayC, for inspiring me to continue.
    End. Contacts
    If you want, you may see my web page, just check it at the HTML 
    address www.geocities.com/Mykas0/ .
    My e-mail is Mykas0 [at] gmail.com , use the following subject or I will
    NEVER reply.
    Subject: "SSPGB FAQ" for asking anything or providing me some information
    Thanks and until the next version!!!!!!

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