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    FAQ/Walkthrough by xanxus

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    Seitoushi Saint Paradise FAQ/Walkthrough (GameBoy)
    Edited and compiled by Siegfried
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    v 0.60
    July 20, 2005
    ***This guide uses Shift-JIS encoding for the translations.***
    Copyright 2002-2005 Siegfried.
    This was written to be displayed on GameFAQs only. Other sites who wish 
    to host it can go shove it. Any reproduction of this guide is strictly 
    Seitoushi Saint Paradise is Copyright 1992 Bandai.
    Saint Seiya is Copyright Kuramada Masami and Toei Animation.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    1. Introduction
    2. Menu
    3. Battle mechanics/menu
    4. Tips
    5. Characters
    6. Walkthrough
       - Black Saints Chapter
       - Silver Saints Chapter
    7. Boss list
    8. Revision History
    9. Outro
    10. Credits
    What started out as a simple FAQ has now evolved into a full guide,
    complete with translations and additional images. A translation of the
    game script will also be posted later on. Seitoushi Saint Paradise is
    based off the Saint Seiya anime which ruled the industry for 5 years
    before Toei abruptly ended it after the Poseidon chapter (although
    this has now been taken care of as Toei has just released the first
    episodes of the Hades chapter). 
    This game is a dream come true; it uses a stellar game engine and has
    the same plot as the manga (note how I use the term "Manga"; indeed,
    there are no Godly Saints to be found in the game). I could ramble
    forever about how the game rules, but this is a guide and not a review
    (anyway, you can check my review once I finish writing it -- do not
    forget to click the "Yes" button after doing so).
    Note: Some of the translations used throughout this guide are off as I
          personally do not speak Japanese. In such situations, I just 
          referred to the anime itself. Translations in this current
          version are quite meagre, a lot more will be added later on once
          I have covered the first couple of chapters in the walkthrough.
    [2] MENU
    The unfortunate part with this game is that it is completely in Japanese 
    and never came out in English. I personally do not understand Japanese, 
    but have gotten used to the game and the menus. This section will help 
    you comprehend the menus although I have not included proper translations 
    (I may however do so later on).
    The controls are fairly simple: 
    SELECT to bring up the menu
    A to confirm choices
    B to cancel choices/for a quick exit
    Basically, the menu looks like this:
            |                                      |
            |     [ステータス]        [カードダス] |
            |    STATUS                   CARD     |
            |                                      |
            |    [ひっつ ]                     |
            |    CHI MOVE                 SET-UP   |
    To toggle between each option, use the directional buttons.
    Now, for a brief description of each.
    STATUS: Allows you to observe the level of the Saints along with stats. As 
            you press the A button once, you will reach a submenu where you 
            need to choose which Saint you wish to look at. The real menu 
            itself lists the HP (Health Points), the CP (Chi Points), the 
            current level and the amount of experience points needed to reach 
            the next level. There are also some other stats that indicate
            strength, etc...but they're all in Japanese.
    CHI MOVE: Brings up a menu where, upon choosing a character, you'll get
              a list of all his special moves, along with CP usage.
    CARDS: Once you have cards, use them through this menu. Cards can be found 
           throughout the game in chests and through certain other, but less 
           frequent, ways. Cards play a preponderant place in the game as
           you need them to move on in certain places. Some cards also act
           as items (more on that later).
    SET-UP: Allows you to change the line-up of the Bronze Saints. This is 
            mainly a battle-intended option that enables you to use your 
            strongest Saints first, but it's also nice how the character on 
            the map changes depending on who is 'leading' the team.      
    Saint Seiya uses a typical RPG battle menu where one chooses options in a 
    menu. Again, the whole lot is in Japanese, so here's a brief description 
    of each option.
              |                                           |
              |  [たたかラ]                [カードダス]   |
              |     ATTACK                      CARD      |
              |                                           |
              |  [ひっつ ]                 [ステータス]   |
              |     CHI                         STATUS    |
              |                                           |
              |  [ぼラざょ]                [ にげる]      |
              |     DEFEND                      ESCAPE    |
    ATTACK: Use regular physical attacks.
    CHI: Use a Chi move which causes your CP to decrease. Each Saint starts 
         with one move, but gains others as he gains levels.
    DEFEND: The Saint will not attack, but if he is hit during this turn, he 
            takes less damage.
    CARD: Use a card.
    STATUS: Look at the highlighted Saint's level.
    ESCAPE: Flee from the battle. You cannot always flee from battles, but 
            even when this is the case, you still get to attack first.
    [4] TIPS
    - Save often (the game is pretty long). Booya! 
      Note: You can't save everywhere. Don't worry though, the game will be
      nice enough to tell you about it.
    - You can carry a limited number of cards. If you suddenly get a card
      which features a character or an event, discard one of the less
      important cards (the usual health ones will be fine) to make room for
    - Talk to everybody, people will sometimes give you cards. Additionally,
      talk to them several times.
    - Hold the B button to move faster.
    - Although there are roads you can follow, don't keep to them. There are
      additional places to visit that are necessarily near the roads.
    - Don't flee from battles unless really necessary, you need those 
      experience points for the boss encounters.
    - Don't waste your CP against regular enemies. Bosses will be very glad to
      beat you to a pulp as you are practically a wimp if none of your Saints 
      have enough CP to unleash their techniques. Also, try to know which 
      technique is better as soon as the battle starts. In most cases, the 
      boss is more vulnerable to a certain type of technique. Even more 
      obviously, enemy Saints react according to what they represent, eg. a
      Saint with fire powers will be uneasy against Hyoga's ice techniques.
    - If you don't know where to go next and find you are stuck, don't 
      hesitate  to backtrack to the previous 'town'. In many cases, short 
      events will be unlocked and you will get the info you desparately need 
      to move on (that's just how the game works).
    - Your Clothes are automatically upgraded once the Saints reach given
      levels. For Seiya, he'll get the ultimate Sagittarius cloth at Lv 25
      and he can wear the Odin Cloth once he reaches Lv 35, provided he has
      the given card.
    You at first control only 4 Saints, but move on to control 5 after you
    have defeated Ikki. Translations cover names only. I'm not too sure
    about the special moves' names; corrections would be welcome.
    Name: [せいや]
    Clothes: Bronze Pegasus (start with)
             Gold Sagittarius (Lv 25)
             Asgard God Odin  (Lv 35)
    Comments: The lead character in the game, Seiya is overall the best
              character you get to control. His stats are balanced and make
              him the first choice in most battles. His special techniques
              deal major damage. In addition, Seiya gets to wear the 
              Sagittarius and Odin Clothes later on.
    Special moves: [ローリソグクラッツュ]  30 CP
                   Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken
    Name: [しりゅう]
    Cloth: Bronze Dragon
    Comments: Another well-balanced character. Shiryu's techniques deal good
              damage and in addition, thanks to his Shield, he possesses
              a stupendous defense.
    - SWAN SAINT -
    Name: [ひょラガ]
    Cloth: Bronze Swan
    Comments: Hyoga is a welcome addition thanks to his ice-based techniques,
              which makes him a valuable asset against fire enemies. However, 
              his physical attack and defense are merely average.
    Special moves: [ダイヤモソドダヌト] / 20 CP
                   Diamond Dust
                   [けソダークタッケ] / 25 CP
                   Aurora Execution
    Name: [しゅん]
    Cloth: Bronze Andromeda
    Comments: The weakest of the bunch, although there are thankfully a 
              couple of situations where he will shine. Otherwise, he deals
              meagre damage, but compensates with a good defense.
    Special moves: [ビェラチューソ] / 30 CP
    Warning: This section contains spoilers, this cannot be helped.
    Note: This walkthrough was written to aid those who get stuck in the game
    and is actually a "Quick Walkthrough". It does not cover the optional
    parts where you will mainly get normal cards after exploring a certain
    area, which is why I advise everybody to play the game by himself before
    checking this section.
    After watching Phoenix Ikki walk away with the Sagittarius Cloth, you'll
    find yourself outside the Coliseum. Go to the right and visit all the 
    houses. Talk to everybody at least one (you will probably argue that
    since you don't know Japanese, this part can be skipped -- however, 
    you NEED to talk to people when I say so). Miho's house is to the far
    right, to the North of the big building. She will heal you if necessary.
    Since you need to have Seiya at a good level (Lv 5 should be fine), just
    stay in this region, fight a lot, and go to Miho to be healed.
    Once you are done here, head to the left past the Coliseum and follow 
    the road. When you can go to the North along the same road, do so until
    you reach 5 houses. Visit all the houses and talk to all the people 
    twice. Once you have done so, return to the lower-left house and talk
    to the old man. After doing so, a chest will appear in the house. Check
    it for the Odin Card.
    Next, backtrack and head to the South (follow the path) until you see 
    more houses. Talk to everybody and get the cards from the chests. Head
    back right and North until you come to Mountain Fuji. The Earthquake
    Card is in this area and you need to stand below the single tree to
    claim it (consult the Earthquake Card Location picture for how it should
    be done). Once you have obtained the Earthquake Card, proceed North
    again until you reach a new screen.
    Here, you'll notice some boulders blocking your way. Use the Earthquke
    Card and an opening will be formed. Go through it (if Seiya isn't at
    least at Lv 5, I strongly advise you to loiter around until he reaches
    it before entering the cave). Follow the paths (very straight-forward)
    until you meet Black Pegasus, who will be your first major encounter
    of the game.
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    Well, as the first boss, he really isn't that hard. Use your special 
    attacks and if you run out of CP, keep attacking him. Shiryu's special 
    attack works best here if he's at a reasonable level. Black Pegasus'
    Black Ryu Sei Ken will hit all your characters; there's no way 
    escaping that.
    After you have defeated him, a chest will appear. Check it for the
    first part of the Sagittarius Cloth, which is the Waist. Once you have
    it, proceed to the right, past Black Pegasus' previous location until
    you reach another door. Do not walk in the streams as you will lose life
    when you do so. Check the 2 chests by the door and follow the right path.
    Take it until you get onto the right-most side of the screen. The path
    will seem to end, but you can actually go on and will thus reach a new
    area. Keep following the paths and you'll reach Dark Swan.
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    The chronology of events in this part baffles me. Wouldn't it have been
    more appropriate to meet Black Swan first followed by Black Pegasus?
    Oh well, I suppose it really isn't that important. Use Seiya's special
    technique to make quick work of this fight. If you run out of CP, revert
    to normal attacks. 
    Once the battle is over, check the new chest for the second part of the
    Sagittarius Cloth, the Shoulder. This leaves only 12 parts to find,
    most of which are with Ikki anyway. You are now left to find the other
    3 Black Saints first. Follow the paths once more and when you reach
    the junction, take the left-most path which will take you to a chest
    with a Spring. Return to the junction and take the upper-left path
    that leads to the North. Grab the card and proceed to the exit.
    In the new cosier-looking area, check all the chests (you will probably
    have to discard cards though). Among them is the Mu Card which allows
    you to restore the status of the whole party, make sure you don't
    inadvertently miss it or just plai discard it. Exit through the door
    after you are done with this reaping quest.
    Go back to the junction and take the upper-right path this time. 
    Eventually, you'll meet up with Black Andromeda who unfortunately is
    nowhere as moronic as Bronze counterpart Shun.
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    Black Andromeda is a truly pathetic attempt at a boss. Just use your
    regular attacks and you will very easily dispose of him. If you fail
    to beat him on the first try, it means you seriously need to level up.
    After making a mess of the third Black Saint, check the chest that
    appeared for the Sagittarius. Then, head along the path, past Black
    Andromeda's former location. When you reach the junction with the
    3 holes across the paths to the North, you need to take the right one.
    What happens here is that as soon as you step on one path, a boulder
    will appear and push you towards the hole. The left and middle paths
    will cause you to reappear at the start of the junction.
    Taking the right path will allow you to move on as the Saints get
    instead pushed into an indent near the hole. After the boulder has gone
    through, you'll be able to move forward. When you reach the last part
    of the card with the numerous junctions, go to the left first and get
    the chest for the card. Once you're done, proceed to the exit.
    You will reach a new screen with both Black Phoenix and Black Dragon
    to the North. Talk to Black Phoenix first and he'll challenge you to a 
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    Black Phoenix is obviously stronger than the other Black Swans, but he
    is still a breeze if you are at a reasonable level. To kill him quickly,
    have everybody attack him first (and pray that a couple of those are
    critical attacks), and on the second turn, use Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei
    Ken. Also make sure that your HP are kept high as Black Phoenix's 
    attacks are pretty damaging.
    Once you have defeated Black Phoenix, you'll notice a new Saint to the
    South. It figures the Phoenix won't die so easily as you are forced to
    battle him once more.
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    Thankfully, he is not any stronger. If you were able to beat him once,
    there's no reason as to why you should fail now. Of course, use a bunch
    of cards to restore your HP before or during the battle (preferably
    before it starts since Black Phoenix always gets to attack on the first
    Now that Black Phoenix is _definitely_ out of the way, talk to Black 
    Dragon once you are fully prepared.
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    Black Dragon can be a real pain in the ass. His special techniques deal
    insane damage and normal attacks will take years to defeat him. Moreover,
    the guy seems to have something against Shiryu as most of his attacks
    will be directed at him. Always keep Shiryu's HP up and if you have
    Shiryu and Seiya cards, use them against the Black Dragon as these seem
    to cause good damage.
    Once the battle is finally over, open for the chest for the Sagittarius
    Chest Part Card. Then, proceed to the North and use the Spring Card on
    the closed spring and use it to restore all your health. Next, go past 
    the Spring and into the next area. Move forward and talk to Ikki.
    ***BOSS BATTLE***
    Ikki is obviously way stronger than the Bronze Saints. His special 
    techniques takes 50 HP from everybody, regardless of their levels. His
    normal punches are not that strong such that you should heal those whose
    HP drop below 50 as soon as possible. To beat him, use your special
    techniques constantly. Shun's techniques seem to work better too.
    After you have defeated Ikki, Docrates will barge in and steal all the
    parts of the Sagittarius Cloth. Ikki will also mysteriously disappear,
    leaving the Bronze Saints alone. Head towards the door to the North to
    exit Mt. Fuji.
    From Mt. Fuji, go back to the Southern Village where you got the hints
    about the Earquake Card's location. Talk to everybody before returning
    to Kido Mansion (there will be a new guy in the first house). Talk to 
    everybody in the mansion and, if you need to restore your health, go 
    talk to Miho and she will heal you. Next, visit the whole town and talk
    to everybody to get more cards.
    Once you are done exploring the town, return to where Mt. Fuji is
    situated. You will notice how there is a wide white patch, which looks
    like a beach, below it. Notice the 2 trees below it? Well, this is where
    you should head to now. Simply walk over them and the screen will change
    to a new place where you will find Mu and Marine.
    Talk to both Mu and Marine and a chest will appear behind Mu. Open it for
    a Mu Card. As soon as you take it, Lizard Misty shows up and challenges
    you to a fight. As from now on, you will have to endure a streak of
    fights. You however have a little time to heal between each fight. As
    long as you don't wander about aimlessly, you will still be able to heal.
    If you move, the next battle will be engaged although there is no sure
    way of predicting when actually (usually between 2 and 5 seconds).
    I will include the boss battle strategies in the next update.
    [7] BOSS LIST
    This is the best part of the game. SSP boasts about including an amazing
    number of characters from the anime. This list covers all the characters
    that have thus been redrawn to be fitted in this amazing game. Obviously,
    all of them are bosses although there very certainly is a difference
    between Black Phoenix and the almighty Poseidon. Since the opposing
    Saints are found in groups (you could even say that the game is broken
    in 'parts'), I have listed them according to what class they represent.
    Hell, you'll be meeting them in the same order in the game anyway.
    Saints marked with an asterisk denote end-of-part bosses or just uber
    powerful enemies that will scare you for life. In most cases, you'll 
    probably have guessed by the names themselves though.
    Moreover, some enemies are fought multiple times. They usually get
    stronger with each encounter.
    - Black Pegasus
    - Black Swan
    - Black Andromeda
    - Black Dragon
    - Black Phoenix* (twice)
    - Phoenix Ikki*
    - Lizard Misty
    - Whale Moses
    - Jellyfish (he's actually a Ghost Saint, but you fight him here)
    - Raven Jamian
    - Cerberus Dante
    - Grey Hound Asterion
    - Charioteer Capella
    - Geist (she's actually a Ghost Saint, but you fight her here)
    - Crystal Saint (unknown constellation)
    - Incendiary Saint (unknown constellation)
    - Centaurus Babel*
    - Spartan (unknown constellation)
    - Hunter's Hound Argor
    - Musca Dios
    - Great Dog Sirius
    - Hercules Algethi
    - Docrates* (unknown constellation) 
    (It figures that you should consider all of them as toughies now that
    you've come so far.)
    - Taurus Aldebaran
    - Gemini Saga 
    - Cancer Death Mask
    - Leo Aiolia
    - Virgo Shaka
    - Aquarius Camus (you'll control only Hyoga here)
    - Pisces Aphrodite (you'll control only Seiya here)
    - The Pope/Gemini Saga* (consecutive battles -- Gemini Saga here is
      considerably tougher than when you met first him)
    - Mermaid Theytys
    - Sea Horse Baian
    - Chrysaor Krishna
    - Lymnades Kaysa (accompanied by Ikki, Camus, Marin and Shura -- all of 
      them fakes)
    - Kraken Issac (you'll control only Hyoga here)
    - Sea Dragon Canon (as Seiya alone)
    - Mermaid Theytys (as Shun alone)
    - Siren Sorrento
    - Sea Dragon Canon (twice)
    - Mermaid Theytys
    - Skylla Lo
    - Sea God Poseidon*
    (Version 0.25 / November 30, 2002)
     Added the character and walkthrough sections. Started working on the
     translations. Expect a lot more soon!
    (Version 0.30 / December 1, 2002)
     Walkthrough up to Black Andromeda. Looking good.
    (Version 0.40 / December 8, 2002)
     Important Cards section removed; you can now check the Card List image
     at GameFAQs (although it is not yet completely done). Brushed up the 
     other sections.
    (Version 0.50 / December 13, 2002)
     Black Saints Chapter completed. A new image (still dealing with the 
     cards) has also been added; this one deals with the regular cards.
    (Version 0.55 / December 23, 2002)
     Corrected a few mistakes. Walkthrough up to Silver Saints challenges.
    (Version 0.60 / July 20, 2005)
     Brushed the entire guide. More content will be added soon.
    [9] OUTRO
    This guide is far from complete. Now that I have decided to add proper
    translations (where possible) and a full walkthrough, a lot remains to
    be done. Meanwhile, queries, comments and anything you wish to contribute 
    are more than welcome. Please do not send me help with the walkthrough
    before the guide reaches version 1.0.
    [10] CREDITS
    ~ Kuramada Masami for creating Saint Seiya which is the best anime ever.
    ~ Bandai for surprisingly delivering an astounding game.
    ~ GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
    Copyright 2002-2005 Siegfried.
    Plug: http://www.atgig.com/siegfried/
    Visit my website!

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