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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Langfandood

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    Dragon Slayer faq/walkthrough
    Dragon Slayer Gaiden is an A/RPG released by Epoch in 1992. It's much better
    than the original series and worth playing  if you want some quick GB A/RPG for
    some obscure reason. However it's really easy to get stuck and the other faq on
    this site doesn't help at all. Mainly because it's actually not related to this
    game. So here I am. Oh, I also do not know any japanese. The walkthrough will 
    be as barebone as possible.
    After choosing your name, you'll choose your class. Here is a basic evaluation
    of each one from top to bottom:
    -Knight: Looks like your typical ARPG main, he wacks things with a sword.
    However, near the middle of the game, he'll start getting absolutely 
    incredible weapons; his ultimate sword automatically damages everything on 
    screen for heavy damage. Never seen anything as powerful and easy to use in an
    RPG. Best character by far.
    -Wizard: Aah, magician... Fun varied class, but dangerous. For the experienced.
    The magician must use magic points to attack. Since the MP regeneration is
    minor at best, he's forced to buy MP restoring items (A pain in the late game)
    and cannot afford spending much MP on healing. His best weapon is nearly as
    powerful as the Knight's, but costs MPs.
    -Hunter: Looks like a cowboy, but actually uses a bow! Good power, good
    defense, long range, all around excellent without getting overpowered like the
    Knight in the end..
    -Tanker: He's Pacman. No, really. He's the only character with a weight stat
    directly affecting attack and defense, eating enemies makes his weight raise 
    and walking lowers it. His attack is pretty good at first, it has infinite
    range, goes through walls and he's invincible while doing it. But it never
    changes, he can only attack one enemy at once and his damage keeps getting 
    worse. The worst character in the game.
    You've probably played an A/RPG already, so most of the game should be
    intuitive to you and I won't waste time explaining what health points do.
    Like in other Dragon Slayer games, an enemy appears from a grave automatically
    when you kill another one.. Everytime you kill 100 of them or a boss, you get
    a levelup, and either your max health points or max magic points will raise.
    (As such you can easily stand near a grave, mash A and and get to maximum
    health and magic easily)
    The only way to get money is to sell items gotten from monsters.
    -First things first, go to the castle, talk to the king, get all the equipment
    in the castle. Buy some better equipment, buy the healing spell, and go explore.
    -Talk to the guy near the swamp, he'll give you an item. Give that item to the
    girl near the waterfall, go back to the swamp, and use the item. You can now
    enter the dungeon, finish it.
    -Now go to the other town in the west. Now that the first boss is dead their
    problem is solved, but to convince the guard to pass you will have to do some
    fetchquesting. First talk to the boy near the entrance, he'll give you an item.
    Give that item to your grandmother back in the first village, talk to the sick
    girl sleeping there (Girlfriend? Sister?) Go see the king , he'll give you a
    pass. Go show that to the guard and you're finally done.
    -Go north. Another boss. Answer him the first and second options, and fight.
    This guy is a bad joke.
    -In the giant tree, first go underground to free the prisoners. One of them
    will give you a key, and you'll be able to open the door in the village to get
    a much needed new set of equipment. Finish the dungeon, beat the first dragon
    (Hit the head, not the body) and get your first orb.
    -Go back to the first city and east one screen. If you haven't noticed, there's
    one path of forest among the mountains here; go south. You'll meet big evil guy
    (TM), and the rock blocking the path to the east will be destroyed.
    -Next town, talk to that pirate dude. He'll give you a key, use it in the next
    dungeon. Ignore the door now, just go north, beat the boss, and you'll reappear
    on the overworld.
    -Walk a bit and you'll end up in a giant town. Show your plot items to the
    guard to pass like usual. Don't forget to buy the new healing spell, the best
    in the game. Get to the castle and fight the boss there.
    -Exit the town. Uh oh, things aren't looking up. Now remember the door in the
    last dungeon? Go back there, try using all your plot items, and the path will
    open. You'll eventually be in a room with 3 doors and you have to pick the
    correct choice for each. 
    Left door: First choice - Middle door: Second choice - Third door: First
    choice. Then talk to the statue and fight the boss.
    -You probably haven't noticed it, but you got an item that lets you summon
    clouds. Oh my god. Go to the fire trench that blocked your path north of the
    castle and use it here. A dungeon appears, so might as well explore it. If
    you're using a mage, first buy the most costly spell for the boss.First big
    one, but you won't get lost or anything. Fight the dragon, get another orb...
    before Big Evil Guy appears. Run back to the entrance.
    -You can go north again, but don't do it just yet. Go back to the castle town,
    and visit random houses until you meet a sick pirate. Talk to him. Then go to
    the village north of there. The pirate will be there, sail on this magnificent
    sea. Whoops, Titanic again.
    -In that village, visit the house near the weapon shop and go through the hole
    in the wall. Kill that rat. Weapon shop giant guy will stop being a jerk, give
    you one item and let you buy items from him. Give that to the pirate, talk to
    him again and flyyyyyy!
    -The pirate will go back home. Aww. Go to the far west and south, you'll see a
    shrine. Big Evil Guy will taunt you. What to do, what to do... Visit the
    temple in the northwest, the only trick dungeon in the game. Not that it's
    anything complicated. To open the doors, you need to talk to the sphinxes. For
    all of them, the first choice opens the right door and the second the left door.
    Go right, right, right, left, right to meet the true sphinx. Now you need to
    give him the right answers to his 3 questions. Either you speak japanese or
    it's trial and error, since it changes every game.
    Then go right, left to fight a boss.
    -Go back to the shrine where Big Evil Guy taunted you. You'll get your ultimate
    weapon, and be able to go north. Yay. You'll reach a lighthouse, guess what,
    it's the next dungeon! Talk to the zombie dude at the end to get a torch or
    something, then put that on a pedestal. The village will get unfrozen, buy the
    400 gold item there and use it on the ice wall blocking the way to the dungeon
    in the northwest.
    -Now one really big dungeon. I hope you're prepared. In there, you'll see a
    chest  that will... teleport you a castle? Maybe it's a flashback. You're in
    for 3 bosses in a row. If you manage to beat the first one, get a gameover and
    go back, you won't have to fight him again though. The third one is -though- if
    you have a bad character. I suggest staying in the bottom of the screen to have
    enough time to react to hit him everytime he goes from top to bottom, using
    lots of elixirs (1500 gold item) and always keeping an eye on your HPs.
    -The dragon is slain! But something is missing. Go back all the way to the
    first village (one item automatically teleports you there), go west to the
    village of the annoying guard, then go west again to that useless village. Well,
    useless before... Talk to the guy in the northwest of the town to get an item.
    Stock on elixirs, Use that item on the world map, and... Good luck.
    Me - For helping Dragon Slayer Gaiden fans everywhere
    Dinosaur Comics - For giving me the inspiration to write this faq.
    Twilkitri - For actually helping me get unstuck in the first place.

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