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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hassan

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    Last Bible 2 
    Story Walkthrough 
    By Hassan (Galuf@optonline.net) 
    Version 0.97 
    First, there are a few screens giving a background on
    Gaia. After this, we go to a scene in the throne room
    of the Magoku (Demon Country) in which the king is
    being told by Medoku about the fact that only one baby
    has been born in the kingdom that night, and that is a
    sign of the revival of Gryas. The King then says that
    something must be done about this. 15 years later.... 
    Yuri's Forest 
    Talk to the Soul Leon (above you) and answer yes.
    He'll tell you to take the treasure chests in the
    cave. Take the contents and equip them. Now leave and
    go southwest to the town of Ain. 
    Town of Ain 
    Go to the house right below the northwest-most house.
    Larusa, Yuri's friend, will be arguing with his mother
    because he's leaving the town, but she doesn't want
    him to. Now, in the north part of the village there is
    what looks like an exit from the village, but it
    isn't. Go through it to get to the flower garden. Talk
    to the people to meet Zodia and Kurau. After this
    event, Larusa will come and tell you that Medoku,
    Yuri's other friend, has a present for the two of you.
    Leave the flower garden, and she'll be waiting right
    outside. Talk to her and she'll give you a pendant,
    which she says is a symbol of your friendship and
    tells you never to give it to anyone. When that
    scene’s over, go to the entrance to the town, and talk
    to the guy there. He says that he went on an
    expedition to kill a monster called Berk, but it was
    too strong for him. Larusa comes and volunteers the
    two of you to go kill it. Talk to the guy one more
    time, then leave the town, and go north over the
    bridge, then east to get to Berk's cave. 
    Berk's Cave 
    Before going too deep in here, both characters should
    be at least level 6 and have Tite Swords (Taitoso-do)
    and Copper Shields (dou no tate,) both available in
    Ain. Also, get a monster if you want, but all the
    monsters available at this point will be no match for
    the boss in this cave, but they will take some attacks
    for your two humans, which makes the battle somewhat
    easier. The cave itself is pretty straightforward.
    There's a room where you can get an egg if you want
    it. When you feel ready, go fight the boss. Halfway
    through the cave, Larusa will tell you that he's
    excited about the chance to use his Gaia. At the
    bottom, the boss will say that his Gaia is the
    strongest on this island and fight you. 
    When you return to Ain, the Magoku will be recruiting
    soldiers to take on Gryas. Once again, Larusa will
    volunteer the two of you. Medoku, who is recruiting
    will tell you to go to the town in the north, where
    his soldiers are waiting, so go back to Yuri's forest.
    The soldiers say they got the Soul Leon and now need
    to find the 2 others. Go in the cave at the
    upper-right. Someone will be yelling for help. Talk to
    the soldier, say yes, and fight the boss. He's not too
    hard as long as you remembered to heal after that last
    boss. After this, leave the forest, Larusa will run
    off to the Magoku eager to strengthen his gaia powers.
    As for you, go back to Ain. Esau will be in front if
    the inn. Talk to him. He'll tell you that he's
    searching for Brantika. Tell him that you're going on
    a trip and he'll join you. Now go north, over the
    bridge to the north-most part of the island, to a
    Talk to the guy by the ship and tell him yes. You'll
    end up in Lutz. Not much to do there. Buy equipment if
    you want. The monsters outside here are finally good
    enough to be more than pincushions, so recruit some.
    When you feel ready, go northeast to the Pixie's
    Pixie's Village 
    Here a soldier from the Magoku is terrorizing the
    pixies. Choose no to fight him. He's just like the
    boss you fought in Yuri's Forest (same kind of enemy,)
    so the fight should be easier this time. The pixies
    will tell you that they're still scared because they
    think the Magoku will come back. Just forget about
    that and move on. Just go north to a cave. The cave's
    layout is simple. Once you're out of the cave, recruit
    some new monsters if you want (they're even stronger
    than the ones that were on the world map before the
    cave,) then go north, through the rock passage, to
    There's, again not much to do here, although there
    will be eventually. For now you can fuse monsters
    though. Go in the building you see immediately upon
    entering the town and talk to the guy there to do it.
    When you've done all you want, go northeast, over a
    bridge to Esau's Hometown. 
    Esau's Hometown 
    When you get in here, a guy will talk to Esau, calling
    him boss, and say that he found some new information
    on Brantika. Esau will explain to you that this is his
    hometown, and leave you for the time being. Go into
    the building at the north part of town, and try to
    enter the room in the north of there. Esau will tell
    you that there's a Soul Leon in Ebura, to the west,
    and say to go there to have a look. He will then
    rejoin you. 
    Go to the flower garden east of the castle. Zodia and
    Kurau are there. Talk to them. They talk about the
    tree withering and how the power of Aqua can save it.
    Esau tells you to go back to his hometown because he's
    heard of Aqua before. Do it. In the hometown, go to
    the north room in the north building, and Esau will
    walk ahead of you. Follow him and there'll be a
    conversation about the power of Aqua, and it is
    discovered that it is to the north. After the
    conversation is over, talk to the top-left most guy in
    that same room and get a key. Then go back and talk to
    Kurau and Zodia, and they'll join you. Then go north
    of Esau's Hometown to a cave. Examine the fence and
    you'll automatically unlock it. The place with the
    power of Aqua is to the northwest. 
    The Tankis in here can be tough, but (and this applies
    to any enemy in this game,) if you have a monster in
    your party (it's OK if it's not summoned,) then talk
    to a monster of its kind. all the monsters you're
    fighting will leave you alone. This is a useful trick
    as it can bail you out of many troublesome situations.
    As for the dungeon itself, take the second staircase
    down you see, and go to the south of the bottom floor
    to a brown tile. Kurau will then say "I can feel the
    power of life." and start a summoning chant (The same
    one that is on the computer screen at the beginning of
    Shin Megami Tensei.) Talk to her again, and you'll get
    the Power of Aqua. Now go back to Ebura, to the tree
    and you'll automatically use the Power of Aqua on it,
    but it won't get better. Now go talk to the King of
    Ebura. He'll tell you that he sent a spy to the town
    of Manase in the northwest, but the spy hasn't come
    back yet, and he wants you to investigate. 
    There's not much doing here, but the guy by the ship
    asks you if you work on the island in the lake. The
    spy is there so tell him yes to go there. It turns out
    that the island is a base for the Magoku. Get to the
    end and you'll find two guys wearing backpacks. One of
    them is the spy. After you talk to them, go back to
    the beginning, and you'll have to fight a boss
    (Soldier) to leave. It's not a hard boss. Beat him and
    you're home free. Just talk to the spy by the ship to
    go back to Manase. Now go back to Ebura. If you sleep
    in the inn, you'll see a scene of a kidnapped Pixie
    and Medoku where Medoku has the Pixie killed and takes
    her bones. Medoku then says "Next monster. Bring on
    the Soul Leon." Now go talk to the king again. He'll
    send you to the south to search to the Bekurel Mine.
    Go to the west coast of the continent, and follow it
    down, then go in between some rocks to a cave. Go
    through the cave and go to the village of Shipparl. 
    This is another town without much to do, so this too
    amounts to little more than a pit stop. When you're
    healed and equipped as you wish, go west to the mine.
    The Magoku is here too. Choose no to the first
    soldier's question to engage him. Same type of enemy
    you fought at the base. Beat him and move deeper into
    the mine. It turns out that no one's left in the mine.
    Report back to the King of Ebura. He then tells you to
    go to Bullton and bring a letter to Magress. You can
    get to Bullton from the port at Sidon, so go there
    now. The top-right ship goes to Bullton, so take that
    Magress is in the building on top of the stairs. He's
    the top-most guy. Talk to him and he'll go to
    Shipparl. Now try to leave the building and you'll
    learn that something's up in the tower right outside
    of town. Better check it out. The exit from the town
    is to the south. This is a short dungeon. Just go up
    and you'll see a girl who talks about leaving the
    tower, then a guy comes up. Follow them down and talk
    to the guy at the entrance to the tower. He gets away.
    Now follow the people back to that building in Bullton
    to see what this was all about. After talking to
    everyone it turns out that Ganzu, the guy at the door
    to the tower, stole the Book of Baal, which is the
    book of life creation and is a very powerful artifact.
    Fortunately, the Book of Belial is safe. Safia, the
    girl joins you, and the elder says that you should go
    the Magoku to get the book back using the spell of
    Trampa. Leave the building and Esau's underlings will
    have found something in the town of Saloon, and Esau
    leaves you. Go back to Sidon. The bottom-left ship in
    the port goes to Saloon, so take it to there. 
    In this town there are 2 connected houses. Go in the
    one to the right first. The old guy says that he went
    to Brantika when he was young. Answer no then yes to
    his questions and he'll say "That makes two people
    that believe me." Talking to the other person in the
    house on the way out, you'll learn that the other
    person that believes the old guy is Esau. Now go into
    the left connected house. The monster will tell you
    about a tower that only appears during a full moon.
    The guys that are talking to each other south of the
    house will tell you that the tower is over the bridge
    to the south. So cross the bridge to the south, go
    north on the piece of land you come to, and wait for a
    full moon, and the tower will automatically appear.
    Enter. At one point, you'll have to choose between two
    teleport pads. Choose the bottom one. At the top
    you'll meet a boss. Say yes and fight her. You'll get
    the Moonlight magic for Yuri. Now leave the tower, use
    Trampa, and go to the Magoku. 
    As soon as you enter here, Zodia and Kurau will leave
    you, so hopefully you have some good monsters on
    standby. Wander around the castle and talk to Ganzu,
    who will tell you that him and his troops are going to
    Turos next, and Larusa and the guy next to him, who
    are discussing the Soul Leon. Now talk to the two
    guards in the throne room who will tell you that the
    king is thinking about something with Medoku. Try to
    leave the throne room and the King and Medoku will
    appear. Now go into the room to the right of the
    throne room. Talk to Medoku. He'll say "So, you're the
    people I met back in Ain. Have you also become
    soldiers of the Magoku?" to which Safia says "What the
    hell are you talking about, you idiot. Give back the
    Book of Baal, and tell us where Yuri's Soul Leon is."
    Medoku answers back "You're the stupid one. You don't
    know the true might of Gryas. We need the Book of Baal
    and the Soul Leon to destroy Gryas." The king then
    orders you thrown in the dungeon. Examine the middle
    bars (that look different,) and Ganzu will let you
    out. Talk to him again, and he'll say to get back to
    Ebura quickly. Go down the stairs in the dungeon, find
    your way through the cave, and you'll be outside the
    Magoku. Now use Trampa to go back to Ebura. 
    More Events 
    When you get back to Ebura, talk to the guy in the
    castle, and he'll tell you that everyone went to
    Bullton. Go to the back room of the shrine in Bullton,
    and talk to the King of Ebura, who will tell you that
    the Magoku has gotten into the town of Hyupatia, and
    he wants you to save it. Say yes, then go to Sidon and
    catch a ship to Turos (bottom-right ship.) 
    If you talk to the guy near the item shop, he'll tell
    you that Esau is waiting for you in Ryukaon, past the
    North Mountains and to the west. Better go there. Once
    you get there, talk to the guy just inside and he'll
    say that Esau waiting for you in the mine to the east,
    so go. In the mine, Esau tells you that he needs a
    gold nugget to finish building a ship, and he needs
    you to help him get one, then he joins you. Along the
    way, all the treasure chests say "Help me." When you
    get to the top, the boss tells you that he has been
    turning all of the gold hunters into treasure chests,
    and you fight him. After the fight, Esau leaves, and
    all the treasure chests change back into people. Go
    back to Turos and take a ship to Hyupatia
    (bottom-right ship.) 
    Actually, you don't land in Hyupatia. Leave the port
    and walk north to a bridge, then west a bit to get
    there. When you get there, everyone turns out to be
    dead. The kind mentions a dragon's egg as his last
    words. Leave the town and go north for another Magoku
    base to assault. 
    Keys Fortress 
    Before you get there, there's a cave with an inn. Good
    thing, because there are some tough enemies and bosses
    in this place. Leveling up and getting better monsters
    are both strongly recommended. The entrance you want
    is the cave entrance (the tower also leads into the
    fortress, but not to a place you should be yet.)
    Anyway, in the cave, go to the second floor. There, in
    the left-most stall, you'll see Larusa and the Soul
    Leon. Talk to the Soul Leon, and he'll say goodbye to
    you and die. You'll then see a flashback of the Soul
    Leon finding Yuri and Larusa in the forest and calming
    the two crying babies down. After this, back in the
    present, Larusa vows revenge on humanity and leaves,
    the guard guarding the left room follows him out. Go
    in the left room, talk to the monster and fight it as
    a boss. Then go up a little and you'll meet your old
    friend Medoku again, who turns and runs like a coward,
    but not before leaving you with a little present in
    the form of another boss. Fight it, and chase after
    Medoku. In the next room, talk to the 2 guys, who say
    that the Magoku is headed to Goku, and take the egg,
    then continue forward, you'll fall down a hole and
    eventually end up outside the tower. Go back to
    Hyupatia port and take the top-right ship to Goku. 
    When you get here, you'll see that the Magoku is here
    in force. Ganzu is here, as is Media, who is waiting
    for Larusa. Talk to everyone, and it turns out that
    Ganzu has left the Magoku and wants to start a new
    country here. Talk to the guys in the pink house, and
    say yes. Now you can go to the shrine on the Seiram
    Plateau. Go north to a cave and talk to the guy
    inside, and you can pass through it. Now go north to
    another cave. Pass through it, and enter the tower on
    the plateau. When you enter, again, everyone is dead.
    The one guy that gets out some last words tells you
    that a monster he never saw came and killed everyone.
    At the end of the dungeon, the King of the Magoku will
    see you and complain that there are survivors, and
    Medoku will attempt to remedy the situation by having
    another boss attack you. Gurururu. Just use Mudoon,
    and that'll kill them instantly. When you beat the
    boss, the King and Medoku make another escape. Talk to
    the two guys in the pit, who are the spies from Keys
    Fortress and the Magoku base, then leave. Go back to
    Goku, and take the top-right ship to Eridu. 
    Again, the city is a bit south of the port. Not much
    to do in the town proper, so once you're done, head
    out and continue south. Past the withered trees is a
    town. Talk to Zodia there and she'll tell you that all
    the kids are in the well, so go into the well and talk
    to Kurau who will join you. Go through the well, and
    you'll meet a boss who says "The Gaia of anger... The
    Gaia of sadness... Taste all that Gaia and more..."
    and then the boss, Gaia, attacks you. When defeated,
    he'll give a speech about how he’ll never perish as
    long as the Gaia in this world is limited. Zodia will
    then conclude from that speech that that wasn't a
    monster or Gryas, then she'll say that she's looking
    to return to Brantika. Safia will point out that
    Brantika was the place that Esau is trying to get to,
    so now return to Esau's Hometown. 
    Return to Esau's Hometown 
    Talk to Esau in the north building, and Safia will
    tell Esau about how Kurau's trying to return to
    Brantika, and that she was looking for him. He'll say
    that his ship is finished, and to start looking on the
    Deel Continent, south of Bullton. He then joins you.
    When you leave the town, you'll see his ship. Take it
    south, past the east side of the island with Bullton
    on it, to another island. Follow the coast of that
    around east and south, go past the other island to the
    east, then go east until you find an opening in the
    rocks to the south, enter that opening and go
    southwest and enter Salmachia. Go into the southwest
    most house, and an old lady will tell you that if you
    want to continue south to first go to Goku. In Goku,
    talk to Ganzu, he asks you if Media is Larusa's lover.
    Answer yes. Then go to the port of Goku and talk to
    the guy by the bottom right ship. Ganzu will come up
    to you and say that you have to help Media, who has
    been taken by pirates. He will then join you. Now get
    in your boat and sail west and land on the first
    island you see. That castle is the Pirates' Hideout. 
    Pirates' Hideout 
    There's a boss as soon as you enter, so beat it. Later
    into it, the pirates will be talking about how useless
    the girl is and consider stopping feeding her. After
    that conversation, there's another boss. Then a 3rd
    boss. After that, Media's in the last stall. She's
    about given up on life since Larusa's not coming for
    her. After hearing that, Ganzu gets pissed off at
    Larusa and teleports out. Go back to Goku. Talk to the
    soldiers and they'll say that Ganzu went to Kanossa,
    west of the Magoku. Follow him. Kanossa is just west
    of the island with the Magoku on it. 
    Boss fight as soon as you enter. The boss asks you if
    you're friends of Ganzu. Say yes to fight it. Ganzu is
    on the 2nd floor. He says that he has become weak and
    challenges Yuri to a duel. Afterwards, he'll say that
    Larusa is stronger than even you, and that Larusa's
    Gaia must come from the Makai (Demon World.) Then he
    says to go to the Magoku in order to stop Larusa, and
    then he joins you again. Go the throne room of the
    Magoku's castle, fighting the bosses along the way.
    Once there, Medoku will summon a monster, but the
    monster turns on him. It then attacks you. Go into the
    room next to the throne room. Talk to the King. He
    will note how ironic it is that a monster that he
    summoned killed him. He goes onto say that 15 years
    ago, when he killed that baby; the Magoku was destined
    to be destroyed. Next, talk to Larusa. He says "Hatred
    and slaughter.... Those monsters showed the true
    nature of humankind. This world is full of sadness.
    Yuri, I'm going to create the Makai. All anger and
    hatred gathers in the Makai, and it is ruled by Gaia."
    He then disappears. Now leave the castle, and Larusa
    will break the news about the King and Medoku to the
    soldiers. The soldiers will wonder about the future of
    the Magoku, and Ganzu stays behind the help the people
    rebuild their government. Stay at the inn, and you'll
    see a scene of Larusa. He says "Yuri, soon, I'm going
    to create the Makai! The place is southeast of
    Salmachia. There, I run into Gaia in order to distort
    space." Wake up and return to Salmachia. One of the
    soldiers blocking the bridge is gone, so you can now
    continue south. 
    South of Salmachia 
    Cross the bridge to the east, and then go southeast to
    a cave. The woman inside will give Safia the Rankain
    magic. If you go south over a bridge, you'll be told
    that there is an airship in here, and you need a lapis
    to make it fly. Leave here. Now sail directly south of
    Bullton to a small village. In the northeast most
    house a guy will tell you about a rock floating in the
    cave to the east, and that Kurau also believed him.
    The guy inside the weapons shop mentions that a star
    knuckle can shatter stones. Buy one (the top item at
    this very weapon shop) for Safia. Then leave. Follow
    the coast of this island (starting on the north coast
    of it) east and you'll see an island. Go onto the cave
    on it, and through the cave. Examine the rock, and
    you'll get a lapis. Back to the tower south of
    Salmachia. Examine the pedestal in the farthest depths
    of the tower, and you’ll get the Ark, which is t his
    game's version of the airship. Brantika is just a
    little west of where you first get the ark, on a
    plateau, so go there now. 
    When you enter, Esau will leave you and go exploring.
    Go to the northernmost building and Esau will be
    saying "But, If I go to Brantika.... I can get any
    wish I want.... Please revive my wife and kid!" The
    priest will tell him that they got rid of the
    Necronomicon 1000 years ago, and that they can't do
    that because they are unable to go against the force
    of destiny. Esau will then start swearing and curse
    out destiny. Esau will then tell Yuri that if his wife
    can’t be revived, then there is nothing he needs.
    Continue north to see Zodia and Kurau in a meeting
    with a priest. Kurau will tell you that what you
    fought with her was black Gaia, the Gaia of hatred and
    sadness. Zodia says that Black Gaia lives in the
    hearts of humans and monsters. The priest will say
    that you must destroy this black Gaia. Now sleep at
    the inn, and a tower will appear near the Brantika
    Plateau, and you'll see Larusa again. He says that
    preparations are complete and that the Makai can now
    be entered. Go there. At the end you'll see Larusa,
    and he talks about all the bad gaia that gathers in
    the Makai, and he says that this world needs a Makai.
    Then he attacks you in a one on one duel. Larusa then
    reveals that Yuri is Gryas. Take the contents of the
    chests and leave. 
    Go back to Brantika and talk to Kurau. Safia will show
    El's Staff to her, and it turns out that everyone
    (Yuri, Esau, Safia, Kurau, Zodia, and Ganzu) had
    already met a long time ago. Kurau will start crying,
    and Safia says that you have to go meet up with Esau
    and Ganzu in order to remember what happened on that
    day that they all met. Zodia and Kurau join you. First
    go to the Magoku and find Ganzu. 
    Ganzu: The smell of blood, the screams of people....
    This planet, our star.... We destroyed black Gaia...
    Before everything was reborn and changed.... 
    Kurau: Yes.... 2000 years ago.... We fought with Yuri
    against Black Gaia. 
    Ganzu: Yes, but we defeated it, then the 5th planet
    collapsed, then all the people escaped this planet. 
    Kurau: But we didn't fight only for the people. 
    Ganzu: For friendship.... For the women we loved....
    For every living thing on our mother planet... Let's
    end this this time. 
    Then Ganzu joins you. Next go back to Brantika and
    talk to the priest in the room where Zodia and Kurau
    were. He'll say that the revival of Gryas is hidden in
    a song. Go back to Ryukaon. Listen to the children’s'
    "The alpha and omega meet at the Dolmen. The Omega
    drinks Rete, and the Alpha forgets. The 4 friends
    become a wheel and dance." 
    So now go directly south of Shipparl to a cave on an
    island surrounded by stones. Everyone gets into
    position, and Safia notes that this is just like the
    last time. After a conversation, everyone buy Yuri
    disappears, and Gryas speaks to Yuri. 
    "I have awakened, Yuri. Open your ears to the voice of
    everything. With you, the Gaia of all living things
    gathers here. Your soul is immortal. You are now me,
    and I am again Yuri. A large tree shows the way." 
    After this, everyone gets the force magic. Now go to
    Esau's hometown and examine the large tree there. Then
    talk to Esau. He'll go talk to the tree. Go to the
    tree. Esau's wife and son will talk to him and tell
    him that they love him. and to protect this world that
    they love. Esau then gets the force magic and joins
    you. Next, return to Brantika and examine the large
    tree to get the "Light of Life." Now go into the
    entrance to the Makai, go where Larusa was, and use
    the Light of Life (it happens automatically,) and
    you'll enter the Makai. This is a short maze of
    teleport tiles. You can't exit here except by dying,
    but with the last boss here, that's easy enough. At
    the end, you'll meet the last boss. Before the fight,
    he says "Receive 2000 years of sadness and suffering."
    After this battle is the ending. 
    Version 0.97 (5/27/03, 6:51 PM-EDT) 
    Original version.

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