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Reviewed: 03/18/13

Oh no, they say he's got to go! Go, go, Godzilla, yeah!

Kaijuu-Oh Godzilla was released only in Japan, and the game follows Godzilla as he goes on a rampage across Japan. Not only does the Japanese Self Defense force try to stop Godzilla but also many monsters from the films stand in Godzilla's path.

There is no plot development over the course of the game. Before every level is a screen that tells what Godzilla will be fighting for the level, but I do not know Japanese so I could not read them.

Godzilla looks great, and his sprite is large and nicely detailed. Animation is great including the screen shaking as he walks, and if Godzilla stands still for too long, he will shake his head and roar which is a nice little touch that I liked. Enemies are a mix bag when it comes to graphics while most of the bosses and enemies look good, some of them are indistinguishable including one notable enemy that looks like a tank or a colony of ants. Although the enemies do have a nice death animation which is an explosion followed by an arc of fire. The backgrounds look great, and they have enough eye candy in them to make them memorable including cities, industrial park, fair, Monster Island, and my favorite is level one which as the player progresses the sky gets darker to show the progression of time.

Unlike the other Godzilla games, this game stays true to what Godzilla is all about, and that is pure destruction. Every level is straight forward albeit very long, and along the way tanks, helicopters, jets, and even monsters will try and stop Godzilla. There is a large variety of monsters from the series including Mothra, Ghidorah, Hedorah, MechaGodzilla, Rodan, and even Manilla. Yes, even Godzilla's son tries to stand in his way.

To battle these creatures Godzilla has several different attacks including his trademark atomic breath, punching, and tail spin. Tail spin is the most important attack in the game. Not only does this allow Godzilla to attack from a distant, but it also blocks every attack including the special attacks of bosses. Learning how to do this attack first is vital, and it is performed by pressing "B"+"back". The tail spin blocks all attacks, but Godzilla's atomic breath can destroy some enemy’s attacks but just the projectile attacks. It is worth mention that the atomic breath can be aimed by pressing either up or down to shoot it upwards or downwards at a diagonal angle.

The game is composed of five levels in all, and Godzilla has only one life however if the player dies, they can continue. Continuing starts the player back at the start of the current level. The health system is strange and at the bottom of the screen is a yellow or white bar next to Godzilla’s name. This bar represents health and fuel for Godzilla's atomic breath. When he takes damage, the bar decreases. If the bar drops too far, Godzilla cannot use his atomic breath attack again until the bar fills up some, but beneath the yellow bar is a second short bar. If this bar completely empties, Godzilla dies.

Simplicity is the nature of the game, Godzilla must slowly make his way across the level, but every once in a while he will fight a mini-boss that is a monster from the films. These monsters are not too difficult except for two notable ones which have a shield that deflect Godzilla's atomic breath. Out of the two encounters only once is this a problem due to the enemy being a spaceship that spends most of the battle in the sky out of range. So the battle dulls down to waiting for the ship to come down for a few seconds and punch it a few times. This fight drags on for way to long since there is only a small window to attack it.

Controlling the big guy is very simple. The D-pad moves while "A" and "B" are both used for attacking, and one is used for atomic breath the other is for punching. It is very easy to grasp the controls, and it takes very little time to learn them. Thankfully the controls are crisp and responsive. One problem I have is that during boss fights Godzilla will sometimes move forward and/or backwards without the player hitting "left" or "right" on the D-Pad. I do not know why this happens but it is very annoying.

The music in the game is good and catchy, but the biggest problem is that it does not really stand out. It is easily drowned out by the sound effects and destruction of enemies, but the sound effects are nice. Godzilla roars if he stands still for too long, and buildings crumble as they take damage. The enemies make an explosion sound effect when destroyed.

While the game overall is solid, it comes up short in the replay department. The game can be beaten in about an hour. The replay value is sorely lacking since there is only one difficulty and no bonus content.

Kaijuu-Oh Godzilla is great game that does justice to Godzilla, and it boils down fighting monsters and creating havoc although it does come up short in length and replay departments, it does offer a nice challenge.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kaijuu-Oh Godzilla (JP, 12/17/93)

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