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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xanathis

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    God Medicine Walkthrough v1.01
    Last Updated: November 22nd, 2004
    By: Xanathis (Xanathis@gmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Gameplay
    III.  Walkthrough
      A.  Pheamone and Thiefglade
      B.  Phantom Corp
      C.  The Desert
      D.  Missing Kids
      E.  Return to Pheamone
      F.  The Three Seals
      G.  Demon Castle
    IV.   Spells
    V.    Maphu Attacks
    VI.   Equipment/Items
    VII.  Credits
    VIII. Copyright
    I. Introduction
    God Medicine (Super Gameboy Version)
    Produced by: Konami (KCE Nagoya)
    Year: 1998
    System: Gameboy
    Time Needed to Complete Game: 15-20 hours
    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    God Medicine is a traditional RPG for the gameboy handheld system.
    Originally released before 1998 for the gameboy, Konami decided in
    1997/1998 to release an updated version of the game that's
    compatible with the Super Gameboy addon for the Super Nintendo
    console. Also new in the updated version is the Yamima File,
    which is a bestiary of that tracks the data on all monster
    types you've fought.
    The game follows an interesting premise. A company in the real
    world is developing an RPG called Phantom. Something mysteriously
    goes wrong and the company is destroyed. Suddenly a portal appears
    to the Phantom world from the game, which is discovered by three
    RPG loving children, Noah, Ken, and Miki. They gain the power of
    the Heroes' Souls upon the death of the Phantom world's chosen
    heroes and take it upon themselves to save the Phantom world and
    the real world from a Demon menace.
    Version History:
    1.01 - The discovery that the Yamima File was added to the SGB version
    of the game (info courtesy of Gideon Zhi)
    1.0 - Initial completed FAQ release
    II. Gameplay
    The gameplay is traditional RPG fare:
    D-pad - moves the character and cursors about
    A button - Examines objects and selects commands
    B button - Cancel selection, exit menu
    Select - Pulls up the save menu, you can save anywhere in the game
    Start - The main menu
    Main Menu:
    Item - Allows you to use items
    Status - Shows the character's stats
    Magic - Allows you to cast spells
    Equip - Allows you to equip different weapons and armor
    Maphu - Equipping maphu gems for special abilities
    File - To view the Yamima File that records the information on
    every monster you fight
    During the game, you will acquire special gems (Maphu gems). At
    first, you won't be able to use them. Once you acquire Maphu
    weapons, you can equip one Maphu gem on them to gain a special
    ability (see section V. Maphu Attacks). Each Maphu gem has a
    different effect based on which person they are equipped on.
    Maphu attacks have different ways of activating - some are
    automatic while others require you to charge them up. Those that
    require charging will show blocks next to the character's face.
    Each turn that the character takes an action, one of the blocks
    will fill up. Once full, the Maphu command will appear in the
    character's battle menu.
    Some key points:
    * You can only ever carry up to 9 of a specific item
    * When you buy new equipment in the shops, it is automatically
    equipped. However, if you find something new in a dungeon, you
    have to equip it manually.
    * All spells cost 1 magic point in that particular magic type.
    * Characters that get hit with a negative status during battle
    are automatically cured after a battle. Characters also recover
    all HP and MP when they gain a level.
    * Charge up Maphu skills before boss fights, they stay charged
    as long as you don't use them.
    III. Walkthrough
    -A. Pheamone and Thiefglade-
    You start out as Noah, Ken, and Miki in their hometown of Kokubu.
    After getting out of school, walk around town talking to everybody.
    Once you've spoken to all the people, go down into the bottom area
    of town and walk around until the group hears a sound and goes to
    investigate. A series of events will occur and you will end up being
    taken to Pheamone Kingdom.
    Pheamone Kingdom
    Armor Shop:
    Leather Armor
    Leather Shield
    Cloth Boots
    Chain Armor
    Small Dress
    Rabbit Bracelet
    Arrow bow
    Go and talk to the king. He will offer you a mission so accept it to
    get going on your journey. Talk to the old man standing to the side
    and he will give you your first bit of cash, 250 Kira (Kr). Exit the
    castle, talk to everyone around town and buy what you can with the
    Kira the man gave you. This would be a good time to build some
    levels around town (at least level 4). Once you've built up to a
    reasonable level, make sure you buy a bromide from the item shop then
    head north to the tower (ignore the forest and cave you can enter,
    we'll come back to them much later).
    North Watch Tower
    Right when you enter, you'll get attacked by a monster (Bashly).
    Defeat him, then grab the chest to your left for an Herb. Climb up
    the stairs to the 2nd floor. On the second floor, there's a chest
    with 50Kr and then stairs up to the third. The chest in the upper,
    right corner of the floor contains a Telepo. Here you'll also meet
    the first of a number of monsters throughout the game who is harmless.
    Speak to it if you want, heal up, then go up to the fourth floor.
    Boss: Bashly Commander (70HP)
    Reward: 60 EXP, 100Kr, Aura spell book
    Attacks with his axe to deal a decent bit of damage to characters.
    You can use the Bromide now to distract the boss for a few turns.
    Focus on attacking with Noah/Ken and using Miki to heal and cast
    Burn (get used to this method of Noah/Ken attacking and Miki as
    healer, it works for about all boss battles).
    Use the spell book you just got to teach Noah or Ken the Aura heal
    spell (I recommend Noah since he's faster and more magically inclined
    than Ken). Open the chests to gain a Warrior Sword, 6HTonfa, and War
    Bow (Be sure to equip them). Make your way out of the tower and back
    to Phaemone Kingdom town.
    Back in Phaemone, visit the king. The prince of Thiefglade Kingdom,
    Speekas, will show up and invite you to his kingdom. Nothing else to
    do here so purchase a Shippass and hop on the ship for Thiefglade.
    When you gain control of your party on the ship, heal up if you aren't
    at full health, then talk to everybody on the ship to cause an event.
    Boss: Captain Gant (120HP) with 2 Pirates (24HP each)
    Reward: 70 EXP, Fire Cut, Miki learns Crack spell
    Take out the pirates first as they're an annoyance, then focus on the
    Captain with your party. If you're high enough in levels, Miki should
    be faster than him so you can make sure to stay healed.
    After the battle, you gain your first Maphu gem, Fire Cut (can't use it
    yet though). The ship will continue sailing and take you into Thiefglade's
    Thiefglade Kingdom
    Armor Shop:
    Leather Armor
    Leather Shield
    Leather Boots
    Chain Armor
    Hundred Gauntlet
    Straw Sandals
    Small Dress
    Rabbit Bracelet
    Rabbit Shoes
    Weapon Shop:
    Battle Club
    Arrow Bow
    Item Shop:
    Once you get off the ship, Prince Speekas will have a few words with
    you before going away. Wander around talking to people, stocking up
    on supplies, and buying any new equipment you want. Now enter the
    castle for scenes with the king and Prince Speekas. The party decides
    to help out the prince.
    Talk to the people again who say you need to talk to the Elder to find
    Muon Tower. Exit town and there's two paths - North and East. Go east
    and follow it all the way to the end to find a house. Enter it and
    talk to the Elder who can't hear you it seems. Back to the world map
    and back to town. Talk to everyone again to learn about the King's
    odd "hat" then go talk to the King to get his "hat" which turns out
    to be a Megaphone. Back to the Elder and use the Megaphone and he
    says use the north cave and a special code needed (the old konami
    Take the path that you saw north of town to a cave (By this time, you
    should be around level 7 or 8). Enter the cave and follow the path
    to the end, passing a passage that goes South, to find a treasure
    chest with 100Kr. Back to the path south we passed, and follow it to
    an intersection. Right is a Telepo, then go down and follow it to
    a room with footprints on the ground. Step on them in the proper order
    to perform the code - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right,
    B, A. Each time you step on one, a sound will play to let you know
    whether you stepped on the right one or not (If you step on a wrong
    tile, you'll have to start over). Once you complete the code, the
    wall opens and you can exit the cave. Outside of the cave, go a
    little south to a town.
    Calm Oasis
    Armor Shop:
    Wood Shield
    Leather Boots
    Hundred Gauntlet
    Rabbit Shoes
    Weapon Shop:
    Steel Sword
    Battle Club
    Eagle Bow
    Item Shop:
    Talk to the townsfolk and you'll hear that the prince came through
    on his way to Muon Tower and that you have to go through the Calm
    Forest first to get there. Exit town when you're ready, go south
    through the mountains, following the trail as it goes east and then
    north to the Calm Forest.
    In the Calm Forest, there's 2 paths that eventually wrap around and
    intersect with each other. Let's go right from here to the end to
    find a chest with a Buster Sword. Now walk up from where you are and
    left to the door to Muon Tower.
    Muon Tower
    Climb the stairs up until you get to a hallway that you can go up
    or right. Up is a deadend, so head right. A small event occurs where
    the characters mention how silent it is. If you encounter Specimens,
    you can use the Megaphone to kill them instantly. Anyways, continue
    right. There's nothing in the door there except a monster to talk to
    if you want. The first stairs you come to lead to a chest with
    a Blackberry. Climb back up to the hallway and then continue walking
    up the hallway.
    A scene with some monsters. Take this second set of stairs down if
    you want to talk to another monster. Otherwise, follow the hallway
    to the third set of stairs. Take them down to a room with 2 stairs.
    The first stairs leads to a chest with a Big Hammer. The second
    stairs go to another room with 2 staircases. Here, the first stairs
    leads to an empty room, so once again take the second stairs down.
    Heal up then examine the door for a scene with Prince Speekas, who
    joins your party for the moment. Your party enters the door for
    another scene.
    Boss: Doctor Drill (500 HP)
    Rewards: 200 EXP, 150kr, Nayle spell book
    Doctor Drill uses a punch attack for 12-18 damage. Once you knock
    his helmet off, use the Megaphone to win the battle instantly.
    Open the chest in the room for a Blueberry then go through the back
    door and take the stairs up to exit. Enter the next tunnel and take
    it to the end where there's a portal back to the real world. Step
    in the portal then walk down to find a crank. Try to turn it to
    find you can't, then walk back up and take the ladder out of the
    -B. Phantom Corp-
    Hidaka Town
    Item Shop:
    If you walk around talking to people, you'll find out this is where
    the company making Phantom was located at. They'll also claim the
    building is haunted and that you can get there through the sewers.
    Enter the shop in the bottom right of town and talk to the shopkeeper
    to find out he's a sandman. You can buy items from him. Get a Powerhand
    from him then reenter the sewers.
    Use the Powerhand on the crank we looked at earlier. The water will
    drain. Walk across where the water drained from. Now you'll start
    getting into monster fights (You should be around level 11 or 12).
    This is also the first time you'll encounter enemies that do status
    ailments (poisoning) so be sure to have some Shakkiri on hand. Take
    the straightforward path until you find an old man. Talk to him then
    continue down the path to an intersection below where the old man is.
    Go down to get an Elixir from a chest, then continue right. You'll
    eventually come to some stairs, so climb them, go over to the other
    set of stairs and back down into the sewers. Use the Powerhand again
    to turn the crank here. With all the water drained, you can see spots
    where you can walk up crossing over the areas that used to have water.
    Use this path to walk straight up to the very top and through a door.
    You can see the boss standing there so heal up first. If you need to
    restock on items, you can exit through the right door to find the
    ladder leading back up to town. When you're ready, take him on.
    Boss: Drain Diver (250 HP)
    Rewards: 400 EXP, 200kr, Furge spell book
    Drain Diver likes to use his tail to deal some damage and poison your
    characters at the same time, so you may want to have some Shakkiri
    on hand. He has strong defense against the crack spell, so use burn.
    Once you've killed him, walk up to enter the Phantom Building.
    Phantom Building
    Here in the basement of the Phantom Building, you can go right or up.
    There's nothing of interest to the right (empty rooms and a broken
    elevator), so go up and climb the stairs to the first floor.
    1st Floor: Nothing of real interest on this floor either. If you want,
    you can exit the stairwell and go right to the second door to talk to
    a monster. Otherwise, continue up to the 2nd Floor.
    2nd Floor: You can climb the stairs here to the 3rd Floor, but there
    is a sealed door that needs a card key so you can't make any progress
    there as of yet. Instead, exit the stairwell here on the 2nd Floor and
    go right. The first two doors are locked, but you can enter the third.
    Read the notice on the wall to learn about a key, then search the desk
    at the the top-right next to the file cabinets to get the Room Key.
    Out of the room and back to the first door to open it with the Room Key 
    and find a chest with a Board. Exit the room and go to the middle
    door (Emergency Exit) and open it with the Room Key. Follow it to some
    stairs. Take the stairs up, past the 3rd floor, to the 4th floor.
    4th Floor: Exit the stairwell and go left. Use the Board on the
    smallest gap between the two sides of the room to make a bridge and
    cross over to exit the room through it's front door. Go right, past the
    middle door (We'll come back to it later), and enter the door next to
    the elevator. The notice on the wall talks about a card in a desk.
    Looking in the middle of the room, you can see a clump of 8 desks
    together. Examine the desk second from the left on the bottom row (the
    one with a computer monitor facing towards you) to find the Card Key.
    Exit the room and go all the way left to the stairwell. Climb the stairs
    here to the 5th floor.
    5th Floor: Once on the 5th floor, go all the way right to the door next
    to the elevator. Inside is a chest with an Archery Bow. Back to the
    stairs and down to the 4th floor.
    4th Floor: Go back to the emergency exit staircase. Take the stairs down
    to the 2nd floor again.
    2nd Floor: Exit out of the emergency exit area to the hallway with 3
    doors and the broken elevator. Left to the main staircase and climb it
    to the 3rd floor.
    3rd Floor: Exit the staircase and use the Card Key on the door blocking
    the hallway. Enter the first door you come to and examine the desk on
    the right next to the wall with the notice to find the Shelf Key. Now
    we get to backtrack yet again. Return to the 2nd floor.
    2nd Floor: Go to the emergency exit and take the stairs there back to
    the 4th floor.
    4th Floor: Back across the board bridge you made and out into the
    hallway. Go right and enter the first door you come to (the one we
    passed earlier). Use the Shelf Key on the right of the two glass display
    cases. After that, exit the room and walk left to the main staircase for
    a scene with some monsters. After they leave, use the stairs to climb
    up to the 5th floor.
    5th Floor: Out of the stairwell and right to the first door. Go inside
    to find the monsters and talk to them to gain the Rope. Now backtrack
    your way to the basement again (4th Floor, Emergency Exit stairs to the
    2nd, Main stairs to the basement).
    Before exiting the stairwell in the basement to the door leading back
    into the sewers, heal up as there's a boss fight coming. When ready,
    step out of the stairwell for a scene and the battle.
    Boss: Puppet Master (200 HP first form, 200HP second form)
    Rewards: 500 EXP, Ice Cut, Sleep Spell Book
    He likes to cast break, attack with a jump kick, and summon puppets.
    Once you deal 200 damage to him, his doll will break and he'll
    transform. If you kill the Puppet Master, any puppets he's summoned
    will stop functioning.
    After the battle, return to town, buy a T-Pass (Train Pass), then use
    it in the train station to return to Kokubu Town where you started the
    game. Go to Noah's home for a short scene. You can find a sandman in
    one of the shops that sells Herb, Elixir, Hilixir, and Shakkiri, if you
    need any items. Talk to anybody you want around town then go to the
    portal in the lower part of town to return to Phantom. You'll be at the
    cliff where the sandman created a hole to take you to Pheamone. No
    sandman this time, so examine the little rock sticking up in the bottom
    right corner and then use your Rope. Climb down and enter the cave. Step
    on the odd looking tile to be teleported to Plabrume, land of the
    -C. The Desert-
    Armor Shop:
    Plate Armor
    Wood Shield
    Hundred Armor
    Hundred Sandals
    Pretty Dress
    Pretty Bracelet
    Pretty Shoes
    Weapon Shop:
    Buster Sword
    Big Hammer
    Eagle Bow
    Item Shop:
    Speak with the townsfolk as you make your way to the top of town and
    into the center large building. Talk to Mayor Ozz inside and he'll ask
    you to take a quest for him. Say yes and you'll be on your way to the
    desert and the Cemetary of Heroes. When Plabrume stops moving, you can
    use the teleport tile at the bottom of town (where you appeared at to
    begin with) to teleport out into the desert.
    The monsters in the desert are quite strong and you should be around
    level 15 to deal with them. This is also the first time you'll see
    regular monsters casting spells so they can deal a bit of damage. The
    cemetary is in the very sout-east corner of the desert. Going south-east
    from the entrance to Plabrume, you'll eventually come across an Oasis.
    If you enter the Oasis, walk to the edge of the little jut of land
    sticking out into the water, and examine it, you can get fully healed.
    After healing at the Oasis, onward to the cemetary (There's a mountain
    in the north-east corner of the desert, but we can't do anything there
    Cemetary of Heroes
    You can talk to the guy here if you wish. Make sure you're prepared
    before entering the building as your party will fall all the way to the
    bottom of the cemetary and you have a longways to go to get back out.
    Interestingly, monsters in here don't give any kira either.
    In the first room, there's a bunch of skeletons you can examine if you
    wish. The stairs to the second floor is in the bottom-right of the room.
    Near the stairs is a chest containing a Megaura spell book.
    2nd Floor: This is the first puzzle room area. You have to ride the
    moving sand around. Picking the wrong way can result in you dropping
    back down to the 1st floor. Ride the sand moving up. Then walk straight
    up and ride the sand up again. Locate the sand moving left and ride
    that, then ride the sand up to a treasure chest. There's a strong
    monster inside the chest so heal before opening it.
    Miniboss: Gate Keeper (150 HP)
    Rewards: 300 EXP, Lucifer Club
    This battle rewards you with your first Maphu weapon, the Lucifer Club.
    Equip the club then ride the smaller strip of sand to the right (don't
    ride the top longer bit of sand as it'll drop you downstairs). Then
    ride down, left (like you're going to the chest again), and left one
    more time on a short bit of moving sand. Now ride the sands up, left,
    and down. Here you'll find yourself in a place with several bits of
    sand flowing downward (to your left, below you, and to your right). You
    want to hop on the sand to your left that's flowing downward. Once you
    reach solid ground, walk around up to the stairs in the top-left corner.
    3rd Floor: Another large empty room with skeletons. Towards the top
    middle of the room is a treasure chest containing your first accessory,
    Holy Amulet. The stairs to the 4th floor are in the bottom right of the
    4th Floor: Another puzzle room. Stepping on the darker blocks will
    automatically move you a few spaces in the direction you're facing. Go
    up from where you start at and continue to do so until you reach the
    top-right corner. There's two paths going left from here, take the
    lower one of the two. At the intersection, go down where you'll see a
    branched path that goes left/up and one that goes down. GO left and up
    following the path to the end to find a treasure chest that again
    contains a miniboss.
    Miniboss: Gate Keeper 2 (200 HP)
    Rewards: 350EXP, Lucifer Bow
    With your second Maphu weapon in hand. Backtrack on the path to the
    branch and go down until you can go no further down. Walk left past
    the first intersection to the second one. To be able to get to where
    you can walk up on the second intersection, you'll have to walk left
    over all the auto-moving pieces there, then turn right around and go
    right over one of them. You'll see three paths going up that you can
    choose from now. Take the middle one to get to the stairs.
    5th Floor: Another large empty room with some bones. There's a treasure
    chest in the middle of the room, but only has 5kr (what a gyp). Oncea
    again, the stairs up is in the bottom right corner.
    6th Floor: You're almost there. Follow the narrow path, being careful
    not to fall off (and drop back to the 5th floor). Once across this path,
    a voice will be heard. Now go left and down, reading the statues along
    the way. There's several paths going up from here. Walk left and take
    the first path up to read another statue. Back down and over to the
    next path up. Read the statue and then continue up. Here will be a wide
    gap. Look at the pieces of land sticking out into the gap. The part that
    extends out the furthest is connected to an invisible path. Cross the
    gap, read the statue, heal up, and open the chest.
    Boss: 2x Gate Keeper 3 (170 HP/ea), Gate Keeper 4 (220 HP)
    Rewards: 950EXP, Lucifer Sword
    I recommend having the Ice Cut connected to Ken's hammer so that when
    it charges up, he can do a maphu attack that hits all three of them.
    Once you have the sword, equip it on Noah and connect it to the Fire
    Cut Maphu. Walk back down, left, and up to the final statue. Talk to it,
    saying yes to the question about having all three weapons. Walk past
    him and onto the portal to exit the Cemetary.
    Return to Plabrume and talk to Ozz. A sandman will rush in with a
    message from Prince Speekas. He's discovered a secret to the mountain
    we ignored earlier so it's time to go there. Exit Plabrume and travel
    to the north-east corner of the desert to find the Desert Mountain.
    Enter it.
    Desert Mountain
    Soon after you enter, you'll see the prince. Talk to him and he'll join
    you. Continue on, climb the stairs, and walk around on the right to
    find a chest with a Wing Amulet. Return to the stairs and go around on
    the left side to overhear some monsters chatting. Continue up and
    around, ignoring the first walkway downward (deadend). You'll come
    across some more monsters talking, then take the stairs.
    To your upper left is some steps that'll take you downstairs, but all
    that's down there are the monsters you overheard earlier which you can
    fight if you want. Otherwise, follow the hallway down and left. A
    monster will say something to you then wander off. Follow it and take
    the stairs up. Follow the linear path and you'll come to a ramp leading
    to an odd looking floor panel. Go up and examine it for full recovery
    (there's a monster to the right of it that tells you it's a Heal Point).
    Continue on to two sets of stairs. Take the ones going down first and
    follow the walkway up and right to stairs going up. Keep climbing
    stairs until you reach a place with two treasure chests (Blueberry and
    a Blackberry). Now return to the Heal Point room and take the stairs
    that go up.
    Climb up the next set of steps and a scene occurs where you lose the
    prince. Once the scene is over, walk left and take the stairs down.
    Walk out onto the little walkway sticking out towards the portal to
    initiate another scene followed by a boss battle (which you're supposed
    to lose). Once you lose the battle, yet another scene. When you have
    control again, go back up stairs and talk to the prince. Walk through
    where he had been standing and go downstairs. Heal up and talk to the
    monster standing there for a boss fight.
    Boss: Maphu Elite (450 HP)
    Rewards: 700EXP, Miki learns Hewn spell, Dark Cut
    Step through the portal back to the real world. You'll find yourself in
    some woods next to a river. If you go up, you'll find a sealed rock door,
    so travel down to reach Kawada Village.
    -D. Missing Kids-
    Kawada Village
    Item Shop:
    The townsfolk will tell you about a Black Dragon Temple and kids getting
    kidnapped around town. Once you've talked to everybody, go to the slide
    in the upper part of town to find a masked woman. Talk to her and she'll
    give you a mask.
    After the scene where Miki puts on the mask, go back to town and visit
    the Black Dragon Temple in the bottom left corner. Talk to the monk and
    he'll join your party. Now return to the cave and the monk will use his
    skills to open the door. Proceed in and a monster will jump you. Dispose
    of the beast, then follow the tunnel to an intersection. Go up, past
    another intersection, and to the end to a chest containing the Monk's
    weapon (Three-Headed Tonfa). Go back to the first intersection and take
    the right path to a small room with a tunnel going down. Follow it down
    and outside to Yutaka Town.
    Yutaka Town
    Item Shop:
    The people in town will inform you that the kids must be in the North
    Factory. If you visit the factory it's sealed, so return to town and
    buy a Ladder from the shop. Return to the cave we just came from.
    Inside, go up the path to a small room-like area and you'll see a ledge.
    Use the ladder there to place it then climb up the ladder and follow
    the path to the factory.
    North Factory
    By this time, you should at least be in the low 20s for levels. When you
    go inside, there's a box with an Elixir a little to your right and up.
    Choose the path going right and take it all the way around to a locked
    door. Examine it and the monk will open it then teach Ken the Kaaah!
    spell. Walk past the door and up the stairs to the 2nd floor.
    2nd Floor: You'll start off with a scene involving a monster and some
    kids. Kick the monster's rear and ride the conveyor belt over. Walk left
    here for a box with a Hilixir. Wander back right and talk to the monster
    standing there to initiate another battle. Walk down past the conveyor
    belt there (don't ride it back unless you want to return to the stairs)
    and then walk left and up some more stairs.
    3rd Floor: Travel right and you'll encounter The Healer. Heal up for a
    boss battle then talk to her.
    Boss: Slowtarz (650 HP)
    Rewards: 800EXP, Wind Cut, Ganbar Spell Book
    The boss uses the hewn spell (deals 18-20 damage) and a saber attack
    (around 40 damage).
    After defeating the boss, there's a scene and you get Miki back (losing
    the monk). Take the top path right to find The Healer. Talk to her and
    she'll run away. Give chase, taking stairs down until you reach a door.
    Outside, go along the path to a monster. Talk to him then continue on
    to the Tanker.
    The Tanker
    Inside, take the stairs down to the bottom. Wander left and take the
    first path up, following it as it goes right and back down. Heal up
    and enter the room for a boss battle.
    Boss: Murderer (550 HP)
    Rewards: 900EXP
    He likes to use poisonspine which does about 20 damage and poisons a
    character. Other attacks he uses is a Katana (about 20 damage a hit and
    can hit twice for around 40 total) and kick (20-22 damage).
    A scene after the battle, then exit the room through the back. Through
    the hallway, past the stairs, and up to a box with a Blueberry. Now
    take the stairs up. To the right is a box with a Hilixir. Grab it then
    left to where you'll see another boss standing there. Heal, save, and
    to battle.
    Boss: Destroyer (600 HP)
    Rewards: 950EXP, 1000kr
    He likes to charge up and then use a Lightning attack which does around
    40 damage to all characters. Also kicks characters for around 22-24 HP.
    Go through the path behind the Destroyer and use Ken's Kaaah! spell to
    open the door. Another scene with a monster and then you'll find a Heal
    Point. Heal then step through the break in the wall for yet another boss
    Boss: Healer (??? HP), Sol Giant (300 HP), Dopp Giant (300 HP)
    Rewards: 1600EXP, 1000kr
    Focus on the giants first as they can attack with their swords for
    20-30 odd damage a hit. The Healer defends (where you can only do 1-2
    damage) and casts Aura to heal her friends. Once the giants are killed,
    you can use Ken's Kaaah! spell to knock off the Healer's mask and win
    the battle.
    After the battle, there's another scene with monsters and the Healer.
    Afterwards, follow them left. Go past the stairs for a box with a
    Blackberry, then take the stairs up. Right along the linear path until
    you spot another boss (this place is full of them). When you're ready,
    talk to him to start the fight.
    Boss: Stinger (600 HP)
    Rewards: 1000EXP
    Stinger sticks to using a saber to hitting your entire party for about
    30 damage each. Keep your HP up cause once you finish this battle you
    are immediately thrown into anther boss battle...
    Boss: Icy Armor (550 HP)
    Rewards: 900EXP, Miki learns Kiero spell, Magni Cut
    The armor can cast hewn on the party for 20-30 damage each and tackle
    for damage in the 20s.
    Now that you've finished them off, follow the pathway down and go right.
    Past the stairs is a box with a Hilixir, then climb the stairs. Open the
    box here for an Aqualung. Then follow the path for, yep, one more boss
    Boss: Karn
    Rewards: N/A
    He'll defend and use mild attacks, eventually using a power attack for
    80-100 damage a character. You just need to stay alive until he attacks
    as you're meant to lose this fight.
    Move to the edge of the Tanker where Ken will say something, then use
    the Aqualung to dive into the water after Karn and the woman.
    Swim into the cave right there for a Hilixir in a box. Swim back out,
    then right, up when you can, and follow it left to another cave with
    another box (Blackberry). Back out of the cave, swim up a little bit,
    and right to an intersection. Go up here and enter the cave. To the end
    of the tunnel where you'll find a portal back to Phantom. Once back
    in Phantom, travel through the cave to the exit and then go up to enter
    the town.
    -E. Return to Pheamone-
    Craftsmen Town
    Armor Shop (once you bring Methys Ore):
    Mystic Armor
    Mystic Shield
    Mystic Boots
    Thousand Armor
    Thousand Gauntlet
    Thousand Sandals
    Magical Dress
    Magical Bracelet
    Magical Shoes
    Weapon Shop (once you bring Methys Ore):
    Hero's Sword
    Hero's Staff
    Miracle Bow
    Item Shop:
    Monsters in town? Talk to them to learn it's just costumes made by the
    people in town. Around town you'll learn of the Methys Jungle and that
    you need Methys Ore for the weapons and armor shops (which,
    unfortunately, we lack). Buy a Costume from the item shop and the
    shopkeeper will help you put them on. Now exit town and go north until
    you see an odd clump of trees to your left. That's Methys Jungle so
    wander over and enter.
    Methys Jungle
    Speak with the monster there if you want then continue through the
    jungle. At the first intersection, continue left (unless you want
    to talk to some other monsters on the path up). Again, keep going left
    at the second intersection (there's more monsters that you can speak to
    if you went up here as well). Once you reach the third intersection, go
    up and veer right when you can to find a cave entrance.
    Talk to the monster guarding the cave and he'll ask for the password.
    We don't know it yet, so go back down and right to the second
    intersection that we passed earlier. Wander up and talk to the monster
    above the fires who'll give you the Password. Return to the monster
    guarding the cave and use the Password item from your inventory to get
    Go left inside the cave and there'll be a little intersection where you
    can go right or up. Walk up to the end and search to find the Pinkfrog
    maphu. Back down and right, continuing right at the next intersection
    to a treasure chest containing a Berserk Amulet. Walk up the tunnel
    above the chest to find a little hole in the wall. Examine it to acquire
    2 Methys Ore. Since the monsters aren't attacking you while you're in
    the Costume, now would be a good time to return back to town and use
    the ores to upgrade your weapons and open the armor shop.
    Once you've upgraded as you like (be sure to put maphu gems on your
    weapons again after they're upgraded), go back to the cave and eavesdrop
    on a conversation between two monsters in the upper middle of the cave.
    A scene occurs where you're discovered and a monster attacks you. Now
    that you're out of your Costumes, random battles will occur once again.
    Get out of the cave and go down and left until you spot a group of
    monsters standing in a break between some trees. This is a boss fight
    so heal up and let's get them.
    Boss: Dancing Leo (700 HP) and 2x Hellfire 3 (300 HP/each)
    Rewards: 1700EXP, 400kr, Bolt Cut
    All three enemies in this fight are weak against ice, so consider using
    Ken's frigid maphu attack (Ice Cut) and Miki's Crack spell. You may
    want to concentrate on getting rid of the Hellfire 3s first as they can
    do a good bit of damage. Dancing Leo does a double punch to the whole
    party for about 40 damage each or can do a triple punch to one character
    for around 60-80 damage so try to keep your health up above 80.
    With Dancing Leo disposed of, go left, down, and left out of the Jungle
    to find yourself in an area you should recognize. Head south and enter
    Pheamone. In town, visit the inn to find Prince Speekas. Talk with him
    then visit the king in the castle for a long scene. When the scene ends,
    you'll be outside of town.
    Go north and enter the cave we passed up way back at the beginning of
    the game. Now there will be a sandman here. Speak with him and he'll
    open a hole to the North Continent. Hop in the hole and follow the
    linear path to the end where you'll end up in another cave. Exit the
    cave and you'll find yourself on the North Continent.
    -F. The Three Seals-
    Follow the mountain range north and then east until you find Plabrume
    above ground. Go inside and talk to everyone around. Be sure to check
    the armor shop as it's gotten all new equipment.
    Armor Shop:
    Brave Armor
    Brave Boots
    Brave Shield
    Justice Armor
    Justice Gauntlet
    Justice Sandals
    Lovely Dress
    Lovely Bracelet
    Lovely Shoes
    After you've stocked up on equipment and items, go talk to Ozz. He'll
    give you a choice of going to the Demon Castle or not. If you feel
    ready, say Yes and away we go. Once Plabrume lands, exit out and enter
    the Demon Castle.
    Ancient Town
    When you enter the Demon Castle, a scene occurs and you're teleported
    to an ancient, broken down town where souls (flames) are everywhere.
    You can speak with them if you wish. Go left and up where you'll see
    an open door you can enter which is a free inn. The goal here is to
    unlock three seals that are in this ghost town. Go up from the inn and
    you'll see a large open doorway, enter it and let's release the first
    There's two sets of stairs here and two teleport pads. Go to the right,
    ignoring the stairs, and step on the teleport pad. After you've warped
    to another room, climb the stairs. Walk left and climb the stairs you
    come across. This room has two teleport pads. Use the one furthest to
    the right. In this new room, walk right and down and fall in the hole
    in the floor. Step on the teleport in this room, then walk straight
    down and into another hole. Once you land, recover your health and walk
    up and off the edge to reach the boss you probably saw on the first
    Boss: Drahda (780 HP)
    Rewards: 1650EXP
    Drahda uses a claw attack on you that can hit twice for a total of about
    50 damage. His frigid breath attack does around 30 damage to all party
    Once defeated, the first seal is unlocked. Two to go. Exit out of the
    building to the town area. Rest at the inn, then from the building where
    we unlocked the first seal, walk right and enter the next large open
    doorway you find.
    Take the right path to the stairs. Clib them and step on the teleport
    pad. Move from teleport pad to teleport pad until you end up at a chest
    with a Blackberry. There's no other way out of here, so step on the
    teleport pad we just came from. Once you've warped, take the stairs
    down. Now make your way left back to where the entrance is and continue
    left to another set of stairs (You may want to step out to visit the
    inn before continuing). Take these left stairs up. Step on the teleport
    pad and proceed by using each teleport pad until you reach what appears
    to be a deadend. Step on the teleport pad you just appeared from to warp
    to another area.
    Take a couple of teleport pads and you'll end up in another dead end.
    Step on the teleport pad you just came out of to once again go somewhere
    else. Here you have a choice of going left or right. Go right and take
    the portal there. Following the path, there's a branch, take the lower
    one around to a teleport pad. Take the teleport, heal up, then drop
    down either the right or left hole to face the boss here.
    Boss: Revenant (550 HP) and 2x Vanbit (230 HP/each)
    Rewards: 1902EXP, 400kr
    Kill off the vanbits first to make things easier. Revenant will use the
    break spell which does about 20 damage to all. He also likes to use aura
    to heal himself and his vanbit buddies.
    After the battle, step on the teleport pad. Go left and step on the
    teleport. Now let's go get another chest you may have seen previously
    (just to let you know, it has a Telepo. If you don't want it, then
    skip the rest of this paragraph). Step on the teleport pad we just came
    out of. Now in the next room, step on the pad we just came out of again.
    Take the next teleport pad in this room to end up in a dead end room.
    Turn around and step on the pad again. Here, once again step on the
    teleport pad we just appeared from to reach the room with the chest
    containing a Telepo. Now step on the pads until you get back to the
    stairs to exit out.
    Two down, one seal to go. Go rest at the inn again then go to the right
    side of town to find the third and final large open doorway leading to
    the third seal. Go on in and take several sets of stairs down to a large
    room with conveyor belts.
    Walk up and ride the conveyor belt going left. Walk down and take the
    very bottom conveyor belt going right. Walk a little down and take the
    first path left to get a chest (Hilixir) then walk back right and down
    to a conveyor belt going left. Take another belt left and then go
    through the doorway below you to find some stairs. Climb up the stairs,
    go along the hallway, and down the next set of steps.
    We're back in the large room of conveyor belts, but on the left side.
    Walk up along the left wall to the top conveyor belt going right. Ride
    it across, then walk over until you see a doorway in the top wall. 
    Recover your characters then walk through to face the boss of the third
    Boss: Hell Hunter (675 HP)
    Rewards: 1650EXP
    Hell Hunter uses a scythe attack that hits twice for 20-30 damage a hit.
    Otherwise, nothing too spectacular about him.
    After finishing the last demon off and unsealing all three seals, a
    scene will occur and you'll be teleported back to the entrance to the
    Demon Castle. You may want to pay a visit to Plabrume to recover and
    restock on items. Now it's time to tackle the final dungeon,
    Demon Castle.
    -G. Demon Castle-
    You're currently on the outside mountain side of the castle. Go up the
    ladder then left and up another ladder for a chest (Blackberry). Back
    down and right to the entrance and continue right past it to another
    ladder. Up this ladder, and walk straight up to another ladder, climbing
    it for another chest (Blueberry). Go back down the ladder, then left to
    yet one more ladder and up. Grab the chest to your left (Hilixir) then
    make your way right to the door into the castle proper.
    After losing the prince in a scene at the door, go inside where you'll
    immediately get pounced on by a monster. Up the ladder there then take
    the left ladder. After climbing that ladder, go through the doorway on
    your left. Follow the monster to the left, then go up and fight him.
    After the battle, climb the ladder and open the chest (Earth Orb).
    You'll need to find 4 Orbs which will unlock the pathway to the final
    battle, so that leaves 3 remaining to find.
    Go back down the ladder and make your way right. Ignore the moving hooks
    and find the ladder that leads up to another doorway. Go through the
    doorway into another room. Walk across and through the doorway. Go all
    the way up from where you came in to find a chest with the Water Orb.
    Now walk back down and ride the hooks right once. Travel up and talk
    to the two monsters then go right, up the ladder, ride the hooks left,
    and walk through the doorway.
    Climb up the ladder here. You can see a platform to the left as you
    climb up. When you get to the top, walk around to the left and slide
    off the edge of the walkway to land on the platform you saw while
    climbing, then walk left and through the doorway. Up yet another ladder.
    You want to take the left ladder here and go through the dimensional
    portal to another section of the castle.
    Once through the portal, go right, up the ladder, and through the door
    to find a chest (Fire Orb) and a much needed heal point. Return to the
    room with the dimensional portal and go left, up the ladder, and through
    the doorway. Follow the walkway to a poitn where you see two monsters
    and a woman. Heal up and it's time for a rather nasty boss fight.
    Boss: Lar (800 HP) and Karn (750 HP)
    Rewards: 4000 EXP, 2000kr
    This one is a pain as they're both quite powerful. Lar is the faster
    of the two and does a crack spell (~40 damage), burn (damage in the 30s),
    and hewn (damage to all in the 30s). Karn is slower, but can do upwards
    of 80 damage to a character with his attacks.
    Once they're defeated, the Healer is saved and joins you. She can
    randomly heal one of your weakened characters during battle. Walk
    up, climb the ladder, and grab the Sky Orb (You now have all 4). Ride
    the hooks right and then up the ladder and through the doorway. Go all
    the way right, up a ladder, then left and through a doorway. Place
    the four orbs in their proper pedestals in front of the dimensional
    gate (from left to right: Earth, Water, Fire, Sky). Save then go through
    the gate.
    We're now in a place that appears to be the party's hometown. Wander
    around talking to all the people that are there. Walk down to the
    building where the first dimensional portal of the game is and you'll
    find that it isn't working. Now wander around town (around the center of
    it) until you activate a scene with the Demon master. An interesting
    plot twist occurs and then the final battle commences.
    Boss: Grover (~1393 HP)
    Rewards: None
    Grover attacks with impact (40s damage to one or all characters), can
    impact twice for 80-90s damage, cast crack and break for damage in the
    40s and cast burn for around 30 damage. Keep whacking on him and using
    your maphu skills. Be sure to conserve magic when you can as when you
    defeat him, he will morph and start another boss battle.
    Boss: Grover (~1613 HP)
    Rewards: None
    The morphed Grover has more health and prefers to use his impact attack.
    Now it can do damage in the 40s to 50s to all characters and he can
    double hit (80-90s damage) or triple hit (120s-150s damage) one 
    character. Keep your health above 150 so that he doesn't kill off a
    character with a triple hit of impact. I was level 38 at the end and
    had some difficulty defeating him, so you may want to build up a few
    more levels than I did. Good luck.
    Once that's over, the ending scenes commence. Congratulations on beating
    God Medicine. Watch during the credits for scenes of characters from the
    game and what they are doing after the events of their quest.
    IV. Spells
    -Spells are listed according to the three categories. Spells that
    can only be learned by a specific character have their name next to
    the spell name.
    Burn (Miki) - Flame damage to one enemy (critical: hits all enemies)
    Crack (Miki) - Ice damage to one enemy (critical: hits all enemies)
    Hewn (Miki) - Wind damage to all enemies
    Break (Miki) - Lightning damage to one enemy
    Kiero (Miki) - Instant kills an enemy, but no exp or kira gained
    Aura - Heals some HP for one ally
    Megaura - Heals some HP for the whole party
    Kaaah! (Ken) - Opens sealed doors, knocks Healer's mask off
    once henchmen are defeated
    Nayle (Miki) - Cures status effects
    Furge - Seals enemy magic
    Sleep - Puts an enemy to sleep
    Ganbar - Increases attack power of an ally
    V. Maphu Attacks
    -These are categorized by character with maphu attack name
    (maphu equipped) and effect.
    Inferno (Fire Cut) - High fire damage to one enemy
    2x Cut (Ice Cut) - Attacks an enemy twice
    Change (Dark Cut) - Changes an enemy into a weaker monster
    Ice Dance (Wind Cut) - Wind/Ice damage to all enemies
    Graviton (Magni Cut) - Gravity damage to all enemies
    Sparkin (Bolt Cut) - Large lightning damage to one enemy
    ???? (Pinkfrog) - Random maphu attack
    Fire Up (Fire Cut) - Fire element on attacks?
    Frigid (Ice Cut) - Ice damage to all enemies
    Fast Attack (Dark Cut) - Hits an enemy multiple times
    Air Spin (Wind Cut) - Wind damage to all enemies
    Magnit (Magni Cut) - Gravity damage to all enemies
    Thundag (Bolt Cut) - Lightning element to attacks?
    ???? (Pinkfrog) - Random maphu attack
    Defend (Fire Cut) - Increased defense when guarding
    Attack UP (Ice Cut) - Increased attack power
    Lock On (Dark Cut) - Freezes an enemy for a round
    Girl Power (Wind Cut) - Maphu counters when Miki gets hit
    Defend (Magni Cut) - Increased defense when guarding
    Spark Arrow (Bolt Cut) - Heavy lightning damage to one enemy
    ???? (Pinkfrog) - Random maphu attack
    VI. Equipment/Items
    Equipment is separated into sections based on type of gear. The
    letter next to each piece of equipment designates who can use it:
    N - Noah
    K - Ken
    M - Miki
    Also shown is cost and effect of equipment and items. Those with a
    cost entry of ---- means it is found and can't be bought.
    Body Armor
    Brave Armor (N)      1200kr 80 def, 4 agi
    Chain Armor (K)      30kr   7 def
    Hundred Armor (K)    180kr  30 def
    Justice Armor (K)    900kr  75 def
    Leather Armor (N)    20kr   6 def
    Lovely Dress (M)     700kr  70 def, 15 agi
    Magical Dress (M)    450kr  40 def, 10 agi
    Mystic Armor (N)     700kr  60 def, 2 agi
    Plate Armor (N)      200kr  30 def
    Pretty Dress (M)     200kr  20 def, 6 agi
    Small Dress (M)      30kr   6 def, 1 agi
    Thousand Armor (K)   500kr  50 def
    Brave Shield (N)      800kr  40 def, 2 agi
    Leather Shield (N)    10kr   3 def
    Gauntlet (K)          10kr   4 def
    Hundred Gauntlet (K)  70kr   15 def
    Justice Gauntlet (K)  650kr  32 def
    Lovely Bracelet (M)   550kr  30 def, 8 agi
    Magical Bracelet (M)  380kr  20 def, 4 agi
    Mystic Shield (N)     500kr  25 def
    Pretty Bracelet (M)   100kr  10 def, 2 agi
    Rabbit Bracelet (M)   25kr   5 def, 1 agi
    Thousand Gauntlet (K) 400kr  23 def
    Wood Shield (N)       80kr   15 def
    Brave Boots          600kr  20 def, 6 agi
    Cloth Boots (N)      10kr   1 def, 1 agi
    Hundred Sandals (K)  40kr   6 def
    Justice Sandals (K)  450kr  16 def
    Leather Boots (N)    50kr   8 def, 2 agi
    Lovely Shoes (M)     450kr  16 def, 20 agi
    Magical Shoes (M)    350kr  12 def, 12 agi
    Mystic Boots (N)     450kr  15 def, 14 agi
    Pretty Shoes (M)     80kr   8 def, 6 agi
    Rabbit Shoes (M)     30kr   5 def, 2 agi
    Straw Sandals (K)    10kr   1 def
    Thousand Sandals (K) 380kr  12 def
    6HTonfa (K)                 ----   10 atk
    Archery Bow (M)             ----   17 atk
    Arrow Bow (M)               15kr   4 atk
    Battle Club (K)             250kr  9 atk, 5 agi
    Big Hammer (K)              500kr  30 atk
    Buster Sword (N)            450kr  20 atk
    Club (K)                    20kr   4 atk
    Dagger (N)                  25kr   5 atk
    Eagle Bow (M)               150kr  4 atk, 10 agi
    Hero's Staff (K)            ----   80 atk
    Hero's Sword (N)            ----   95 atk
    Lucifer Bow (M)             ----   30 atk
    Lucifer Club (K)            ----   55 atk
    Lucifer Sword (N)           ----   65 atk
    Miracle Bow (M)             ----   50 atk
    Steel Sword (N)             180kr  18 atk, 7 agi
    Three-Headed Tonfa (Monk)   ----   50 atk
    War Bow (M)                 ----   6 atk
    Warrior Sword (N)           ----   10 atk
    Berserk Amulet       ----   5 atk
    Holy Amulet          ----   5 def
    Wing Amulet          ----   5 agi
    Aqualung             ----   Allows the party to swim underwater
    Aura Spell Book      ----   Teaches one character Aura spell
    Blackberry           ----   Restores magic points for one character
    Blueberry            ----   Increases magic skill for one character by 1
    Board                ----   Form a bridge over a gap in Phantom Building
    Bolt Cut             ----   A maphu gem
    Bromide              30kr   Use against Bashly Commander for free turns
    Card Key             ----   Unlocks a door in the Phantom Building
    Costume              300kr  Tricks monsters into thinking you're one
    Dark Cut             ----   A maphu gem
    Earth Orb            ----   Used to unlock a portal
    Elixir               30kr   Heals a moderate amount of HP, one character
    Fire Cut             ----   A maphu gem
    Fire Orb             ----   Used to unlock a portal
    Furge Spell Book     ----   Teaches a character the Furge spell
    Ganbar Spell Book    ----   Teach one character the Ganbar spell
    Herb                 10kr   Heals some HP to a character
    Hilixir              100kr  Heals one character to full health
    Ice Cut              ----   A maphu gem
    Ladder               200kr  Allows you to climb
    Magni Cut            ----   A maphu gem
    Megaphone            ----   To speak to Elder, and against Doctor Drill
    Megaura Spell Book   ----   Teaches a character the Megaura spell
    Methys Ore           ----   Used by some shops to make new equipment
    Nayle Spell Book     ----   Teaches one character Nayle spell
    Password             ----   Used to enter the cave in the Methys Jungle
    Pinkfrog             ----   A maphu gem
    Powerhand            100kr  Allows you to turn cranks in the sewer
    Room Key             ----   Used to open some doors in Phantom building
    Rope                 ----   Needed to climb down a cliff
    Shakkiri             10kr   Cures status ailments
    Shelf Key            ----   Opens a shelf in the Phantom Building
    Shippass             20kr   Used to ride a ship
    Sky Orb              ----   Used to unlock a portal
    Sleep Spell Book     ----   Teaches a character the Sleep spell
    Telepo               50kr   Teleports the party out of a dungeon
    T-Pass               120kr  Needed to ride the train
    Water Orb            ----   Used to unlock a portal
    Wind Cut             ----   A maphu gem
    VII. Credits
    Gideon Zhi - For creating the translation patch for the game,
    providing information on a few of the items, and info on the Yamima
    File being added to the SGB version.
    ShihTzu - Researching the spells on Japanese sites to find their
    Tristan - For some of the tricks to using items on specific bosses
    for instantly killing them, location of the Pinkfrog.
    VII. Copyright
    FAQ 2004 Xanathis. This was written specifically for public use on
    the internet. This FAQ is not intended to be used in any way for
    commercial gain and may not be re-formatted or altered in any way
    without the express permission of the author. Websites are free to
    display the FAQ in it's original form as long as credit is given
    and the above is followed.

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