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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Niahak

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    DoaEGB FAQ
    By Niahak (Chris Halvorson), http://www.niahak.org
    12/17/2006: Current revision.  Walkthrough updated to the juyi at Runan.  No
    work has been completed since; when it is, I'll update it.
    10/25/2006: Started this FAQ.
    0.0 Intro Material-----------------------------------------------------------
    DoaEGB is a Japanese-only game by the name of Tenchi Wo Kurau.  It is called
    Destiny of an Emperor GB because the game translated as DoaE for NES shared
    the same title in Japanese.
    It is primarily an RPG with some minor strategy elements.  In some ways, it
    is more complex than the original DoaE, while in others it is less so.  It
    more closely resembles DoaE2, the sequel for NES which was fan-translated;
    all of the portraits seem to be taken from it, and the weapon types also are
    similar in style.  That said, DoaEGB adds in "personality types", which
    dictate a character's stats, tactics, and possible weapons.
    A few things to keep in mind before you start this game:
    1. Enemies on the world map level up with you, while enemies in set 
    encounters have a set level.
    2. As characters gain levels, they will also gain tactics, although they are
    not mentioned on level up.
    3. You can't enter certain areas until dictated by the plot.  As the game
    progresses, you will also lose access to certain areas.
    4. I'm generally assuming some knowledge of Three Kingdoms, which the DoaE
    series, Dynasty Warriors series, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms series
    share as their setting, throughout this FAQ.  Hopefully things should be
    clear even without that knowledge.
    1.0 Walkthrough--------------------------------------------------------------
    Liu Bei's mother will tell him the usual stuff.  He's a descendant of Han and
    should stand up and take out the Yellow Turbans.  She gives you 150 gold to
    start off.
    Be sure to equip your Copper Sword, by pressing Select and using the second
    menu option.
    In the town, there are a weapon shop and an item shop.
    Starting town (Luo Song village)---------------------------------------------
    At the weapon shop, you can buy: 
    Copper sword (100)
    Iron sword (500)
    Copper spear (150)
    Iron spear (700)
    At the item shop, you can buy:
    Stone Drug (?) (10) - Restores some health (I believe it refers to "drug")
    Copper Drug(40) - Restores more health
    Revival Drug (600) - Revives someone
    Lower Drug (160) - No idea
    Protective Talisman (150) - No idea
    Stone (?) (10000) - No idea.
    One of the villagers in the village will tell you there is a Yellow Turban
    hideout to the West.  What are you waiting for?
    Major battle - Yellow Turbans-------------------------------------------------
    Led by: Tou Mo (Possibly short for "toumoku", Chief)
    No strategy required, though you probably don't want to go in wounded.
    After beating the rebels, you will get Copper Armor.  I recommend equipping
    From here, go east.  You'll find yourself in the castle of Youzhou, the
    biggest castle in the area!
    Youzhou Castle----------------------------------------------------------------
    Here there is an inn.  You will also find an item shop.  New goods are:
    Copper Earth Drug (60) - Restores some MP
    Camping Tool (Tent) (200) - Presumably, acts as an inn anyplace.
    At the weapon shop, there are also a few new items:
    Copper Axe (200)
    Iron Axe (900)
    Copper Bow (300)
    Iron Bow (1100)
    In the Northwest of this place, there's a house where a fellow by the name of
    Zhang Fei lives.  If you talk to him, he tells you he wants to use his
    strength for honor, but he wonders where any heroic commanders might be.
    The gate to the castle is closed, maybe it would be better to come back later.
    The soldier nearby says they are assembling volunteer troops inside, but...
    Go further east to enter another town.
    Eastern Village--------------------------------------------------------------
    Here there is another inn.  The weapon shop here sells:
    Copper Shield(100)
    Copper Helmet(120)
    Iron Helmet(250)
    Cloth Clothes(30)
    Army Clothes(60)
    Hide Cap(40)
    Ceramic Shield(50)
    In this town, near the center, there is a house where a man named Guan Yu
    lives.  He wants to know where he can find a true hero, for he truly wishes to
    serve one.
    Okay, so I jumped the gun a little.  Go back to Luo Song Village and
    talk to the people.
    Talking to one of them will make 50 soldiers join your force!  Hooray.
    If you go to talk to Zhang Fei now, he will say he is inspired to join you,
    and is very glad to have come across a commander such as yourself.
    Zhang Fei and 100 troops joined your side!
    Notice he doesn't have any weapons or anything.  We should fix that.
    ...The field music changed!  Fun.  Now on to Guan Yu's.
    He joins you with 100 troops.  I was out of money when I got him, though.
    He'll have to go weaponless for a while.
    ===About Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and equipment===
    Liu Bei can equip swords and bows, but not spears or axes.
    Zhang Fei and Guan Yu can equip swords and spears but not axes or bows.
    All of them can equip the same armor, which is nearly everything you come
    Thanks to Taishi Ci 2.0 for the info.
    You still can't go into the castle, though, so go back home.
    Your mother will talk about the excellent comrades you have found, and say
    that she prepared an oath banquet for you.
    "Under these peach trees, let us declare an oath.  We three, Liu Bei, Guan Yu,
    and Zhang Fei, were born on different days, but we shall fall on the same day
    in the same battle!!"
    So saying, the three became honor-bound brothers.
    After this, you can talk to the old man at the entrance to the town and he'll
    tell you to go join the volunteer troops.
    If you go to Youzhou castle then the soldier by the entrance tells you that
    you can get in now (although he thinks your volunteers look a bit shabby).
    The general inside will order you to go West and take out the Yellow Scarves,
    who have taken the checkpoint.  He also gives you 300g for expenditures.
    Major battle - Yellow Turbans-------------------------------------------------
    Led by: Teiinshi (possibly "general staff"), Shinpi (mystery man / shaman).
    This isn't particularly difficult.
    After beating the generals, you receive a copper shield.
    Go back to Youzhou castle.  The general congratulates you on your victory,
    and tells you that the prefect of Jizhou has need of volunteer forces. 
    He knows you're a bit tired, but please go to reinforce him.
    Jizhou castle is Southwest of the checkpoint.
    Jizhou Castle---------------------------------------------------------------
    A soldier near the entrance will tell you that South of this town is Qingzhou,
    and East of Qingzhou is Xuzhou.  How kind!
    The weapon shop here sells:
    Copper Armor (150)
    Everything Eastern Village sells :)
    A child in a house near the weapon shop tells you, "Lord Cao Cao's raised
    troops to fight the Yellow Turbans.  He's a magnificent man.  When I grow up,
    I want to serve him."
    An inn is nearby.  In the north end of town, there is an item shop, next to a
    man who tells you Qingzhou's castle of Chenliu was taken by the YTs.
    Item shop sells:
    Heavenly Golden Drug (2000)
    Go to the castle and talk to the prefect.  He will say, "So you're Liu Bei.
    Your troops look pitiful, but word is you're capable enough."
    He will tell you that Xuzhou castle is under attack and on the brink of
    falling.  He gives you 500 troops and sends you to save it.
    If you go over the Eastern bridge and through the checkpoint, you will find
    Major battle - Yellow Turbans:
    Led by: Shi Kou
    Finally, a tough battle!  These guys all have pretty strong tactics they
    aren't afraid to use.  I lost Zhang Fei, and barely survived.
    Once inside the castle, the general says, "Thank you, sir Liu Bei.  For now,
    we've cut off much of the Yellow Turbans's strength."
    "The emperor has ordered us to recapture Chenliu Castle next.  If you pass
    the western checkpoint, it should be right in front of you."
    Hokkai Castle----------------------------------------------------------------
    A villager just outside the castle will tell you that something called the
    Wind Magic Book is said to be hidden in Qingzhou Cave.
    New items at this weapon shop:
    Iron Armor (300)
    Iron Shield (200)
    Another villager near the weapon shop says you're cool, but he wonders which
    of you and Cao Cao is stronger.
    An old man in a house tells you that long ago there was a cave East of Hokkai.
    (There's a cave hidden in the North of this town, by the by).
    Another villager here tells you, "Hmph!  No matter how strong you are you
    can't compare to Wu's Sun Jian!"
    The item shop here sells nothing new.
    A soldier near the inn says that South of Qingzhou is Joshuu, but it's
    full of mountains and hard to reach.
    Yet another villager has advice: "Heroes and fools alike have to follow the
    laws of nature.  Rivers and Mountains have been around a long time and often
    don't allow us younger humans to pass.  When that happens, I recommend a 
    Cave hidden in North Hokkai--------------------------------------------------
    Careful, some of the enemies around here use fire tactics.
    This cave has a square shape to it, bridges at the South and West lead to the 
    In the center treasure chests are:
    Embroidered Helmet
    Rapid-Fire Bow
    For whatever reason, you can't equip the embroidered helmet on any of your 
    characters!  However, Liu Bei at least can equip the Bow.  I gave Fei the
    iron sword, since he can equip it.  The Bow allows Bei to hit all enemies!
    (Note that neither Fei nor Yu can equip the bow).
    Now, cross the border fort to the West and enter Chenliu Castle.
    ...Well now, this is odd.  Move upward and eventually...
    Major Battle - Zhang Jiao----------------------------------------------------
    Zhang Jiao - 708 troops
    Zhang ? - 940 troops (it is neither Liang nor Bao; closer to Liang, though)
    This looks pretty rough.  Thankfully, you're supposed to lose; I did 6 damage
    before I lost completely.  When you lose, it says:
    "The Yellow Turbans' forces were too strong and defeat inevitable.
    Liu Bei's troops were forced to withdraw".
    After you leave the castle, a strange-looking man is waiting.  He says,
    "I am Cao Cao.  Will you join my forces?"
    "Oh?  No, you say?  Well, no matter.  Surely you've changed your mind about
    crossing them now."
    "By the way, it seems the reason we can't defeat the bandits is related to
    some mysterious rocks in Chenliu."
    "The rocks have some kind of curse on them and can't be moved."
    "At the end of the road in Xuzhou, there's a cave inside the mountains."
    "Inside that cave, rumor says there is a Wind Magic book that can dissolve
    the curse, but..."
    "I searched for it and was unable to find it."
    "Liu Bei, you would be well advised to search Xuzhou thoroughly."
    "I would very much like to find this magic book. Well, hope to see you again."
    If you go back East into Xuzhou and past the castle, a great earthquake will
    open up a cave.
    Xuzhou Cave------------------------------------------------------------------
    A bridge near the entrance leads to a treasure chest containing a Tent.
    Most of the bandits in here have high life, but shouldn't bother you too much
    if you have decent armor.
    Cross into the East area, then South to find a fork in the road.
    A chest just Southwest of there yields the Wind Magic Book.  That was easy.
    Don't worry, there isn't anything else in the cave.  It's pretty small.
    Chenliu Castle----------------------------------------------------------------
    If you walk upwards, there will be a set of rocks.  Press A on them to use
    the Wind Magic book, which gets rid of them and moves you outside the castle.
    Move back into the castle to encounter...
    Major Battle - Zhang Rai-----------------------------------------------------
    (He's not Zhang Bao (Cyou hou) or Zhang Liang (Cyou Ryou).  Any other
    notable Zhangs in the YT?)
    Zhang Rai - 364 troops (Lv 18)
    YT bandit - 192 troops
    You may find Liu Bei's middle left tactic (heal) useful.  It's the middle
    right tactic for Yu and Fei.
    This looks easy, but the enemy uses several nasty high-level tactics and
    is pretty strong on top of that.  I had to put Guan Yu on healing duty to
    prevent any deaths.
    Chenliu Castle----------------------------------------------------------------
    Cao Cao greets you and tells you he was appointed Governor of the castle.
    That was quick.
    He says, "By the way, it seems the Yellow Turban's Chief, Zhang Jiao, died
    due to illness."
    "Thus, the Yellow Turbans' vigor is failing.  This is a great relief."
    "Liu Bei, I will memorialize your deeds to the Emperor.  Please cross over
    to Rakuyou."
    "Rakuyou is Southwest of here.  If you cross the checkpoint, you should be
    able to see it."
    No new items at the item shop.
    New items at the weapon shop:
    Steel Sword (1200)
    Crescent Saber (3500)
    Steel Spear (1600)
    Snake Halberd (4000)
    Steel Axe (2000)
    Heavenly Phoenix Axe (5000)
    Most of the items at the weapon shop were a bit out of my price range.
    Townspeople will tell you that Yuzhou is south of here (which is Qingzhou),
    though a couple will also tell you that Cao Cao's doing a great job.
    Go Southwest - not through the southern pass, but one west of it.  To the West
    is (presumably) Luoyang Castle.
    Luoyang Castle----------------------------------------------------------------
    New items at the item shop:
    Silver Drug (100)
    Silver Earth Drug (130) - Restores more MP
    Heavenly Golden Drug (2000)
    Poison Needle (300)
    New items at the weapon shop:
    Steel Bow (2800)
    Rapid-Fire Bow (6000)
    Steel Armor (1000)
    Heavenly Armor (5000)
    Steel Shield (500)
    Dragon Shield (2000)
    Steel Helmet (700)
    Embroidered Helmet (3500)
    There are two empty houses in the Northwest and two more in the Northeast.
    Go into the right castle to meet an administrative-looking fellow.
    He says,
    "You're Liu Bei, right?  You've done some fine work."
    "Here is 500 gold.  Your assignment is to guard the protector's village of
    Anxi.  That is all."
    (With that, Liu Bei & co. departed to protect the village of Anxi).
    You're tossed onto the world map just outside a town.  Enter it.
    Anxi Village------------------------------------------------------------------
    If you can't tell from the music, this isn't a very large town.
    The townspeople will greet you as the new administrator and tell you nothing
    of importance or interest is here.
    They're right.  There's just an inn and an item shop (selling nothing new).
    If you go North and to the West, you will find Dingzhou (?) Castle.
    Dingzhou Castle---------------------------------------------------------------
    No new items at the item shop or weapon shop.
    One of the villagers mentions that a road may be out to the East in Qingzhou.
    Go to the castle in the Northwest and talk to the prefect to get...
    ...A new menu system!
    ==Prefect Menu==
    Using this menu set, you can leave items with the prefect in menu 1.
    Use the left one in the sub-menu to store items and the right one to get them.
    The middle option in the original menu changes strategist, but we don't have
    one yet.  The right option changes order as in the normal menu.  You may also
    be able to switch in other generals, but again, we only have our main three.
    If you explore a bit East of the castle, you find an oddly colored mountain.
    Try walking into it to get the message,
    "A mist hangs over the top of this mountain.  Going ahead is not recommended."
    "We've no other choice.  Better go around it."
    Go back to Anxi for now.  Near the entrance there's bureaucrat-looking fellow.
    Talk to him and he'll say,
    "Liu Bei!  What the hell are you doing?! I'm the imperial emmisary."
    "What?! There's nothing to tax here?  And no presents for me?!"
    "You must be planning on defying the emperor!  You traitor!  I'll report this
    complaint to the emperor himself!"
    Zhang Fei: "And we're gonna let you repeat those lies?! Eat this instead!"
    Zhang Fei struck the official dead.
    Liu Bei: "Damn!  Because of this we'll be wanted men.  Let's run, everyone!"
    If you talk to the people in the town they tell you there's a secret path in
    the East of the village, and you should run before the imperial troops arrive.
    Secret Path-------------------------------------------------------------------
    On the first floor, use the pit rather than the stairs.  Note you can't go
    back, so make sure you're prepared enough.
    Go up the stairs to find some weird things.  I think they're supposed to be
    torches.  Up the stairs again to exit near a mountain range...  In fact,
    you emerged out of the old Yellow Turban hideout in Youzhou!
    You can enter Luo Song, but there doesn't seem to be anything new.  Youzhou
    castle is closed off, as is the southern territory gate.
    Eastern Village has some new dialogue, though.  Apparently Dong Zhuo's taking
    over the main provinces, with Lu Bu's help.
    One old man in particular says Cao Cao is raising a force to suppress Dong
    Zhuo in Chenliu, and that Chenliu is to the Southwest, past the border.  You
    should join up!
    Major Battle - Jiao Sho (Transliteration forthcoming)-------------------------
    Looks like you have to take out the guards first!  They're pretty easy.
    I just had to focus fire.
    Watch it, though.  You can run into some tough battles in Qingzhou district.
    Both Yellow Turbans and government troops are out to get you.  Chenliu is 
    south, then west.  You pass near a border on the way.
    When you meet with Cao Cao, he tells you,
    "Ahh, Liu Bei!  So you're willing to join the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition!
    Well, then, please move on to Luoyang.  First, crush the southern border 
    defenses, then again to the West. Luoyang shouldn't be much farther.
    Chang'an is also a stronghold of Dong Zhuo's, but we can't approach it yet.
    I'm hoping we can trust you with this responsibility.  Here is 300 gold.
    Do your best!"
    If you go to the inn, there's another person staying there!  Talk to this
    person and you may receive something useful.  I don't want to spoil it though.
    Go south to the border to fight:
    Major Battle - Hua Xiong and Zhang ? (Shin)-----------------------------------
    (The Zhang isn't Ji, and it's none of Xiong's 3 henchmen either!)
    These guys are a pushover, especially if you've gotten steel weapons.
    Approach the next gate to see the message:
    "Liu Bei, why did you dare to come?  I, Lu Bu, have been waiting!"
    (if you talked to the person in the inn, you will see:
    "What?  You brought a letter?!  Ahh!  My sister wishes for me to betray Dong
    Zhuo!  Hmm... But I still owe him a debt... I have no choice.  I'll stay
    quiet here, and let you pass through.  That's my reply!"
    As you approach Luoyang, you see... fire?  Enter the city to find out...
    Dong Zhuo set fire to Luoyang city!  Entire neighborhoods have become seas of
    flame.  You'd better leave before the fire affects you directly!
    Try to leave and encounter:
    Major Battle - Jyo Ei and Ko Shin---------------------------------------------
    (no idea on these guys)
    Another easy battle.
    Afterwards, a man near Luoyang introduces himself as Chen Deng (Chin Kyu?)
    of Xuzhou.  He asks you to enter Xuzhou castle.
    Enter to talk to the Protector of Xuzhou, Tao Qian.  He has long heard of your
    accomplishments and wants you to become Protector of Xuzhou.
    Liu Bei gladly accepts (bit different, eh?).
    A message appears saying Liu Bei now has one district under his control!
    Talk to Tao Qian again and he and Chen Deng will join you!
    Although neither of them are exceptional, Chen Deng has the same Int as Guan
    Yu.  Neither of the new generals has a personality type listed.
    Since your new officers joined, you can finally appoint a strategist!
    ===New Commands===
    If you appoint a strategist through the prefect's menu at Xuzhou, you can use
    the following commands.
    The command one down from the upper right on the select menu can be chosen.
    Your strategist will tell you such things as "I believe there is a task
    remaining to us in Xuzhou", or "You should change your overall commander".
    You should also be able to do auto battle in standard battles.  Be careful,
    though, as sometimes your advisor will do a soldier-battle even in
    dire situations.
    As you leave the castle area in Xuzhou, Lu Bu will come up and talk to you.
    He wants to join your side for now.  He'll join with 1000 (!) soldiers.
    If you talk to the old man nearby, he'll join you too.  He's Chen Gui.
    Now, to actually add the new generals to your party, you'll have to completely
    recover and unequip the general you want to replace.  It seems a bit weird,
    and there's no real reason you'd want Lu Bu over either of Yu or Fei anyway.
    None of the shops in Xuzhou sell anything new; the Weapon shop only sells
    When you try to leave, Lu Bu will make motions as if to leave your party
    to join Cao Cao.  If you have more than 500 gold, he'll take it and remain
    in your party.
    At the same time, a letter from the Emperor arrives.  It appears that
    Yuan Shu of Yoshuu is calling himself emperor!  You are to take him out.
    You are to advance to Jo Nan (Runan? - probably Huai Nan) through the West 
    The West checkpoint is unguarded; advance to Huai Nan to fight...
    Major Battle - Yuan Shu-------------------------------------------------------
    Yuan Shu is supported by his two generals Lei Bo (? - Ryou Gou) and Chen Lan.
    He has a lot of troops as well.
    You can use the strategy Doushinsaku (at the top of 2nd page) for Guan Yu to
    "Liu Bei's capture of Huai Nan was a success...
    However, Cao Cao took advantage of Bei's invasion and attacked Xuzhou.
    Cao Cao had lured Bei away by using a forged letter!
    Liu Bei must hurry back to Xuzhou."
    Huai Nan has nothing new for sale in either store, although you can access
    the prefectural menu in the castle.  A soldier tells you that they're on your
    side for now, but the populace prefers Cao Cao.  Others confirm this.
    Heal up and buy protective gear if you feel like it, then head back to Xuzhou.
    At the check point you face...
    Major Battle - Cao Cao--------------------------------------------------------
    Cao Cao is supported by the Xiahous, both Yuan and Dun.
    OMG!  The weakest one has 708 troops.  You'll almost certainly be eliminated
    in one turn.
    "Cao Cao's forces were far too strong, and Liu Bei was forced to withdraw.
    At the same time, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei were separated.
    It was in these circumstances Liu Bei had no choice but to go to Jizhou,
    in Yuan Shao's domain.
    Jizhou is through the Northwest checkpoint, across the bridge and West."
    Apparently, by Northwest, they mean the one straight North.  That's the only
    one you can cross right now.
    Be very, very careful!  Normal enemies use tactics often, and they'll take
    away 60+ HP per shot.  You can heal using the tactics menu from the select
    menu; pick the tactic that has the description with the words HP and 60.
    Jizhou Castle-----------------------------------------------------------------
    You've been here before.  Go to the castle to meet Yuan Shao, who says:
    "Liu Bei!  How dare you come here after killing my brother!
    What's that?  Cao Cao tricked you into doing it? ...Well, you and I seem to
    have the same goal at least.  In view of your service to me, I'll forgive
    you for killing Shu.  Go outside the castle and fight Cao's underlings and the
    bandits out there."
    It appears you can't switch in any other generals.  Hrm.
    Go outside for awhile.  I fought two battles and tried to return to the
    "Liu Bei noticed two male figures far away.  It was Zhang Fei and Guan Yu!
    Both of them had been through various hardships while searching for Liu Bei.
    The three of them were thus reunited.
    Guan Yu: By the way, Liu Bei, we've found more followers!  Through my
    journeys, I found many who wanted to join your side.
    Here they are: Zhou Cang and Zhao Yun." (They join your side!)
    "Guan Yu: From now on, what do you think we should do?
    Zhang Fei: We've lost all our weapons, we need to be re-equipped!
    Liu Bei: Why don't we see if Liu Biao will have us? We are of the same clan,
    so he may be willing to do something.  Let's give up on Yuan Shao and go
    to Jingzhou."
    GY and ZF weren't lying when they said they lost their weapons.  If you
    bought stuff earlier like me, you may be kicking yourself.  Thankfully,
    Jizhou has cheap gear.  Buy the first three armors to get a decent defense
    of 135.
    You may wish to switch in Zhao Yun for one of the two brothers.  Although
    his picture makes him look more tired than powerful, he's the same speed
    as Zhang Fei, a bit weaker, and he has more intelligence.
    Now that you have your brothers back, better head South to Jingzhou.  When you
    cross the bridge South, you'll fight:
    Major Battle - Ou San---------------------------------------------------------
    Looks like a pushover.  Is a pushover.  You get 200 more soldiers for winning.
    If you try to cross the bridge back North, you'll encounter:
    Major Battle - Kaku Shou------------------------------------------------------
    He's a bit tougher, but still not much to worry about.  Keep in mind your
    generals without weapons can still use tactics.
    (Here's a tip on reading tactics: Zhao Yun's Water tactics all start with the
    same two characters.  Most others don't, but they are always organized in
    groups based on damage type (Fire, Water, Boulder) and sorted in terms of
    power.  So Zhao Yun's third water tactic is his strongest).
    You will continue to fight Kaku Shou if you re-cross the bridge from now on.
    Keep going South, and go West when you see the first checkpoint.  Try to
    cross the next checkpoint to find:
    Major Battle - Ou San---------------------------------------------------------
    Once again, he is easy.
    Once you're past the checkpoint, go West.  Cross the North border there and
    you'll find Kaku Shou again.
    Major Battle - Kaku Shou------------------------------------------------------
    You may be running low on TP by this point.  Good thing Liu Bei stil has his
    bow.  As usual, strategies will probably be the only thing that'll hurt you.
    250 soldiers join when you beat him.
    West and then South again brings you up against another Kaku Shou.  Hang in
    there, it shouldn't be too much longer now!
    Once you pass the checkpoint, head West to find a city that'll actually let
    you in!  Hooray!
    2.0 General Info--------------------------------------------------------------
    Personality Types (WIP):
    In the status screen, if you scroll down you'll find at the bottom your
    character's personality type.  I have no idea what this affects, possibly
    the stat increases on level-up, and/or possibly the equipment set available.
    Liu Bei: Kenja (Wise Man) -Equips: Swords, Bows, Reg. Armor
    Zhang Fei, Lu Bu: Gouketsu (Hero) - Equips: Swords, Spears, Reg. Armor
    Guan Yu: Syugo (Protector) - Equips: Swords, Spears, Reg. Armor
    Zhao Yun: Hayate (Swift Hand) - Equips: 
    Battle Commands:
    Initial Options (Top to bottom, left to right):
    General's Command (Your choices)
    Soldier Assault (Attack with soldiers only; unknown effects)
    Leave it to Strategist (Unavailable without a strategist)
    View Status (Report)
    Tactics (WIP, obviously):
    By level 13,
    Liu Bei obtains:
    3 Boulder strategies, Healing strategies, Enemy Tactic Power reduction, 
    Enemy AP reduction, Counterattack strategy, Revive strategy.
    Guan Yu obtains:
    3 Fire strategies, Speed-Up strategy, AP-Up strategy, Healing strategies.
    Zhao Yun obtains:
    3 Water strategies, Poison strategy, Nullify 1 attack strategy, 
    Healing strategies.
    Items and Weapons: Since prices are almost unique so far, I've compiled items
    and weapons into lists ordered by price so you can easily look them up.
    Item List:
    Stone Drug 		(10)
    Copper Drug		(40)
    Copper Earth Drug 	(60)
    Silver Drug 		(100)
    Silver Earth Drug 	(130)
    Protective Talisman 	(150)
    Lower Drug 		(160)
    Tent			(200)
    Poison Needle 		(300)
    Revival Drug 		(600)
    Heavenly Golden Drug	(2000)
    Stone 			(10000)
    Weapon and Armor List:
    Cloth Clothes		(30)
    Hide Cap		(40)
    Ceramic Shield		(50)
    Army Clothes		(60)
    Copper Sword 		(100)
    Copper Shield		(100)
    Copper Helmet		(120)
    Copper Spear 		(150)
    Copper Armor 		(150)
    Copper Axe 		(200)
    Iron Shield 		(200)
    Iron Helmet 		(250)
    Iron Armor 		(300)
    Copper Bow 		(300)
    Iron Sword 		(500)
    Steel Shield 		(500)
    Steel Helmet 		(700)
    Iron Spear 		(700)
    Iron Axe 		(900)
    Steel Armor 		(1000)
    Iron Bow 		(1100)
    Steel Sword 		(1200)
    Steel Spear 		(1600)
    Dragon Shield 		(2000)
    Steel Axe 		(2000)
    Steel Bow 		(2800)
    Embroidered Helmet 	(3500)
    Crescent Saber 		(3500)
    Snake Halberd 		(4000)
    Heavenly Phoenix Axe 	(5000)
    Heavenly Armor 		(5000)
    Rapid-Fire Bow 		(6000)
    To find those weapons or armor that have duplicate entries, I'm afraid you'll
    have to figure that out on your own.  If you know hiragana and katakana,
    armor is all in katakana while weapons are in hiragana IIRC.
    3.0 Legal Stuff---------------------------------------------------------------
    This FAQ is Copyright Chris Halvorson, 2006.  If you want to post it on your
    site, please ask for my permission first, and always include the entire FAQ,
    including this bit.
    Currently this FAQ is only available on my website and www.gamefaqs.com.
    4.0 Credits-------------------------------------------------------------------
    Taishi Ci(2.0) of LordYuanShu.com for telling me about this game and various
    James (webmaster, kongming.net) for much improving my guide and helping me
    figure out the city names.
    Capcom for making a fun little game that could be one of the best RPGs on the

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