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Reviewed: 04/11/03 | Updated: 05/24/06

This could have been great...

As you may already know, this is a game based on a soccer anime/manga really famous some years ago, called Captain Tsubasa. It talks about a boy who loves to play soccer more than anything in his life. So, this game is mainly based on a second release of that series, named ''Captain Tsubasa J'', which was a compilation of the old series plus a few new episodes.

You start by watching a cool introduction sequence in which you can see Hyuga, Wakabayashi and all the main characters, but when you get to play the real game, you will find that this is a true soccer game, unlike the other games from the series.

You can control the characters in a real soccer field, but unlike the other games based on this anime/manga you can't use any special shots... Also, you will only be able to use combinations (like the famous ''Golden Combination'' or Nankatsu's ''Trio Combination'') sometimes, I mean, you really can't get to control it, since at a certain time you press a key and it works as you wanted, but 1 minute later you try to do so and you won't be able to do it, with no apparent reason.

If you search a little, you'll probably find many more bugs, for example, it is easier to score when you shoot from a large distance than when you are just in front of the goal without any player nearby. Some passing sequences and the shoot sequences are made through a menu, but it is hard to master since it seems all kinda random...

Concerning the different modes, you have a story mode, a mode to play against any of the teams you want and a training mode. Besides, you can play Penalty Kicks, but they aren't very interesting, since it is too easy to win against the console.

This game is based in the beginning of the series, so you get to play from the first of Tsubasa's matches (the duel between between Tsubasa and the Super Great Goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi) up to the final match of their first championship, and if you know the series you surely know what I mean.

If you ever get to play this game, you will do it only once. Once you finish it, I don't believe you will ever want to replay it.

The graphics are really poor (except for the opening sequence), in the matches you only get to see the opponent players when they are really near you, which provides that you can't avoid their tackles, so you will finish by loosing the ball most of the times.

As for the sound, it is so boring that you won't be able to stand it in more than a match, so you'll obviously turn it off as soon as possible.

Even if you are a true fan of the series, I don't think you would ever want this game. Only Captain Tsubasa hardcore fans should get it.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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