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    Welcome to my guide for 99 Nendo Ban Eitango Center 1500 ! This is a Game Boy Completion Project guide. The authors writing for the GB Completion Project hope to one day have a complete FAQ for every Game Boy game listed in the GameFAQs database. If you want more information, check out the stickied Game Boy Completion Project topic on the FAQ Contributors Board.

    99 Nendo Ban Eitango Center 1500 is a game for Japanese people to aid them in learning English and expanding their English vocabulary. It features 1500 English keywords, along with their pronunciations and meanings (which are written in Japanese). Two different tests can be carried out. In both you can either choose to display the English word with the pronunciation first and make the player guess the meaning, or you can display the meaning first and the player must guess the word. The two tests differ in that the first there is no penalty for incorrectly guessing the word/meaning, except that you must come back and guess again until you get it correctly. In the second test, you are only allowed to get a maximum of five words incorrect before you fail the test. The game uses a self-marking honesty system.

    This guide intends to provide the reader with information on how to navigate the game. I hope it proves to be helpful and informative.

    - RedIsPoetic


    Once you reach the main menu, you have a number of options. The first option is the first test where you can choose any 25 word set and test yourself on the keywords/meanings. If you get any wrong in this test, you must guess the keyword/meaning again until you get it correct. The second option is the second test where you can test yourself on any of the same 25 word sets, but you can only guess five words incorrectly before you fail the test. The third is the 'Options' menu, where you can change the background music, sound effects and the order in which information for a given sight word appears.

    Pressing 'B' during any menu, except events cards, will immediately take you back to the main menu.

    First Test Menu

    If you select the first test, you'll be able to choose from three sub-menus which each list a third of the 25 word sets each. The first sub-menu displays the first twenty sets (words 1 to 500), the second displays the next twenty sets (words 501 to 1000) and the third sub-menu displays the final twenty sets (words 1001 to 1500). Once you've selected which sub-menu you want, select which set you want (you can press 'left' and 'right' to see all of the different sets). Each set shows the number of the first word in that set and the first word itself.

    Once you've picked a set, the test will begin. Using the default settings, the keyword will be displayed first, along with the pronunciation. After guessing the meaning, press 'down' to display. If you guess correctly, press 'A' to move to the next word. If you got it incorrect, press 'Left' or 'Right' before you press 'A' to notify the game that you got the word wrong (the top right corner will turn from a circle to a cross to display this). Keep doing this for all 25 words. Any words that you got incorrect will be displayed again for you to have a second attempt at after attempting all 25 words. You will re-attempt words until you have them all correct, at which point the test will end.

    If you've chosen to display the meanings before the words, you will have to guess what word matches the meaning instead of what meaning matches the word. Other than this, the test works the same way.

    Once the test ends, you can choose another set to test yourself on or do something else. If you want to exit out of a set at any time, simply press 'B' and select 'Yes'. Press 'B' at the set menu to return to the main menu.

    Second Test Menu

    Although the menus work exactly the same way, the second test is a little different to the first one.

    Guessing the meaning or word works the same way in this test as it did the first one, but if you get five words incorrect, the test ends. You don't need to repeat any words that you get incorrect. If you don't manage to finish the test, you'll receive a message saying so. If you finish the test, you'll be given a score out of 25 and the time it took to complete the test will be displayed along the bottom in minutes or seconds.

    The words will be displayed in order unless you chosen not to by changing an option in the option menu. If you've done this, the words in the set will be displayed in a random order.

    Once a set is completed you return to the set menu and can select another set. If you want to exit out of a set at any time, simply press 'B' and select 'Yes'. Press 'B' at the set menu to return to the main menu.


    You have four options here. The first is the order in which you want information displayed in tests. The default order is the keyword displayed first and the meaning displayed after pressing 'down'. Changing the option causes the meaning to display first. This allows you to test yourself on either whether you can remember the word that matches the meaning, or what the keyword means.

    The second option is whether you wish to randomise the card set selected when doing the second test. The default is not to randomise the cards. If you select to though, the selected set of cards will appear in a random order.

    The third option is sound effects. Turning it on will mean that you can here the cursor move as you move between options on the various menus. If you turn it off, these sounds won't be heard. The final option is Background Music (BGM). You can either have it off, or choose one of the four tracks to listen to for your pleasure

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    I hope you've found this to be a helpful FAQ. If you have any feedback, suggestions, corrections or the like, be sure to get in to contact with me. Look out for other guides by me in the future! Enjoy! *Cautiously crawls into hole*

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