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    FAQ by N64 Master

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                 _   _     _     _____ __      __ _____   __ _______    
                | | | |   /_\   | ___ |\ \    / /| ____| / /|__   __|     
                | |_| |  //_\\  ||___|| \ \  / / | ___|  \ \   | |
                |  _  | / ___ \ |  _  ;  \ \/ /  ||____  / /   | | 
                | | | |/_/   \_\|_| \_\   \__/   |_____|/_/    |_|
                |_| |_|                                              
                               ____  ____  _   _     _____  _____                        
                      /\/\    | __ || __ || \  ||   | ____|| ___ |
                     /    \   ||  ||||  |||  \ ||   ||  __ ||___||
                    / /\/\ \  ||__||||__||| |\\||   || |_ || ___<
                   / /    \ \ |____||____||_| \_|   ||___||||___||                           
                  /_/      \_\                      |_____||_____| 
    --------------------------   Harvest Moon GB FAQ   --------------------------
    --------------------------      Revision 1.0       --------------------------
    --------------------------     By: N64 Master      --------------------------
    --------------------------    December 30,1998     --------------------------
    --------------------------  n64player_@hotmail.com --------------------------
    This is my first FAQ for the GameBoy.This FAQ will be available first at 
    "http://www.gamefaqs.com" and "http://www.angelfire.com/tn/n64playerhut".If 
    you got this anywhere else besides the above URLs,then you should check them
    for the newest version.If you have any information that is not in this FAQ 
    and would like to contribute,then E-Mail me the information and I will put 
    you're name in the FAQ.My E-Mail is at the top under the date.
    What's Changed
    v 1.0-This is the first version.All the new version will have the same layout
          so look at the Revision ???? part up top to see if you have the new one
    2)Introduction to the Game
    4)Helpful Hints and Strategy
    5)Secrets and Codes
    6)Wish List
    7)Future Updates
    9)Legal Stuff(disclaimer)
    You have one year to turn things around!!Is fortune smiling upon you?The 
    spirit of the abandoned farm just outside town has chosen you to restore its
    lost prosperity.Now it's a matter of hard work,a few tears,and a little luck.
    The days may be long,but you'll have plenty of company from your neighbors 
    and animal friends.The spirit promised to return in a year to check up on 
    you,so you'd better roll up your sleeves.See if you have what it takes to be 
    a successful farmer.
    *The story above is from the game manual
    2)Introduction to the Game
    Developer Info
    Harvest Moon GB is a game for the Nintendo GameBoy system.It is from the 
    makers of the original Harvest Moon game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment
    System (SNES),Natsume.
    Quick Review
    The graphics are the same as any other GameBoy game you have ever played.The
    music isn't bad,but some of the repeated noises get annoying.The game is fun,
    but don't play it too much or it will get boring fast.This is probably a good
    game to buy,but that's just my opinion.Read the full review at gamefaqs.com!!
    General Information
    Harvest Moon GB is around $29.95 in most stores.Don't ask me about the prices
    in the UK or other countries,because I don't know.It works perfectly fine on
    the GameBoy Pocket(as do all other GB games).That's about all for this part!!
    D-Pad:Moves your character around,also cycles through the menu options
    A Button:Controls most of the your character's actions
    B Button:Makes you run and jump
    Select:Pause the game
    Start:Change your characters tools
    Here I will list all of the items I know of.If one is missing,E-Mail me.
    Cow Feed
    Chicken Feed
    Watering Can
    Cow Brush
    Cow Medicine
    Cow Potion
    Fishing Pole
    Butter Maker
    Cheese Maker
    Lunch Box
    Rice Ball
    Meat Dumpling
    Power Berries
    Apple Juice
    Gold Hen
    Orange Juice
    Green Tea
    Gold Egg
    4)Helpful Hints & Strategy
    In this section I will tell you all kinds of ways to become a good farmer!!!!
    Who is better?
    When choosing to be a boy or girl,it doesn't matter which you pick,because
    they both have exactly the same strengh,and they both work the same amount of
    time before getting tired.
    At the beginning
    When you first start out you will need to clear the land.Break all the 
    boulders,and chop up all the trees you can.By that time you should be tired.
    Pulling up weeds and moving small rocks doesn't take any strengh,so pull a
    bunch of them up.I usually try to be in bed by 8:00 pm.Always be sure to 
    check tommorrows weather on the TV.
    Seed Laying
    One bag of any kind of seeds covers a 3x3 area.The best way that I figured 
    out to lay them is to put seeds on all the squares but one by not watering 
    it.Remember,the watering can covers 1 square of the land.That is how you make
    the 3x3 area.Seeds will not grow on dry land.Here is a drawing of how I lay
    my seeds.A square is a square of land.The X in the square stands for a seed.
    If there is no X in the square,then there is no seed in that square.
                                 |      |      |      |
                                 |   X  |      |  X   |
                                 |      |      |      |
                                 |   X  |  X   |  X   |
                                 |      |      |      |
                                 |   X  |  X   |  X   |
    What this pattern does is make it where you can water all the plants.If you
    put seeds on all squares,then you can't water it,and it won't grow,and when
    you harvest the others,and try to grow more in the same place,that one is 
    still there!!!So the regular way just presents problems.
    Caring for Cows
    Cows bring in BIG money after they've matured.They go through three stages to
    mature,and it takes a while.They require a lot of attention.You can raise up
    to four cows at a time.Try to buy cows as soon as you can so they can mature
    by winter so that you can still make money while you can't grow crops.Make
    sure to brush and feed your cows everyday.You can also occasionaly talk to 
    them.You can even take them for a walk if you push them out the door!!!!
    Caring for Chickens
    After you've bought chickens and they've laid eggs you can do one of two 
    things with the eggs,one is sell them,two is incubate them and they hatch.
    You can have up to four chickens at a time.Chicken eggs don't make as much 
    money as dairy products,but they are easier to care for than cows.Make sure
    to feed them everyday!!!
    Be nice to Gnomes
    The Gnomes live in your toolshed.Ever seen that door at the back of it,when
    you're inside of the toolshed?Go through it and you can see the gnomes.If you
    be nice to them,by giving them mushrooms,they might give you tools.
    Various Helpful Hints
    1)When I plant crops,I plant them under the fence that contains the shipping
      box,because it is near the shipping box and a pond for refilling you water 
    2)There is no need to water grass,it grows on its own.
    3)If you can't buy livestock,then you don't have enough grass in the silo.
    4)Make sure to water your vegetables and feed your animals each day.
    5)Make sure to take your dog or cat outside each day or they will get mad at
    6)You don't need to feed chickens until they grow into hens.
    7)Don't plant past the 25th day of each season,or the crops won't grow and 
      you will just waste money.
    8)Make a list of what you have to do for each day,that way you you will be 
    Events Chart
    This is a list of special events and when they happen in the game.
    10th day of spring            You get a horse
    Last day of spring            Picnic
    Beginning of 1st summer       Earthquake
    Sometime in summer            Typhoon (tornado)
    10th day of fall              Vegatable Festival
    24th day of winter            Christmas Party
    5)Secrets and Codes
    These are some secrets and codes for Harvest Moon GB.I don't know if you
    would call some of these secrets or codes,but here they are anyway.
    1)At the very beginning of the game,when you first start,there is a bag of 
      money in the stand beside the bed.
    6)Wish List
    This is a list of things that are missing from this FAQ.If you have any of
    this information and would like to contribute to this FAQ,E-Mail it to me at
    "n64player_@hotmail.com" and I will give you the credit for the information.
    1)Lots more secrets and codes
    2)Any strategy or helpful hints you have
    3)Anything else you have
    7)Future Updates
    In the new revisions of this FAQ I will try to include everything in the Wish
    List if someone mails the information to me,if they don't I will try to find
    the information myself.
    me,N64 Master-I wrote it...............................n64player_@hotmail.com
    GameFAQs-For posting my FAQs..........................http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Natsume-They made it...................................http://www.natsume.com
    Nintendo-They make all the good systems...............http://www.nintendo.com
    My web site address is "http://www.angelfire.com/tn/n64playerhut".Come there
    for the latest revisions of my FAQs,codes,reviews,strategy,GS codes,news,and 
    more.It just got started a while ago,so don't laugh because I don't have 
    much,because I soon will.
    9)Legal Stuff (Disclaimer)
    You may post this on your web site,or distribute it only after written 
    consent from me.E-Mail me asking to and be sure to include what you are going
    to do with it (if you are going to put it on a web site,give me the URL),and
    I will E-Mail you telling you whether you can or can't (in the future I will
    probably let you use it without permission).If you obtain written consent 
    from me to distribute or post it,it must be unedited.Also,you may not sell 
                            Copyright  1998 By N64 Master

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