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    FAQ by randar83

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 09/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon GB
    author: Randar83
    e-mail: randar83@hotmail.com 
    version: 2.5
    8\5\99: Made it. 1.0
    8\6\99: Added art at top and made other changes. 1.5
    8\9\99: Made art better, added some new sections, & made other changes. 2.0 
    8\30\99: Took art off and changed font. 2.5
    9\2\99: Fixed some MAJOR problems.
        A1.Why I wrote this.
    1.Story and main character
    6.Livestock products
    8.Caring for animals and seeds
    12.Strategy and tips
    13.Codes, secrets, and glitches
    14.Future plans
    Welcome to the world of Harvest Moon. If you have bought this game then you 
    made a smart buy. If your just checking this out  to see what it's like, 
    then go buy it. This is great game that is never the same. Also If you are 
    a beginner be sure to read the intire thing. AND expecially check out legal.
    A1. I wrote this because I love this game and that it is very difficult for 
    1.Story and Main Character
          Welcome young farmer! Your Grandfather has died a left a farm in poor 
    condition behind, and since you are his only heir he has chosen you to fix it. 
    so get ready for hard work and some fun in Harvest Moon GB.
          You may either chose to be a male or female farmer. There's no 
    difference in them they have the same stats. It's your choice. 
    (*= Start the game with it;  S= Get from Sprite; FS= with first seeds; R= get 
    when ranch master)
    (t=thousand, h=hundred)
    Name:          Price:                             when/discription:                    
    sickle          *                               Used to cut grass for   
    -                                                animals.          
    axe             *                               Used to cut stumps for 
    -                                                material. 
    hammer          *                               Used to break large 
    -                                                rocks.
    hoe             *                               Used to till ground for 
    -                                                seeds. 
    super sickle    S                               Cuts a 3x3 area of grass.              
    super axe       S                               Destroys Stumps in one hit.                           
    golden hammer   C                               Get from carpenter after you  
    -                                                remodel your house.
    super hoe        S                              Till 6 squares in a line. 
    water can       FS                              Waters 1 square a time.
    sprinkler       2t                              I think when you get enough 
    -                                                money Ann will make you                                                                         
    -                                                one. Waters a 3x3 area.  
    -                                                And nevers needs to be 
    -                                                refilled. 
    saddle bags   25h                               When your horse matures  
    -                                                (when you can ride him).  
    -                                                Used as a shipping crate.
    brush              8h                           Use on you cows every day 
    -                                                to keep them happy. 
    milker            18h                           Use on cows when their 
    -                                                mature. 
    Butter churn      30t                           During 2nd year. Turns  
    -                                                large milk to butter   
    -                                                check tool store everyday  
    -                                                to find it.)   
    cheese maker      30t                           Same as BC. Used to make 
    -                                                chesse 
    Pick axe          R                             Use this to break the rocks                           
    -                                                in the room on the left 
    -                                                under you shed. You'll get a                                
    -                                                powerberry. 
    umbrella          R                             Use this to make it rain.
    fishing pole      R                             Used to catch fish in 
    -                                                underground lake. 
    name:                           price/sell price:                                
    cakes                                  5h
    lunch box                              5h
    rice ball                              1h (10 of them)
    meat dumpling                          2h(10 of them)
    croissant                              3h(10 of them)
    power berries                          free                                             
    butter                                 sell/ 5h                                         
    cheese                                 sell/ 5h                                         
    fish                                   sell/ 3h
    gold egg                               sell/ ?                                           
    mushroom                               sell/ 1h
    Name:                                 Price:                                    
    apple juice                             5h    Avaliable in second year.
    orange juice                            5h                          
    green tea                               2h (10 of these)
    berry juice                             3h (10 of these)
    milk                                    1h (10 of these) Must send milk 
    -                                           from your farm to get it.
    (Sp=spring; Su=summer; Fa=fall; Wn=Winter)
    name:                                   season/price:                    
    selling price:
    grass(feed animals)                  Sp,Su, & Fa/  5h                    
    potato                                    Sp/ 150                                   
    80 a piece   
    turnip                                   Sp/ 120                                
    60 a piece
    tomato(regenerates)                      Su/ 2h                                 
    1h a piece
    corn (r)                                 Su/ 3h                                  
    120 a piece
    eggplant                                 Fa/ 150                                 
    60 a piece
    peanuts                                  Fa/ 2h                                   
    60 a piece 
    broccoli (r)                             Wn/ 5h                                 
    120 a piece
    carrots                                  Wn/ 3h                                 
    120 a piece
    6.Livestock products
    name:                                  price:                                         
    feed(cow)                                7h
    feed(chicken)                            5h
    medicine for cows                        1t  Use on ill cows.
    M. potion                                4t  Used to make a cow pregnet.                            
    -                                            Cow must be mature.
    vaccine                                  2t  Cows stay healthy for whole 
    -                                             season. In 2nd year.
    (P= pick at begining)
    type:                    price or when:            discription:                    
    product/sell price:
    dog                        P                           Pet                      
    cat                        P                           Pet
    horse                  10th Spring                transportation
    cow                        5t                        livestock                           
    milk large/ 3h 
    chicken                    5h                          bird                                      
    egg/ 70  
    chic                 put egg in incubator              bird
    8.Caring for animals and seeds*
    Cows: You MUST feed, talk to, and brush them everyday. It also helps if you 
    take them for walks.
    Chickens: For some odd reason my chickens like it when I pick them up. You 
    MUST feed them everyday.
    Chics: They don't need to be fed until their grown so just leave them alone.
    Seeds: You MUST water them everyday
    Grass: The only thing you have to do with grass is plant it and cut it.
    *= Your animals will probably not produce anything after typhoon in summer, 
    thats okay just give them time and they will. Just feed them all and brush and 
    talk to the cows and they'll be fine.
    Nina: Runs the flower shop.
    Eve: Runs Juice shop.
    Carpenter: Sells materails and remodels you house.
    Maria: Inside church.
    Ann: Runs tool shop.
    Ellen: Runs the restaurant.
    Animal shop owner: Sells animals and other related products.
    Harvest Goddess: The mysterious woman that lives in the goddess spring. ALWAYS 
    tell the truth to her.
    Grandfather: On the 30th day of winter he will evaluate you.
    Harvest Sprites: The odd beings that live under your equipment shed. Give them 
    mushrooms and ALWAYS tell them the truth.
    house: You start and end everyday here.
    equipment shed: This is where your tools, seeds and seed book is.
    silos: Store your fodder here for animals.
    barn1: This is where your Cows will go when you get them. Take fodder from the 
    upper right box.
    barn2: This is where your chickens go. Take fodder from the same place.
    Flower Shop: This is the place where you buy all of the seeds you'll need 
    to plant. open: 8a.m/6p.m.
    Juice shop: Buy drinks here. open: 6p.m/12a.m.
    Carpenter: You can buy material your get your house remodeled here. 
    -    open: 8a.m./6p.m.     
    Church: You can pray or have your fortune told here. open: 8a.m/6p.m.
    Tool Shop: This is where you can buy equipment. open: 8a.m/6p.m.
    Restaurant: This is where you buy your food. open: 8a.m/6p.m.
    Animal Shop: When you get enough food you can buy a cow and chicken here. 
    He also sells food* and medicene here. open: 8a.m/6p.m.
    *= Only buy food when you run out of fodder.
    Hot Springs: To get her go out the back door of your equipment shed then go to 
    the right. One dip here gives you back 20% stamina.
    Goddess spring: After earthquake chop at it with you axe.
    1st year
    10th: You get a horse!
    27th: You'll go on a picnic
    mid: Earthquake
    mid: Typhoon
    20th: Stay up late to get invited to this picnic.
    10th: Stay up late to go to the Vegetable Festival.
    20th: You have to find Ellen's bird. Press A at the silo sign.
    24th: Stay up late to go to the Christmas Party.
    30th: Evaluation
    2nd year:
    27th: Picnic
    mid: A woman will ask for an egg. Give it to her when she wants her change 
    give it to her.
    mid: You'll have to find Nina. You MUST take care of your stuff before you 
    find her dancing with the sprites.
    Everything else is the same.
    12.Strategy and Tips
    A: use tool equiped, pick up things, or talk to people
    B: cancel menu options, run, or jump
    Select: pauses game, call horse or pet
    Start: Switch between tools
    D- Pad: Used to move you character
    Seed Design:
    To get the most out of you seeds have them grow like this:
    X X             XXX 
    XXX     or      X X
    XXX             XXX 
    The first one's good if you have the water can. If you have the sprinkler  the 
    second one's great for non-rgenerating plants. Just water them until 
    you can't get to the inside one then water the outside ones then when their 
    done pick them to get to the inside one, and just water the inside one to 
    get it. That way you can get all nine of them.
    Seed planting:
    Plant them near water holes that are near the shipping crate until you get the 
    sprinkler. When you get the sprinkler plant them near the crate. 
    Harvest Sprites:
    Always give the one in the main room one, if not two, mushrooms a day. They'll 
    give you two power berries and two super tools.
    Before you are able to get a cow or chicken you must have enough grass. So 
    plant some as soon as you can. Also try and get a cow and chicken as soon 
    as you can.
    Always buy a chicken and raise 3 more. 
    Be agreeable:
    ALWAYS agree with people, even if you think their wrong. This is the way to 
    get the things you want.
    Tell the truth:
    ALWAYS tell the thruth to the sprites and Harvest Goddess. 
    First day: Clear your farm on the first day of Spring on the first year.
    Hoe your field:
    Hoe your intire field with the super hoe.
    Super Tools:
    To get most of the super tools give the Harest Sprites mushrooms.
    Super hammmer:
    To get the super hammmer just remodel your house.
    13.Codes, Secrets, and Glitches
    Super axe:
    To get the super axe chop the goddess spring after the earthquake.
    dog, cat?:
    Durning some part of your game your dog may turn into a cat or vice, versa. It 
    should reverte back quickly. If he stays like this just work with it.
    What's in name?
    Whats in the first part of your name choses what seeds you can plant.
    lower case letter:you'll be able to plant peanuts in fall and broccoli in 
    upper case letter: eggplants in fall and carrots in winter
    symbol: eggplants and peanuts in fall and carrots and broccoli in winter.
    What's in a heart?:
    If you put a heart in the first part of the girls name you'll have some 
    extra things in the shed. 
    The golden chicken:
    To get the golden chicken you must trade two grown chickens via the game 
    cable. There's a slim chance you'll get it.
    14.Future Plans
    I may put a walkthrough in this, but since the game can always change I 
    don't know if I will. If you have any ideas to make this better feel free 
    to contact me.
    me-randar83: the author
    Natsume for making a great game
    Nintendo for making Game Boy and licensing this game
    Gamefaqs for putting this on the site
    You MUST e-mail if you do anything other than print this for personal use.
      Print this off for personal use.
      Put this on your site with written constent from me. 
      Sell this.
      Claim as your own, I worked too hard for that.
    (c) copyright  Adam Stewart, a.k.a. randar83 1999

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