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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AMorozin

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 07/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      Harvest Moon GB
    FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.8
    Writer: Andrew R Morozin (LoudKing@aol.com)
                  (C)Copyright 1999, 2000. All rights reserved.
    New in Version 1.8: 
    The Super Hoe and Super Sickle thing is fixed! DO NOT email
    me about it anymore for help find it here it's almost in
    every section.
    How to feed chickens and cows is updated... So don't email
    me about it anymore.
    Also added a note saying Harvest Moon GBC can't use the egg
    trick or gameshark codes.
    Blessed Cow is a fact!
    Added, updated, and fixed other things too!
    ANYTHING on Harvest Moon GB will be in this faq! Please if you
    are to IM or email someone please ask me questions and not the
    people I list in the credits! They do not want to bugged by 
    strangers asking them questions on Harvest Moon GB. Most of them
    just reported a few small things. I am the person you want the
    answers from. Thankyou for your time.
    Past Versions:
    Version 1.0
    First version. First REAL FAQ/Walkthrough for Harvest Moon GB!
    Version 1.1
    Second version. Added gameshark codes.
    Version 1.2
    Third version. Fixed many errors, added rom help. Can't get the
    Super Sickle or Super Hoe? Well the help's still here! Check the FAQ section.
    Version 1.3
    Fourth version. FOUND ALL THE POWER BERRIES!!!
    Version 1.4
    Fifth version. Blessed cow is a fact!!!
    Version 1.5
    Sixth version. Rid of someone in the credits.
    Version 1.6
    Seventh version. I don't remember what I added here.
    Version 1.7
    Eigth version. A new tip added, something stupid in settings
    section, two new bugs, other stuff.
    That's all....for now!
    Game Info:
    Name:    Harvest Moon GB
    Type:    RPG/SIM
    System:  Gameboy
    Company: Natsume/Serious Fun
    For more info check out my review at gamefaqs.com! 
    Don't worry if you play this game you won't be
    a mindless geek the rest of your life. No offense to Dungeons and Dragons 
     1.   Beginners
     2.   Story
     3.   Game Additions
     4.   Controls
     5.   Tools
     6.   Animals
     7.  Plants
     8.  Settings
     9.  Time, Days, and Seasons
    10.  Characters
    11.  Folk Tales
    12.  $hopping and $elling
    13.  Items
    14.	Happiness
    15.	How to be a Harvest Master
    16.	Do's and Don'ts
    17.	Bugs and Strange Stuff
    18.	Codes and Secrets
    19.	Tips
    20.	Rumors: Answered
    21.	FAQ
    22.	Credits
    Hello I'm Andrew, I got Harvest Moon for SNES a year ago and I loved it, so I 
    decided to write a strategy guide using my game and several Nintendo Power 
    issues. Then I read a Nintendo Power Magazine (May issue) and read that 
    Harvest Moon GB finally came out. So here you are reading my Harvest Moon GB 
    FAQ/Walkthrough! Before you go out and buy this game a word of WARNING! This 
    is for RPG and/or SIM lovers! RPG and/or SIM haters BEWARE! If you have never 
    played an RPG before the RPG stands for Role/Playing Game. It means it's sort 
    of a story game instead of all that action. And SIM stands for Simulation. A 
    SIM is a realistic game where you have to make choices, work, and deal with 
    disasters that may destroy something you are working on (example: A farm, 
    fence, or animal). RPGs for SNES does not mean Dungeons and Dragons. RPGs for 
    SNES are not evil like D&D. These ones are just fun and won't turn anyone 
    insane like D&D fans.
    ENJOY MY FAQ/Walkthrough!!!!
    Andrew R Morozin
    {1} Begginers
    So you're a beginner? So I guess ya never even played the original but Harvest 
    Moon GB sounded more appealing to you? Well if you don't want help then here's 
    your section to guide you away from hinting sections. For beginners we have 
    starting sections listed too. We also list very hintful sections for people 
    looking for hints, tricks, codes, and secrets.
    Start Out Sections:
    4, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Make sure to check those out.
    Very Hintful sections AVOID if you want to beat this game yourself:
    14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, and 24
    To avoid bugs read the first part of section 20!
    If you don't mind at all read as much of this FAQ/Walkthrough, as you want! 
    Have fun and enjoy your game and my tips!
    {2} Story
    You mean a different story? Yep! Ahem!
    Your name is Jack you are sent by your dead grandfather to turn around his 
    farm. You get exactly 1 year to become a Harvest Master. If you succeed, your 
    grandfather will come back from Heaven and give you two gifts and you can 
    continue your farming business, however if you don't succeed your grandfather 
    will come back see what you did go back to Heaven and you will give up on the 
    farm. Which path will you choose? So many things where to start? Plant, then 
    buy animals and take care…Yeah! That's what I'll do!
    {3} Game Additions
    Yes of course there are additions! That's why old Harvesters go out and by the 
    GameBoy version, am I right, or am I right?
    So you're a girl Harvester? You're sick of being Jack and having all the girls 
    flirt with you? In Harvest Moon GB you can now be jack or a girl farmer that 
    looks like Ellen! Jill! Yeah!
    Not a dog person? Well that's not bad at all! Forget about throwing your dog 
    in Ellen's room, now you can get a cat in Harvest Moon GB!
    Hate it when you open up your game…and all your saved data is gone? Well now 
    there's only one game to save on risking the chance of erased games. Also you 
    don't have to save. Every time you wake up in your house it is automatically 
    saved. So don't goof off because whatever you do is already saved.
    Need a new animal to talk about? How about a Golden Chicken? That lays Golden 
    Mad because you can't plant vegetables in Fall and Winter? Well now you can 
    plant Eggplant and peanuts in Fall and Broccoli and Carrots in Winter too help 
    you become a Harvest Master faster!
    Not enough tools to use in the original you think? Well, I think you know 
    what's coming. In Harvest Moon GB there are new tools and items for you! Find 
    them all in the Tools and Other Items sections. 
    Takes too long to get a horse and Sprinkler in the original? Well in Harvest 
    Moon GB you get the Horse and Sprinkler the beginning of the first year! And 
    if you have enough money you can get the Sprinkler the first Spring. You get 
    the horse free the first Spring, anyway.
    Did the game end too fast for ya in the original? Now in Harvest Moon GB if 
    you keep your farm you can play for as long as you want afterwards! Why you 
    could become a billionaire! You could make Bill Gates look like Steve Case! 
    Whoa! I'm going too far…
    No forest? Well there's no forest but even better! You get underground caverns 
    under your farm, which includes your very own lake, your very own hot springs, 
    your very own Mushroom garden, and a bunch of your Dwarf friends to talk to 
    and give mushrooms, and time doesn't go by! You can't wander town? Well now to 
    save time town is just a big path that leads to nothing but stores and the 
    Church! No wasting time running around town anymore! And no you can't get 
    married. You get to open the door in your tool shed the first time you start 
    The BEST feature!
    Do you know someone who has a really great farm and they're about to erase it 
    all and start over? Or are you going to? Well if they are or if you are hook 
    up a link cable get on the phone and trade! You could have or help someone by 
    having 4 full-grown cows, 4 grown chickens, trade pets, and seeds to someone 
    in their first Spring! Which would really help! But you have to have cows, 
    chickens, and seeds to trade.
    {4} Controls
    Here are the Controls:
    Talk: A Button with bare hands. Go up to people first.
    Pick up items: A Button equipped with bare hands. Next to pickable items.
    Use tools: A Button while equipped with a tool.
    Change tools: Start button. Press it once to get a tool, another to get the 
    second tool, third to use bare hands.
    Check status: Select Button. This will show date, time, and money. Press 
    select again to call animals.
    Cancel menus: B Button.
    Run: B Button.
    Jump: Hold the B button and run towards a fence.
    {5} Tools
    Axe/Golden Axe: Free/Truth
    You get the Axe at the beginning of the game in your Tool Shed, use it to chop 
    tree stumps; it takes 6 cuts to break one tree stump. You get the Golden Axe 
    if you chop the Goddess Spring and tell the truth after the Earthquake; it 
    takes one hit to break a tree stump.
    Hammer/Golden Hammer: Free/Remodel House
    You get the Hammer in your tool shed at the beginning of the game, use it to 
    break large rocks and broken fences; it takes 6 hits in a row to break a 
    boulder. Throw small rocks in the water holes. You get the Golden Hammer from 
    the Carpenter after you remodel your house as a free gift; it breaks one 
    boulder in one hit.
    Hoe/Golden Hoe: Free/Help
    You get the Hoe at the beginning of the game from your Tool Shed. Use it to 
    plow field spaces for planting seeds and watering; it plows one square at a 
    time. If you're helpful the Harvest Sprites (Dwarves in the original) will 
    turn it into the Golden Hoe; which plows one line of 6 in one hit.
    Sickle/Golden Sickle: Free/Help
    You get the Sickle at the Tool Shed at the beginning of the game. Use it to 
    cut tall grass; it cuts one small square at a time. If you keep helping the 
    Harvest Sprites you'll get the Golden Sickle; it cuts a whole 3 by 3 square of 
    grass in one cut.
    Watering Can/Sprinkler: Free Gift/2,000 GP
    You get the Watering can when you buy your first bag of seeds at the Flower 
    Shop; it waters one small square at a time, you have to refill when you run 
    out of water. You get the Sprinkler when you buy it from Ann, sold the 19 of 
    Spring for 2,000 G; it waters a whole 3 by 3 seeded square in one turn, 
    without refills, EVER!
    Umbrella: Work
    You get this magical Umbrella from your grandfather's spirit if you become a 
    Harvest Master; use it outside before the day ends to make the next day rain.
    If you want to find out how to get it go to Secrets in the Codes and Secrets 
    Lumber: Chop Tree Stumps on Farm (6 pieces each)/500 GP (50 pieces)
    Buy lumber from the Carpenter at his shop for 500 G; it will be stored in your 
    Wood Shed. It is for fixing fences, making fences, and remodeling your house.
    Cow Bell: Free Gift
    Get the cow bell from the Livestock Owner after you buy your first cow; use it 
    to lead cows where you want them to in the cow shed. 
    Brush: 800 GP
    Buy it from the General Store after you buy your first cow for 800 GP; it 
    keeps your cows happy, which gets you a bigger profit.
    Milker: 1,800 GP
    Buy it from the General Store after your cow matures for 1,800 GP; this milks 
    your cow(s) and makes you a lot of money each day.
    Cow food/Chicken Feed: 700 GP/500 GP
    Cow food and Chicken food are sold at the Livestock shop. Cow food is 700 GP, 
    Chicken Feed is 500 GP; use these in case you get low on grass.
    Use this on the big long wooden feeding structure in the back of the chicken 
    coop (the chicken coop is to the right of the silo, it's a shed thing what 
    more do you want from me?). DON'T feed the food to the chicken's face people 
    it doesn't work that way.
    Medicine: 1,000 GP
    Buy this at the Livestock shop for 1,000 GP; use it if one of your cows get 
    First Aid Kit: 2,000 GP
    Buy this from the Livestock store for 2,000 GP; it is an improved Medicine 
    Vaccine. Give this to a cow and that particular cow will never get sick again.
    "Miracle Potion": 4,000 GP
    Buy this at the Livestock shop for 4,000 GP; use it on a grown cow to make it 
    give birth to a baby. It will only be sold if you have a grown cow and not 4 
    cows. Happy cows give more profit. Make sure to breed at least 1 cow.
    Pick Axe: Work
    You will get this as a gift at the end of the first year if you become a 
    Harvest Master.
    To find out how to get it go to Secrets in the Codes and Secrets section.
    Saddlebags: Work/2,500 GP
    Get these from the General store when you call your horse 15 to 20 days in a 
    row for 2,500 GP; they work just like a portable shipping box, they go on your 
    horse (obviously). Automatically is equipped.
    Butter Churn: Work/30,000 GP
    Ann will make a Butter Churn when all your cows are producing large milk, buy 
    it for 30,000 GP at the Tool Shop when it's done; it makes butter, makes you a 
    famous dairy owner! All you need to make now to have a full dairy is cheese!
    Cheese Maker: Work/30,000 GP
    Ann will also make a Cheese Maker when all your cows are producing large milk 
    for also 30,000 GP; if you get this and the butter churn you have yourself the 
    most famous dairy in the world!
    Fishing Pole: Work
    You get this from your grandfather's spirit at the end of the second year if 
    you keep your farm; use it to fish in your underground lake. You get it for 
    nothing at the end of the second year from the Spirit.
    {6} Animals
    What kind of farming game would Harvest Moon GB be if there were no animals? 
    Here I'll list all the animals in Harvest Moon GB and talk a bit about them.
    This is the dog his name that is originally Koro from the Super NES hit, but 
    you could always change his name. I kept Koro to keep Ellen happy. You can 
    change his name. Koro is a house pet and fights Wild Dogs.
    Keep Dog away from Cows and Chickens.
    Yes you can choose your pet! You can have a Dog and now a Cat! The cat is only 
    a pet. But likes to wander outside at daytime. Keep her inside at nighttime so 
    the wild dogs don't hurt her. What will you name your cat? I named her Roko.
    Keep Cat away from cows and Chickens.
    Pretty good animals to have. You only need to have 4 chickens. They grow up 
    fast and you only have to buy 1. The rest you breed for free! You get 4 eggs a 
    day without needing any equipment to get the eggs. Also if you have 4 chickens 
    and 4 cows that's only 8 pieces of grass a day!
    To feed it put grass or chicken food from store in the big long
    wooden feeding structure in the back of the chicken coop (the chicken coop is 
    to the right of the silo, it's a shed thing what more do you want from me?). 
    DON'T feed the food to the chicken's face people it doesn't work that way.
    To breed a Chic put an egg on the breeding nest. 2 or 3 days later you'll have 
    a Chic!
    Your most profitable animal in the game, the cow. Large milks can be sold for 
    a ton of money each day. And now cows are a time saver since you only have to 
    take care of 4 cows! Meaning only 4 pieces of grass for cows, a day!  Remember 
    to brush, talk to, and milk your cow each day. Only milk when your cow is 
    grown. Try to walk them on sunny days too. Don't forget to feed.
    You get a horse the 10th of Spring. He's your pet until it grows up. When your 
    horse matures he's your pet and your ride. When you buy the Saddlebags the 
    second year he's your pet, your ride, AND your new fast shipping box!
    Ellen has a pet bird, which she will lose the 20th of Winter. It's up to you 
    to find it.
    You sometimes find moles when you plow field spaces. If you find them get rid 
    of them right away.
    Time wasters:
    There are a few time wasters in this game like birds, butterflies, foxes, and 
    squirrels. Just ignore those animals.
    Golden Chicken:
    Yep! Lays Golden Eggs! You get it by trading chickens with another
    farmer. It is 1/64 chance of finding it.
    Prices for animals:
    Chicken-1,000 GP
    Cow-5,000 GP
    Breeding a cow-4,000 GP
    Golden Chicken-Free, hard to get
    {7} Plants
    4 more vegetables to plant, and get this, you can plant them in fall and 
    Potatoes: 150 GP a Bag
    Potatoes take longer to grow than turnips but they make you more money!
    Each potato is 80 G each. Grow them in lines:
    _ _ _ 
    _ _ _
    Or C's:
     _ _ _
    |_ _ _
    Lines get you 6 and save space, but C's give you 7 and give you 80 G more.
    Turnips: 120 GP a Bag
    Turnips grow faster than potatoes but only give you 60 GP each turnip that 
    Best thing to plant in Spring.
    Reminder: All veggies should use the same two designs as potatoes!
    Tomatoes: 200 GP a Bag
    Tomatoes grow really fast and can be sold for 100 GP each Tomato! 
    It's good to have a lot of tomatoes along with corn.
    Corn: 300 GP a Bag
    Corn doesn't grow as fast as Tomatoes but they can be sold for 120 each ear of 
    corn! Make sure to grow even more Tomato in Summer, too!
    Eggplant: 150 GP a Bag
    Eggplant should be the only thing you grow in Fall! It is sold for 60 GP a 
    piece, just like peanuts but they are 50 GP cheaper than peanuts.
    Eggplant is the best thing to grow in Fall.
    Peanuts: 200 GP a Bag
    I don't advise you to plant Peanuts. Seeds are more expensive than Eggplant 
    and you get the same amount if you grow eggplant. Grow Eggplant in Fall!!! At 
    least grow ONLY ONE patch of peanuts. 
    Broccoli: 500 GP a Bag
    It's the least famous vegetable out there, the seeds are WAY too expensive, 
    and it takes WAY too long to grow! You get 120 GP for every piece. I do advise 
    you to grow these plants since they stay all winter.
    Best thing to plant in winter, but leave room for lots of carrots.
    Carrots: 300 GP a Bag
    Carrots are great! Just like corn and tomatoes, EVERYONE likes carrots! They 
    grow almost as fast as Eggplant and they can be sold for 120 GP a carrot!
    Can't grow some of the veggies? There's something wrong with your name! To 
    find out how to fix this go to "The Name Game" in the Codes and Secrets 
    {8} Settings
    Can't find your way around? Well here I'll explain a few things.
    1.	House - This is where your day begins and ends. You can put your pet in 
    here, watch the news, look at your calendar, look at your clock (you start 
    off with one), sleep, look at your status paper, look at your secret 
    garden, and the last one is in the Codes and Secrets section. 
    2.	Shipping Crate - This is where you put vegetables if you don't have 
    3.	Wood shed - This is where your chopped and bought wood is stored.
       You can also store fence in here!
    4.	Stable - This is where your horse hangs around. Get horse 10th of              
    5.	Barn - This is where you keep your cows. 
    6.	Chicken Coop - This is where you keep your hens and chicks, and
       feed them. You put grass or store-bought chicken food in the
       big long wooden feeding structure in the back of the room.
    7.	Tool Shed - This is where you equip your tools. *Entrance to the caverns.
    8.	Water Holes - This is where you refill your watering can.
    9.	Land - Plow field spaces; plant veggies and grow grass. You can also plow 
    land and find power berries. You have to clear out the land at the 
    beginning of the year. There are sixteen tree stumps.
    1.	Flower Shop - Buy seeds here.
    2.	Inn - Buy drinks here.
    3.	Carpenter shop - Buy wood pieces and remodel your house here.
    4.	Church - Pray and get fortune told.
    5.	Tool Shop - Buy tools here.
    6.	Restaurant - Buy food here.
    7.	Feed Store - Buy animals, animal care products, and animal feed here.
    Underground Caverns:
    1.	Lake - Fish here when you get a fishing pole.
    2.	Mushroom Garden - Get mushrooms here. Give them to Harvest Sprites and put 
    them in the Shipping crate.
    3.	Hot Springs - Rest your muscles here when you get tired. Ready for more 
    work? Always talk to Harvest Sprites and give them a mushroom after you use 
    their hot Springs.
    4.	Goddess's spring - This is where the Goddess sleeps. Always be true.
    5.	Shipping Crate - Yes this is really time saving! There's a shipping crate 
    in the caverns! Put mushrooms and fish in here.
    6.	Pickax area - Cut your way through here to get a Power Berry.
    7. Secret Pickax area - between the two lights on the wall you must use the 
    pickax 6 times without moving...there will now be a hole! Go in and find 
    another pickax area holding the LAST TWO POWER BERRIES!!!!
    For info on helping Harvest Sprites see "Folk Tales"
    {9} Time, days, and Seasons
    Each day starts at 6:00 A.M. and ends at...well 6:00 A.M. 15 seconds equal an 
    hour, so make sure you plan your day right. Time stops if you step inside a 
    building. When the music stops that means it is the end of the day. You should 
    take care of animals when you wake up, then pick mushrooms and/or vegetables 
    the rest of the day, and water your veggies at night. Update!: You can stay up 
    all night! But once 6 am hits you go to sleep automatically. More challenge 
    than ya thought, huh?
    The week starts on Sunday and ends at Saturday (obviously). The church is open 
    everyday but you must get there at daytime and it closes at nighttime. All 
    stores are open daytime on weekdays and weekends. The Bar is open at nighttime 
    (5 pm - 9 pm)
    Spring - Clear farm the first day. Buy Cows, and chickens, plant Potatoes, and 
    get new equipment like the Sprinkler. Make sure you attend the picnic. Take 
    care of pet and horse.
    Summer - Finish up your animal collection by having 4 chickens (buy 1 raise 
    the rest) and 3 cows (raise one in Fall) if you haven't already. Take care of 
    animals, plant tomatoes and corn, prepare for the earthquake and typhoons. 
    After earthquake get the Golden Axe from the Goddess.
    Fall - Raise a cow, plant eggplant, stock up your food, take care of animals, 
    remodel your house if you haven't in Summer, get new equipment.
    Winter - Plant carrots, take care of animals, help dwarves and get Golden hoe 
    and sickle if you haven't already, catch the bird that Ellen loses, and go to 
    the Winter party.
    Sociable Breaks:
    Joined by Horse (Spring 10th)
    You will get your horse!
    Spring Picnic (Spring 27th) - This will really improve your happiness score. 
    Feed your animals before you go.
    Typhoon Season (Summer) - Each Summer a horrible typhoon will strike. Watch TV 
    to prepare. Before it comes get all your animals inside and pet in the house. 
    The horse will shelter itself. Prepare your fields the next night.
    Summer Picnic (Summer 20th?)
    Stay up late around this day and you will be invited to the summer picnic. 
    This will improve happiness.
    Vegetable Festival (Fall 10th)- Everyone gathers around to celebrate the 
    vegetables! Stay up late around this date.
    Catch the Bird (Winter 20th) - Ellen will lose her pet bird this day. Feed 
    your animals before you find the bird. This will improve your happiness score. 
    Christmas Party (Winter 24th) - Make sure you get invited today. Going to the 
    party will improve your happiness score.
    The "Ending" (Winter 30th) - If you do a bad job your grandfather will be mad 
    and leave you there as you give up. If you become a Harvest Master he will 
    give you some gifts and then leave you with the job. You might not get the 
    gifts but still keep the farm.
    Strange Events:
    Have you seen P-Chan? (Winter 20th) - Ellen will come asking for her P-Chan 
    one day (pet bird). It is hard to see, easy to find. To find out where it is 
    underline the black below and change the background to white (choose none).
    Press A on the silo sign. If not the silo sign one of the signs around there.
    Where's Nina? (Spring 15th?) - Maria will come today to ask for Nina. To find 
    out where she is turn the background of the black to white (choose none).
    She is in the Underground caverns "dancing with the sprites".
    Can I have an Egg? (Spring 17th?) - The Fortuneteller's Granddaughter will ask 
    for an egg. Say YES!
    Part 2 - The next day she will demand 5 dollars back. This is your decision.
    Coming Soon: More "Strange Events"
    {10} Characters
    Here I'll list as much people from Harvest Moon GB that I can.
    Main Characters and farm animals:
    Jack-The main character. The new farmer. Help him become a Harvest Master. You 
    can rename him.
    Koro-Jack's Dog. He's your pet and used to fight wild dogs preventing broken 
    fences. You can rename him. (He sometimes fought wild dogs in the original HM)
    Jill (Girl)-The girl farmer, co-main character. Rename her because I just made 
    up Jill.
    Roko-This is the cat. I just made up the name. The cat is just a pet. Keep her 
    inside at night. You can name the cat yourself.
    Foal-This is your horse. You can ride it, have it as a pet, and use it as a 
    portable shipping crate when you get the saddlebags. You can rename it.
    Cow-Talk to it, feed it, brush it, milk it, and walk it. You get to name up to 
    4 cows (In case you sell one then raise one)
    Town Girls:
    Ellen-You can find her inside the restaurant. She sells food and likes 
    animals. She'll lose her bird one day and it's up to you to find it.
    Ann-You can find her inside the Tool Shop. She sells tools and likes, 
    Maria-You can find her inside the Temple. She gives out advice and likes 
    Nina-You can find her in the Flower Shop. She sells seeds and likes plants.
    Eve-You can find her in the Inn. She sells drinks and she likes making drinks.
    Other Town Characters:
    Carpenter-You can buy wood and ask him to remodel your house in the Carpenter 
    Livestock Store Owner-You can buy animal care products and, well…animals, from 
    him at the Livestock Shop.
    Strange Characters:
    Grandfather-He will come the end of the first and second years to see what 
    you've been doing. The catch is he's a spirit that comes down from Heaven. 
    That's something ya don't see everyday.
    Harvest Sprites-These are little Gnomes that live under your farm.
    Harvest Goddess- She sleeps in a Spring. She will help anyone that is true.
    {11} Folk tales
    What kind of Harvest Moon would it be without Folk Tales? Here they are!
    The Goddess:
    The Goddess of Spring returns, but moves to the farm. After the earthquake in 
    Summer take your Axe to her spring and chop it. She will come up with a Golden 
    Axe and ask if you threw it in. Say no and you will get the Golden Axe!
    The Harvest Sprites:
    Check on the Harvest Sprites often and give them mushrooms and talk to them, 
    especially after soaking in their Hot Springs. If you help them enough you'll 
    get the Golden Hoe and Golden Sickle. And a Power Berry.
    The Carpenter's Special Power:
    To get the Golden Hammer, remodel your house. The Carpenter will give it to 
    you as a free gift.
    {12} $hopping and $elling
    Ready to shop? No? Well let me be your guide!
    Tool Shop
    1st year:
    Sprinkler- 2,000 GP; better than watering can. Saves a lot of time.
    Brush- 800 GP; use it to keep your cows happy.
    Milker- 1,800 GP; use it milk your cows.
    Saddlebags- 2,500 GP; goes on your horse and you use them as portable shipping 
    Butter Churn- 30,000 GP; use it to churn butter.
    Cheese Maker- 30,000 GP; use it to make cheese.
    Carpenter Shop
    Lumber- 500 GP; use it for repairing fences, making fences, and saving lumber 
    to remodel your house. You get 50 pieces.
    Remodeling your house- 10,000 GP and 500 pieces of wood; get a Golden hammer 
    and watch if you do it on time.
    Livestock Store
    1st year
    Chicken- 500 GP; lays eggs, raise the rest.
    Cow- 5,000 GP; milk for a lot of money, buy 3 raise 1.
    Chicken Feed- 500 GP; use it if grass runs out.
    Cow Food- 700 GP; use it when grass runs low.
    Medicine- 1,000 GP; use it on a sick cow.
    "Cow potion"- 4,000 GP; use it on a grown cow to raise a baby.
    2nd year
    First Aid Kit- 2,000 GP; better than medicine.
    Flower Shop
    Grass Seeds- 500 GP; use it on 3 by 3 plowed square to grow grass, stays 
    forever, dies at winter, regrows at spring.
    Potato Seeds- 150 GP; use it to grow potatoes.
    Turnip Seeds- 120 GP; use it to grow turnips.
    Grass Seeds- 500 GP; use it on 3 by 3 plowed square to grow grass, stays 
    forever, dies at winter, regrows at spring.
    Tomato Seeds- 200 GP; use it to grow tomatoes.
    Corn Seeds- 300 GP; use it to grow corn.
    Eggplant- 150 GP; use it to grow eggplant.
    Peanuts- 200 GP; use it to grow peanuts.
    Broccoli- 500 GP; use it to grow Broccoli.
    Carrots- 300 GP; use it to grow Carrots.
    Berry Juice- 300 G (10 pieces); for health.
    Green Tea- 200 G (10 pieces); for health.
    Milk- 100 G (10 pieces); for health. This is sold after you milk a cow.
    Orange Juice- 500 G; for instant health.
    Apple Juice- 500 G; for instant health.
    Croissant- 300 G (10 pieces); for health.
    Meat Dumpling- 200 G (10 pieces); for health.
    Rice Balls- 100 G (10 pieces); for health.
    Lunchbox- 500 G; for instant health.
    Cake- 500 G; for instant health.
    Potatoe- 80 GP a piece.
    Turnip- 60 GP a piece.
    Tomato- 100 GP a piece.
    Corn- 120 GP an ear.
    Eggplant- 60 GP a piece.
    Peanuts- 60 GP a piece.
    Broccoli- 120 GP a piece.
    Carrots- 120 GP a piece.
    Egg- 70 G
    Medium Milk- Unknown right now.
    Large Milk- 300 G
    Mushroom- 100 G
    Fish- 300 G
    Butter - 500 G
    Cheese - 500 G
    {13} Items
    There's not as much extra items in Harvest Moon GB than the original. But 
    here's as much as I could get.
    Where to find it- Underground Caverns
    Who to give it to- The Harvest Sprites
    How much to sell it for- 100 G
    How to get it- Pick the big ones off the stalks in the caverns
    Where to find it- Underground Lake
    Who to give it to- The Harvest Sprites
    How much to sell it for- 300 G
    How to get it- Get it at the end of the second year
    Where to find it- Cow Shed
    Who to give it to- Milk Shipping Crate
    How much to sell it for- 500 G
    How to get it- Put milk in the Butter Churn
    Where to find it- Cow Shed
    Who to give it to- Milk Shipping Crate
    How much to sell it for- 500 G
    How to get it- Put milk in the Cheese Maker
    Power Berry
    Where to find it- Lots of places
    Who to give it to- Yourself
    How much to sell it for- Nothing. You eat it
    How to get it- by finding it
    Grass (Fodder)
    Where to find it- Cow Shed and Chicken Coop
    What to do with it- Put it in big long wooden feeding structure in
                        the back of chicken coop, and Cow feeding area
                        in cow shed.
    How much to sell it for- Nothing
    How to get it- Take it out of the fodder box
    Where to find it- Wood Shed
    What to do with it- Make a fence
    How much to sell it for- Nothing
    How to get it- Chop tree stumps or buy wood at the Carpenter's
                     Shop. Then press A on the Wood Shed next to the
    {14} Happiness
    Note: You can't get married in Harvest Moon GB.
    How to get a high happiness score
    Raising Animals:
    Buy one chicken and raise the rest.
    Buy three cows and raise one.
    Get all Animals:
    Get 4 cows and 4 chickens.
    Attend the yearly breaks:
    The picnic- Spring the 27th. Say yes to Nina and you'll automatically go to 
    the picnic.
    The summer picnic- Summer sometime. Stay up late at night every night. The 
    picnic is just you, Eve and Ann.
    Vegetable Festival- Fall the 10th. Stay outside all day and wait to get 
    Winter party- Get invited the 24th of Winter. Make sure you get invited this 
    day! Stay up all day and night, outside of course.
    Help the girls:
    Ann- One day Ann will come looking for her Chicken wind measurer. Look for it 
    for 'tis up to you.
    Ellen- Winter 20th Ellen will come saying her pet bird is missing. Find it for 
    Nina- One day Maria will come looking for Nina.
    Clear your field:
    Break the boulders, throw the rocks in the water holes, pick and throw the 
    weeds, and chop the tree stumps.
    Plow your farm:
    Plow your WHOLE entire farm! Ever little space! With the Golden Hoe OF COURSE!
    Stock up!:
    Stock up on food. Ninety-nine of everything. Remember to sell Milk to get 
    Find all the Power Berries:
    Here they are! All of these are GUARANTEED to work!!!
    1.	Give the Harvest sprite 3 mushrooms and talk to him the next day.
    2.	Plow behind your house.
    3.	Plow at the southeast corner of your farmland.
    4.	Plow at the northeast corner of your farm.
    5.	Plow at the southwest corner of your farm.
    6.	Plow the whole new extra land the second year.
    7.	Same as 6.
    8.	Use the pickaxe in the left room of the caverns.
    9.	In pickax area of the caverns pick the wall between the two lights 6 times 
    without moving...you will then move on to a second pickax area! Use your 
    pickax to find power berry number nine!
    10. Same as 9.
     2-4: Plow your whole farm the first year. Use the Golden Hoe of
     6-7: Plow your whole new extra land.
     2-7: Plow your whole farm!
       8: Pick all the rocks in the first pickax area in the caverns.
    9-10: Pick at the wall between the two lights in the first pickax area. 
          Go through the hole to find pickax area two. Pick all of the  
          rocks here to find the last two power berries.
    8-10: Pick all the rocks in both pickax areas.
    Become a Ranch Master:
    Meet these expectations:
    4 Cows  
    4 Chickens  
    Hoed over 1600 squares  
    Shipped 4500 pieces of Produce  
    Ultra Deluxe House  
    Over 6 Power Berries  
    Over 65536 gp  
    Happiness over 250  
    Share your stuff:
    When the little girl comes to ask for an egg say yes. When she comes back the 
    next day give her, her change.
    More on the way…
    {15} How to be a Harvest Master
    Want to become a Harvest Master so YOU can decide what the ending is? Well 
    here are all the tips to get you on the way! 
    Now at the beginning you have to make some choices.
    Boy or Girl?
    Dog or Cat?
    REMINDER: This is all for the 1st year!
    Spring 1st 
    Ok, now it's time to start your farm life. The chance you get hurry to your 
    house and get a free 1,000 GP from your dresser. Now go buy potato seeds and a 
    bag of grass seeds. Clear a portion of your farm. Plow near the shipping box 
    so you can get more money on picking potatoes. Pick a smart spot to plant 
    Spring 2nd through Spring 9th 
    Save up for a chicken. Buy grass and potatoe seeds. Water seeds at night. When 
    potatoes grow pick them in day.
    Spring 10th 
    You get a horse today! Wait until it matures to ride it.
    Spring 11th through 23rd 
    You should have bought a chicken and raised three by now. Save up for cows if 
    you haven't already. Pick potatoes in day water them at night.
    Spring 24th
    Last day to plant potatoes. Buy your last bags of potatoes and plant them now! 
    Take care of animals in morning, pick potatoes in day, and water them at 
    night. The 25th is the last day to plant turnips.
    Spring 27th 
    Today it is optional to have a picnic on your farm. Tell Nina yes if you want 
    a lot of happiness points.
    Summer 1st 
    If you haven't bought the Sprinkler the 19th of Spring, buy it now! Take care 
    of animals, buy tomato and corn seeds and plant and water them at night, 
    remember to have a lot of grass. Earthquake MAY occur today.
    Summer 2nd through 10th
    Earthquake!!! Now thus may happen the 1st of Summer too but usually one of 
    these days. But don't worry no one will get hurt. Just do your things 
    regularly because it happens when you are sleeping. Take care of animals in 
    morning, pick tomatoes and corn at day and water them at night.
    Typhoon Season
    There will be one Typhoon that strikes every Summer. Watch the news to find 
    out when so you can get all your animals inside, besides the horse whom 
    shelters himself.
    Summer 11th through 25th
    Take care of animals in morning, pick tomatoes and corn at day, and help the 
    Harvest Sprites and get special tools and water plants at night.
    Summer 26th 
    Last day to water Tomatoes before your last harvest of tomatoes.
    Summer 27th
    Last day to water corn before your last harvest of corn. Concentrate on 
    cutting grass for winter.
    Summer 28th through 29th
    Take care of animals in the morning, pick corn and tomatoes at day, and cut 
    grass at night.
    Summer 30th
    Last day to pick corn and tomatoes. Take care of animals in morning, pick corn 
    at day and if you run out of corn pick the rest of tomatoes. At night find 
    something useful to do with the vegetables you weren't able to sell, and cut 
    Fall 1st
    Take care of animals in the morning, buy eggplant seeds, and pick mushrooms at 
    day, and water plants, and cut grass at night. Fall is the season you cut a 
    lot of grass for Winter.
    Fall 2nd through 8th
    Take care of animals in morning, which should be one bought chicken, three 
    raised chickens, and three bought cows. Pick eggplant and mushrooms at day, 
    and water plants and cut grass at night.
    Fall 9th
    Raise a cow. This is optional but gives you a very high happiness score. You 
    can't get milk from your expectant cow for a whole season. It's up to you. To 
    raise a cow buy Cow Potion at the Animal Shop.
    Fall 10th
    Stock the Pantry. Before you blow all your money from your Summer crops, buy 
    up to 99 croissants, rice balls, and dumplings. This is not optional. If you 
    don't do this you'll be too weak to work, because you'll run out of food. Stay 
    up late tonight outside. The Vegetable Festival takes place today!
    Fall 11th through 15th
    Take care of animals in the morning, pick eggplant and mushrooms at day and 
    buy anything that's necessary, and water plants, and cut grass at night. 
    Remember to get all the best tools. Fall is a good season to remodel your 
    house and get the Golden Hammer.
     Fall 16th through 19th
    Take care of animals in the morning, pick eggplant and mushrooms at day, and 
    water eggplant, and cut grass at night. It would be wise to remodel your house 
    one of these days.
    Fall 20th
    Last day to plant grass. Go out and buy your last bags of grass and plant them 
    at night. Try to pick a little bit of eggplant today, also. Also at night 
    water eggplant.
    Fall 21st through 30th
    Take care of animals in the morning, pick eggplant and mushrooms at day. Buy 
    anything necessary. And water eggplant and cut grass at night. The 30th is the 
    last day to cut grass, make sure you have enough grass in your silo for 
    Winter 1st
    Take care of animals in morning, then go out and buy carrot seeds. At night 
    make room for carrots and water them.
    Winter 2nd through 18th
    Take care of animals in morning, pick carrots and mushrooms at day, and water 
    carrots at night. Make sure you get ALL the best tools this season since this 
    is your last season to prove yourself a Harvest Master. If you already have 
    all the Golden Tools by now, good for you and that's not sarcasm! Honestly! 
    Look for all the Power Berries this season! Plow your whole farm and help the 
    Harvest Sprite.
    Winter 19th
    Last day to plant Broccoli…like anybody cares.
    Winter 20th
    Catch the bird. Ellen will come to you asking if you can help her find her pet 
    bird. Take care of your animals then go find that bird!
    Winter 21st through 22nd
    Take care of your animals in the morning, pick carrots and mushrooms at day, 
    and water carrots at night. 
    Winter 23rd
    Last day to plant carrots. Take care of animals in the morning, then go buy 
    last carrot seeds and plant and water them at night. If you have time pick 
    mushrooms at day or carrots if you have some.
    Winter 24th
    Christmas Party. Take care of animals in the morning and make sure you get 
    invited to the Christmas party today.
    Winter 25th through 29th
    Take care of animals in the morning. Do your best work the last days of 
    Winter! Get anything you don't have now! Pick carrots only! Lots of carrots! 
    At night water your carrots. You should have put at least a few pieces of 
    broccoli in the shipping crate.
    Winter 30th
    This is it! Your grandfather's spirit is here to see you? What will he say? If 
    you're lucky he'll say "Good job" and give you two farm gifts. If you didn't 
    do too good then he'll leave angry and you'll give up on the farm. If you keep 
    the farm, then you will be able to play as long as you want and there will be 
    new farm tools to use like a cheese maker, butter churn, pick axe, First Aid 
    Kit, Fishing Pole, saddlebags, and Magical Umbrella! Good Luck Harvesters!
    {16} Do's And Don'ts
    Get 4 Chickens
    Get 4 Cows
    Breed and raise a cow
    Breed and raise 3 chickens
    Get all Golden Tools
    Buy new equipment
    Stay alive by buying food and drinks when needed
    Become a Ranch Master
    Be nice to the Harvest Sprites
    Sit on your butt and do nothing
    Lose the game
    Buy 4 chickens
    Lose concentration, nighttime doesn't last forever anymore!
    {17} Bugs and Strange Stuff
    Koro! Roko!?:
    I've heard someone complain that her dog messed up a lot and turned into a cat 
    a lot. If you have problems with this you have choices. A: Trade your pet to 
    someone else. B: Put it outside somewhere you can't see it. C: Ignore it. D: 
    Call your local exorcist.
    When do I get the Sprinkler!? And what about the Butter and Cheese maker!:
    I hear a lot of people complain that they don't get a chance to buy a 
    Sprinkler. Also the same with the Butter Churn and Cheese Maker. My advice is 
    to buy the items right away if you can. If you can't your game is messed up. 
    Remember you must buy the watering can before you can get the sprinkler and 
    you can only get the Cheese Maker and Butter Churn if all your cows are 
    producing large milk.
    The Harvest Sprite won't give me back my Hoe or Sickle!!!:
    HUNDREDS of people email me about this! Now before you email me, read this! 
    The Sprites don't give the tools back! This means you have the
    Gameboy Color version. Turn the timer on to fast and turn the
    game off for 12 REAL hours. If timer is on slow it will be
    24 REAL hours. I am no longer answering this question in email.
    I've heard someone say their Cow has turned into a cat...
    My advice is to walk it off. Get some cat litter.
    Moist Mushrooms:
    In the caverns you can refill your watering can at the top mushroom.
    Remodeling House = Waste of Money!:
    If you use the egg trick during the time the carpenter is remodeling
    your house...your house will never be remodeled. So wait til the job
    is done before you use the egg trick again!!!
    Send any bugs to LoudKing@aol.com and I'll see if I can help.
    {18} Codes and Secrets
    Ah! Codes! Everyone loves Codes! Ah! Secrets! Natsume continues their Secrets!
    The Name Game:
    Here's a very useful code! Natsume put it in themselves! This code makes it so 
    you can pick the vegetables you want to plant in Fall and Winter! I advise 
    EVERYONE who plays Harvest Moon GB to read this NOW!
    The worst- If your name starts with a lower case letter (ex=jack or jill) you 
    will only be able to plant peanuts and broccoli in Fall and Winter. Do not 
    lowercase the first letter in your name.
    Better- If you put a symbol instead of a letter (ex=&Man or %ill) you will be 
    able to plant eggplant, peanuts, broccoli, and carrots in Fall and Winter, but 
    you'll have a really stupid name.
    Best- If you capitalize the first letter in your name (ex=Jack or Jill) you'll 
    keep a cool name and you'll be able to plant the best veggies, eggplant and 
    carrots in Fall and Winter.
    Free Stuff:
    Pick a girl with a heart in the first letter space. You'll get grass seeds, 
    potato seeds, turnip seeds, and a watering can to start out with!
    Infinite Eggs:
    You need the Watering Can to do this. Wait until you have an egg near the 
    Shipping Box (for eggs) and water it. The egg will turn into a fence piece. 
    Pick up the fence and it will be an egg. Keep on picking up the fence. 
    Unlimited eggs!
    There are VERY good secrets in here for you!
    Start up 1,000 GP:
    Only have enough for one starting bag of turnips? Want a couple bags of 
    Potatoes? Well good! I have a very important secret for you. 
    Look in your dresser, in your cabin. 
    How to get the gifts!
    You need the exact things to get each of these 3 gifts:
    If the player fills four of these conditions, they will get it at the end of
    the year:
      4 Cows
      4 Chickens
      Hoed over 1600 squares
      Shipped 4500 pieces of Produce
      Ultra Deluxe House
    Magic Umbrella
    If the player fills all of these conditions, they will get it at the end of 
      4 Cows
      4 Chickens
      Hoed over 1600 squares
      Shipped 4500 pieces of Produce
      Ultra Deluxe House
    Fishing Rod
    At the end of the second year you get it even if you didn't do too good.
    Golden Chicken:
    The Golden Hen will appear randomly when you trade chickens with the Game Link 
    Blessed Cow:
    Go to church and pray ten times a day or more...EVERY SINBGLE DAY!
    The Harvest Goddess will EVENTUALLY one day answer your prayers
    and bless a cow. That cow will never be unhappy again and will
    produce large milk immediatly! It might never become sick again
    but I'm not really sure.
                                 GameShark Codes
    I tested most of these and they work pretty good! How did I test these? No I 
    am not a cheater. I used my rom.
    Codes with ** and ** over them mean I have tested them and they have not 
    worked for me.
    And Harvest Moon GBC is not workable with gameshark I belive, so if it doesn't 
    work don't email me about it.
     Infinite Money 01FFEFB8 + 01FFF0B8 + 0105F1B8 
     Time Modifier 01??82B8 
     Day Modifier 01??83B8 
     Have Super Sycle in ToolShed 0101A7B8 
     Have Super Hoe in ToolShed 0101A8B8 
     Have Super Hammer in ToolShed 0101A9B8 
     Have Super Ax in ToolShed 0101AAB8 
     Have Cow Medicine in ToolShed 0101ABB8 
     Have Milker in ToolShed 0101ACB8 
     Have Brush in ToolShed 0101ADB8 
     Have Water Can in ToolShed 0101AEB8 
     Have Sprinkler in ToolShed
     (Don't Use with Water Can Code) 0101AFB8 
     Have P. Medicine in ToolShed 0101B1B8 
     Have M. Potion in ToolShed 0101B2B8 
     Have Cow Bell in ToolShed 0101B3B8 
     Have Grass Seeds in ToolShed 0101B4B8 
     Have Turnip Seeds in ToolShed 0101B5B8 
     Have Potato Seeds in ToolShed 0101B6B8 
     Have Tomato Seeds in ToolShed 0101B7B8 
     Have Corn Seeds in ToolShed 0101B8B8 
     Have Eggplant Seeds in ToolShed 0101B9B8 
     Have Peanut Seeds in ToolShed 0101BAB8 
     Have Carrot Seeds in ToolShed 0101BBB8 
     Have Broccli Seeds in ToolShed 0101BCB8 
     Have Pick Ax in ToolShed 0101BDB8 
     Have Umbrella in ToolShed 0101BEB8 
     Have Fishing Rod in ToolShed 0101BFB8 
     Have Cow Feed 0101C0B8 
     Have Chicken Feed 0101C1B8 
     **Have Cat For Pet 0101DAB8 + 0100DBB8 
     Have Dog For Pet 0100DAB8 + 0101DBB8 
     Have No Pet 0100DAB8 + 0100DBB8** 
     Infinite Turnip Seeds 0163D2B8 
     Infinite Potato Seeds 0163D3B8 
     Infinite Tomato Seeds 0163D4B8 
     Infinite Corn Seeds 0163D5B8 
     Infinite Eggplant Seeds 0163D6B8 
     Infinite Peanut Seeds 0163D7B8 
     Infinite Carrot Seeds 0163D8B8 
     Infinite Broccli Seeds 0163D9B8 
     Infinite Grass Seeds 0163DAB8 
     Items Equipped on Position 1 Mod 01??F8B8 
     Items Equipped on Position 2 Mod 01??F9B8 
     Items Equipped on Hands Position 01??FAB8 
     Infinite Crissant 0163C5B8 
     Infinite Rice Ballling 0163C6B8 
     Infinite Meat Dumpling 0163C7B8 
     Infinite Wild Grape Juice 0163CAB8 
     Infinite Green Tea 0163CBB8 
     Infinite Material (Wood) 01FF38B9 + 01FF39B9 
     Infinite Fodder 01FF3AB9 + 01053BB9 
     Events Modifier
    (Turn off GS when farmer steps outside) 01??8DB8 
     Weather Modifier 01??A0B8 
     Quantity Digits to Accompany Event Modifier Code 
    01 - Get Horse
    02 - After Earthquake (This code is useless)
    03 - Day Before Picnic
    04 - Day of the Picnic
    05 - Get Grape Juice
    06 - Find A Missing Bird
    07 - After Hurricane
    08 - Get New Juice
    09 - Get Offered a Sprinkler
    0A - Get Offered a Lerger House
    0B - Find Nina
    0C - Girl Stays at Your Ranch 
     Quantity Digits to Accompany Weather Modifer Code 
    00 - Clear Weather
    01 - Rainy Weather
    02 - Snowy Weather
    03 - Strong Winds 
    More Codes and Secrets on the way!
    {19} Tips
    Pro tips straight from Natsume Serious Fun and me!
    ?	When planting vegetable gardens plant them near ponds near the Shipping 
    Box. When you get the sprinkler put all vegetables near the Shipping Box.
    ?	Grass grows on it's own, don't water it.
    ?	When you get a lot of money buy grass. To buy livestock you need a lot of 
    ?	When it rains you don't need to water vegetables, and keep all animals 
    inside except the horse.
    ?	Water your vegetables and feed your animals daily.
    ?	You only need to feed grown chickens; chics just eat leftover scraps.
    ?	To feed chickens put grass or chicken food from store in the big long 
    wooden feeding structure in the back of the chicken coop (the            
    chicken coop is to the right of the silo, it's a shed thing what more   do 
    you want from me?). DON'T feed the food to the chicken's face people it 
    doesn't work that way.
    ?	Feeding animals is VERY important! If you forget they won't produce milk or 
    eggs for three days.
    ?	Using bare hands doesn't waste energy. Only tools do.
    ?	Don't plant after the 25th of each season.
    ?	Plant your grass away from the shipping box.
    ?	Give presents to the harvest sprites whenever you can.
    ?	You need to plant 5 bags of grass to buy a chicken.
    ?	You need to plant 7 bags of grass to buy a cow.
    {20} Rumors: Answered
    Hear lots of Rumors? Here I'll list a lot, and answer most of them! If you 
    have a Rumor that you heard and want it explained send it to me at
    LoudKing@aol.com . 
    If you think a rumor that I list is fake or true also email me.
    Rumors for Natsume
    Natsume is planning on making a Harvest Moon game for the N64.
    True. They are also making a Legend of River King for the N64, too. 
    Heard any Rumors about Natsume or Serious Fun? Send 'em over!
    Rumors for Harvest Moon GB
    When you turn off Harvest Moon GB the game keeps going. So you better befriend 
    the auto farmer!
    False. There is an auto farmer in Harvest Moon GBC. What you
    do is turn timer on and turn game off and the moron sprites
    will destroy your farm.
    You can keep the Golden Chicken in this game!
    Possibility. But no one knows yet.
    Time passes by at nighttime!
    True. It's cruel, but you'll get used to it.
    The sprites steal the tools in the real game, too. What you can do is
    turn on the timer on fast before you give it to them. THEN they will give it 
    back in 12 hours REAL time. If timer is on slow it will be
    24 REAL hours.
    This is absolutely true. But for Gameboy Color only. All us
    regular Harvest Moon GBs don't have to worry at all.
    There is a blessed cow! It will never be unhappy again!
    True. It also gets large milk immediatly. To find out how to
    get it read the Secrets section.
    If you heard lots of facts that you think are rumors look up the News section 
    and see if you find any facts that you thought were rumors. If there are none 
    send your Harvest Moon GB rumors to me.
    {21} FAQ
    Please send any of your questions on Natsume, and/or Harvest Moon GB.
    Q: My chicken won't lay eggs!! Why not?
    A: You're not feeding it correctly.
    Q: Ok how do I feed it hotshot?
    A: To feed it put grass or chicken food from store in the big long
    wooden feeding structure in the back of the chicken coop (the chicken coop is 
    to the right of the silo, it's a shed thing what more do you want from me?). 
    DON'T feed the food to the chicken's face people it doesn't work that way.
    Q: I'm salty now.
    A: Yes very salted.
    Q: What are the locations of all the Power Berries?
    A: I listed them in "Happiness". I am not sure about two of them. If          
    you have gotten 9 or 10 power berries please email me and tell me how you got 
    Q: Are there are any GameGenie or GameShark codes?
    A: There are a lot of GameShark codes of which I added to this guide! I did 
    not test them but I am sure they work. Trust me. If you have any problems 
    email me or IM me if I am online. There are no GameGenie codes for the game.
    Q: How do I get gifts from the spirit of my grandfather?
    A: Check the secrets section.
    Q: How come the Harvest Sprites don't give me the Super Hoe or Sickle?
    A: If they promised you these gifts and you haven't received them, turn
       the game off for 12 REAL hours if timer is on fast, 24 REAL hours
       if timer is on slow.
    Q: How do I get the Golden Chicken?
    A: Trade with another Harvest Moon fan by link cable. You must trade Chickens. 
    There is a 1/64 chance of finding the Golden Chicken.
    Q: When does Ann sell the Saddlebags?
    A: Call your horse 15 to 20 days in a row.
    Q: When does Ann sell the Butter and Cheese Maker?
    A: When all your cows produce large milk.
    Q: When does Ann sell the sprinkler.
    A: When she does. It's usually 19th of Spring for me.
    Q: How do I become a true Ranch Master?
    A: Meet these expectations:
    4 Cows  
    4 Chickens  
    Hoed over 1600 squares  
    Shipped 4500 pieces of Produce  
    Ultra Deluxe House  
    Over 6 Power Berries  
    Over 65536 gp  
    Happiness over 250  
    Q: How come I can't plant certain vegetables? 
    A: Seeds change every season and sometimes your name can be causing trouble. 
    Check the name game code at the "Codes" section.
    Q: If you pray a lot can a cow become blessed? And what does it do?
    A: I have heard of blessed cows before but never experienced it myself. I 
    heard that particular blessed cow never becomes unhappy again and
    immediatly produces large milk. This rumor is...TRUE!
    Q: Where is the auto farmer in this game?
    A: It's only in Harvest Moon GBC.
    Q: I can't use gameshark codes! Why not?
    A: I don't think Harvest Moon GBC players can use gameshark
       codes. I know the rom version can.
    Q: Can you tell me where to find an emulator with a timer
    A: Nope.
    Q: How about a Harvest Moon ROM?
    A: Nah.
    Q: Why are you playing a farming game.
    A: Why are you reading a faq for a game you don't have?
    Q: I can't use the egg trick!
    A: I don't believe Harvest Moon GBC players can use it. Too bad, ehh?
    {22} Credits
    Writer: Andrew R Morozin (LoudKing@aol.com)
    Information: Andrew R Morozin (LoudKing@aol.com), and Nintendo Power.
    Andrew R Morozin got his information from Nintendo Power and his own 
    experience in the game. 
    Finding all the great Harvest Moon GB GameShark codes.
    Talked me into liking Brocolli.
    I ESPECIALLY thank Nick...he is the one that found the LAST two missing 
    unknown power berries! Good job Nick!
    billbb (mail@earthlink.net):
    Told me of the blessed cow and how it is real.
    A Name 586@aol.com:
    Told me of the Moist Mushroom and Carpenter bugs.
    A fan of mine sent me the amount of grass you need to buy livestock..
    and for some reason how many tree stumps there are in the game.
    The amount of grass needed was added to the tips section.
    The tree stump thing was added to the settings section..
    Isaac Nitschke (phyrexian_ike@hotmail.com):
    Told me the correct amount of grass to buy for chickens and
    Special Thanks To:
    -Nintendo Power Magazine for informing me about Harvest Moon and  inspiring me 
    to get it and make a FAQ/Walkthrough THEN telling me about  Harvest Moon GB 
    and inspiring me to make a Harvest Moon GB FAQ/Walkthrough,  too. 
    -The Counselors' Corner at Nintendo Power Magazine people for helping   me 
    with the game.
    -I thank Natsume and Serious Fun for making great games. 
    -I thank all the readers. 
    -I think Game Shark Code Creators Club for finding those great GameShark 
    -Shirlyn Sullins (Shirlyn.Sullins@gte.net)
    -Richard Phan (rjphan@worldnet.att.net)
    -I ESPECIALLY thank Nick!
    -billbb (mail@earthlink.net)
    -A Name 586@aol.com for sending me the new bugs!
    -Anyone who helped me!
    Email your questions, suggestions, ideas, and/or comments at LoudKing@aol.com 
    Well I hope you got a lot of tips, codes, hints, and secrets from my Harvest 
    GB FAQ/Walkthrough! I tried to make this FAQ perfect and I hope
    I succeed! Please look for other FAQs/Walkthroughs at www.gamefaqs.com and 
    look for my reviews there too! Have a nice day!
                                            ~Andrew R Morozin
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    In-depth FAQs by Andrew R Morozin:
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    If the FAQs listed by me are not at gamefaqs.com yet, just wait!
    That's all! Please do not take ANYTHING from my guide without my permission. 
    For permission , or if you want to email me errors or some things I missed in 
    the game you can email me at LoudKing@aol.com .
    This document copyrighted 1999-2000, all rights reserved. 

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