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    Mini-FAQ by JP

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                   1998 Jonathan Bouldin     
                  The JP guide to
                  Harvest Moon
                   Questions? Get in touch at chocobo@game-place.com
                   NOTE: This is a FAQ to the Game Boy Harvest Moon. Not the SNES version.
    Q: What's a good way to make fast cash?
    A: Fast cash? There's no such thing as fast cash. You have to work hard and long for it all.
    Q: What are the best ways to make money?
    A: There are a few ways depending on how much to want. You always have to start by growing crops
    since you can't afford anything else at the start of the game. But once you get money from your 
    crops you can buy that money to buy more seeds and grass. When you get enough grass, buy a chicken and sell the
    egg for more money. Use this to buy more seeds and grass. When you have enough grass breed another
    chicken. Then repeat the process above. You'll be getting a bit more money now. After a while you'll
    have four chickens and you might have enough grass to get a cow. So save up and buy one. Buy a brush 
    right after you get it but don't buy a milkier will after it grows up. No use in paying 2000 dollars for 
    something you wont be using for a while. But when it grows up buy a milkier and milk and brush it every day. 
    Buy more grass and seeds for crops and always cut grass whenever you can. You'll have enough for two cows later. 
    Keep in mind that I you brush them every day they will give you more milk over time. Try to have four cows 
    and tons of grass before winter. That's what I did, along with four chickens and I had about 65'000 dollars 
    at the end of winter! It's all good.
    Q: How do I get the super tools?
    A: Help the gnomes whenever they need your help. You should also give them a mushroom or something every 
    day. They'll help you in return. You have to throw you axe into the lake after the earthquake and tell the 
    water spirit that its your axe. Then she'll give you the super axe.
    Q: Can I get married? 
    A: I acutely don't know... I don't think so but maybe. Like I said I don't know. 
    Q: Why is there a shipping box in the cave under the shed?
    A: You can sell mushrooms easily without having to run back and forth, but you should give the gnomes 
    a mushroom everyday so that they'll help you.

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