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Gameplay: 7/10

Good puzzler, but the speed setting is a little ridiculous and without a pause button this is nearly impossible to think about in later levels. Fortunately we are given passwords to continue on. This makes it ok to play on later if you didn't manage to get through and perhaps learn from your mistakes and get some idea how to solve a level. Many levels require to be very fast at the start, and missing it might even mean you have no way to avoid death. Instead I was hoping for more game modes rather than the simple stuff all the time. I'm sure it would work well. The speed option isn't what I call an extra mode. Playing on anything but easy is not worthwhile your time.

Graphics: 7/10

Very basic, but basic will do. Neat mine and cute animations, it represents everything the game wants to in a nice way. I think color would actually make this more confusing to play anyway. I could do with less confusing gameplay instead. Amida (I assume that's his name) is cute and looks like an old style of Kirby. There are also some other incarnations that aren't quite as cute, and the graphic limitations really show.

Sound: 6/10

There are a few music pieces to chose from, and the sound effects are working out, yet there isn't much else to write about. I don't really recommend to play this seriously with music on, as you need to keep most of your concentration for trying to quickly solve those bridge puzzles.

Overall: 7/10

Recommended for puzzle fans, the average gamer might find this a little boring and even quite hard in the later levels. The death-trapped filled levels should last a while if you have to re-play them often. The password system helps to split this into manageable chapters. A similar game was included as a mini-game in the NES game Dai Meiro, and to think this was actually sold as a full version game really doesn't seem so great now. If you managed to get through this game on your own, I congratulate you.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/07

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