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Gameplay: 4/10

Anyone with a Windows OS will know this game, other OS probably have some sort of version as well. The simple modes are pretty boring, but the missions will enhance the longevity by a bit. Gameplay is simply yet addictive. The biggest problem is having to guess at times, it doesn't feel like a real puzzle game to me. Time limit is a little pointless for the normal modes, but used well in the missions. Unfortunately the guessing part means the missions can be lost with ease, and the passwords only get you to the missions and not the individual puzzles. There are only three modes to play, and only the missions are remotely interesting. This could have expanded with very little work. Edit Mode alone is buggy, and tedious to input. Where is the "random level" mode we would like to see, rather than just the Level Mode fields.

Graphics: 4/10

Adequate, but nothing else you can really think of enhancing. I am glad they made use of a single screen as it would be horrible to play otherwise. It is very nice to play small puzzles but once the game lays out huge grids it is a little bit of a strain on the eyes. The cutscenes between the missions are always the same, how lazy from the programmers to simply copy and paste the same one over and over.

Sound: 4/10

There is an annoying sound you can switch off from the menu, I highly suggest you do so straight away. The effects are adequate and mainly affect mines blowing up anyway. It is kind of fun to get a shock sound out of nowhere, as if one really blew up.

Overall: 4/10

Boring and not worth buying at all. The game is free with any decent PC operating system and public domain games are available en mass. The puzzle should only keep a gamer busy for a few days and after that I highly doubt the game will ever be touched again. Too bad they couldn't think of more missions or modes to play to keep this game fresh for longer. On a final note, I was unable to test the 2-player mode and it might have presented some extra fun than just solo play. But from screens I have seen on-line, it does not seem to be any revolutionary contents either.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/14/06

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