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"Short and very sweet, so keep playing it over and over!"

I just love this game. Maybe just because it is a Dragonball game. This game came out in a time
of no rpg's for the gameboy. Sadly, it was only released in Japan. Which really sucks!! This game, though very short, has great gameplay.

Graphics-10/10. First of all, it is early gameboy game. Still, the graphics are superb. You meet different characters, and there picture is there and if you fight them
you see what move they are doing by that having a picture of the person doing that move(duh). The pictures are straight from the magna and look great.

Sound-10/10. There really isn't much sound, a little music and all the moves make a sound. Everything sounds great though.

Control-10/10. This is a rpg, so controls are pretty simple but they are responsive, and thats all I care about. Especially since this is a gameboy game.

Story- 10/10. The story follows a little bit of Dragonball and the beginning of Dragonball Z. I loved the story anyway. It starts with the 23rd Botoutenchia(pardon my spelling) and ends with the battle with Vegeta and Nappa. I love the story anyway.

Gameplay-10/10. The gameplay is great. It is a rpg, the only problem is that it just keeps going and you can't stop and fight to level up. If you could do that, the game would be more popular(If you have any info or any secret codes for this game, e-mail me at The game has little side games that you can play, they are fun in a odd way. You can play two sets of minigame, in total there are five or six. These games increase your stats a little, sadly you can only use them, at max, 6 times. The battles are really innovative and fun. The can last for about ten minutes if you take your time. You level up after every battle, and there is a total of only 8-10 battles in the whole game though! Which really brings the game down. There are 3 games in this game. You can play a Story mode, a Tournament mode, or practice King Kai's training.

Future-I have heard some info that a company is starting to work on two videogames on Dragonball. One for Playstation 2(If you can get one!) and one for Gameboy(YEEESSSS!!!). They both will come out in 2001 I think.

I love playing this game over and over, it is fun playing different people in tournament mode as Goku, but it gets a little tedious though.I bought this game for 39.99 at, which is really cheap! I think you should buy this game if you are into Dragonball. If you have bought this game and you really like it, I suggest you buy this games sequel, Dragonball Z:Gekitouden. You might have a hard time finding this game, and if you do it may be at a very high price. If you find it for under $75.00, buy it!
I enjoyed doing this review, if you are stuck and need help in this game, e-mail me at

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/01/00, Updated 12/01/00

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