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DragonBall Z: Goku Hishouden was the first DBZ game released for the handheld system, ''GameBoy'', this Dragon Ball Z game, like many others, were only released in Japan.

Story - The story takes place with Son Gokuh training with Kami-sama, once he is finished, you are to fight his clone. And then the game proceeds to take place at the 23rd Tenkachi Budokai, and ends at the defeat of the Sayia-jin's, Nappa and Bejita. 7/10

Graphics - The graphics in this game are excellent for an early GameBoy title, when people are speaking in the game, you see a picture of them. And when in fights, you can see pictures straight from the manga, of the person performing his attacking move. There are also scenes taken from the manga, which are also small, but good additons.8/10

Gameplay - The gameplay in this game is different from many other games, unlike in most RPGs. You do not have the freedom of walking around, and having to solve puzzles, etc... instead, the game tells you the story of what is happening currently, and if a battle takes place with Gokuh, you control that fight. Fights in the game are excellent, you need strategy, and cunning wits to win battles. There are also some mini-games in this game, which are addictive to the touch, and are very fun. However, this game is VERY short, and only lasts about a several battles until the game ends, but the game is very fun while it lasts. 9/10

Control - It's an RPG, thus there are not many control problems. You choose attacks with the D-pad, and choose them with the A button. 10/10

Replay - The game is very short, and is fun while the game lasts, so you might decide to play it over and over again. The game is very challenging, and trying to complete many things in the game might even take hours. There is also a tournament mode, where you can battle with the people that you saw in your game. However, you are always mostly more powerful than the people in the tournament, which dosent make it too challenging. 8/10

Overall - This is an excellent title for Gameboy, it is remarkably fun, while it does not last very long. It is still a good title, and you should buy it if you can ever find it. Just try not to dish out too much, since it dosent last that long.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/09/01, Updated 11/09/01

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