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"An RPG/Strategy game based off of one of the most popular comics/cartoons ever!"


Graphics: 8/10
Sound Effects: 7/10
Music: 6/10
Originality: 8/10
Play Control: 7/10
Group Enjoyment: 3/10
Individual Enjoyment: 8/10
Challenge: 8/10
Ending: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

The first Dragon Ball game for the Gameboy, Gokuu Hishouden losely covers the plot of Dragon Ball, the famed manga by artist Akira Toriyama. The story goes from Gokuu training on Kami(God)'s Lookout, all the way to him saving the world from Vegita (Boo!). Along the way Gokuu fights a LOT of bad guys, dependant on certain selections you make on the way. So, does Gokuu save the world, or does Vegita show him how pathetically weak he is and destroy him?

Good Points:
This game is awesome! The punches and kicks sounded really neat, and you got the chance to use certain attacks, such as One Pattern and Taiyo-Ken, that you don’t get to use in a lot of games! And the more you use certain attacks, the stronger versions you get to use.

Bad Points:
Well, for starters, it isn’t long enough for my tastes. I wanted to have to fight alot more people, like King Kaioh and Bubbles, or, if you fell of Snake Road, the Demon Brothers. That would have been cool. And I wish that you could use all of your attacks. I realize that it’s neat how the longer the battle goes on, the weaker you get, and the less damage you will be able to do, but after a while, you will only be able to punch and kick, and have to recharge for another couple of rounds.

General Ratings:

There are, essentially, 4 places where there are different sets of graphics. During the talking scenes, there's pictures of everyone's faces (that's talking), and the location. Then there's the pre-fight, where you can see the location of Gokuu and whoever he's fighting, and the attacks Gokuu has at his disposal. Then there's the actual fight, where you see Gokuu attacking, defending, etc. Finally, there's the mini-games. The graphics for the talking scenes and pre-fights are ok, but not amazing. The actual fight pictures, though, are taken straight from the manga, and the mini-games are funny to watch (they almost look like Final Fantasy characters-huge heads, small bodies).

Sound Effects:
The sound effects are pretty good. The punches sound like punches, the kicks sound like kicks (and I've been hit with plenty of both in my time, folks), and the general movement and charging up sounds good as well. Some of the sounds are a little too irritating, though, so the score had to be dropped some.

Ok, here's where we hit a snag. Sure, there IS music, but it's not really that great! And there's not that much of it. At least there more than 1 piece of music, and it's not absolutely horrible, like SOME Gameboy games. I believe the fault of the music is not the Gameboy's capabilities, however, but more a writing problem. It's just not very catchy! I think the composer should have spent more time on it.

Come on, you can NOT honestly tell me that you've seen anything like this before in your life (run-on sentence). The fights, while requiring the use of skill and/or reflexes to survive, are very strategic as well. You need to be at the right range for each attack to work, and you have to have enough Battle Points to use it. And the more you use certain attacks, the bigger and better +versions of those attacks you eventually get! The only down point is that there have been Dragon Ball games before spanning this part of the story.

Play Control:
This game really doesn't have to worry about play control at all. The only trouble you might have with it is when you're trying to avoid an attack (with the reflex games), or when you're training with King Kaioh (in order to catch Bubbles, the monkey, you need to alternate the A and B buttons as fast as you can). It's difficult, but the rest of the game is tolerable.

I don't believe you can play head-to-head with someone else, and even if you could, that would probably just confuse me (it's hard enough trying to figure out where the computer will go so I can attack at that range). By yourself, though, this game is really fun to work with.

Ah, reflexes. That's what this game is about. You can take the normal path of attacking the enemy, and then taking whatever they throw at you, OR you can use 1 of 3 methods to deal with the attack:
1) You can try to dodge it through the use of the moving arrow. An arrow moves back and forth on a bar-line, and you have to hit at or near the center to reduce the damage. Hit too far away from it, and you take the full amount.
2) You can try the ''Simon Says'' game. You have to match the arrows shown by pressing the corresponding arrow. In other words, it shows an up arrow, so you press up. After a while, though, this game gets REALLY fast.
3) You can take the full hit, but there's a chance that instead of taking the damage, you will retaliate, taking no damage yourself and dealing damage to the enemy instead!

Ah, the ending. If you're familiar with Dragon Ball, then you know what happens after Gokuu won over Vegita. That's right, it led right into the sequel, Gokuu Gekitouden! (blatant plug, blatant plug)


This is a great game, and has alot of replay value, especially during the Tenkai-Ichi-Budokai, where you can fight almost any of the previous opponents in the story mode. That was a neat idea. The sounds are superb, and the music is pretty good for a Gameboy game. But I wish it was longer, and had more playable characters. All in all, though, this game is above average.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/16/00, Updated 08/16/00

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