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"Odd, yet very entertaining"

This game was released in Japan a few years ago but I only found out about this game just recently. Apparently this game was just for the Japanese market and not available anywhere else, unless you order it online and have it shipped to you.

Anyway, this game, even though pretty old(hey it's made for the very first game boy!) still managed to impress me. here's how it is.

The game's graphics is based, according to sources, from the comic books of the said title. It's just basically two boxes showing the moves that you selected from the command lists. even if that is the case It is still nice because it looks really like the dragon ball characters. Besides, this is an old title so I cannot really complain all that much and also, everything goes fluidly and that is one of it's strong points.

There isn't really any likeable sound on this game except for the grunts and hit effects that the game makes when you are battling. Other than that, absolutely nothing.

Controls of this game is particularly easy, A is for confirmation and B for cancel. there is no pause on this game so the start button is kind of pointless during the battles. You only need it during the beginning of the game.
Over all pretty easy and the learning curve is about 10 seconds max.

The game play is pretty good and entertaining, although it is somewhat shorter than I have expected. It follows the dragon ball story lines, although not from start to finish. You start off with a training wherein you have to fight off your clone. And then you move off to the world tournament where you can fight either Tenshinhan, krillyn, yamcha etcetera.
The final fight you will have on that tournament is piccolo. After that it will go on through the saiyan saga where you will fight vegeta as the final boss.That part is just for the story mode of the game.
You can also play the mini games and other stuff which can add a bit more fun into it.

Although the game is in itself very short, i think if I remember correctly, I finished it around 2 hours on my first try.But still, it is a very good game and you will definitely want to play it again. So in conclusion, there is a very high re playability rate for this game. It isn't really boring at all. In fact the more you play it, the more enjoyable the experience is.

A highly appealing game. Although it is in Japanese language, it is quite easy to learn how the command list work as you progress. Besides even if you messed up, you can always cancel it with the B button.

This is definitely a must buy. I don't really care if I have it shipped to me and paid around 50 Canadian dollars for it, it is still worth it. I do enjoy playing this rather than the other dragon ball titles which are newer than this because they are really just crappy in terms of quality and game play. So if you are into dragon ball games and the series, I suggest you try and get your hands on this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/17/04

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