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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kain Stryder

    Version: Final | Updated: 09/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     2MM MjMM. M  BM MM65M  2M M  tM  MM M8PMM   MM M ;t: MM: MB# SMMMMKEM 
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       #M.  jMM  BMv     CB  BMt PMME E8 M M# M hMB M M6 MMMMK MM ;MMMMMtMM  
                 Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden - FAQ/Walkthrough.
                           Written By: Kain Stryder.
                       E-Mail Address: ssj4kain@aol.com.
                          Walkthrough Version: Final.
                             Last Updated: 9/7/08.
                              System(s): Gameboy.
    =                            Table Of Contents                            =
    | [ I. Introduction ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ INTR1 ] |
    |                                                                         |
    | [ II. Current Updates ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CURUP2 ]|
    |                                                                         |
    | [ III. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) ] . . . . . . . . . . [ FAQ3 ] |
    |                                                                         |
    | [ IV. How To Play ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ HOTOP4 ]|
    |    A. Controls And Menus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ COAME4.1 ] |
    |    B. Moving Around . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MOAR4.2 ] |
    |    C. Battle System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BASYS4.3 ]|
    |    D. Story Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ STMO4.4 ]|
    |    E. 1P Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ 1PTOUR4.5 ] |
    |    F. 2P Battle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ 2PBATT4.6 ] |
    |                                                                         |
    | [ V. The Playable Characters Of The Story ] . . . . . . . . . [ TPCOT5 ]|
    |    A. Gohan (Son Gohan.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOSG5.1 ]|
    |    B. Krillin (Kurirun.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KRKU5.2 ]|
    |    C. Vegeta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ VEGE5.3 ]|
    |    D. Goku (Son Goku.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOKU5.4 ]|
    |    E. Piccolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ PICC5.5 ] |
    |                                                                         |
    | [ VI. Various Training Games/Minigames ] . . . . . . . . . . [ VATRGM6 ]|
    |    A. Gravity Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GRATR6.1 ] |
    |    B. The Chase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THCH6.2 ] |
    |    C. Namekian Frog Blasting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ NAFB6.3 ]|
    |    D. Rock Pushing Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ROPUGA6.4 ] |
    |    E. Underwater Rock Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ UNRG6.5 ]|
    |                                                                         |
    | [ VII. The Walkthrough ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THEWA7 ] |
    |    A. The Beginning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THEBE7.1 ]|
    |    B. The Men Of Frieza Attack! Our Ship Is Lost... . . . [ TMOFAO7.2 ] |
    |    C. Rival VS. Rival: The Final Showdown . . . . . . . . [ RVRTFS7.3 ] |
    |    D. Let's Find Out What's Going On! Exploring Namek . . . [ LFOWG7.4 ]|
    |    E. Goku's Healed! His Training Begins... . . . . . . . . [ GHHTB7.5 ]|
    |    F. Something's Not Right... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ SONOR7.6 ] |
    |    G. The Wraith Of Frieza...Dodoria Attacks! . . . . . . [ TWOFDA7.7 ] |
    |    H. Stop Frieza's Wish! The Race To Guru's . . . . . . . [ SFWTR7.8 ] |
    |    I. Zarbon And Vegeta Clash! Who Will Survive?! . . . . [ ZAVCWW7.9 ] |
    |    J. The Tables Turn On Frieza! The Plans To Stop His Reign! [ TT7.10 ]|
    |    K. Everyone's Training Continues...Find The Dragon Balls! [ ETC7.11 ]|
    |    L. Gohan's Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOMI7.12 ]|
    |    M. The Clash! The Final Bout . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TCTFB7.13 ] |
    |    N. On The Run...We Need A New Hideout! . . . . . . . . [ OTRWNA7.14 ]|
    |    O. Onward To Guru's! The Way To Become Stronger... . . [ OTGTW7.15 ] |
    |    P. Arrival Of The Ginyu Force . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ AOTGF7.16 ]|
    |    Q. The First Wave Attacks... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TFWA7.17 ]|
    |    R. Vegeta's Desperate Battle . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ VEDEB7.18 ] |
    |    S. Goku's Here...Can He Stop Rikum? . . . . . . . . . [ GHCHSR7.19 ] |
    |    T. Burta And Jace's Assault! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BAJA7.20 ]|
    |    U. The Boss Is Here! Ginyu Takes The Field . . . . . . [ TBIHG7.21 ] |
    |    V. What?! How...Ginyu Is Now Goku?! . . . . . . . . . [ WHGING7.22 ] |
    |    W. Recovering From The Battle...We Need To Find Dende! [ RFTBWN7.23 ]|
    |    X. Frieza's Rage Is Soaring! Holding Out For Goku... . [ FRISHO7.24 ]|
    |    Y. The Ultimate And Greatest Battle Of All Time! Goku VS. Frieza [&*]|
    |    Z. Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ENDI7.26 ] |
    |    AA. The Clash! Frieza Lives! The Birth Of Super Saiyajin Goku! [ *( ]|
    |    BB. True Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TRUEN7.28 ]|
    |                                                                         |
    | [ VIII. Analyzing The Enemy ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ANATHEN8 ]|
    |                                                                         |
    | [ IX. Secrets ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ SECR9 ] |
    |                                                                         |
    | [ X. Credits ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CRED10 ] |
    |                                                                         |
    | [ XI. My Words ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MYWO11 ] |
    =                            Table Of Contents                            =
    NOTE: I've added a Search Engine into all my FAQs now. To use this, if 
    there's something you wish to find instantly in my FAQ, in the above 
    table, on the left is the name of a section or sub-section. To the right 
    is a weird code, like GOK5.1. Basically, if you wish to go to the section 
    where I tell you about Goku under The Playable Characters Of The Story, on 
    your Keyboard, hold Ctrl and then hit F and a window will open. Type in 
    GOK5.1 and hit Find Next. It'll bring you to that section instantly. The 
    code to reach the Table Of Contents is just that: Table Of Contents. I 
    hope this makes browsing my FAQs easier for you. Enjoy!
    = I. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ INTR1 ] =
    Hello, again. I'm back once more for yet another Dragon Ball Z 
    walkthrough. First, let me just state my usual and say that I don't want 
    to see this guide on ANY site other than GameFAQs. It's also to NOT be 
    edited in ANY way, shape or form. Use this guide as a reference only and 
    for personal use. Thank you and with that, onto the walkthrough!
    Update: This Walkthrough is now available at IGN, Neoseeker and any other 
    sites I've allowed via E-Mail to host this file. If I did not give you 
    permission to host this FAQ on your site, then you're hosting it illegally 
    and if you're reading this on a site with any variatin of "cheat" in its 
    name, please notify me so I may take the necessary action. Thanks.
    = II. Current Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CURUP2 ]=
    9/7/08 - Made a correction to the Contents part of Goku's Training Menu. 
    That info is courtesy of Master Knight. Other than that, no other changes 
    or updates made.
    5/14/07 - Just writing in to let any readers know if they E-Mail me any 
    questions or comments, that my address still works. My willpower to write 
    walkthroughs over the last few years died, mostly to college and real 
    life, but I may just start this up again. Feel free to write in, thanks.
    2/8/04 - I recently translated the manual to this game and found out how 
    to access the 2P Battle Mode, so I've added up a section on that under 
    Section IV. How To Play, so if you happen to own this game, have a Super 
    Famicom/Nintendo, Super Gameboy and 2 Controllers, you can play this with 
    a friend now. (Also works if you find a Emulator that has a Super Gameboy 
    function.) Anyway, that's all and check the end of that section for a 
    Password incase you can't seem to get to Frieza as SSJ Goku, as I threw up 
    the one I got after beating him. So, use it in 2P Battle and see what 
    happens. Until next time...
    2/1/04 - Just corrected a few things on the Menu and added a Quick Tip to 
    the beginning of The Walkthrough. That's about it, though.
    1/20/04 - I updated this walkthrough a little bit with minor changes. 
    Mainly added the Enemy Lists in each part of The Walkthrough to the top 
    part of each section, rather than below it at the end and I threw up a 
    "Suggested Level" part for each area. That's all, really. Until I next 
    12/23/03 - Well, thanks to Rohit Majumdar, I now know where you can play 
    the Rock Pushing Minigame in the main game. You can play it on your way to 
    Guru's the first time, but taking a detour to the Namekian Village that's 
    been destroyed. Once there, if you enter one of the houses, you can play 
    it. I've updated the necessary parts of this walkthrough with that 
    information and Rohit Majumdar has been credited as well. Thanks again!
    11/25/03 - I added the new layout to this walkthrough. How's it look?
    8/13/03 - I have FINALLY figured out how to get the secret ending to this 
    game, which is to unlock the SSJ Goku VS. Frieza Battle that takes place 
    after he's hit with the Genki Dama. If you wish to find out how, read the 
    area JUST before The Walkthrough section for details how to do this and 
    then head to The Walkthrough, AA. The Clash! Frieza Lives! The Birth Of 
    Super Saiyajin Goku! to continue on with the game after the Genki Dama 
    scene. This walkthrough has been marked as the final version and updates, 
    revisions, etc will be made over time. I also redid the ASCII art, so I 
    hope that's better. Well, enjoy Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden, as it's 
    now 100% complete!
    Also, if you're skeptical about the SSJ Goku Battle, E-Mail me. I have 
    pictures as proof.
    6/25/03 - Added a ASCII art banner. How's it look?
    5/10/03 - Just revised the walkthrough a bit. Not a whole lot, you won't 
    notice much of a difference, except for a few things here and there.
    4/12/03 - Added some information regarding the true ending to the game. 
    An updated vesion of this walkthrough will be revised later once I unlock 
    the true ending for myself and then fully complete this guide. Read the 
    beginning of The Walkthrough section for more information.
    12/28/02 - The walkthrough is completed. Revisions will be made overtime. 
    = III. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) . . . . . . . . . . . . [ FAQ3 ] =
    Currently, there are none. Bummer. If I get E-Mails, I'll add some up.
    = IV. How To Play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ HOTOP4 ]=
    - A. Controls And Menus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ COAME4.1 ]-
    Alright, let's start on how to actually move around and stuff, shall we?
    D-Pad - Used to move your characters, cursors and stuff around. Simple,
    right? (Note: Use the Up Button to talk to people and enter doors/caves.)
    Select - Brings up the Menu for your character's stats. In Battle, it 
    allows you to have the computer fight for you on Auto. When you view 
    Goku's Training in the Space Ship, this brings up his current stats.
    Start - Brings up the Menu for your character's stats.
    B Button - Used to exit out of Menus and cancel an option. On the Map, 
    allows your fighter to run.
    A Button - Used to confirm an option. On the Map, allows your fighter to 
    jump. If you hit it again in mid air, your fighter will now fly. To stop 
    flying, just hit A. Also allows you to perform a attack in Battle. 
    Note: You will automatically begin to fly if you fall into a pit.
    When you hit Start or Select, a Menu comes up, showing you each 
    character's stats and different options to choose from. Here's the low 
    down on each thing:
    Exp - Total number of Experience Points you've gained.
    Goku - Tells you how many days are left until Goku arrives.
    Lv - Your current Level. As this increases, your stats increase. Gaining 
    Experience helps get your Level up.
    Name - Name of each character.
    BP - Current Battle Power. Battle Power is used to show how strong a 
    fighter is. The higher the BP is, the stronger the fighter.
    HP - Current Health of the fighter. The higher, the better. If this hits 
    0, it's Game Over.
    KI - How strong each of your Ki Techniques that you perform is. The higher 
    your Ki is, the stronger your Ki Techniques will be.
    AP - How strong the fighter is physically. The higher this is, the more 
    stronger their physical attacks are.
    DP - How well the fighter can defend from physical attacks. As this goes 
    up, you'll take less and less damage. The higher, the better.
    SP - How well the fighter can defend from Ki attacks. As this goes up, 
    you'll take less and less damage. The higher, the better.
    CP - Shows how many attacks you can perform in one round of fighting. As 
    this increases, the more attacks the fighter can do increases. 
    BE - Used in junction to your physical attacks. As you use physical 
    attacks, this increases and makes your physical attacks stronger. The 
    higher, the better. (Hit with at least two physical attacks sucessfully to 
    gain +1 to your BE, which will show up here. You can only gain +1 per 
    EE - Used in junction to your Ki attacks. As you use Ki attacks, this 
    increases and makes your Ki attacks stronger. The higher, the better. (Hit 
    with at least two Ki attacks sucessfully to gain +1 to your EE, which will 
    show up here. You can only gain +1 per Battle.)
    + - Next to the DP, you'll see a + symbol, with a number. This number 
    increases as you guard from attacks. (Meaning, you guard it and take no 
    damage.) The + numbers add to your over all defense, which can greatly 
    improve each of your fighters. (Block at least two attacks successfully to 
    gain +1 to your defense, which will show up here. You can only gain +1 per 
    Menu Options:
    Stat Notes - Pretty much just lists everything I listed above and gives 
    detail and explanation to each thing.
    Character Select - Allows you to switch your main fighter at the moment. 
    (Mainly allows you to choose who you want to fight the battles/travel 
    around for you.)
    Healing Items - If you're in need of healing and you aren't near Bulma, 
    you have 5 Senzu Beans to use. Just be careful when these run out, so use 
    them wisely.
    Note: You'll get more later on, so if you use them all up, don't worry 
    about it.
    Options - Allows you to select and choose a few options in the game. They 
    Text Speed - Choose from Fast, Medium or Slow.
    Battle - There are 4 options to choose from here. They are:
    Music - Plays music for the game.
    Sound Off - Turns the sound off.
    Active - Battles are constant and never slow down giving you a chance to 
    Wait - Battles are slow and stop whenever an attack is launched, giving 
    you a higher chance to block. (Also shows EVERY Ki Blast you throw's 
    Space Ship - Brings up Goku's Space Ship and the option to change his 
    training lessons around. Here's what you can do:
    Arm (Ude.) - Builds up attack.
    Chest (Mune.) - Builds up defense.
    Energy (Ki.) - Builds up Ki.
    Feet (Ashi.) - Builds up speed.
    Stomach (Onaka.) - Builds up HP.
    Head (Atama.) - Builds up number of command rounds.
    Note: Goku's Battle Power is related to your killing of Enemies on Namek.
    Time - Means how long Goku will work out in each field per day.
    Group - Allows you to choose how hard Goku trains in each field above. You 
    can choose from the following three:
    Minor - Goku does a light workout.
    Medium - Goku does a fairly good workout.
    Intense - Goku does an extremely harsh workout.
    Daily Status - To get back to the Menu, you click on this option. This 
    also serves as a chart, 
    telling you how Goku has progressed. Here's what you can find out:
    Days Left - Tells you how long it'll be until Goku arrives on Namek. Gives 
    you the amount of days left.
    Senzu - Tells you how many Senzu Beans Goku has left. Not really 
    important, but it lets you know how hard he's been training.
    Training - Gives you a percentage on how well Goku has performed/trained 
    on his journey. The higher the number, the stronger Goku will become.
    Regular Daily Sleep - Allows you to manually change how many hours a day Goku 
    Workout - Allows you to manually change how many hours Goku will take a 
    break from training.
    Gravity Training - Allows you to manually change how fast Goku trains in 
    the gravity. You can choose from these three:
    Slow - Goku moves at a slow, steady pace.
    Moderate - Goku performs and works out normally.
    Fast - Goku moves at a fast rate, practicing intensely.
    Note: If you hit Select, you can view Goku's Level, along with his current 
    - B. Moving Around . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MOAR4.2 ]-
    Pretty much at all times, you'll be on a platform/map area that you need 
    to travel around to get somewhere. Think Super Mario Bros., only you can 
    fly and stuff. Pretty much you can't die like in that game if you fall 
    into a pit/water, so this is a fairly simple area to get around in and 
    you'll have no troubles. On this map or whatever you wish to call it, 
    you'll encounter, at times, enemies. It's not a random Battle sort of 
    thing, like you'd expect in Final Fantasy, but more like Chrono Trigger. 
    You'll see enemies on the map. Now, they're a little more agresive and 
    more smart than the enemies in Chrono Trigger by far, so watch it. They 
    generally don't see you, unless you're flying, which they automatically 
    spot you, but if you're walking and not near them, they usually miss you. 
    Also, you'll know they've seen you if a "!" appears above their heads. At 
    that time, they'll give chase after you and attack you. 
    Now, the object is to not run from them, but to fight them to gain 
    Experience and Levels, as you'll need all you can get to fight Frieza. 
    Like the Super Mario Bros. game, you run, jump and travel around, except 
    after a while, you come to a fork in the road, which gives you an option 
    to travel in a certain direction. (Usually 3-4 options.) Thus, this allows 
    you to travel around Namek and find things, such as your hideout, Namekian 
    Villages and many other things. Along the way, you'll see a Namekian Frog 
    sometimes. If you talk to it, it acts like a save point, so use it to your 
    advantage. Bulma also acts like a save point, as well as healing you, so 
    use her the most if you can. This pretty much covers the basics of moving 
    around. Yet again, it's fairly simple, so you'll have no problems at all. 
    - C. Battle System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BASYS4.3 ] -
    Another simple thing about this game is the Battle System. Yet, don't 
    literally think it's all easy at first, because it isn't. It takes time to 
    learn how to control your fighter and how to win a fight. When you first 
    play, more than enough times, I assure you you'll think the first two 
    fights with Gohan and Krillin against two men of Frieza will be the 
    hardest fights of the game. Though, after you learn what you're doing and 
    how to survive, each battle becomes INSANELY easy. (Especially if you 
    train enough.) Now, let's begin with how the Battle System actually works, 
    shall we?
    Whenever you enter a Battle, you'll immediately be thrown options to 
    choose from. These options are what attacks you wish to do in the round of 
    fighting. One round of fighting is generally you and your opponent using a 
    given number of attacks to attack each other with. To see how many attacks 
    you yourself get, refer to your CP. Whatever the number is next to it is 
    how many attacks you can choose at that time. Also, to make it even 
    harder, you're given 99 "seconds" and I use that VERY loosely, because 
    those "seconds" go down about five times faster than they should. Anyway, 
    it's not a problem, unless you can't decide what to do.
    So, here's the first screen you'll see and the options you can choose:
    Note: The order you choose your attacks will be the order you perform them 
    in. So if you pick Punch, Kick, Kick, Punch, you'll do those moves in that 
    Next Battle - Shows you the remaining time left until the next round of 
    the fight starts and how long you have to pick your attacks.
    Hand - Choose this to perform a Punch in Battle.
    Foot - Choose this to perform a Kick in Battle.
    Dash - Choose this to run away from the opponent or slam into him for 
    Power Up - Choose this to fill your Energy Bar so you can perform attacks 
    and last longer in Battle and not get tired. For Goku, this is the 
    Kaioken and actually lets him increase his BP.
    Push Away - Choose this to blast your opponent away from you.
    Ki Blast (Manual.) - Choose this to fire a Ki Blast at your opponent. This 
    Ki Blast only is fired in the direction you're facing and can be moved 
    after you release it, but not that well. If you choose this attack 
    multiple times, you can keep using it after you've fired off one attack to 
    perform a Multiple Ki Blast attack until you run out of these attacks. 
    (Just keep slamming the A Button and you'll perform it. If you're too 
    slow, it won't work.) Usually this is just a normal Ki attack, but can 
    be used multiple times over for fast damage.
    Ki Blast (Auto.) - Choose this to fire a Ki Blast at your opponent. This 
    Ki Blast is heat seeking, so it'll hit the opponent with no trouble unless 
    they dodge it. Usually this is a character's either strongest Ki attack, 
    like the Kamehameha for Kurirun or just a strong wave of Ki from anyone 
    Ki Blast (Regular.) - Choose this to fire a Ki Blast at your opponent. 
    This Ki Blast can not be controlled in any way and only moves in a 
    straight line. Usually this is a character's signature move, like 
    Piccolo's Makankosappo or Gohan's Masenko.
    Taiyoken (Goku And Kurirun Only.) - Choose this to release the Taiyoken, 
    which reverses your opponent's controls, making it hard for them to 
    attack/move. (Also, Goku loses this once he goes Super Saiyajin.)
    Random - The computer randomly chooses an attack for you.
    To the right and left of all these options, you'll see mug shots of the 
    fighters. To the left is your fighter and to the right is the challenge. 
    Below the options, you'll see the following: 
    Hit Points - Shows you how many HP each fighter has left. Once this 
    reaches 0, the fighter dies. If you win, you get Experience and (Maybe.) 
    your Stats increase. If you lose, it's Game Over.
    Command - To the left and right, you'll see two bars that each fighter 
    has. E stands for empty and F stands for full. As you choose attacks, the 
    bar fills up. Same applies for your opponent. This just represents the 
    commands/attacks you've entered, though you can't really see what you've 
    selected once you've selected it...
    Below all of this, you'll see a text box, where both fighters will talk to 
    each other and have comments about things. Nothing really important is 
    said here, unless it's a Boss Battle.
    Next, we'll move onto the Battle Screen and the actual Battle itself. Once 
    you select your attacks and everything, as does your opponent, you'll be 
    brought to the Battle Screen. Now, here's a low down on the things you'll 
    see and what they are:
    Mug Shots - The first thing you'll see. It's basically two big pictures at 
    the top of the screen, which is just there for enjoyment. It basically 
    shows what you're having your character doing, since you can't really see 
    what's going on in the small map below. So, for example, if you perform a 
    Punch, you'll see your fighter above in a image of a punch. The other 
    fighter will show how they counter this, either by taking the hit, 
    blocking it, attacking you or dodging the attack. In the background of 
    these Mug Shots, you'll see some nice scenery of where you're fighting. 
    Cool, huh?
    Battle Map - Right smack in the middle is the Battle Map. On here you'll 
    see a slightly detailed area of where you're fighting. You'll also see two 
    heads running around. One's you, the other is your opponent. You should be 
    able to tell who's who, as it's very easy to tell. You basically fight and 
    perform all your actions on this map. You move around, attack the opponent 
    this way and everything. It's all real time, so you need to be alert at 
    all times to be able to play. It's very strategic and a very nice touch to 
    the game, which brings out the fighting in DBZ and allows you to recreate 
    it. To hurt your opponent, though, you need to be next to them, otherwise, 
    you'll just be hitting air. This only applies for physical attacks, since 
    you can fire Ki Blasts from anywhere, so remember that. If your opponent 
    attacks, dodge him or block it if you can.
    Battle Stats - To the left and right of the Battle Map is the Battle 
    Stats. You're able to see each fighter's current stats and how they're 
    doing right now. At the top is two Energy Bars. The first one is Stamina 
    and how long the fighter can do attacks. Each time you do an attack, this 
    bar drains. It slowly builds up as you do nothing, but if you drain it 
    all, you become unable to move for some time, until it begins to build 
    back up, so watch it. The second Energy Bar represents how hard you're 
    hitting/how much Ki you're putting into your Ki Blast. Once you issue an 
    attack by hitting the A Button, the Energy Bar will begin to fill and 
    empty. You have to hit the A Button again to stop it and to attack. Time 
    it right to get the bar filled, so you can do even more damage. If you get 
    no energy into it, don't worry, you'll just do a Punch equal to your 
    current Battle Power. You'll notice whenever you do an attack, your Battle 
    Power increases. That's because you're increasing your energy for that 
    attack. Useful, isn't it? 
    Next, you'll see a small square symbol below these two bars. (You'll see 
    nothing if you didn't choose ANY attacks or if you're out of attacks.) 
    This shows you what attack you can perform next. So, if you see a Hand 
    Symbol, you're next attack is a Punch. Below this you have your HP and BP. 
    I already explained this, so it shouldn't be THAT hard to figure out what 
    these are. Just remember if your HP runs down to 0, you die. If your 
    opponent gets down to 0, good job, you won.
    Also, just some other facts about each Battle: To guard an attack, press 
    the B Button at the EXACT time your opponent attacks. Your second Energy 
    Bar, labeled Ki, will fill up and you'll hopefully block the attack and 
    take no damage. If you did this, you'll see your character block and no 
    damage will appear, meaning you successfully performed a block. Also, if 
    you really want to avoid your opponent's attacks, press and hold down the 
    B Button and you'll enter the Zanzoken state, where you are moving 
    incredibly fast, where your opponent can't even attack/see you pretty 
    much. Though, this only lasts for a little while, but it's a great way to 
    dodge attacks. 
    Note: You can NOT pause the game during a Battle, so be careful.
    After the Battle is over, if you lost, you'll go to the first Battle 
    Screen, where you choose attacks, where you're shown a Game Over in the 
    text box. If you won, your opponent's icon will explode and in the text 
    box, you'll read that you won the Battle and you'll see how much 
    Experience and (Maybe.) how much your Stats increased.
    Note: Sometimes during Battles, Events will occur and the Battle will 
    either momentarily stop or it will stop all together. You'll also see the 
    Next Battle turn to Stop Battle, so keep an eye out. This will ONLY happen 
    during Boss Battles.
    Well, that pretty much covers the Battle System. It's kind of hard to 
    follow at first, but again, it's very easy to get the hang of it once you 
    experience it yourself. Trust me.
    - D. Story Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ STMO4.4 ] -
    Story Mode allows you to play through the normal game for one player. The 
    story here goes from Bulma, Gohan and Kurirun arriving on Namek up until 
    Frieza has been hit with the Genki Dama. You play this mode for the actual 
    enjoyment of the game, as well as the chance to unlock other characters 
    for the Tenkaichi Boudouki Mode. This Mode is pretty much the entire game, 
    so you need to choose this to actually play the game. It's a no brainer. 
    To start it up, all you need to do is select Story Mode and then choose 
    New Game. The next options are just for the music, how fast the text is 
    displayed and if you want an active or waiting text dialogue. (Meaning, if 
    you want the text to change on it's own when someone talks or if you want 
    to change it and read it at your own pace.) After selecting these options 
    and going through them, Story Mode will begin.
    - E. 1P Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ 1PTOUR4.5 ]-
    Another Mode in this game is the Tenkaichi Boudouki. You can ONLY play 
    this by yourself, as it doesn't allow for a Game Boy Link Cable hook up. 
    It's pretty much just for fun, so that you can see if you can beat all the 
    bosses in a Tournament or if you can beat your own team mates. Here's the 
    run down on what you can do and how to start the Tournament:
    Choose Your Player - As soon as you pick this Mode, Announcer will come in 
    and welcome you to The Tenkaichi Boudouki. After this, he'll ask you to 
    select your player. At the start of the game, you can only pick from 
    Kurirun, Gohan and Vegeta. To unlock Goku and Piccolo, you need to first 
    get up to around the Ginyu Force arriving before Goku becomes playable and 
    for Piccolo, you'll need to have beaten the game to unlock him. Once you 
    choose your character, Announcer will ask if this is who you wish to be. 
    Select either Yes or No to continue on.
    Note: The characters you choose here are as strong as they are in your 
    main game. Before you start this Mode, you select a File to play off of, 
    where all the data from your Story Mode is kept. If you haven't started a 
    game yet, select New Game and you'll begin with Gohan, Kurirun and Vegeta 
    all at their starting Levels.
    Choose Your Opponents - After you choose your fighter you wish to be, 
    Announcer will ask you if you wish to select the opponents or if you want 
    to have the computer do it for you. Choose whichever you want really. At 
    the start of the game, the only characters you can choose from are 
    Kurirun, Gohan, Vegeta, Kuwi, Natsupuru, Apuuru, Raazuberi, Banan and 
    Suui. Later on, this list will include Goku and Piccolo, once you unlock 
    them and after you beat any Boss, they'll appear here for selection as 
    well. They include: Dodoria, Zarbon Form 1, Zarbon Form 2, Guldo, Rikum, 
    Burta, Ginyu, Jace, Frieza Form 1, Frieza Form 2, Frieza Form 3 and Frieza 
    Form 4.
    Note: If you choose any form of Goku, Zarbon and Frieza, you can't pick 
    their other form(s).
    Also, there's a secret character to play as after you beat the game. That 
    character is SSJ Goku. (Note: You do NOT have to get the real ending to 
    get him. Just beat the game anyway and he's yours.) Also, he's the 
    STRONGEST fighter, so be careful if you have to fight him in the 
    Tournament. To unlock him, just beat the game. Also, when you play as SSJ 
    Goku, he no longer has the Taiyoken, so be warned.
    Note: Whichever fighter you chose to be will NOT be able to be an enemy in 
    the Tournament. You can't fight yourself.
    So, after you select your fighter and the opponents, Announcer will begin 
    the Tournament. You'll then see a chart, where all 8 fighters are paired 
    up to fight one another. If you at any time lose the Tournament, it's Game 
    Over. Don't worry, it's just for fun anyway. Also, after you fight your 
    match, you have the option of either watching the computer's matches or 
    just by passing it and seeing who won automatically. You will have to win 
    three fights total, so it's not that bad. It just depends on who you go up 
    against, that's all. If and when you win, you're announced as the greatest 
    fighter ever and then the Tournament ends, as the game restarts.
    - F. 2P Battle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ 2PBATT4.6 ]-
    Another fun option in Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden. Normally, this 
    option doesn't show up on the main screen, UNLESS you're playing this game 
    on a Super Gameboy. (Note: This will NOT work on the Gameboy Advance 
    Player for the GameCube, as I've already tried. Though I could be wrong, 
    unless the thing has an option to make games play out like Super Gameboy 
    games, but whatever.) Here's what you'll need to be able to play this Mode 
    with a friend:
    Super Famicom/Nintendo
    2 Controllers
    Super Gameboy
    Now, once and if you have all this, when you load the game up, 2P Battle 
    will appear on the Main Menu as an option. Again, it works just like the 
    1P Tournament or Tenkaichi Boudouki Mode, but you and a friend each pick 
    a fighter and if you have a Password after beating the game, which, in all 
    honesty, I don't see what it does, perhaps it gives you boosted fighters 
    or something, but I haven't noticed a difference. You don't need a 
    Password, but I guess it helps. Anyway, you and your friend can only be 
    characters that you play in the Story Mode, so you are limited to Kurirun, 
    Gohan, Vegeta, Goku/SSJ Goku and Piccolo, all at their strengths depending 
    on your Save File. Anyway, once you've selected your fighters, you'll each 
    duke it out and once one of you wins, the game will reset and you can go 
    back and play again. A very fun little Mode to play in.
    Note: If you want, here's a Password I got after defeating Frieza at the 
    end of the game with SSJ Goku:
    = V. The Playable Characters Of The Story . . . . . . . . . . . [ TPCOT5 ]=
    - A. Gohan (Son Gohan.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOSG5.1 ] -
    The son of Goku, Gohan is the main character or we assume, of this story. 
    He travels with Kurirun and Bulma to Planet Namek, so that they could use 
    the Dragon Balls and revive Piccolo and the others, since their Dragon 
    Balls are lost. Gohan was trained by Piccolo and is a fierce fighter when 
    he needs to be. In this game, he has fairly good over all skills, but once 
    Vegeta and the others join your party, Gohan will be left in the dust.
    Gohan's Starting Stats
    Level: 1
    HP: 980/980
    BP: 1,083
    KI: 4
    AP: 152
    DP: 65 + 0
    SP: 7
    CP: 4
    BE: 0
    EE: 0
    - B. Krillin (Kurirun.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KRKU5.2 ] -
    The best friend of Goku, Kurirun is a incredibly strong Human fighter, who 
    was lucky enough to live through the Saiyan's Assault. After healing on 
    Earth, he decided to go with Bulma and Gohan, to help gather the Dragon 
    Balls on Planet Namek, so that he could help revive his friends. Little 
    does he know, he's in for the ride of his life. Over all, Kurirun is a 
    fairly strong fighter, at the start, but later on, he becomes the weakest 
    fighter you'll have, unless you train him. If you do, he'll be one of the 
    best, even out doing Goku in some areas!
    Kurirun's Starting Stats
    Level: 1
    HP: 1,200/1,200
    BP: 1,200
    KI: 4
    AP: 160
    DP: 72 + 0
    SP: 6
    CP: 4
    BE: 0
    EE: 0
    - C. Vegeta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ VEGE5.3 ] -
    One of the last Saiyans and the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, after 
    surviving the Battle on Earth, fled back to Planet Frieza #79 to heal. 
    After healing, he decided to immediately head to Planet Namek and grab the 
    Dragon Balls himself for immortality. Unfortunately, he learns that Frieza 
    is already there, as he over heard him and Nappa talking about it back on 
    Earth. Making a mad dash to Namek, Vegeta starts his rebellion against 
    Frieza, as he rampages through Namek, attacking and destroying all in his 
    way to immortality. After he joins ranks with Gohan and Kurirun, he proves 
    to be the strongest fighter you'll have for the majority of the game, 
    until Goku and Piccolo show up that is.
    Vegeta's Starting Stats
    Level: 2
    HP: 4,000/4,000
    BP: 18,000
    KI: 7
    AP: 268
    DP: 110 + 0
    SP: 15
    CP: 5
    BE: 0
    EE: 0
    - D. Son Goku (Goku.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOKU5.4 ] -
    The main character of the Dragon Ball series, Goku is the best fighter on 
    Earth. Though, that all changes the day his brother, Radditz arrives and 
    reveals Goku's true origins to him. After a year of complete Hell on 
    Earth, Goku defeats Radditz, gains special training in Hell and beats 
    Nappa and Vegeta, saving Earth once again. Unfortunately, five of his 
    friends died and he and the others head to Planet Namek to search for the 
    Dragon Balls there, so they can revive their own Dragon Balls. Since Goku 
    is still healing in the hospital from the Battle with Vegeta, he'll be 
    arriving on Planet Namek late, so Bulma, Gohan and Kurirun will have to 
    hold out until he gets there. In this game, Goku WILL be your best 
    fighter, once you gain him on your team. If his normal power isn't good 
    enough for you, his SSJ state will DEFINITELY be more than enough. But, 
    unfortunately, you barely get to use him in this game, but when you do get 
    to, it'll be more than worth it to use him.
    Goku's Starting Stats
    Level: 1
    HP: 3,200/3,200
    BP: 12,000
    KI: 7
    AP: 280
    DP: 98 + 0
    SP: 26
    CP: 5
    BE: 0
    EE: 0
    - E. Piccolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ PICC5.5 ]-
    The Demon King himself, Piccolo was Goku's Rival, until he unwantingly 
    helped Goku defeat Radditz and save the Earth. After that event, Piccolo 
    pretty much turned to the side of good, helping to train Gohan and even 
    saving Gohan from death with his own life, during the Battle with Nappa. 
    In this game, Piccolo serves a VERY small role, as he only appears for ONE 
    Battle in the game and that's during the fight with Frieza. (This is after 
    he gets revived with the Dragon Balls. He's pretty much dead throughout 
    this game and you should know this.) So, he can't really be counted to 
    your party, really, but when he does fight, he's EXTREMELY strong, but he 
    lacks alot of defense. Any other time you use him, say in the Tenkaichi 
    Boudouki Mode, he's an insanely great fighter and will probably be your 
    second pick if you don't want to be SSJ Goku.
    Piccolo's Starting Stats
    Level: --
    HP: --/--
    BP: --
    KI: --
    AP: --
    DP: -- + 0
    SP: --
    CP: 12
    BE: 0
    EE: 0
    Note: Piccolo's Stats change, depending on how strong your characters are 
    and how well you've trained them.
    = VI. Various Training Games/Minigames . . . . . . . . . . . . [ VATRGM6 ]=
    - A. Gravity Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GRATR6.1 ]-
    Pretty early on in Story Mode, Goku will enter his Gravity Training and 
    remain there for well over than 3/4 of the game. While he's here, you can 
    pretty much change around his daily workout and decide what he should do 
    and not do. From having him eat, to resting, to building his arm strength 
    up, it's all up to you. You'll also be given a daily reading on his 
    current stats and you'll be able to view and see how he's doing whenever 
    you're not in a Battle. From viewing his Level to observing his percentage 
    of training completed, this is mostly just a fun little game to do, in 
    order to train Goku the way you want him to turn out. For more information 
    on what all this stuff on this screen does, refer to the Controls And 
    Menus section under How To Play to see exactly what everything there is 
    and what you can do with it.
    - B. The Chase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THCH6.2 ]-
    After you rescue Dende from Dodoria, (If you didn't rescue him and you 
    instead fly in and find Dodoria chasing Dende after you went to that other 
    Namekian Village, you'll now grab Dende and run, which the Minigame will 
    then begin.) you'll enter a small Minigame of Cat and Mouse. Announcer 
    will appear and ask if you'd like the rules or not. Select Yes or No, but 
    either way, I'll explain to you how this Minigame works. Basically, at the 
    bottom of the screen, you'll see a bar called Dodoria's Will. This 
    basically shows how much interest Dodoria has left in chasing you. It 
    starts off half full and generally falls afterwards. To try and stop you, 
    Dodoria will first start off with a few dashes to try and grab you. Dodge 
    them if you can, because if you touch Dodoria or if he touches you at ANY 
    time, you'll enter a Battle with him. 
    Select Kurirun if you aren't strong enough to fight him and use the 
    Taiyoken to run from the Battle. If you do get caught, yet you do fight, 
    after Dodoria takes some damage, you'll get away. Either way, if and when 
    you exit the Battle, the Minigame will end. So, what happens if you don't 
    get caught? Well, Dodoria fires Ki Blasts at you. If ONE hits you, his 
    will becomes full and he'll try to grab you until his will depletes back 
    down to half way, where he'll then fire Ki Blasts again. If you are lucky 
    enough to dodge everything and get away, you win. As far as I can tell, 
    nothing really special happens if you win, so you can pretty much let 
    yourself get caught, Taiyoken him/Battle him and you'll end up with the 
    same results.
    - C. Namekian Frog Blasting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ NAFB6.3 ] -
    Note: I have NO IDEA how you play this in the main game. I've only been 
    able to access it through the Secret Minigames secret. If you know how to 
    get to play this in Story Mode, please E-Mail me at ssj4kain@aol.com and 
    I'll be sure to give you FULL credit on it. (Possibility on when it could 
    happen: When Kurirun takes Dende to see Guru. Possibly a different path?)
    This is a pretty cruel game...but also very fun. ^_^ Anyway, your opponent 
    is Nail and Annoucer will pop up and ask if you'd like the rules on this 
    game. Select Yes or No, but either way, I'll tell you what you have to do. 
    It's pretty much a race to see who can Ki Blast four Namekian Frogs first. 
    The Namekian Frogs are bouncing around and you play as Kurirun, using a 
    aiming sight to fire Ki Blasts in a certain direction that you want them 
    to go. If you hit a Namekian Frog, you get a circle below Kurirun. If you 
    hit four of them before Nail does, you win. Simple, yet fun.
    - D. Rock Pushing Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ROPUGA6.4 ]-
    On your way to meet Guru, you can head to the one Namekian Village that's 
    in ruins and when you enter one of the houses, you can play this game.
    In this game, Dende sets up rocks for you to push down in one go. You play 
    as Kurirun and you must get all the rocks down in the time limit, which is 
    to the right of the screen, which is a bar of balls. Now, to beat this 
    game, you have to hit each rock down in a pattern, meaning you can't go 
    back over a rock you already hit, forcing you to go on and finish. If you 
    get stuck, let the timer run out and you'll begin again with a new puzzle. 
    It's a pretty simple game, which takes little effort to conquer.
    - E. Underwater Rock Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ UNRG6.5 ] -
    During Gohan's Search for the Dragon Ball in the Namekian Village that 
    Vegeta trashed, Gohan will locate the Dragon Ball in the lake and dive in. 
    Once you dive in, Announcer will ask if you'd like to know how to play 
    this game. Select either Yes or No, it doesn't matter, since I'll explain 
    to you what exactly it is you must do. The Minigame here is a simple maze 
    of rocks. You basically push them out of the way to get to the Dragon 
    Ball. The good thing is, you can push the rocks as many times as you want, 
    as long as they are pushable in a certain direction. You can't push a rock 
    to the right if another rock is to the right of it right next to it. 
    Also, there are some rocks you can't move and those are the ones that have 
    a slightly different color to them, so watch out. You'll also notice a bar 
    of balls on the screen to the right, which is losing power. This is the 
    air in Gohan's Lungs. If and when you need air, swim to the top of the 
    pond and let Gohan get some air, so he can continue with the Minigame. If 
    you drown, don't worry, you'll just have to restart the Minigame, but the 
    thing is, the puzzle with the rocks will be different each time, so be 
    warned. Once you grab the Dragon Ball in this puzzle, you'll have beaten 
    the Minigame and the real game will continue.
    = VII. The Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THEWA7 ] =
    Note: Seems like I found a HUGE secret about this game. Supposidly, this 
    is like the first RPG ever where you must be extremely weak to get the 
    best ending possible. Well, since I've never played an RPG like this 
    before, I'm leaving this up to you. If you follow my walkthrough, training 
    and everything, you'll beat the game quite easily and see the ending of 
    Frieza being hit with the Genki Dama and everyone celebrating. Now, here's 
    the kicker: If you were around pretty low Levels with everyone, like 
    having Gohan, Kurirun, Vegeta, etc around the Battle Powers they were in 
    the Manga/Anime and you beat Frieza, then the game will continue on and 
    you'll see Frieza has survived the attack, with you getting to do even 
    more things and getting to fight Frieza with SSJ Goku and seeing the real 
    Now, I will be shortly adding to this walkthrough that final part, since 
    now I have to replay the whole game and get to there, but I asure you that 
    it's real. I've seen pictures and everything of it and numerous people 
    have told me it's real. Here's the thing, though. If you want to get the 
    true ending, ignore EVERYTHING about training ALOT in my walkthrough. Just 
    train once and a while and don't over do it. Just enough to get you by. If 
    you want the false ending, but just want to unlock SSJ Goku regardless for 
    the Tenkaichi Boudouki Mode, then by all means, follow my guide. I'd 
    totally rewrite this guide, but showing as how RPGs are meant to be played 
    with gaining Levels and being prepared, I'm not about to write it out as a 
    Low Level Walkthrough. I'll leave that for whoever wishes to do so.
    Special thanks to Guardian CD for the information on this.
    Update: Ok, I have gathered the information needed to reach the final 
    Battle with Frieza. Supposidly, it's true that you must be very, VERY weak 
    when you reach Frieza to obtain the final Battles in the game, with Levels 
    around I believe Level 15 or less. The less the better, actually. Even 
    though it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to win, I have proof that it is and this 
    option to go through the game with low Levels and all is ONLY for 
    experienced players who have mastered the Battle System and can beat any 
    opponent thrown at them, regardless to power. By the time you reach Frieza 
    and have Goku fight him, he'll probably have 54,000 or so Hit Points, 
    making it he can die in a few hits easily. These really does seem 
    impossible, but again, it's NOT necessary to do. You can still win the 
    game, you'll just never fight Frieza with SSJ Goku. 
    Anyway, if you DO manage to get to fight Frieza as SSJ Goku, after Frieza 
    is hit with the Genki Dama, you'll see the game continue instead of the 
    credits rolling. Now, if you wish to play the game like this, go ahead and 
    if you manage to make it past the Genki Dama scene, read on after The 
    Walkthrough, Z. Ending to continue to see what you need to do and use my 
    walkthrough if you wish, but ignore EVERYTHING I mention about training. 
    EVERYTHING. If you don't wish to do a low Level attempt in this game, then 
    just follow my walkthrough and you'll beat the game easily, since the low 
    Level attempt is, again, not for first timers. 
    Finally, I will NOT list Boss Strategies, as there are no need for them. 
    "Bosses" in this game are just Enemies that are stronger and any methods 
    I tell on how to beat them will be noted in The Walkthrough. Sorry I don't 
    do this, but you CAN win this game basically one the same strategy OVER 
    AND OVER again. So, really, just toughen yourself up and try again if 
    you're having trouble with someone. Well, with that said, onto The 
    Quick Tip: If you really want to do well in the Low Level quest, attempt 
    to get high Defense Points (DP.) early on with Kurirun and Gohan. Spend a 
    good hour training them both and they'll be practically invincible.
    - A. The Beginning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THEBE7.1 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: None.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 1.
    As the game begins, you see a Namekian Space Ship land on Namek. Shortly 
    afterwards, Gohan and Kurirun emerge and look around Namek, amazed that 
    they are finally here. Bulma then appears and tells Gohan and Kurirun that 
    3 Dragon Balls are located near each other and everyone becomes happy, 
    because finding the Dragon Balls will become a snap. Though, Gohan 
    interupts and asks Kurirun if he senses something. He tells Gohan he does 
    and Bulma remarks that it's probably just Namekians. Gohan says it's a 
    very powerful Ki he senses, along with it being evil and Kurirun agrees 
    with him, but Bulma reminds them both that Piccolo was a strong fighter, 
    so there's bound to be some warrior Nameks. 
    Besides that, she tells them the Dragon Balls are near where Gohan and 
    Kurirun sense the Ki. Gohan and Kurirun agree to that and shrug it off, 
    but not for long, as they all notice a Saiyan Space Pod fly in and land 
    nearby. Kurirun recognizes it as being Vegeta and Bulma screams in terror 
    that he's here. You then get to see a scene of Vegeta crashing on Namek 
    and him deciding what to do. He figures he should head after the Dragon 
    Balls to beat Frieza in immortality and that by now, Frieza knows of his 
    betrayal. So, with that, he flies off to make a plan.
    The scene then changes again, to a village where Namekians lay dead in a 
    village, with a strange soldier over looking them. You then see another 
    soldier emerge from a building with a Dragon Ball and present it to 
    Frieza, his master. By Frieza, are his 2 best men, Dodoria and Zarbon. 
    Guess who had those 3 Dragon Balls Bulma saw a minute ago, along with the 
    Ki that Gohan and Kurirun sensed? Yup, Frieza and his men are the ones and 
    they now have 4 Dragon Balls. This isn't good. Anyway, Frieza becomes 
    happy that he now has 4 Dragon Balls and then Zarbon comments on Vegeta 
    arriving on Namek and Frieza tells him Kuwi is arriving and he'll deal 
    with Vegeta. After this, the scene changes back to our heroes, where they 
    try to figure out what to do. Kurirun comments that they aren't strong 
    enough to take on Vegeta, but they can't just leave. 
    So, the plan is for Bulma to leave and to go get Goku, while Gohan and 
    Kurirun stay behind and try to hold off until she gets back...which is in 
    two months...heh. Anyway, Bulma rushes inside the Namekian Space Ship and 
    grabs a radio transciever and radioes Master Roshi to tell him to tell 
    Goku and the others what's going on on Namek, which is mainly just 
    Vegeta's here and to tell Goku to get ready. Before anything else can 
    happen, another Saiyan Pod flies by, with everyone wondering who could it 
    be this time. Out from the Saiyan Pod comes Kuwi, who remarks and tells 
    Vegeta he's coming to kill him. With that, he flies off and you're 
    presented with an option to save your game. Do so, so that if you die at 
    the next part, you won't have to go through all of this again.
    - B. The Men Of Frieza Attack! Our Ship Is Lost... . . . . . [ TMOFAO7.2 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Banan And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 1.
    After saving your game, the scene will change back to our heroes. Bulma is 
    now panicking and wanting to get off of Namek immediately, but Gohan and 
    Kurirun tell her to calm down. Though, right then Gohan senses something 
    and Kurirun does as well. As they look in the direction they feel a Ki 
    from, two figures appear in the distance. At first, they think it's 
    Namekians, but they see that they aren't Namekians and they also wear the 
    armor that the Saiyans wore. The two figures, which are soldiers of 
    Frieza, notice that our heroes aren't Namekians either and that they must 
    be visitors to Namek. They fly in and Suui shoots the Namekian Space Ship, 
    destroying part of it, making it unable to travel. Bulma and Gohan become 
    shocked at this, but Kurirun decides to attack these guys and Gohan joins 
    in with him. You'll now enter your first Battle in this game. 
    I hope you studied on how the Battle System works or else you'll have a 
    VERY hard time trying to beat these guys. Your first opponent is Suui and 
    you fight him with Gohan. The best strategy against him is to basically 
    wait for him to attack. He only does Ki Blasts, so it's easy to see what 
    he's going to do. Once he fires them and once you see his Energy Bar go 
    down to Empty, assault him with all you have and back off. (I suggested 
    just using Punches and Kicks, but it's up to you. Ki Blasts at this time 
    take WAY too much energy and you can easily perform 2-3 Punches/Kicks in 
    the time and energy it takes to do one Ki Blast, but again, do whatever 
    you feel will get you to win.) Repeat this process until he dies. 
    After you win, you'll be in control of Kurirun, who has to fight the other 
    soldier, named Banan. Kurirun's Fight is a bit easier, since he's stronger 
    than Gohan, but don't take this Battle lightly. Banan uses ONLY physical 
    attacks and he's VERY agressive, so block him as much as you can. Pretty 
    much use the same strategy you used against Suui here and wait until Banan 
    is drained until you barrage him. This strategy works wonders, but later 
    on, you can just rush head on into Battle and come out victories with the 
    lightest effort, but only if you train alot. After you won, Gohan and 
    Kurirun congratulate each other on a job well done, but Bulma remarks on 
    the Namekian Space Ship being destroyed. Kurirun tells her it's not safe 
    here anymore and that they need to find a safe place to think up a plan on 
    what to do, so with that, they all walk off.
    - C. Rival VS. Rival: The Final Showdown . . . . . . . . . . [ RVRTFS7.3 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Kuwi. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 2.
    After our heroes walk off, the scene switches back to Vegeta, who's now 
    waiting for Kuwi to show up. Guess he was expecting him, just like in the 
    Manga/Anime...anyway, Kuwi arrives and is all happy, mainly because Frieza 
    gave him the go ahead to kill Vegeta. Vegeta just laughs and tells him he 
    can't win and he's been hiding his true Power Level from him all this 
    time. (For those of you not aware, Vegeta's Maximum was originally 18,000, 
    where as Kuwi's is around 18,000-19,000, so that's why Kuwi's Ego is so 
    huge now, though, he doesn't know that Vegeta's Power Level is now 
    24,000.) He then powers up, with the scene quickly changing to Frieza and 
    his men, as Dodoria comments on Vegeta's Power Level at 24,000. Zarbon is 
    amazed at this, but Frieza tells them it's not a surprise, since Vegeta's 
    been training so hard lately. 
    The scene then switches back to Vegeta and Kuwi, as a scared Kuwi tries to 
    join Vegeta, but it doesn't work. In a last ditch effort, Kuwi pulls the 
    old "Look behind you!" bit, yelling, "Oh! Master Frieza!", as Vegeta turns 
    around to look. You'll then enter a Battle, but it's only for a moment, as 
    Kuwi slams Vegeta with a Renzoku Energy Dan. The Battle will end and Kuwi 
    will think he has won, but Vegeta appears behind him and tells him nice 
    try, but he's too slow. You'll then enter the real Battle and you'll now 
    control Vegeta against Kuwi. Again, I suggest using only Punches and Kicks 
    right now, since Ki Blasts at this time take up WAY too much energy. Use 
    the same strategy you did in the previous two Battles on Kuwi here. Just 
    let him attack, dodge him and then assault him when he's on empty. Repeat 
    until he's dead. Simple, huh?
    After the Battle, Vegeta comments on how easy Kuwi was and how he should 
    be able to take on Zarbon and Dodoria now, but he shouldn't rush right in, 
    since he still can't handle Frieza. He decides the best thing to do is to 
    find at least one Dragon Ball, so that it'll stop Frieza from getting his 
    wish. The scene then changes back to Frieza and his men, with Dodoria 
    commenting on Vegeta's 24,000 Power Level still, along with how easily he 
    killed Kuwi. Frieza tells him it doesn't matter and that they can handle 
    him together if needs be. Just then, a soldier speaks up and tells Frieza 
    that he has a reading of some Namekians in another area and they all fly 
    off to gather their 5th Dragon Ball.
    - D. Let's Find Out What's Going On! Exploring Namek . . . . [ LFOWG7.4 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Banan And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 2.
    Back in control of our heroes, Kurirun will be leading the team at the 
    moment. (You can change to Gohan if you want, by using one of the Menu 
    Options.) When you gain control, talk to the Namekian Frog you see near 
    you. It acts like a save point when you aren't near Bulma. I suggest you 
    save, since I doubt you want to fight all three Battles over again. Once 
    you do, get ready for a slightly challenging part. You'll need to head 
    east now and find a hideout, so that Frieza and his men don't find you. 
    Though, you're still wounded from the previous fights. You have those five 
    Senzu Beans, but I suggest you save them. You can get healed in a minute. 
    Now, you need to head west and I suggest you be CAREFUL, since enemies are 
    around now. Mainly just Banan and Suui clones, but still, at your state, 
    you can die. 
    Anyway, walk instead of flying, but if you feel lucky, make a mad dash in 
    flight at the top of the screen and hope you make it. If you enter a 
    Battle, fight your way out. If you die, reload your game and try again. 
    It's not a far trip, so don't heal. Anyway, you'll reach a cave and 
    Kurirun will think it's a great place to hide. Gohan thinks so too and 
    that they can come up with a plan here and also rest. Bulma doesn't seem 
    thrilled, though, with living in a cave and all. Suddenly, before anything 
    else happens, Kurirun senses something and our heroes rush into the cave. 
    Everyone wonders what it is they feel, when suddenly, Frieza and his men 
    fly by. Kurirun and Gohan are in shock at the power they felt in that 
    group, but mainly at the power that Frieza had. Kurirun asks Bulma where 
    the next Dragon Ball is and it looks like it's in the direction that 
    Frieza and his men went. Furious that Namekians are going to die and they 
    need to try and help them, Gohan and Kurirun run off, with Bulma mad that 
    they're going to leave her behind.
    - E. Goku's Healed! His Training Begins... . . . . . . . . . [ GHHTB7.5 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: None.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 1.
    The scene then changes to Goku, who's still in the hospital, waiting to 
    get better. Just then, Master Roshi walks in and informs Goku about Vegeta 
    being on Namek. Now really eager to leave, but not able to, Goku wishes he 
    could get out of there. Just then, Yajirobe comes in and tells Goku that 
    Korin made more Senzu Beans and that he has seven of them for him. Goku 
    eats one and becomes completely healed. He jumps out of bed, changes into 
    his gi and leaps up onto the window. He tells Master Roshi he's heading 
    off to Namek and to wish him luck. He also tells them that Dr. Briefs made 
    a Space Ship out of his Saiyan Pod, which he came to Earth in, along with 
    Radditz's Saiyan Pod. With that, he leaps out the window and then you come 
    to a screen where Goku's Gravity Training begins. For more information on 
    this, refer to the Various Training Games/Minigames section. Once you are 
    done here, drag the hand over and hit the A Button on the text under the 
    Mug Shot of Goku training to head back to Kurirun and Gohan back on Namek.
    Note: You can access Goku's Training at ANY time during the game, whenever 
    you're not in a Battle. Just select the option on the Menu and have fun. 
    Just remember you can't access this before Goku begins his training and 
    after he has completed his training.
    - F. Something's Not Right... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ SONOR7.6 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Banan And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 11-13. (11 for Kurirun, 13 for Gohan.)
    Now back in control of Kurirun and Gohan, before you go off and hunt 
    Frieza and his men down, I seriously suggest you train. I mean train HARD. 
    Your first thing to do is heal. To do that, go the cave's entrance and hit 
    the Up Button. You'll head inside and you'll see Bulma, who will heal you 
    and ask if you want to save. Do so. Afterwards, head back outside and 
    begin your training, while healing and saving when you need to. I suggest 
    training until Kurirun hits Level 11 and Gohan hits Level 13. Also, 
    remember to build up your +, BE and EE, so you can make Kurirun and Gohan 
    power houses later on. (Just remember to perform at least 2 Guards, 
    Punches/Kicks and Ki Blasts successfully to gain +1 to each. This is VERY 
    HELPFUL. TRUST ME. Also, your Levels effect Vegeta's Levels, so as you 
    train, he also gets stronger, which is good.) Now, when you're ready, 
    head east from your hideout and continue to head east, until you a 
    presented with some choices to travel down different paths. 
    Select the third option and continue on. Continue to head east now and 
    do so until you are presented with yet another option to travel down 3 
    different paths. Again, choose the third option and continue to head east. 
    After a little while, you'll lose control of your fighter and Gohan and 
    Kurirun will walk up and lay low on a hill and watch the events in a 
    Namekian Village, while Frieza tries to get a Dragon Ball from them. 
    (Note: If you decide to take different routes and not follow this one, 
    you'll end up in a different Namekian Village, wbere you can talk to the 
    Namekians and find out some information. You MUST talk to everyone twice 
    before Dodoria appears, though, so make sure you speak to each Namekian 
    two times. On your way back, you'll run into Dodoria chasing Dende and 
    you'll have to rescue him, as Kurirun attacks Dodoria and then he and 
    Gohan run off with Dende. So either way, you'll save Dende from Dodoria, 
    so don't worry.)
    During this scene, you'll see Frieza asking the Namekians for the Dragon 
    Ball they refuse to do so and tell him they'll never give it to him. Since 
    Frieza can't get it nicely from them, he decides to use force and Zarbon 
    Zanzokens away and reappears above one of the Namekians and Ki Blasts him 
    dead. The Elder becomes angry and leaps into the air, as he fires a Ki 
    Blast at Dodoria's Scouter. (He figured out how they were able to find 
    Namekians and Dragon Balls early on during this scene and he just not 
    acted.) He also attacks the other two soldiers behind him and the two 
    children, killing them both. Dodoria gets angry and runs forward, killing 
    one of the children. Frieza tells the Elder if he wants the other one to 
    survive, he should hand over the Dragon Ball now. Having no choice, he 
    heads into a building and comes back out, giving the Dragon Ball to 
    After doing so, he tells Frieza to leave them alone. But, Frieza tells him 
    he can't do that and he'll now have to kill them, since they no longer 
    have scouters and can't find the remaining Dragon Balls that easily. 
    Shocked at this, Muuri, the Elder, is killed by Dodoria before he can even 
    react. Scared for his life, Dende, the lone remaining Namekian runs away, 
    but Dodoria stops him. But, before he can kill him, Gohan screams with 
    rage and flies in and attacks Dodoria. Dodoria gets mad and wonders who 
    the kid is, but is suddenly slammed by Kurirun, who tells Gohan to get out 
    of here, as he and Dende also run away. Furious with rage now, Dodoria 
    states that they will die for sure now. Frieza tells Dodoria to go after 
    them and to bring them back and Dodoria more than willingly does so.
    - G. The Wraith Of Frieza...Dodoria Attacks! . . . . . . . . [ TWOFDA7.7 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Banan, Dodoria (Boss.) And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 11-13. (11 for Kurirun, 13 for Gohan.)
    You'll now enter a Minigame, so for more information on that, check out 
    the Various Training Games/Minigames section. Once you're done with this 
    Minigame, you'll see (Possibly. Depends on the outcome of the Minigame.) 
    Frieza order Apuuru and Zarbon to split up and locate the next Namekian 
    Village, since Frieza thinks Dodoria is taking too long to deal with the 
    children. He then returns back to his Space Ship to wait for Apuuru and 
    Zarbon's Report. If you don't see this, you'll instead see (Or if you did 
    see this, you'll then see this.) Dodoria floating around, wondering where 
    our heroes went. Suddenly, he's knocked out of the air by none other than 
    Vegeta. Making small talk with him, Dodoria tells him he'll let Vegeta 
    off, but only if he gives him his scouter. Vegeta figures out that Frieza 
    and his men must have run out of scouters and that it'll take days to 
    return to base to get new ones, so he removes his and drops it. 
    Dodoria, though, thinks Vegeta's giving it to him, but Vegeta instead 
    destroys it, as Dodoria becomes enraged at him, but Vegeta doesn't care, 
    as he attacks Dodoria. Now, depending on if you trained, this Battle is 
    insanely easy. At this point, if you did bother to train, you can pretty 
    much rush blindly at the enemies and win now. This Battle especially, 
    since Dodoria won't even be able to dent Vegeta at his current Level. Use 
    any attacks you want to, but I suggest Kicks and Ki Blasts mainly. Anyway, 
    once he falls, Vegeta will become insanely happy that he just beat the 
    great Dodoria and decide now that Frieza has no scouters left, he can't be 
    traced, so he decides now is the best time to go and find a Dragon Ball 
    and with that, he flies off. The scene then changes back to our heroes, as 
    they return to their hideout with Dende, to find Bulma has put up a 
    Capsule House inside the cave.
    Bulma also sees Dende there and comments on how he looks like Piccolo and 
    then tells Kurirun and Gohan that she got word from her father that Goku 
    will be here in 5 days and they just need to hold out until then. They 
    then go inside and start to eat, as Dende mentions some stuff about the 
    Namekians, like they don't eat, but only drink water and that the plants 
    they plant aren't food, but special trees that once flourished around 
    Namek, making beautiful forests, but they were destroyed after The Great 
    Storm on Namek. (The thing that caused Kami-Sama to come to Earth.) As 
    they're talking, Kurirun and Gohan sense alot of Ki suddenly disappearing 
    and they sense Vegeta as the cause of this, thinking he found a Namekian 
    Village and he's killing them for the Dragon Ball. (Also, Dende learns of 
    who our heroes are and what's going on currently on his planet, along with 
    what our heroes want to do, which is get the Dragon Balls to help the 
    Universe and to also help the Namekians out.) 
    The scene then switches, showing Vegeta finishing up killing the Namekians 
    in a village, since they won't give him their Dragon Ball. The scene then 
    switches back to our heroes, as Dende is worried about Guru, since he's 
    old and everything and wishes to go see him, since he's the only one left 
    at this point with a Dragon Ball that no one touches and if Vegeta or 
    Frieza kill him, since they don't know he's the one who made the Dragon 
    Balls, their last chance of reviving everyone will be gone. So, with a new 
    plan set, Kurirun decides to take Dende to see Guru alone, while Gohan 
    waits with Bulma. At this point, you'll regain control of Kurirun and 
    you'll officially be done with Day 1. Only 5 Days left until Goku arrives.
    - H. Stop Frieza's Wish! The Race To Guru's . . . . . . . . . [ SFWTR7.8 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Banan, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 15-16. (Kurirun only.)
    Once you're back in control of Kurirun, it's time to train again. I'd say 
    Level 15 to be safe, but Level 16 if you really want to prepare. While 
    you're training, a new enemy is on the map now, which is Raazuberi, but 
    he's not any real threat to you, but he gives you more Experience than 
    Banan and Suui do, so try to get into a Battle with him as much as you 
    can. Anyway, whenever you're ready, fly east and when you come to an 
    option with three paths to choose on the path, choose the third option and 
    then continue to head east. After a little while, you'll see a Namekian 
    Frog, so save if you need/want to. Continue heading east and Dende will 
    tell you you're almost there. Continue heading east and Kurirun will 
    suddenly stop, as he senses Vegeta near by and vice versa, except Vegeta 
    isn't sure who's Ki he feels, but he mistakes it for Zarbon and completely 
    misses Kurirun and Dende, so that's good for you.
    - I. Zarbon And Vegeta Clash! Who Will Survive?! . . . . . . [ ZAVCWW7.9 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Banan, Raazuberi, Suui, Zarbon Form 1 (Boss.) And 
    Zarbon Form 2. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 15-16. (Kurirun only.)
    After Vegeta recognizes Zarbon's Ki, he rushes off and finds Zarbon close 
    by, as the two make small talk, but Vegeta cuts it short after telling him 
    he killed Dodoria and now Zarbon is next. The Battle begins and you'll now 
    fight Zarbon. If you've been training again, this Battle is EASY. Just 
    barrage Zarbon with your attacks and he'll fall. Though, once he gets 
    weak, he'll transform into his second form. After you weaken him again, 
    the computer will take over and it'll go into an event and Zarbon will 
    beat Vegeta. The Battle will end and Zarbon will take Vegeta back to 
    Frieza's to heal him, so that he can tell them where he hid the Dragon 
    Ball he found. After this scene, you'll be back in control of Kurirun. 
    Continue to head east and you'll finally reach Guru's House. Dende and 
    Kurirun will land outside and Nail, Guru's Guardian, will great you. 
    Kurirun will comment on Nail looking ALOT like Piccolo, as Nail interupts 
    and tells them both that they know what's going on and that Guru is 
    waiting inside. 
    You'll then enter his house and you'll be in control again. Talk to Dende, 
    then to Nail and then to Guru. Dende just tells you to speak with Guru, as 
    does Nail, who tells you he's waiting. When you talk to Guru, he'll read 
    Kurirun's Mind to see what's going on and why he wants the Dragon Ball. 
    After learning about his past, along with learning about Kami Sama and 
    realizing who Kami Sama actually is, he figures that Kurirun's Intentions 
    are pure and gives him the Dragon Ball, along with unlocking Kurirun's 
    Powers that were dormant inside him. After he does this, he'll heal you 
    and ask if you want to save, so do so. Once you're done, go ahead and talk 
    to Dende and Nail again, but neither say anything important. When you're 
    ready, exit to the west. After this, Day 2 will end. Only 4 Days left...
    Note: Kurirun doesn't really seem that much stronger than he was before, 
    cause all his stats are they same. Hmmm...
    - J. The Tables Turn On Frieza! The Plans To Stop His Reign! . [ TT7.10 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Banan, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 22. (Vegeta only.)
    The scene then changes to Vegeta, who's now recovering in a Healing 
    Chamber. Zarbon will come in and see that Vegeta isn't conscious yet and 
    still needs time to heal and decides to update Frieza on his condition and 
    leaves. Shortly after, Vegeta walks out of the Healing Chamber and 
    announces that they underestimated his healing abilities and decides this 
    is his prime chance to find the Dragon Balls and take them from Frieza. 
    So, you'll now control Vegeta. From the room you're in, head west and exit 
    the door by going near it and hitting the Up Button. Now, you'll appear in 
    a vast hallway, filled with enemies. I suggest you train Vegeta now and 
    build up his +, BE and EE, along with his Levels. Anything around Level 22 
    or higher is fine for Vegeta, but train as hard as you like. 
    Once you're done training, from the room you exited, head west and take 
    the first door you see. (Note: I'll be giving you the direct route to the 
    Dragon Balls, since this place is a maze filled with dead ends and empty 
    rooms.) In the next room, head west and go through the door. In this 
    hallway, head east all the way to the end of this place and take the last 
    door you see. In this room, head east and go through the door. You'll then 
    be in a small hallway. just head west and enter the door you see. In this 
    room, head east and enter the door. You'll then appear in a huge hallway. 
    Head west and take the fourth door. (Note: If you miss this, it's the last 
    door before a HUGE stretch of hallway with no doors around until the very 
    end of it, where there's a door.)
    As you enter this room, you lose control, as Vegeta finds the five Dragon 
    Balls and becomes happy. He then takes one of them and throws it through a 
    window, making a hole and then he throws the other four out at the same 
    time. He then bursts through the window himself in a clean getaway. Just 
    then, Zarbon and Frieza rush in, JUST missing him and Zarbon notices the 
    Dragon Balls are gone and that Vegeta must have taken them. EXTREMELY MAD 
    now, Frieza orders Zarbon to find Vegeta and bring the Dragon Balls back 
    or else he'll kill him. Zarbon understands and flies off after Vegeta.
    - K. Everyone's Training Continues...Find The Dragon Balls! . [ ETC7.11 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Banan, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 22. (Train Gohan, so Kurirun's Level also 
    goes up to this.)
    The scene will then change to Bulma and Gohan, who are still waiting on 
    Kurirun to return, when suddenly Bulma notices a Dragon Ball on the Dragon 
    Radar that neither Frieza or Vegeta has found. Gohan thinks it's the 
    Dragon Ball Vegeta was after earlier and that he never found, since the 
    Namekians wouldn't tell him. So, Gohan decides to go and find it, with 
    Bulma not really sure, but Gohan tells her he'll be safe and for her to 
    wait for him. Now, you'll gain control of Gohan. I suggest training again 
    here, until Kurirun reaches Level 22 or so. If and when you feel ready, 
    we'll start the search for the 7th Dragon Ball.
    - L. Gohan's Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOMI7.12 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Banan, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 22. (Train Gohan, so Kurirun's Level also 
    goes up to this.)
    Alright, once you're done training, you can now go and find that Dragon 
    Ball. So, as Gohan, from your hideout, head east until you get an option 
    to choose three different paths in the road. Choose the second option and 
    continue to head east until you get another option to choose three 
    different paths in the road. Choose the third option and continue to head 
    east, until you find a Namekian Village. The one that Vegeta had 
    destroyed. Gohan will become angry that all these Namekians were killed by 
    Vegeta, but then he shurgs it off when he notices the Dragon Ball is near 
    by. (Note: This is the same village you could've visited earlier, instead 
    of witnessing Frieza and his men get their 5th Dragon Ball and you saving 
    Dende the correct way.) Gohan will then start to walk farther than you 
    could've originally before and he'll end up at a lake. Gohan will realize 
    the Dragon Ball is in the lake and decide to jump in. 
    You'll then start to play the Underwater Rock Game, so if you want more 
    information on that, head to the Various Training Games/Minigames section. 
    After you get the Dragon Ball, Gohan will jump out of the lake and head 
    back to Bulma. The scene then changes to show Kurirun making his way back 
    to Bulma as well, except Vegeta spots him and notices he's one of the guys 
    he fought on Earth and wonders how he got here. He then also realizes he's 
    holding a Dragon Ball, which is the last one he needs (He's the one who 
    hid the Dragon Ball in the lake for safe keeping, so that Frieza wouldn't 
    find it and he knows he can go and get it anytime...or so he thinks.) and 
    decides to go after him. Though, as he does, Zarbon, who's still looking 
    for Vegeta, spies him and realizes his lucky break and high tails it after 
    - M. The Clash! The Final Bout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TCTFB7.13 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Zarbon Form 2. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 22. (Vegeta only. If it's higher, all the 
    The scene changes to show Kurirun fly in and return to Bulma, who sees he 
    has a Dragon Ball. When he asks where Gohan is, Bulma tells him he went 
    off to find another Dragon Ball not far from here, but Kurirun stops her 
    when he suddenly senses a Ki coming. Bulma thinks it's Gohan, but Kurirun 
    tells her it's not Gohan, because it's too evil and stronger than Gohan. 
    Just then, Vegeta arrives and greets them, telling him he wants their 
    Dragon Ball, but first he needs to deal with someone. He tells Kurirun if 
    he dares to run away while he's busy, he'll kill him and the pretty girl. 
    Just as he finishes, Zarbon comes in, as Kurirun and Bulma become shocked 
    at this, as Vegeta and Zarbon make small talk, with Vegeta deciding to 
    attack and destroy him now, since he's MUCH stronger than last time, 
    thanks to them healing him from death. (Note: Remember, Saiyans get 
    stronger after almost dying and then recovering.) 
    So, with that, Vegeta enters a Battle with Zarbon, who immediately 
    transforms into his second form. If you've been training, this Battle is a 
    breeze. Zarbon can't even dent Vegeta now and you'll be killing him in 2-3 
    rounds easy. Use any attacks you want and once he falls, he'll be gone for 
    good. After the Battle, Vegeta turns to Kurirun and tells him to give him 
    the Dragon Ball. Kurirun, though, asks Vegeta if he gives him it, if he'll 
    leave them alone. Vegeta agrees, since he's in a VERY good mood, because 
    he thinks he has all seven Dragon Balls. Kurirun gives him it, as Vegeta 
    laughs that he'll soon be immortal and flies off. Kurirun's mad now, since 
    Vegeta's going to get his wish, but Bulma reminds him if Gohan got the 
    Dragon Ball, that won't happen and Kurirun perks up and becomes happy, 
    just as Gohan flies in with the Dragon Ball. They then decide that it's no 
    longer safe to stay here, since Vegeta will be back once he realizes what 
    happened and that they need to move somewhere else.
    - N. On The Run...We Need A New Hideout! . . . . . . . . . [ OTRWNA7.14 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Apuuru, Banan, Natsupuru, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 22. (Anything higher is great.)
    Back in control of Kurirun, you'll need to now find a new hideout. So, fly 
    east until you do. It's not too far, so don't worry. Once you find it, 
    you'll lose control and watch as our heroes find their new hideout. Bulma 
    isn't too happy that they're going to leave her behind again, this time in 
    a canyon no doubt and complains about it. Kurirun tells her it's not safe 
    to take her and it's only for a little while, since he's going to take 
    Gohan to see Guru, so they can release his hidden powers, so they stand a 
    chance against Vegeta. After a while, Bulma will unwillingly agree and 
    she'll stay behind. You'll then be in control of Kurirun again. After 
    this, Day 3 ends. Only 3 Days left until Goku arrives...
    Note: Two new enemies, Apuuru and Natsupuru are now around. They give you 
    the highest Experience for regular fights now, so try and fight them the 
    - O. Onward To Guru's! The Way To Become Stronger... . . . . [ OTGTW7.15 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Apuuru, Banan, Natsupuru, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25. (Anything higher is great.)
    Note: On the way to Guru's, if you take a detour and head to the Namekian 
    Village that's in ruins, you can play a minigame there, but it's not 
    really anything of importance. It's the Rock Pushing Minigame, so it's 
    totally up to you.
    Ok, now that you know what to do, you'll need to head to Guru's now. 
    Though, before doing so, I suggest you train again. Get Kurirun up to 
    Level 25 or so, that way you won't have any problems later on. Whenever 
    you're ready, head east until you get an option to choose four different 
    paths in the road. Choose the third option and continue to head east. 
    Along the way, you'll see a Namekian Frog. If you want/need to, go ahead 
    and save your game. Otherwise, continue heading east, until you get an 
    option to choose four different paths in the road. Choose the fourth 
    option and continue to head east. After a while, you'll reach Guru's 
    House. Gohan and Kurirun will be happy that they reached it, but then 
    suddenly Kurirun senses a Ki coming up fast behind them and notices it's 
    He tells Gohan to get to Guru's fast and he'll hold Vegeta up. Gohan 
    agrees and flies off, as Vegeta flies in. He's pretty mad at this point, 
    since they made him look like a fool, with stealing his Dragon Ball and 
    all. He then notices a house behind Kurirun, also remembering Gohan ran 
    there. He asks if that's where he's hiding the Dragon Ball, but Kurirun 
    tells him no, with Vegeta ignoring him and flying to the house. As he 
    lands, Nail comes out and stops Vegeta, telling him he won't let him in. 
    Vegeta pretty much tells him he's going to kill him, when suddenly Guru 
    releases Gohan's Powers, as everyone feels it. Vegeta mistakes it and 
    thinks it's Goku, but then Gohan emerges and Vegeta asks him what he did 
    in there that made his energy increase so much.
    Just then, Guru tells Dende to tell everyone that he sense five evil 
    beings approaching Namek and to tell the others. He does and everyone 
    senses it, with Vegeta realizing that it's The Ginyu Force and Frieza 
    must've called them. Vegeta then makes a plea and tells them that they 
    must give him the Dragon Balls and let him get immortality or else they'll 
    all die and that each member of The Ginyu Foce is as strong, if not 
    stronger than he is. Nail admits he feels five really strong powers and 
    Vegeta again asks them, telling them he promises he won't hurt them. Nail 
    then comments that you get three wishes from the Dragon Balls and not just 
    one, like how Earth's Dragon Balls are, so they can also get their wishes. 
    Vegeta tells them there's no time and Kurirun and Gohan unwillingly agree. 
    After this, Day 4 will end. Only 2 more Days until Goku arrives...
    - P. Arrival Of The Ginyu Force . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ AOTGF7.16 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Apuuru, Banan, Natsupuru, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    The scene then changes to show The Ginyu Force arriving on Namek. After 
    they meet up with Frieza and introduce themselves and make poses, Frieza 
    gives them their mission, which is to reclaim the Dragon Balls, kill 
    Vegeta and the others with him. Ginyu, the leader of The Ginyu Force, 
    tells Frieza that it'll be a piece of cake and they all fly off. You'll 
    then be back in control of Gohan, as he's outside Guru's House. If you 
    want to heal and save, go back into his house and talk to Guru. When 
    you're ready, head west until you get an option to choose four different 
    paths in the road. Choose the third option and continue to head west. 
    You'll see a Namekian Frog, so if you want to save, go ahead. Otherwise, 
    continue heading west until you get an option to choose four different 
    paths in the road. Choose the first option and continue to head west until 
    you see Bulma. 
    Talk to her and Kurirun will ask her for the Dragon Ball. Bulma will ask 
    why and then Vegeta will tell her to just hurry up. She'll then wonder why 
    Gohan and Kurirun are with Vegeta, but then Vegeta interupts and asks if 
    you want to save. Do so and then heal up if you need to. After this, Day 5 
    ends. Only 1 more Day until Goku arrives...anyway, once you're done, I'll 
    give you the option to train. Your Maximum Level for this game is Level 
    32, as far as I know, so if you want to train everyone to it, be my guest. 
    If you feel like you don't want to do that, but do some light training 
    anyway, that's fine, too. Just be sure you feel you're strong enough to 
    take on The Ginyu Force, though. So, whenever you're ready, it's time to 
    take on The Ginyu Force. You'll have to fly back to the area that Vegeta's 
    hiding his Dragon Balls, though, so we'll do that. So, from your hideout, 
    head east, until you get an option to choose four different paths in the 
    road. Choose the third option and continue to head east. 
    After a while, you'll see a Namekian Frog. Save it you wish, otherwise, 
    continue heading east, until you get an option to choose four different 
    paths in the road...again. Anyway, choose the fourth option and then 
    continue to head east. After a while, you'll lose control again and Vegeta 
    will take over, as you've reached his hideout for the Dragon Balls. As 
    your team gets near them, The Ginyu Force flies in and stops you. Vegeta 
    becomes angry that they arrived late and Ginyu remarks on Vegeta's 
    Decision to go against Frieza. 
    He then tells him to hand over the Dragon Balls, but Vegeta tells him to 
    go and find it, as he jumps into the air and fires it away. Just then, 
    Burta, the fastest member on The Ginyu Force, flies up and grabs it at an 
    alarming rate. Vegeta becomes shocked and then Ginyu tells him it's 
    useless to resist. Vegeta then tells Kurirun to destroy the other Dragon 
    Ball, but just then, it disappears from his hands, as Vegeta explains that 
    Guldo, another member of The Ginyu Force, can stop time. Ginyu then 
    announces he'll be taking the Dragon Balls back to Frieza and flies off. 
    You're then left to deal with the remaining four members of The Ginyu 
    - Q. The First Wave Attacks... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TFWA7.17 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Guldo. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    After Ginyu leaves, the others will do Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who 
    fights who. Rikum wins and fights Vegeta and Guldo gets to fight Gohan and 
    Kurirun. Being a good sport about it, Rikum lets Guldo fight first, so 
    you'll then enter a Battle against Guldo. You can choose to use either 
    Kurirun or Gohan here, so whichever you want is fine. Anyway, Guldo is 
    INSANELY easy to beat and you'll have NO problems beating him, that is, if 
    you trained. Just barrage him with attacks and he'll die withen 1-2 
    rounds. After he dies, The Ginyu Force will become alarmed at this and 
    mainly be upset that their fighting poses won't look cool anymore without 
    a fifth member. Can you tell they aren't taking this fight seriously?
    - R. Vegeta's Desperate Battle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ VEDEB7.18 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Rikum. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    After they get done talking, Rikum announces it's his turn to fight, as 
    Vegeta gears up and gets ready to attack, as you enter a Battle with 
    Rikum. You can't do anything right now, as it's an event, so just watch. 
    Just like in the Manga/Anime, Vegeta trashes Rikum and then the Battle 
    ends, but it looks like Rikum is more than fine, except his armor and most 
    of his jump suit is destroyed. Other than that, he's barely even hurt. 
    Shocked at this, Gohan and Kurirun wonder how he survived that, as Rikum 
    asks if Vegeta's ready to begin. You'll then enter the real Battle. Yet 
    again, this Battle is a walk in the park. If you've been training, Rikum 
    can't even hurt you. Just barrage him with attacks and after a few rounds 
    of fighting, he'll fall...or will he? Not exactly, he's still fine, but 
    Vegeta's getting tired. Before the Battle can continue, everyone will 
    notice a Space Ship flying by and Rikum and Burta wonder who it is. The 
    Space Ship lands and out comes Goku. After this, Day 6 ends and it marks 
    Goku's Arrival on Namek.
    - S. Goku's Here...Can He Stop Rikum? . . . . . . . . . . . [ GHCHSR7.19 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Rikum. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    As Goku arrives, he senses Gohan and Kurirun's Ki and notices it's 
    insanely low and that decides to get to the battlefield as fast as he can, 
    wondering if his training in 100 times gravity will pay off. As he 
    arrives, Vegeta comments on him being here, as Kurirun and Gohan are happy 
    that he's here. He quickly heals everyone and then he enters a Battle 
    against Rikum. The first part of the Battle is mostly Rikum wondering who 
    he is, as well as asking Burta what his Power Level is. After seeing it as 
    only 5,000, Rikum laughs and realizes this guy's a joke and won't even be 
    a workout for him. This fight is easy. Since Goku has been harshly 
    training, he'll make short work of Rikum. Just choose any attacks you want 
    and finish him off. He's not that hard. After he falls, Jace and Burta 
    will attack.
    - T. Burta And Jace's Assault! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BAJA7.20 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Burta. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    Another easy fight. Jace doesn't fight at all, so it's just you fighting 
    Burta. Jace will mostly comment on the fight, really. Burta's also a 
    pushover, so make short work of him, althought he is FAST AS HELL. After 
    Burta takes some serious damage, Jace will run off to go get Ginyu. Burta 
    will be pissed that he left him, so just finish him off. Use any attacks 
    you want and after a few rounds, he'll die. After he falls, Vegeta will 
    finish Rikum and Burta off, with Goku asking why he did this. Vegeta will 
    tell him that they were trash and shouldn't be left alive, along with they 
    would've killed his son and friend and that they didn't deserve to live if 
    they did so, asking if that sounds right to him. 
    After this, you'll see Frieza talk to Ginyu and he'll try to summon the 
    Dragon and get his wish, but it'll fail and he'll remember one of the 
    Nameks told him even if he gets all seven Dragon Balls, he'll never get 
    his wish. He realizes he needs a password or something and flies off, 
    looking for a surviving Namekian, leaving Ginyu in charge to guard the 
    Dragon Balls. Just then, Jace will fly in and give Ginyu the news on what 
    happened, with Ginyu being pissed off that his men died, but also happy 
    that he gets a chance to test his maximum powers finally. Before they go, 
    though, Ginyu has Jace bury the Dragon Balls, so no one finds them and 
    they are safe. After Jace does this, they make a quick pose and then Ginyu 
    notices it's just not the same without the others. Not angry again, he 
    swears the guy who did this will pay and then they fly off.
    - U. The Boss Is Here! Ginyu Takes The Field . . . . . . . . [ TBIHG7.21 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Ginyu. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    Back with our heroes, Vegeta will announce that Frieza isn't near his 
    Space Ship anymore. Goku will tell him that he feels a strong Ki near some 
    place and Kurirun and Gohan realize that he's heading to Guru's. Kurirun 
    then thinks that Frieza didn't know how to summon the Dragon and went 
    after some Namekians instead to find out how. If he kills Guru, the Dragon 
    Balls will disappear. Just then, Ginyu and Jace show up. Ginyu comments on 
    Goku, as Goku tells Gohan and Kurirun to get out of here and head to 
    Frieza's Space Ship, since he bets the Dragon Balls are around there. 
    Kurirun and Gohan agree and fly off as fast as they can, since they need 
    to hurry or else Frieza could kill Guru before they get their wish. He 
    then tells Vegeta to take Jace, since he's now stronger after being 
    healed, he could probably take him, but just as the Battle starts, Vegeta 
    dashes away, tricking him and leaving Goku to fight both of them. 
    You'll then enter a Battle against Ginyu. This fight gives an ok 
    challenge, since Ginyu can actually cause some damage to you, but enough 
    to really cause any worry. He has ALOT of HP like you do, but again, he's 
    not a threat. Just use any attacks you want to and just keep barraging 
    him. Once you hurt him a bit, Goku will increase his Power Level, which 
    will shock Ginyu, showing him what he was really up against. You'll then 
    continue the Battle, until you weaken him to almost death. Then, he 
    decides your too much for him and the Battle goes into an Event. He gives 
    Jace his scouter and tells him to hold it, as Jace knows what he's going 
    to do, as he then pulls his ultimate move, which is the Body Change and he 
    switches bodies with Goku. The Battle will then end.
    - V. What?! How...Ginyu Is Now Goku?! . . . . . . . . . . . [ WHGING7.22 ]-
    Enemies In The Area: Ginyu (Goku.) (Boss.) And Jace. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    After the Battle, Ginyu laughs that he now has an even more powerful body, 
    as Goku wonders how he did this to him. Ginyu then tells him good luck 
    with his new body, since he wounded it before switching and he flies off 
    with Jace. Goku becomes angry and tries to fly after them. The scene then 
    changes to Gohan and Kurirun, who are at Frieza's Space Ship and looking 
    for the Dragon Balls with the Dragon Radar. Gohan will notice a recently 
    dug up piece of Earth and call Kurirun over and they both dig in the spot. 
    After digging, they find the Dragon Balls and rejoice, but it's cut short 
    as Kurirun senses two Kis coming and they're evil, so he can Gohan run 
    away and hide, wondering if Goku lost. Just then, Ginyu and Jace come in 
    and wonder who dug the Dragon Balls up. Kurirun sees that it's Goku and 
    wonders if Jace joined them after Goku defeated Ginyu. Ginyu asks Kurirun 
    if he dug the Dragon Balls up and asks how he did it, with Kurirun telling 
    him with the Dragon Radar. 
    Ginyu understands this and Kurirun asks him why he's wearing a scouter and 
    Ginyu asks him if he really wants to know why. Just then, Gohan tells 
    Kurirun to get away, because that's not his dad. Kurirun doesn't 
    understand this and Ginyu then announces that he's actually Ginyu in 
    Goku's Body, as he attacks Kurirun. You'll then enter a Battle, but it 
    isn't hard, as Ginyu's INSANELY weak here, so use Kurirun or Gohan to beat 
    him. Just use any attacks you want and barrage him. His HP and BP are both 
    24,000, so he'll fall FAST. You can't kill him, because once he gets weak 
    enough, the Battle stops and Goku flies in and explains what happened to 
    him and that they need to defeat him. Ginyu will become pissed, because 
    his Power Level now is insanely low and he orders Jace to help him out. 
    Jace agrees, but then Vegeta shows up and announces Jace will fight him.
    After Vegeta steps in, he'll immediately attack Jace. This Battle, like 
    most of the Boss Battles so far, is yet again easy. Just choose whatever 
    attacks you want and barrage him. It'll take a few rounds, but eventually, 
    you'll kill him. After the Battle, Vegeta announces that Ginyu's next and 
    then he rushes at him and attacks. You'll enter another Battle, which, 
    again, is easy. Just choose any attacks you want and barrage him. After a 
    few rounds, he'll die. After the Battle, Goku will tell Vegeta to watch 
    out, because Ginyu can Body Change, but Vegeta doesn't really understand 
    or care and decides to finish Ginyu off. 
    Before he can, Ginyu does his Body Change, but Goku takes this as a golden 
    oppertunity and gets hit by the beam himself and gets back into his body. 
    Now back in his own body, Ginyu tries to switch with Vegeta, with Goku 
    once again warning him to watch out. Before he can move though, Ginyu does 
    the Body Change yet again, as Vegeta's paralyzed and unable to dodge the 
    attack. Just then, Goku sees a Namekian Frog, grabs it and throws it in 
    the way of Ginyu's Beam, making Ginyu go into the Namekian Frog's Body and 
    vice versa. Thus ends Ginyu's Assault, as he and the Namekian Frog hop 
    - W. Recovering From The Battle...We Need To Find Dende! . [ RFTBWN7.23 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Apuuru, Banan, Natsupuru, Raazuberi And Suui.
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    After the Battles, Gohan and Kurirun will ask if Goku's ok. He's not, as 
    he's very badly hurt and Vegeta replies that they need to get him into a 
    Healing Chamber, so he can heal, because they'll need all the help they 
    can get against Frieza. The scene then changes to inside Frieza's Space 
    Ship, as Goku's put inside a Healing Chamber. After Goku thinks to himself 
    that this thing feels good, Vegeta will tell you he won't be healed for a 
    while and that he's going to take a nap. After he does, Gohan and Kurirun 
    decide to try and find Dende, so they can figure out how to summon the 
    Dragon and get their wish while Frieza is away and while Vegeta's 
    sleeping. You then get to decide who will go out and find Dende, either it 
    being Gohan or Kurirun. Take whoever you want, as it makes no difference. 
    I'll just choose Kurirun for this part. 
    After you choose, you'll appear back on the map with whoever you picked. 
    (Note: This is your LAST chance to train, so I suggest you do so incase 
    you wanted to do more of it, but never got a chance. So, be sure you are 
    ready, because after this, you can't train anymore.) So, from where you 
    are, head east, until you get an option to choose four different paths in 
    the road. Choose the third option and continue to head east. After a 
    while, you'll see a Namekian Frog. Save your game, unless you don't want 
    to, in that case, just continue heading east, until you get an option to 
    choose four different paths in the road. Choose the fourth option and then 
    continue to head east, until you lose control and your fighter bumps into 
    Dende. Dende tells either Gohan or Kurirun, whoever you picked, that he 
    was also looking for you and was told to tell you the password to the 
    Dragon Balls. 
    After this, the scene switches to Frieza, who's fighting Nail, since 
    Nail's buying time for Dende to get to our heroes and give them the 
    password, so Frieza can't get his wish. He also protected Guru and made 
    sure to lure Frieza away from him, since he told Frieza Guru is the one 
    who made the Dragon Balls and if he dies, so do the Dragon Balls. Frieza 
    asks Nail if he's had enough yet, because he's getting bored with him. 
    Nail replies by Ki Blasting him, but it doesn't effect him and Frieza just 
    knocks Nail down. He tells him to tell him the password to the Dragon 
    Balls now, but Nail just laughs and tells him he's too late, Dende already 
    probably reached the Earthlings and gave them the password, allong them to 
    make their wishes. Frieza then remembers the kid he saw fly by earlier and 
    he never stopped him, since he had more important things to do and he 
    didn't feel it was necessary to kill every little thing. He becomes 
    ROYALLY PISSED that he was tricked and flies off, leaving Nail mortally 
    The scene then switches to Gohan/Kurirun waiting for Gohan/Kurirun to 
    return. Gohan/Kurirun then flies in with Dende and Gohan/Kurirun tells 
    Gohan/Kurirun that they can now summon the Dragon, but not here, because 
    Vegeta's sleeping and if he wakes up, he'll kill them. So, they grab the 
    Dragon Balls near Frieza's Space Ship and fly to a small island and they 
    have Dende summon the Dragon. He does so and Porunga, the Dragon, appears 
    and tells them he has been summoned by them and for them to make their 
    wishes. Gohan tells Dende to have him revive everyone killed by the 
    Saiyans on Earth and he does so, but Porunga tells him he can only revive 
    one person per wish. Now stuck with a problem, our heroes try to think of 
    something, when Piccolo contacts Gohan and tells him to have them revive 
    just him, since the Earth's Dragon Balls will be revived and then to use 
    the second wish to send him to Namek, so he can help them fight Frieza. 
    Gohan agrees and becomes happy that Piccolo's going to come back, along 
    with his great idea and he has Dende do it. Piccolo then appears on Namek 
    and realizes this is his home, but he has no time for that and flies off 
    to find Gohan. He doesn't get far, when he finds Nail. He lands and talks 
    to him, as Nail explains that Frieza is too much for them and that Piccolo 
    should've fused with Kami-Sama beforehand, because if he did, he could've 
    easily beaten Frieza. Piccolo rejects that idea, since he HATES Kami-Sama 
    and tells him he can take Frieza himself. (Note: Nail learns about Piccolo 
    and Kami-Sama through Guru, after Guru read Kurirun's Mind.) Nail then 
    tells Piccolo to fuse with him, since he'll gain alot of power that way. 
    Piccolo isn't sure and tells him there's not enough room for two people in 
    his body, but Nail just tells him he'll be in control and it'll just be a 
    boost of power to him and he'll REALLY like it. 
    Piccolo still isn't sure, but agrees with it and they fuse, with Piccolo 
    feeling incredibly strong now and totally ready to destroy Frieza, as he 
    flies off. The scene then changes back to our heroes, as Vegeta flies in, 
    REALLY MAD that they tricked him and he couldn't get his wish. Everyone 
    panicks, but they tell him there's one wish left and he can have it, since 
    they'll need it when they fight Frieza. Vegeta becomes happy and tells 
    Dende to do it and Dende has no choice and does so, but just then, Porunga 
    dies, which is a signal that Guru just died as well. Crushed that his wish 
    is gone, Vegeta becomes angry again, but it disappears as he sees Frieza 
    and everyone else turns around to see him, as everyone becomes EXTREMELY 
    afraid of him.
    - X. Frieza's Rage Is Soaring! Holding Out For Goku... . . [ FRISHO7.24 ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Frieza Form 1, (Boss.) Frieza Form 2, (Boss.) Frieza 
    Form 3 (Boss.) And Frieza Form 4. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    Frieza begins to talk and congratulate them all on ruining his dreams and 
    that no one has ever angered him as much as they have, let along gotten 
    this far with him. He then becomes REALLY angry that they did this to him 
    and then he attacks them. A Battle begins against him, with the option of 
    who you want to fight him with. Either it being Kurirun, Gohan or Vegeta. 
    I suggest Vegeta, since he's probably your strongest, but whoever you want 
    is fine. The good thing is, after every round, you can switch your fighter 
    if you want, so if for some reason one of your fighters becomes seriously 
    hurt, you can switch them and use another. This'll come in handy VERY 
    soon. Frieza's First Form is really easy, depending on if you trained. He 
    can barely hurt you, but you can sure as hell hurt him. 
    Just choose any attacks you want and barrage him. He has ALOT of HP, so 
    it'll take a few rounds to bring him down. Though, once you deal some fair 
    damage to him, he'll transform in his second form. Once again, this Battle 
    is easy, despite his upgraded power and HP. It's pretty much your last 
    fight, only he has more HP. He still can't even hurt you, so just give it 
    to him. After you deal enough damage to him, the Battle will stop and ask 
    if you'd like to save. Do so and then when you resume the game, Piccolo 
    will arrive. Gohan will be happy that he's here and he tells everyone to 
    stay out of this and that he'll deal with Frieza. Frieza thinks this is a 
    joke, since all the Namekians are weaklings and allows him to attack him. 
    Piccolo throws off his weighted clothing and the Battle begins. 
    You'll notice two things off the bat. 1. Frieza's completely healed. 2. 
    You can only use Piccolo for now. Don't worry, it's nothing serious...or 
    is it? Unfortunately, Piccolo's Defense, compared to your other fighters, 
    who've built there's up while training, is extremely low, meaning Frieza 
    can ACTUALLY hurt you now and you could lose here. This is probably the 
    first Battle since the beginning of the game that you're going to have to 
    actually incorperate strategy here for, since he can deal decent damage to 
    Piccolo. Not only that, you have to beat his second form and start 
    attacking him in his third form before you get help from your other 
    fighters. The best strategy to use here is the one you used at the start 
    of the game.
    Wait until his Energy Bar is empty, then barrage him and back off. That'll 
    work nicely on him. I'd use Kicks only for this, since if you waste your 
    energy enough on Ki Blasts, you'll become too tired and Frieza can easily 
    assault you. Anyway, just keep at it and after you weaken him enough, 
    he'll transform into his third form and his HP will refill and you'll be 
    in trouble again. Don't worry, because soon after this, your other 
    fighters come in and they can help you. I suggest using anyone but Piccolo 
    right now, since he can't withstand Frieza's Attacks. I suggest using 
    Vegeta, but it's up to you. 
    Just be careful, because Frieza can now actually start to semi hurt each 
    of your characters a bit, but not as bad as he can hurt Piccolo. Once 
    again, just use any attacks you want and barrage him. After he gets low on 
    HP, he'll transform into his forth and final form. Now, if you haven't 
    used Vegeta yet or you still are, continue to use him or use him now, 
    because Frieza will kill him shortly, so use him as a decoy to save up 
    your other fighters, incase Vegeta can't quite hurt Frieza and/or he 
    becomes weak. After you hurt him a bit and after a few rounds, it'll go 
    into another Event and the Battle will end, with Vegeta mortally wounded. 
    The game will then ask if you'd like to save, so do so. After this, Goku 
    - Y. The Ultimate And Greatest Battle Of All Time! Goku VS. Frieza . [&*] -
    Enemies In The Area: Frieza Form 4. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: 25-32. (Your call, you do NOT have to get 
    to 32.)
    Once Goku arrives, Vegeta will tell Frieza that Goku is a Super Saiyan and 
    that he'll beat him. Frieza's Reply to him is a Ki Blast, as he finishes 
    Vegeta off. With his dying words, Vegeta tells Goku to beat Frieza in 
    honor of the Saiyans and for the sake of the Universe. Extremely mad that 
    Frieza killed Vegeta, Goku announces that in the name of the Saiyans and 
    for the honor of Vegeta, he'll defeat Frieza here and now, stopping his 
    evil rule and save the Universe for good. Frieza just laughs at him and 
    tells him to bring it on. You'll then enter the final Battle of the game. 
    For a final Battle, this is pretty easy. Even though Frieza can harm you 
    for a good deal of damage, you can deal about four times as much to him 
    and you don't even need to finish him off, since you'll see why in a 
    minute. Anyway, just just whatever attacks you want and barrage him. As 
    you weaken him down, during on of the Next Battle scenes, Goku and Frieza 
    will say nothing to each other and each will have different icons, both 
    looking at each other. This means the Battle's almost over. Once it goes 
    into an Event, you've just won the game, because after you hurt Frieza 
    enough after this, Goku will perform the Genki Dama and beat Frieza. He 
    gets hit with it and the Battle ends.
    - Z. Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ENDI7.26 ]-
    After the Battle, the scene shows Gohan and Kurirun wondering if Goku and 
    Piccolo survived the Genki Dama's Explosion. After some small talk, 
    Kurirun senses something and he and Gohan fly to the east and see that 
    Goku and Piccolo survived the attack and Piccolo is the one who got Goku 
    out of the water. After Goku gets his breath back, Kurirun and Gohan ask 
    if Frieza's Dead and Goku says yes, as everyone celebrates and then it 
    goes to the credits for the game. Now, one thing is, Frieza didn't die 
    here, which confuses me, because there MAY be a secret final Battle, where 
    you fight him as SSJ Goku. I don't know, because I've never got it. All I 
    know is you can use SSJ Goku in The Tenkaichi Boudouki Mode and that's it. 
    Seems odd to end the game here, doesn't it? Anyway, congratulations, 
    you've just beaten Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden. A job well done, eh?
    Note: After the credits are over, you see a conversation between King Kai 
    and Goku, with it ending with you getting a password or something. I have 
    NO idea what this is yet, since I'm still translating the conversation. 
    All I got so far from King Kai is "Excuse me! You're not finished yet! To 
    do your best in Historic-" and that's it. I'll have more information on 
    this as soon as I can.
    Update: This little qip pretty much explains that you did good, but you 
    did not do the best you could do. It relates to how you didn't get to true 
    ending to this game and that if you replay it and do it right, you'll see 
    the true ending. Again, if you read at the start of the walkthrough, you 
    know that if you see this ending, you went through training hard and 
    beating the crap out of everyone with utter ease. I will soon add more to 
    this area, once I get the true ending of the game myself. Until the next 
    - AA. The Clash! Frieza Lives! The Birth Of Super Saiyajin Goku! . [ *( ] -
    Enemies In The Area: Frieza Form 4. (Boss.)
    Suggested Level To Train To: None. If you're this far, then you haven't 
    been following my Levels. Good job. Just win this.
    After the Genki Dama hit Frieza, we see everyone rejoicing over his death, 
    but suddenly, Kurirun sees Frieza's not quite dead, as he appears and 
    shoots Piccolo, as he falls to the ground, unconscious and not dead, 
    luckily. He gloats it'll take alot more than that to kill him and then 
    raises Kurirun into the air, as Goku calls to him and Kurirun does the 
    same, but it's too late, as Kurirun explodes into nothing. Frieza laughs 
    and tells him Gohan will be next, but Goku's Rage increases so much, he 
    goes Super Saiyajin, telling Gohan to take Piccolo and get out of here 
    with Bulma on his Space Ship and he agrees and takes him and leaves. After 
    Frieza tells him he's dead, you'll fight Frieza. Well, since you're 
    probably really weak and think you have no chance, think again. Goku is 
    now Super Saiyajin, so his Hit Points and strength is VERY high now, so 
    have fun wrecking Frieza. 
    He is NOT easy, even with SSJ Goku, so take precautions and go at him with 
    a strategy and not blind fighting. Once you get Frieza's Hit Points down 
    to below 50,000 from a whopping 400,000 he'll weaken and you'll see a 
    event with Frieza getting pissed at a smug Goku. After this, he throws a 
    Death Ball at the ground, starting the destruction of Planet Namek to kill 
    Goku and Planet Namek both in one shot, since he can survive in Outer 
    Space and the scene cuts to King Kai and Kami. The two talk and get an 
    idea to use the Earth Dragon Balls to revive everyone who died on Planet 
    Namek, except Frieza's Men and then to use the final wish on the Namekian 
    Dragon Balls to teleport everyone to Earth, so that Frieza would be the 
    only left there as the planet exploded on him. After deciding on this, the 
    scene cuts back to another Battle, as you fight Frieza again. Don't worry, 
    you're fully healed...but so is he. 
    Ugh. Again, just use the same tactics you did before and outlast him, 
    because this time, he has 500,000 Hit Points. Rough, huh? Anyway, just 
    fight Frieza for a few rounds and weaken him again, but once you notice 
    the background sky in the game turn dark, you'll know when your fight is 
    over, as Porunga is back. After the current round you're in, you'll see an 
    event as King Kai contacts Guru and tells him his plan, but Goku tells him 
    to leave him behind to fight Frieza, as he doesn't want to leave. King Kai 
    tries to plead with him, but Goku tells him he'll just come to Earth and 
    attack him there, so it's better to finish it here and now. King Kai 
    understands and tells Guru to change his wish then of leaving Goku and 
    Frieza behind, but Frieza sees Porunga is back and becomes insanely happy, 
    rushing to him and screams his wish of immortality, as Goku tries to stop 
    Dende asks Porunga for his wish and he agrees and he grants it, as they 
    disappear to Earth. Goku mocks Frieza, telling him too bad he didn't know 
    the Namekian language, as he gets pissed and tells him he'll die, as Goku 
    just smiles. You'll now enter THE final Battle of the game and possibly 
    one of the hardest Battles in gaming history, period. You are fully healed 
    again, but so is Frieza and this is BRUTAL. You now must TOTALLY kill 
    Frieza, by draining his Hit Points down to 0 now and it'll be quite a 
    task. You must avoid or block every attack possible to survive and pray 
    you win, otherwise, you're doing this all over again. You'll need EVERY 
    ounce of experience you have to win this and trust me, it is NOT an easy 
    After Frieza FINALLY goes down, you'll see an event as Frieza sees he's 
    defeated and Goku takes pitty on him, giving him some of his energy and 
    telling him to leave Planet Namek while he still can and he flies off, but 
    Frieza just laughs and gets up, happy with his new power and how stupid 
    Goku is, thinking he can get away and live, as he fires a Ki Blast off at 
    him, but Goku sees this and counters it, killing Frieza.
    - BB. True Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TRUEN7.28 ] -
    After Frieza is dead, the credits will role, as you see Goku rushing 
    around Planet Namek, trying to get out of there before it explodes. He 
    finds Frieza's Space Ship and rushes inside to try and use it to leave, 
    but the ground cracks open and Frieza's Space Ship falls in, as Goku 
    escapes and looks at it, as it was his last chance to leave Planet Namek. 
    He then knows he has lost, as Planet Namek begins it's final moments, 
    bursting with energy everywhere, as Goku lets loose a scream, as the 
    screen fades to black. 
    Congratulations! You've just beaten Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden's real 
    ending! Give yourself a hand, as you just beat one of the toughest games 
    in history and more or less one HELL of a hidden secret Battle. Good job. 
    Now, watch the credits roll and afterwards, you'll get a message from King 
    Kai, telling you you did well and he gives you a password to (I THINK. I 
    am NOT sure on this. Anyone want to confirm this?) use in Dragon Ball Z: 
    Goku Hishouden's Tenkaichi Boudouki Mode to gain more characters to that 
    you can use, as well as a Password to this game's 2P Battle Mode. Cool, 
    And that wraps it up. Congratulations on beating the game and thanks for 
    reading my walkthrough, as I hope it helped you. So, with that, until next 
    = VIII. Analyzing The Enemy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ANATHEN8 ]=
    Enemy Name        |HP     |BP       |Experience Won
    Apuuru            |2,900  |1,520    |650
    Banan             |980    |980      |155
    Burta             |50,256 |50,600   |2,000
    Dodoria           |9,600  |21,500   |650
    Frieza Form 1     |150,000|250,500  |0
    Frieza Form 2     |200,000|530,000  |0/0
    Frieza Form 3     |300,000|1,100,000|0
    Frieza Form 4     |400,000|4,125,000|0/0
    Frieza Form 4 50% |400,000|2,500,000|0
    Frieza Form 4 100%|500,000|5,000,000|0/0
    Ginyu             |120,000|120,000  |0
    Ginyu (Goku.)     |24,000 |24,000   |0/2,400
    Guldo             |10,000 |11,850   |980
    Jace              |42,000 |50,120   |1,880
    Kuwi              |3,720  |19,080   |380
    Natsupuru         |3,300  |1,825    |760
    Raazuberi         |1,800  |1,250    |420
    Rikum             |46,000 |52,000   |2,150/2,150
    Suui              |840    |840      |122
    Zarbon Form 1     |8,300  |20,400   |0
    Zarbon Form 2     |16,600 |34,000   |0/830
    = IX. Secrets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ SECR9 ] =
    - Secret Minigames                                                        -
    During the intro, when you see the Dragon Ball Z title start to move, 
    press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left and the A Button. 
    You'll be taken to the main game screen, where all five members of The 
    Ginyu Force will be inplace of Goku, Gohan, Kurirun, Vegeta and Piccolo. 
    Hit the A Button and under Story Mode and 1P Tournament will be Minigame. 
    Choose it to play any of the five Minigames that are in this game.
    = X. Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CRED10 ] =
    Well, here's where I give credit to the ones that helped make this 
    walkthrough possible. Here's the following people I'd like to thank:
    Akira Toriyama - For creating Dragon Ball of course and also having this 
    game made. If it weren't for him, this walkthrough wouldn't be here right 
    now. So be thankful.
    Myself - For actually sitting down and doing this walkthrough. It was 
    hell, but it was worth it.
    Guardian CD - For the information on the true ending to this game.
    Rohit Majumdar - For giving me information on where to play the Rock 
    Pushing Minigame in the main game. Thanks!
    Master Knight - For corrections on the Contents of Goku's Training Menu. 
    Thanks for the info!
    = XI. My Words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MYWO11 ] =
    Thanks for reading my walkthrough first of all. I sure hope it helped you. 
    If you wish to submit something to this walkthrough, send it to 
    ssj4kain@aol.com and label the subject as "Submit-Gekitouden" and as 
    nothing else please. It isn't too hard and I'm not asking for alot. If you 
    have any questions regarding this game, also send them to me and label the 
    subject as "Question-Gekitouden" please. Again, not asking much here and 
    it isn't hard to understand. Now for the legal stuff.
    This guide was created by Kain Stryder. It is not meant to be used on any 
    other site besides GameFAQs and any other site I've deemed to have it 
    hosted on. It's not to be edited in ANY way for other use. (Unless I give 
    permission to do so.) I did not create, nor take in participation of 
    creating Dragon Ball Z. I am not affiliated with Dragon Ball Z, nor the 
    people who made it. I also don't have the rights to it. This includes ALL 
    Dragon Ball/Z/GT material. I am a fan simply giving out information to 
    other fans of Dragon Ball Z.
    Copyright  2002 by Kain Stryder. All rights reserved.

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