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"One of the best DBZ games there is."

It's a pity European or American gamers don't get the chance to obtain this game, because it's one of the most fun-to-play RPGs (Is it a RPG...?) I've ever played.
The story is set on the Freezer saga, and although fans of the series will know the plot, there is still some pleasure in living it again through this game. Krillin, Gohan and Bulma arrive on Namek to search for the Dragon balls which will help them bring their friends back to life. But... Freezer is searching the balls as well!
Wandering through Namek, you control Krillin, Gohan or Vegeta battling Freezer's henchmen and building levels to the final battle. (There may be some other playable characters as well)
The game has some neat manga graphics in the battles/talk dialogues, which fans of the series will recognize very well, and some other sprites for when you're adventuring in the world. The music is nice and fits the action very well, and the sound effects like the punch or KI blow being well made.
The game plays like and RPG, with battles along your voyages (but not random battles: You see your enemies and can avoid battles if you want) on a 2D scroll screen, walking, jumping or flying through Namek and battling along the way. Each character has stats, like HP, BP (Battle power of each character), etc. By battling with one character and winning, you gain experience points which go to each of your characters. Some characters progress faster than others, but this isn't quite a bad point.
The battle system is one of the best I've seen on a RPG. Each turn you select a number of commands like Punch, Kick, KI blast, among many others, in an order for you to use in the battle arena. Once both fighters (you and the enemy) select their commands, you are taken to a top-view battle arena where you can control your character around. Pressing A makes you execute the commands you selected, each at a time, and pressing B makes you block the enemies attack, and if you press it while moving you can disappear and reappear, like the characters do in the anime. This is useful to evade blows, or surprising your opponent, appearing behind him. The D-Pad makes you move around the arena.
And it's fun to play! This is one of those games which will keep you hooked for many days, and even though you can finish the game quickly, other game modes as the Battle Tournament or even playing through the story again will never be enough! It's one of the best DBZ games I've ever played. Fans of the series, even though you'll have to read Japanese, buy an import now! Even if you're not a DBZ fan, you'll like the battle system on this game. There should be more RPGs like this one...

Graphics - (9) - Very good, manga-style graphics.
Sound - (8) - Nice tunes and sound effects.
Story - (8) - DBZ story, in Namek.
Gameplay - (10) - Lots of fun!
Replay - (9) - You'll never have enough.

Overall - (9)

Maybe I'll make a walkthrough/FAQ of this game...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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