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"Curse Nintendo for not letting many of us here get this legally!"

I find this game mostly fun, because of its very good gameplay. This would be a good rival for Pokémon, if Nintendo of America had lisensed this game for here. Vegita, Guardian of Destiny thinks this is a good Game Boy Game, but he underrated it in my opinion. Here's why:

In story mode, what you do is explore Namek. While you do, you train your fighters so that they become stronger and stronger. Optimizing everybody's training is tough, because you might make an error that would make somebody's training harder to optimize than it's already is. Also, everybody including the character(s) you can't use get experience, and the fighter you're using is the only one who battles enemies 1-on-1 (in most cases) until you switch fighters. As you get further in story mode, you unlock bosses that are dead or otherwise unable to fight very well at the point of the story you're at as CPU-controlled characters, and Goku, Super Saiyan Goku, and Piccolo as both CPU- and player-controlled fighters. In Tournament mode, you can battle whomever you want with any Z squad member you unlocked, as long as the person you want to fight isn't Freeza or one of his main thugs, or the person has been defeated for the last time. 8 fighters compete for the champion of the tournament. The winners of the 1st and 2nd fights battle each other in the 5th fight, while the winners of the 3rd and 4th battles get to battle each other in fight 6. The victors of battles 5 and 6 get to decide who gets the championship for the tournament. As for battle mode, you have a fighter of yours battle a fighter of another player using a game link (I believe). Enough about Gameplay, though, let's talk about the other elements of this game. The graphics wouldn't deserve anywhere over a 6 out of 10 IMHO, but that's because this is a Game Boy game, so don't be surprised. The sound is very good, especially the music. Going through the game again isn't a bad idea, that is, if you want a better challenge. If you're lucky enough to find this game, definitely buy it. Otherwise, search the Internet for a ROM image of this game and watch out for the police if you hold it for over 24 hours. This game is almost worth what you consider the most valuable thing other than your soul or body in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/00, Updated 03/26/00

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