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    Road Rash for the Gameboy is an adaption of the classic game for the Playstation which combined bike racing with pure violence, where chains and fists were used to try and knock competition off of their bikes. Races were conducted on public roads, meaning that you'd often get the police's attention. This game is very similar, except with simpler graphics and gameplay, as well as much easier races. It's not at all a difficult game to pick up, so you shouldn't have a problem.

    This guide intends to give general gameplay information and a race listing. Specific strategies won't be provided for each race, simply because they're all too similar and not that difficult.

    - RedIsPoetic


    Select Track Screen
    LeftPrevious Track
    RightNext Track
    DownNo Use
    UpNo Use
    AMute/Unmute Music (for all screens, including racing)
    BMute/Unmute Music (for all screens, including racing)
    StartSelect currently highlighted track
    SelectEnter Password Screen

    LeftTurn Left
    RightTurn Right
    DownNo Use
    UpNo Use
    BPunch/Hit with Pipe (if you have it)
    SelectNo Use

    Bike Shop
    LeftPrevious Bike
    RightNext Bike
    DownNo Use
    UpNo Use
    ANo Use
    BNo Use
    StartExit back to 'Race Complete' screen
    SelectBuy currently highlighted Bike (If you have enough credits)

    Password Screen
    LeftHighlight next character
    RightHighlight next character
    DownToggle between 'Enter Password' and 'Enter Name'
    UpToggle between 'Enter Password' and 'Enter Name'
    ANext Character (of highlighted character)
    BPrevious Character (of highlighted character)
    StartEnter current Password and Name
    SelectEnter 'Credits' Screen


    Road Rash is a simplistic game. After selecting which race you'd like to partake in, the race will begin. You start in last place, 15th. You must work your way up to 1st before the race ends. There are a number of small concepts that need to be explained.


    There are a total of five levels within the game. Each level contains five courses. Each course is too similar to be given individual descriptions. You must place at least 4th in all five races in each level before you can move onto the next level. Each level is the same, except that the names of many of your opponents will differ, they will be faster and the tracks, although in the same locations, will be longer. See below for track lengths (in Miles) for each level.

    Sierra NevadaPacific CoastRedwood ForestPalm DesertGrass Valley
    Level One5.
    Level Two7.
    Level Three9.
    Level Four12.612.312.412.712.1
    Level Five15.615.315.415.715.1

    Note: Grass Valley contains Cows.

    After completing all five levels, you'll be congratulated for the completing the game and will be taken back to the Level Five tracks. It will reset the level and you'll be able to replay it if you wish to, although there is no real reason to.


    Cornering isn't particularly hard, but at higher speeds you tend to slip outwards a little. For this reason, it's a good idea to always take the inside of a corner. It's not too hard to move to the outside of the road if you need to (for oncoming traffic or something similar), but it's extremely hard to move to the inside of a corner.


    Your max speed depends on your bike. You should make sure you're always going as fast as possible, except on the rare occasions you will need to slow down to dodge traffic or some other obstacle.


    There is occasional traffic on the course. Cars will either be on the right side of the road moving away from you, or on the left side, moving toward you. Obviously, you will reach the cars on the left side faster than you will those on the right. Either way, if you hit one, you'll fall off and your bike will go flying. It will then take a substantial amount of valuable time to get back on the bike. Falling off your bike will cost you a lot of precious time, so unless you have a comparatively amazing bike compared to your opponents, as well as a long distance before you complete the race, it's best to avoid falling off at all costs.

    Dodging these vehicles can be difficult at times. You don't have any breaks on your bike, so if you need to slow down to move over and overtake the only way is to stop accelerating and naturally slow down. You can either overtake a vehicle by moving past them in the opposite lane, or take the outside and overtake them by going off-road. Occasionally you will come upon two vehicles on both sides of the roads passing each other. As both lanes are blocked, it's almost always better to take the outside of the road to move past them. The only other option is to try and weave between them, but this can be difficult, especially at very high speeds.

    Cars on Side Roads

    There are vehicles that move perpendicular to you on adjoining roads. These cars move across the road that you're racing on, but rarely do they do so as you move past. Just be aware that they may move onto the road and make precautions so that you don't hit them.


    Cows are another obstacle, only found in Grass Valley. They move slowly along the road. You must dodge them. If you hit one, you fall off your bike and must get back on it, just like hitting any other obstacle.

    Riding Off-Road

    You don't lose speed or control if you move off-road. The game will only allow you to move a little off-road before it forces the bike to turn and follow along with the track. That said, you can't just allow the game to do it for you. There are a variety of obstacles on the side of the road, depending on which course you're taking. If you hit these obstacles, you'll fly off your bike and lose a lot of time.


    Crests (peaks of small hills) play a large role when you begin to buy faster bikes. When you zoom over them, you will often float in the air before landing again. During this time, you can't slow down or turn at all, instead going straight in the direction you were going when you hit the crest. For this reason, they can be very dangerous, especially during turns where they can throw you off the road and into obstacles. This is probably your biggest problem when you have a faster bike.

    The Police

    There are police bikes. If you're riding too fast (which you certainly should be), they will chase after you and try to apprehend you. The only way for them to do so is if you're riding too slow or if you fall off your bike. It's not hard at all to outrun them. You'll know you're approaching one as you begin to hear their sirens. They will also occasionally chase other racers. If you do manage to get apprehended by the cops, you'll need to pay a fine of $400 and will have to restart the race.


    Fights are a notable, but less important part of the game. When you are next to an opponent's bike, you can punch them or hit them with the pipe if you've obtained it. This will slowly damage them. If they lose all their health, they'll fall off their bike and fall quite far behind. That said, you can also be hit by them. If you lose all your damage, then you fall off. Punching takes a while to fully deplete someone's health, but if someone's hit by a pipe twice in a fairly short period of time, they'll be knocked off. If someone hasn't been damaged for a few seconds, they will begin automatically recovering health.

    The Pipe

    To obtain the pipe, you need to find the one person on the track that carries it. To do so, you'll need to move up next to them and allow them to attack you. If they punch, move onto the next bike, but if they use the pipe and you simultaneously punch them, you'll steal the pipe. It's a nice weapon to carry around, as you can hit almost everyone off their bikes as you move past them, but it's certainly not necessary to win a race.

    Wrecking Your Vehicle

    Falling off your bike too many times during a single race will cause you to wreck it. Honestly, you shouldn't ever fall off so many times that you do so. If you do manage to do it, then you really need to improve and avoid obstacles more effectively. The cost to repair your bike can vary from $400 to $2400, depending on what bike you have.


    The finish line, is a thick black line that stretches across the track. Once you've crossed this line, you have finished the race and no longer need to hold your position, it just takes a little while for the game to actually notify you that the race is over.

    The 'Race Complete' screen shows the winnings of the top four racers. Any below 4th receives $100. Your total earnings will then be displayed below that. Below that will be the password that you can enter into the password screen whenever you wish, to reload to the point that you're currently at. Finally, at the bottom of the screen, your race time will be displayed in minutes and seconds.

    This screen is the only one that you can use for Buying New Bikes. To do so, press 'Select'. Skip to the Buying New Bikes section for more information on that particular topic.

    The winnings for each position are shown below:

    1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
    Level One$700$500$200$100
    Level Two$1500$1000$500$200
    Level Three$2200$1500$700$300
    Level Four$3000$2000$1000$400
    Level Five$3700$2500$1200$500

    Buying New Bikes

    When showing the 'Race Complete' screen after completing race, you can press 'Select' and the 'Bike Shop' screen will be displayed. Here you can cycle through the bikes by pressing Left and Right on the D-Pad. If you see one that you like and can afford, press 'Select' to buy it. You will sell your old bike and buy the new one. You begin with the Shuriken 400 and can slowly work your way up to the Diablo 1000. To exit the shop, press 'Start' and you'll head back to the 'Race Complete' screen.

    The credits displayed in the shop differ to that of those on the 'Race Complete' screen. That's because it will factor in how much money you receive for selling your old bike when you buy a new one. Selling your old bike earns you half of its original cost. So the first time you buy a new bike, you will have an additional $2000 to spend on it because your first bike, the Shuriken 400 has an original value of $4000.

    It's recommended that you don't buy any bikes until you can afford the Shuriken 1000. You need to buy this at the start of, or before, Level 3. It shouldn't be too difficult. From there, save up for the Diablo 1000 and buy it at the start of, or before, Level 5. Once again, this shouldn't be too hard to do. Levels 4 and 2 will be your most difficult levels, followed by Levels 5, 3 and 1, in that order.

    Check out the Bike Listing for a list of each bike.

    Bike Listing

    Below is a list of all the bikes you can buy within the game. Information for each one is also present.

    Cost: $4000

    Max Speed: 120MPH

    In-Game Description: Big on handling, short on power. Must maintain speed through the corners on this one.

    Cost: $5000

    Max Speed: 132MPH

    In-Game Description: Good all-round sport bike. Light steering but lacks mid-range performance.

    Cost: $7000

    Max Speed: 144MPH

    In-Game Description: Crisp handling with good power at high RPM but no mid-range try and keep the revs high.

    Cost: $10000

    Max Speed: 156MPH

    In-Game Description: Extreme speed but its size makes for slower turning and stopping. Plan your turns.

    Cost: $18000

    Max Speed: 168MPH

    In-Game Description: Big V4 mid-range power and magic handling at a big price.

    Cost: $25000

    Max Speed: 180MPH

    In-Game Description: Fuel injected horse power and awesome italian handling.


    There are a huge number of passwords, each one giving a different 'Current Bike', 'Current Credits' and 'Current Progress' combination. There are practically limitless numbers of passwords. For this reason, only a few important passwords will be added: the start of each level excluding the first. These can be found below:

    29BGG BBFC 9CKK$4100Shuriken 400
    38B98 F9GC G4KK$7900Shuriken 400
    48GBB G9BF CDKF$11000Shuriken 400
    58DBB GGC9 BDKK$6000Diablo 1000

    The money and Bike listed is the amount of money the player will have and the bike they'll have.

    To enter a password, press 'Select' on the 'Select Track' screen and you'll bring up the 'Password' screen. From there, enter the Password and your Name and press 'Start' and, assuming the password is correct, will reload your progress.

    Version History

    Version 1.00

    Dates: 27/11/2012 - 29/11/2012

    • Guide completed and submitted. Enjoy!

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    Final Word

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