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Reviewed: 07/11/02 | Updated: 10/13/02

Is It Bomberman or Blaster Master?

The Story
Nuclear radiation is destroying everything on Earth. Jason is the only one who can stop it. For whatever reason, he can't use SOFIA. He goes deep into the Earth alone in an attempt to save it.

You do realize this is a Bomberman port.

7/10 - Not bad. Detailed, enemies look good. Can't say anything about colors since it's an original Game Boy game. Jason looks really stupid, but if you refer to him as ''Bomberman'', then he looks like he should.

9/10 - Great! While the same music plays for each of the normal stages, it is good. The boss tune is great. And the ending theme is awesome. The only sound effects are you obtaining an item, shooting, laying a mine, the mine exploding, and you killing something. They're not annoying, they just get old after a while.

7/10 - It's an overhead game. The control pad moves Jason/Bomberman/Your Name Here, Start brings up a menu, Select switches between mines, A fire, B lays a mine. Sometimes the control will lock up. Here you are in a boss fight, telling Jason/Bomberman/Bob to go right. He starts to go right, then suddenly stops even though your still holding the button, then by the time he starts moving again the boss comes up and kills you... this happened to me on the final boss once...

7/10 - This plays like Bomberman. You have no tank. You run around planting land mines here and there, blowing stuff up, fight the occasional boss. You also get items every now and then. You can upgrade your armor (which I've yet to find a pro to this), upgrade your gun, or obtain items that help you along the way. There's your lights that allow you to see in dark places such as basements or certain levels that are pitch black. They give out after a while. What, you were expecting them to last forever? There's rafts which allow you to walk on water. Those too give out after a while. Then there's you ''spike savers'' as I call them. They let you walk on spikes. And, you guessed it, they give out after a while as well. You have to wander around the level looking for a key. Grab the key and a door opens. Then you have to find the door and leave. You're timed, but you have so much time I wonder why they even bothered.

4/10 - The first time I sat down and played this, I ran out of lights and had to restart. The second time, I made it a point to conserve them and beat the game. If you conserve your supplies, the game's a breeze.

3/10 - You can play through again to see how much light or spike savers you can get, but there's not much else to make you pick it up again.

Pros and Cons
Good Points:
- The music is great.
- Only Bomberman game I've really cared for.

Bad Points:
- The controls can lock up.
- Run out of lights, start over.
- Too often am I killed by my own mines.

Should I Get It?
It's hard to come by, but if you like Bomberman or really love Blaster Master, pick it up. If you don't like either, keep away.

This ain't Blaster Master, but it's still a decent game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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