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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LeeChaolan

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    Castlevania Belmont's Revenge
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    3.The Adventure
    A.Crystal Castle
    B.Plant Castle
    C.Rock Castle
    D.Cloud Castle
    E.Castlevania A
    F.Castlevania B
    G.Final Level
    A. Dark Mage
    B. Twin Statues
    C. Dark Warrior
    D. 2 headed wall Dragon
    E. Snake
    F. Solieyu
    G. Dracula
    5. Enemy List
    6. Closing
    1. Castlevania Belmont's Revenge for the gameboy  is  my all time favorite of
    the gameboy castlevanias. Its alot better than Adventure which totally sucked
    in my opinion and legends which was pretty cool but not as good as Revenge.
    In this guide I will show you how to get past the levels as well as take 
    down the bosses.
    Vampire Killer- The weapon you'll use the most this is the ancient vampire
    killing whip handed down throughout the Belmont family of Vampire Killers.
    It can be upgraded using special orbs which can be found usually at the 
    beginning of areas or after 2 areas if you already have the first powerup.
    the Whip can be powered up twice. The first time makes the whip longer and 
    more powerful and the second allows you to shoot fireballs from the whip.
    Axe- Another of the Legendary Belmont Weapons this is thrown across the screen
    in an arc. Does good Damage and is useful for taking out bats or monsters on
    the ceiling. Consumes Hearts To use
    Holy Water- This weapon does not go as far as the axe but once it hits a place
    it will stay and burn there for awhile damaging any enemy it is touching in
    the process. This Is useful for Taking out enemies that are standing still
    or stuck in one place. You can also create use it as a barrier against 
    oncoming enemies. Be sure to use this on the eyeballs while crossing bridges
    as it won't damage the floor like destroying them normaly does. Consumes
    hearts to use.
    * hearts are just that hearts dropped by enemies and in candles are used to 
    power your special weapons. Big hearts are worth 5 hearts small ones are 
    worth one.
    3. The Adventure- Covers the stages look below for boss info.
    A.Crystal Castle
    Start off by jumping in the water. There is a current so it will move against
    you just keep moving foward and grab the  powerup out of the candle by whippin
    g it. Keep on Going and Get the hearts out of the next two candles. You'll
    see your first enemy a raven. When you get close enough it will swoop down
    at you. It dosen't go too fast so you should be able to jump over it and then
    jump it again jump and whip it one hit will do the trick. Continue Foward.
    You'll then see 3 blocks in the air. If you stand on any one too long it will
    break and fall. You can jump across them if you wish as falling won't kill
    you this time.... however I recommend staying down because you can get an 
    axe if you take the bottom path. Of course you could get both if you so wanted.
    Either  way jump onto the rope and climb upward. Get the next candle there
    is a rare second whip powerup inside. Then Use the axe you got earlier to
    take out a bat and hit a Melon Man on the platform above. Jump onto the rope
    and climb up in. Then Jump off the rope onto the moving platform and ride it
    to the platform the melon man was on ealier. Go across and get on another one
    and ride it to the other side where there is a door.
    Area 2
    Stay up high and jump the pit then jump down to the floor below. Get the coin
    out of the candle then jump another pit and kill the melon man on that 
    next platform.Jump up two more platforms and than across another. Shadows
    will appear in the water below you Watch out as lizard men will jump from them
    just kill them when they come out as they take only one hit to kill. Jump
    across some more gaps and then ride a platform over to a crumbling block. 
    Get off it and onto the rope as fast as you can so you don't plummet into
    your death. You'll meet a new enemy when you go up the rope these mutant 
    gourds shoot out flashing orbs that will reduce your whip level and take
    away some health if they hit you. Don't let that happen if you have the 
    fireball whip shoot it from the rope if not you'll have to go up to it and
    kill it. Either way shouldn't be a problem with the way this room is set up.
    Climb on up the rope and go across the room to the next Area.
    Area 3
    Use the ropes to climb across the falling eyeballs. You can climb up any of
    these ropes through the ceiling and into a room above if  you wish but 
    the only rooms worth going into are up the first rope on the right to get
    a candle and the first rope on the left and through that ceiling to find
    a room full of goodies. when you get done with all that head down the rope.
    and Jet down the rope in the next room as the wall is coming in to kill you.
    Afterwards you'll drop into a room where you see a rope moving wall and 
    an exit rope. Simple wait till the wall receeds then fly down the rope jump
    back across and do down that rope. In the next room you will have to time
    it so that you can go down the rope and avoid the spikes and jump into these
    little rooms along the sides while waiting for the spikes to go back. Wait
    for the wall to go back then jump on the rope and slide until you get to
    a chamber with a melon man. Jump in and kill him and jump back out when the
    time is right. Continue this pattern until you reach the bottom but be on the
    lookout for a long strecth of area with no hole to jump into as there is a
    secret place you can jump through the wall at.  After that jump up 
    avoiding the eyeballs and enter the door to area 4.
    Area 4
    In the next room head up the rope and kill the two bats in the room. After 
    you do so jump down into the room. See the Block stopping you from walking
    directly into the rope you came in from? Whip it to recieve a powerup. Climb
    up the rope and get up and kill the gourd on the ceiling as fast as you can
    so it dosen't sap your whip. The Hop from block to block across the room
    while avoiding bats. When you reach the other side climb down the rope and  
    you'll be in a room with two creatures that will bounce across the room
    toward you. Kill them with your whip because they take hearts away if they
    touch you. Go down the rope and hit the wall hanging down to release another
    health powerup. Kill the gourd and go through the door.
    Boss Area
    Go across the three stones and jump onto the platform, then jump on the 
    moving one and ride it across to where the boss awaits.
    B. Plant Castle
    Area 1
    Walk across the bridge watching out for frogs and  getting the powerups 
    out of candles. Enter the Door at the End.
    Area 2
    Take the down path and kill the bat. After that jump over the pit on the
    ground and keep heading left. At the end of the room is a rope. Go down it.
    When you land don't jump  into the spikes and go down the rope and across
    stay on the ground and fight the gourds its much easier just watch out
    for those little orbs they like to shoot. Once you make it across you'll find
    yet another rope go up it and into the next room. Take care of the bat when
    teh time comes and continune across the room and into the door.
    Area 3
    Jump off into the pit and hit the block on the right side of the room for a
    powerup then jump onto the left most rope and go up it. Take care of the
    rope skeleton and jump across the rope to the next one after getting to the 
    top of the first rope. Destroy the bat and go across the ropes to the right
    most one climb up it and get off as soon as you can onto the platform that
    the other ropes are hanging from. Go to the left and climb back onto the rope
    and head across while dodgeing and killing the skeletons and there bones.
    Make your way up the ropes and you'll see a huge bat. If you hit it with
    a fireball it will split into two small bats axe it or straight whip it.
    Go up the ropes and take out another huge bat and climb into the next room.
    Its those heart snatchers again Take them out the same way you did the first 
    time and go up the rope and across the room. Whip the wall above the door to
    get a powerup.Enter the door.
    Area 4
    You go across a bridge kill the eyes with holy water or jump over them or the
    bridge will dissolve and you may find yourself having to walk through the
    slime below filled with mudmen. The rope at the end of the room can be used
    to climb to the next area or through the ceiling into another goody room.
    go down and whip an eye so that it creates a hole in the floor. Drop into
    the plant slime and slowly work your way across killing Gourds and their
    orbs to get to a rope climb down it and hit the block above the door for
    more health up stuff. 
    Area 5
    The spiders you see descend on a web that you can use as a rope. Kill them
    and use the web to jump across. Then do the same again only you won't have
    a choice of taking a ground route.
    Boss Area
    Jump down inbetween the eyes and walk with them inbetween them and drop down
    into the next room. Avoid eyes and kill the gourd across the bit and head 
    onward. Go up the rope and jump down and go into the bosses chamber. Oh and
    when you kill them don't walk under em or they'll fall on you and kill you.
    C. Rock Castle
    Area 1
    Go across the room and grab the holy water use it to kill the mudmen that
    drop from the ceiling with one hit. Enter the door on the other side.
    Area 2
    Nothing really in the next two rooms just get candles and kill bats and 
    climb the ropes. The Next room however is a bit tricky. There are horrid
    frogs that hide in the holes  in the wall and jump out to get you. try to
    kill them before they come out but if they do get out just don't panic and
    try to kill them before the cause you too much damage. The frogs don't have
    a complex jumping pattern so nailing them won't be to tough. The next room
    introduces a new gimmick. Spikes that come out of the wall that you must jump
    on to progres. Watch the lights on the side when it flashes a spike platform
    is about to come out. This time the pattern is easy. Just watch the lights
    on the right side and jump up the platforms to the other side. More frogs.
    When you jump down you can nail the first 2 while they are still in the wall.
    Continue onward swatting others before they jump out as well. Enter the door
    at the end of the room.
    Area 3
    Go foward get the candle and rope it down into another spike light room. Just
    jump down as soon as you can and get to the other side and down the rope.
    In this room don't bother going all the way down the rope just jump into the
    right wall and it will become transparent go through it and get through
     the door on the other side.
    Area 4
    In this area keep holy water handy as the lights will go out in here alot. Use
    the water to make them come back on. Move across the room and watch out for
    bats and those little  balls that will come to life in the dark. At the end of
    the room you can go up the rope into a secret room that has a destroyable 
    block in it but beware of the axe in the room you still need that holy water.
    Go down it and across it like you did the first area This time there will
    be eyeballs to stop you from jumping however so be careful.
    Area 5
    It starts off in another empty exept for candles room. Take them and go on
    down the rope and into the next room. There is a spiked crusher in this room
    jump on top of it and duck down then start whipping the springs that connect
    it to the ceiling.Once it falls walk across and go down the rope. Ignore the
    other one and keep going down the rope. You'll land in a room next to a 
    gourd Turn around and kill it then jump down the rope and take care of the
    next one. Proceed down the rope at the end of the room. In this room is a
    sword chucking mainiac which is easy to beat if you know how. Simply jump off
    the rope inbetween his first two swords then simply walk under him and whip him
    from behind each time he jumps after he bites it go through the door.
    Boss Area
    Go on the rope and climb down you'll drop through a tunnel with goodies for
    you to get and then you'll drop right into the boss chamber.
    D. Cloud Castle
    Area 1
    Head across the hallway. You'll see some birds but its nothing you can't 
    Area 2
    Kill the melon man and go up the rope and across the platforms. Then in the
    next room hop up the stairs and you'll come to a spike ended rope. Use it to
    jump across but be careful as it will rise into the spikes the longer you 
    stay on it. Use another one to get across and take out the bat on the other
    side. Kill another bat and start low and jump up 3 more successive spike ropes.
    You'll end up on a platform with a gap and another platform that comes with
    its own melon man on the other side kill the melon man and jump on that 
    platform. Carefully grab the axe out of the candle and go up the rope. 
    Jump onto the first spike rope and then quickly hope across them. Hop on
    the next rope and head up.Using the fireball whip(if you got it) and the
    ax you got earlier take out the gourd and go through the door.
    Area 3
    Go down the rope stay high and jump quickly across the next room and go up
    the rope on the other side. You'll find yourself on the other side of the 
    previous room. Take out the bat and get the candle before leaving the room.
    There's a new gimmick in this room. A rope with spiked ends ran through a 
    spiked wheel when you ride oneside the other one goes up.  Hop on and jump
    to the other side when the time is right and onto a moving platform this 
    will let you jump up onto a rope and out of the room. Heart snatchers again.
    Dispose of them and climb up. Your in the Spike wheel rope room again only
    this time there is no floor at all in the room and you go across only moving
    platforms. Fortunaly this dosen't make it much harder just time it so you
    have enough room to get onto the second moving platform. Next is a room with
    2 floating platforms one containing a gourd. Wait for it to shoot its first
    orb and position yourself to miss it then jump to the first  platform and take
    out the gourd from there. Enter the door and press onward.
    Area 4
    Go across the room and up. You'll fight another sword chucker same technique
    as always now go up for a more challenging room. The striped ropes in this
    room automatically move up or down and they stop and change directions 
    ocasionally. To Start off get on the rope set on the right and ride it up
    to the next floor up. Then go left and wait for that rope to move up. Ride it
    up to the next floor.Kill the melon man and hop up onto that platform and ride
    another rope up wait till the melon man on that platform above is so that you
    can jump on the platform behind him and kill him with whips before he gets 
    to you.Now  you'll have to ride up and then across a series of moving ropes
    to get to a normal one at the top corner of the room. Jump onto the first
    one when its going up and go up about to the middle of the second rope set
    and jump quickly across. The Last rope however will need to be going up for
    you to reach the top right exit rope. Don't worry if that was too easy there
    is another one of these  scenarios in a much less friendlier level ahead.
    Crawl up the rope and you'll be in a room with 2 comparments and a gourd
    hangin on the ceiling of the  upper room. You must dodge his orbs and get up
    to the top to kill him. If you have an axe you could jump and chuck it at 
    him from below however. There is  a secret passage in this room on the rope
    but I wouldnt bother with it since it just loops you around. Enter the door.
    Boss Area
    Don't bother with the candle down there unless you really need it. Hop across
    the platforms and hit the candles before getting them one of them contains
    holy water. You don't want holy water for this fight though so don't get it
    if you have an axe already. You'll see gourds on platforms that you must kill
    to go foward but since you get to stand on moving ground it won't be a 
    problem. Kill em and head for the boss.
    E.Castlevania A
    Area 1
    With those castles out of the way its time to head to castlevania and find
    solieyu as well as defeat Dracula.  Walk across while killing a  raven or 
    two and eventually you arrive at a gap hop on the platform going across it
    and ride it across. On the other side you encounter a new enemy a Hoodedman
    who chucks a boomerang. Luckily these aren't hard to deal with. If he stands
    up he's going to throw it up. Duck and whip him. When he ducks he's gonna 
    throw it low so jump over it when you hear the throw sound  whack him and
    jump it again when it comes back. Continue and you'll ride across another 
    pit face another boomerang man  2 more birds and find a door to the inside
    of castlevania
    Area 2
    Watch out for the bat that will try to knock you off the platforms into the
    spikes. When you climb the rope its another light up spike platform challenge
    well its really easy just climb high on the rope and wait for the top one
    to come out and walk across it and head up the rope. Now we do it again
    with only the first light won't come on so you'll have to kill the bat in
    the room and wait for the second one to come out and walk across it to the
    rope on the other side. In this room jump on the platform moving to you and
    jump on the first spike platform that comes out. One above it then comes out
    jump to that one and so on till you get to the rope at the top and out of  
    the room. Concentrate on the boomerang man first as the spike platform in the
    room should deflect the orbs for now. After he's dead find an opening in orbs
    and attack the gourd on the ceiling. After that Jump on the platform and
    follow the rope up. There two big bats in here. After you deal with them
    take a swipe at the middle hanging down block in the room for a piece of 
    chicken. The door is your next target in the room.
    Area 3
    As usual wait for an opening then jump on the platform and whack the gourd,
    then take out the block under the door for another powerup. The next room
    isn't so tough just climb down the ropes to the bottom. You might hit a 
    skeleton or two and you do drop onto a platform with a melon man but its
    nothing tough. As soon as you climb down take out the gourd before it hits
    you with an orb. Jump onto the moving platform and onto the lowest spike light
    platform. Position yourself so that when you fall you land on the platform
    below then hop to the rope. Take care of another Big bat and get the powerup
    out of the block below the door. Afterwards go in the door.
    Area 4
    Go down in this next room it will save you some time. Take care of the gourd
    and ride it down to the lower level and the rope to exit the room. Oh by the
    way there is a spike platform you'll have to walk across but no problem right?
    Two more big bats you know what to do. Then go down and take outthe  two gourds
    carefully you don't wanna lose your whip now.
    Boss Area
    Go across killing or avoding mud men and then you fight the boss. easy.
    F. Castlevania B
    Area 1
    Ok this is it the final long level it won't be easy either so lets get started.
    As soon as you start out jump down and destroy the melon man the jump across
    the two platforms. The Boomerang man should be taken care of before dealing
    with the bird after getting rid of them move on. You'll jump across some
    crumbling blocks and then a bird. The door awaits.
    Area 2
    Grab the two candles and head into the next room. This is one of the most
    annoying scenarios in the game, you've got a platform in the middle with two
    floating up and down ones containing gourds. The trick is to take out the
    first one without losing your whip if you can do that you can get the other
    with ease. An axe helps as you won't have to track the first gourd up to hit
    it. Otherwise you'll have to sneak in and get an attack in carefull so not to
    lose your whip. When you make it to the next room use axes or fireballs to
    deal with the boomerang man from the rope. If you don't have em you'll have 
    to get on the platform with him. Be careful and quick you don't have much 
    ground to lose here. After he's dead go up the rope. WAIT don't destroy the
    spike crusher in this room. Go under it and then hop on it to reach the next
    rope. Oh and yes there is a chicken in the block under the spike crusher.
    The chicken is in the right left side of it. In the next room go under the
    crusher and climb the rope so you can get on top of the crusher then destroy
    it so you can walk across and acess the rope. Nothing hard here jump onto 
    the first floating platform and kill the melon man then go across and jump
    on the rope. Take out the boomerang man and time the jump off the first plat-
    form so that the block dosen't crumble before you have time to get on the
    other platform and go into the door.
    Area 3
    There is a chicken in the block under the door. Obtain it and get to the
    first platform whack the bat while jumping to the second and climb the rope.
    The bat and melon man are no contest its the moving ropes that are the 
    problem here. Catch a ride up and go across. You'll have to jump back
    and forth some to take out the melon man on the platform. When he dies
    get onto the normal rope and hope across some more moving ones. There's that
    stupid melon man again. Kill him as before and head up on the left rope.
    Then go across and hop some more ropes to find the exit rope. In this room
    you have to deal with a boomerang man and then a bat. After that's done hop
    onto the platform and ride across to the other side of the room and go up.
    I don't usually bother with the enemies in this room unless I have fireballs
    get across to the door!
    Area 4
    Go Across the gap on the platform and take out the melon man then you ride
    another one across.Yet another gap crumbling blocks bar your path get 
    across em quickly. Jump up and down on the last one while waiting for the
    platform to come down so it won't crack and drop you. Go Across and deal
    with the Boomerang man and then get ready for some more spider web jumping.
    Just two so its not that hard after getting through be ready for a raven and
    then jump up another platform. More spiders its best just to jump across the
    webs without killing the spiders this time as you must jump to crubling 
    blocks inbetween webs after you get to the other side take out some more
    gourds and enter the door after getting the chicken from the block above it.
    Boss Area
    Ooo the music is spooky here. Simply go across getting candles until you 
    find the boss area.
    G. Final Stage
    Go across getting the powerups you'll need them....
    4. Bosses
    A. Dark Mage
    This Is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Easy. Just move all the way to either side of the area
    when the battle begins and wait. His lightening strike will miss you and
    you can hit him when he starts to appear on your side. Just stay there hitting
    him and he'll never get a hit in on you.
    B. Twin Statues
    Harder than the mage but still pretty easy the two statures share one health
    bar and both heads are vunerable. Basically ride the platfrom up and down
    jumping to whip and fireball(as well as axe) there heads. They will shoot
    these little pellets at you which can be whipped or just avoided. They can
    block fireballs with their Spears but the whip will go through it.
    C. Dark Warrior
    His first form is easy just watch out for his ocasional slow swipe and whip
    him. Once his outer layer dissolves head for a rope.When he jumps up go to
    the bottom of the rope and when he's low go to the top to avoid the crap he
    shoots at you. Once he gets close enough wait for him to jump away and whip
    him while he jumps away. Rinse and Repeat.
    D. 2 headed wall dragon
    This one is a bit tougher to kill than the others. Basically two heads will 
    go in and out of a wall shooting a pellet and swapping bones with each other
    the head currently with the bones sticks out from the wall why the other
    recedes into the wall.  The Skull starts out with the bones when he chucks
    them go onto the lower platform and duck all the way against the next  one
    allof them will miss you when coming but  when you see these coming around 
    jump ontop of the other platform and wait for  the skeleton to shoot the bones 
    backjump off the platform over them and wack the dragon on the bottom when the 
    skull is ready to shoot them back head into the same position and repeat the
    E. Snake
    This is one of the tougher bosses. Watch the floor where it pulsates is where
    the dragon will come up. The trick is to know what side to go to and not
    get trapped behind the dragon. To hurt it you must hit the head as it comes
    out of one of the holes in the floor. Problem is it dosen't just  go out it
    travels through the holes in the ceiling too constantly watch the holes
    and try to stay ahead of the dragon so it won't trap you in.
    F. Solieyu
    He has a whip like you and he throws out swords into the corner of the screen.
    The swords either come straight down or fly at an angle toward you so go 
    inbetween them or get  out of the way all together. Solieyu will jump to
    the upper or lower platform depending on which one he thinks you'll jump to
    so jump high and when he heads your way go down and around. When he jumps 
    back down whip him. Be sure to toss holy water on him for extra damage. You
    must be quick doing this. Remeber to try to trick him both ways as its easier
    to hit him in the air. Don't get into a war of attrittion with him as his
    whip hurts alot more than yours.
    Dracula will teleport around the room and throw orbs at you. Where he is
    at depends on where you should go to avoid them. To hurt dracula hit him
    in the head and only the head.
    Top Middle- go to the lower left platform corner and duck
    Lower left- go to the lower right and duck
    Top Left- Go on the Far top right platform an duck
    Top Right- Get on the Far top Left and jump through the orbs
    Bottom Middle- Jump through them on the top far left
    Bottom Right- Jump through them on the top far left
    5. Enemy List
    Ravens- Swoop at you
    Gourds- shoot orbs that can power down your whip
    Skeletons- Climb on ropes and throw bones
    eyeballs- roll and damage bridges when they are destroyed
    Rock Monsters- Only come out when the lights go out
    Sword Chucker- Throws swords at you
    Mudmen- Form and reform kill with holy water
    Big Bats- Split in to two if not killed right
    Boomerang Man- Chuck Boomerangs up or down
    6. Closing
    IM at jungleboy_37@hotmail.com if you have questions or comments
    Thanks to Konami, Gamefaqs, and dad for getting me that gameboy and this game 
    so long ago.
    Copyright 2005 Darron Harmon

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