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    Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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                                                        Blitz Knight Stunt Present:
         ,-'  ______`-.              ________________
       ,'  ,-'      `-.`.            \__   ____   __/
      /  ,'            `.\   ,   ,'/    |  |   |  |                   ,'.
     /  /     _             /|  | |     |  |   |  |_          .   _   ','    _
    /  /    ,' `._   __,'/_/ |_ | |  ,-'\  ,'/  / ,'  ,' `._  |\,' `. /`.  ,' `._
    |  |   / |`. ,' / _,' `.  _|| | / |\ \ \ \  \ \  / |`. ,' | ,'| | | | / |`. ,'
    |  |   | | | | | (,-.  | |  | | | | \ \ | |  | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
    |  |   | | | |  \,-. \ | |  | | | |,',' | |  | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
    \  \   | | | |      ) || |  | | |  ,'   | |  / / | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
     \  \  | |,' |_ /\_/ / | |  | |  \ `._, \ './ /  | |,' |_ | | | | | | | |,' |_
      \  `.'._,'\_/'.__,'/ './  './   `.__/  `._,'   '._,'\_/ './ './ './ '._,'\_/
       `.  `-.______,-','               |  |   |  |
         `-.________,-'               __|  |___|  |__
          ____       _                       _       
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    Authored by: Bkstunt
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                                  - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
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     - Introduction.......................................................[CA-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[CA-CON]
     - Game Basics and Tips...............................................[CA-GBT]
     - Crystal Castle...............................................[CA01]
     - Cloud Castle.................................................[CA02]
     - Plant Castle.................................................[CA03]
     - Rock Castle..................................................[CA04]
     - Castlevania Part I...........................................[CA05]
     - Castlevania Part II..........................................[CA06]
     - Castlevania Part III.........................................[CA07]
     - Credits............................................................[CA-CRE]
    Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a FAQ of Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge,
    the SECOND Castlevania game on the Nintendo Game Boy. I've already done guides
    on the other two Castlevania Game Boy games, so this one was bound to be next!
    I think it's fair to say that this game is often thought of as the BEST of the
    three Game Boy Castlevania games. Hurrah!
    Anyways, I hope you enjoy the guide!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    ~ Bk
    Here are the controls for the game. Now, normally I put in some ASCII of the
    controller or something, but since this is a GameBoy game I think a brief
    description will do.
    (-NOTE-) Controls are taken from the game manual...
    (-NOTE-) They used a lot of the same wording as Castlevania: The Adventure in
             this manual! Wow...
     o Control Pad: Press Left or Right to advance through the castles. Press Up
       to climb up a rope. Press Down to climb down a rope or to crouch down.
     o B Button: (The Attack Button) Press to crack the Mystic Whip. Be warned,
       though, its impossible to attack when climbing up or down a rope.
     o A Button: Press to leap or to jump off a rope. Note: If you are on a rope
       and want to descend quickly, press the A button while holding the control
     o Select Button: Not used during the adventure.
     o Start Button: Press to begin your quest and activate your selections. Press
       during the game to pause and unpause the action.
                                 Game Basics and Tips                      
     Here I'll attempt to ease your transition into the game and help you to
    beat it by pointing out some game basics and tips:
     o Unlike the first Castlevania Game Boy game, you don't lose your whips power
       when you get hit! Yes!
     o As you play, you'll come across SEVERAL different types of items that will
       help you out. I'll list those items down below, so you know what to keep
       your eyes open for:
     - Candle: Extinguish these with your whip to reveal hidden power-up symbols.
     - Small Heart: Gives you one more use of currently selected weapon.
     - Large Heart: Gives you five more uses of currently selected weapon.
     - Crystal Ball: Increases the poewr of the Mystic Whip. The first increase
       gives you the stronger, longer whip. The second increase gives you the
       strongest whip -- and you can release deadly balls of fire when you crack
     - Battle Axe: Christopher throws these mighty weapons in an arc, destroying
       his foes.
     - Holy Water: Throw vials at creatures of the night and watch them burn!
     - Coin: Increases your point wealth (by 700).
     o You can only have one special weapon at a time (The Axe or the Holy Water),
       if you take another one you'll lose the one you had.
     o Be careful of your limited mobility! Jumps take extra space, especially
       when you want to make those tricky jumps off of ropes.
     o You can do any stage in any order... the order I picked is just what I
       did them in. You can pick any order you want.
     o This game DOES keep score. You can also get an extra life once you hit
       20,000 points, 50,000 points, 80,000 points, 110,000 points (etc.).
                                      Game Start!                      
     Fangs for the memories...
     In the first Castlevania Adventure, the fearless vampire hunter Christopher
    Belmont fought toe-to-toe and whip-to-wing against the vampire king, Count
    Dracula. Belmont defeated the Count and destroyed his castle, but
    unfortunately Dracula used what remained of his magical powers to transform
    his body into mist, thereby making good his escape.
     However, his powers were so depleted that he was left unable to transform
    into human form. The count decided to wait and rebuild his dark forces. Deep
    inside his black heart he swore revenge on Christopher Belmont and his family.
     Fifteen years later, a ceremony was held in the town of Transylvania. The son
    of Christopher Belmont, Soleiyu Belmont, had come of age, and it was time for
    the title of vampire hunter to be passed down to him. The ceremony was used to
    commemorate this occasion. All the citizens of Transylvania rejoiced, hoping
    that the father-son team of vampire hunters would bring peace to the region
     But on the morning after the ceremony, it was discovered that Soleiyu Belmont
    had vanished into thin air. The ceremony was the chance Dracula had waited
    for. Soleiyu received great sacred power in the ceremony to mark his
    adulthood, and Dracula used his last bit of magic to turn Soleiyu's powers
    against him, transforming him into a terrible demon. Then, aided by the
    Soleiyu-demon, Dracula was able to assume human form once again. That evening,
    to the northeast of the village, the earth shook with a thunderous roar and
    four ominous castles appeared. And, hidden in a lake at the center of these
    castles, was another castle, the new lair of Count Dracula!
     Horrified to learn that his son had been altered by the forces of evil,
    Christopher Belmont determined to save Soleiyu and break the ambitions of the
    Count. He journeyed to the new castles, each ruled by a different power of
    darkness placed there by the Soleiyu-demon to stop anyone who would tamper
    with the mystic spell Dracula had cast upon him. Nevertheless, in order to
    save the village of Transylvania and free his son, Christopher had no choice
    but to go and fight once again.
                                    Crystal Castle             
     Ok, let's do this! Not bad music here. Start heading to the right (obviously
    the water will move you) and hit the first candle for a power-up. You'll see
    an eagle up ahead who will try to swoop at you and will continue swooping
    until you kill it. Head to the end and get the bottom candle for the AXE
    sub-weapon. In the next screen hit the first candle for another power up.
    There is a bat coming up, so kill it before it starts to annoy you and climb
    up the rope. The candle here is HOLY WATER if you want it. Kill the knight and
    continue to the door.
     The candle underneath you has a single heart (not worth it) so continue to
    the left. Kill the knight before jumping onto his platform and continue above
    the water. As you go on, mermen will appear (as shadows) down below and jump
    up, so kill them as they land. If you're too slow they will start to come from
    the right too, so continue to the breaking block and head up.
     Up here is a Punaguchi (I learned their name from Castlevania: The Adventure)
    who shoots balls of energy at you. Whip the balls to destroy them and then
    kill the Puna (my abbreviation for this enemy) and head through the door. Be
    VERY careful not to get hit, as the Puna can DECREASE your whips level!!! In
    this room eyeballs will fall from above and roll to the left. Use the ropes
    here to avoid them (or just destroy them, but be careful) and head down. In
    the next room the right wall will close in on you so hold jump and down to
    slide down to the next screen.
     This screen has another moving spike wall. Time your slide down and you'll be
    ok. On the next screen is ANOTHER spike wall. The first oppurtunity to jump to
    the left is a good one, but you'll need to kill a knight (not hard). Keep on
    heading down and using the cubbys on the left to avoid the wall (the out of
    the way candle is only a heart). Head down to the next screen and destroy the
    eyeballs as they roll to the right to reach the next door.
     In this next screen you'll see a rope that leads both UP and DOWN. You
    can take either way as they both lead to the same place (you'll just face
    different enemies in different routes). Here's both routes:
     This path MAY be the harder one. The first screen down has an enemy that
    leaps around and throws knives, and its VERY hard not to get hit here. Past
    that is a Puna (kill it quickly) and a water section. Mermen actually inhabit
    all the water here, so proceed carefully and watch out for the blocks. Go up
    a screen to find some jellyfish on the ceiling. These things jump up and down
    the screen but are pretty slow (and stay still as you whip them). Past the
    jellyfish is a Puna  guarding a door. Kill it and proceed through the door.
    THIS is the room that you'll get to if you went the UP path back at the choice
    by the way.
     Kill the bats and keep heading up. There's a Puna up here but its a ways
    away, so focus on killing the balls it spits (you don't want to lose your
    whip level). Head to the left and start jumping quickly past the breakable
    blocks (I'd ignore the bats). You can get some HOLY WATER in one of the
    candles here. Go down the rope and kill the jellyfish, then kill the Puna
    guarding the door. THIS is the room that you'll get to if you went the DOWN
    path back at the choice by the way.
     Notice the change in music? Pretty cool! Gather what candles you can and
    head to the far left. Once the screen stops scrolling get ready for a boss
    fight. Whip the candle and pick up the orb to face:
     - Boss: Darkside
     This boss is pretty unique. You'll see a cloud form up above, but that
    is just how he will attack us! Ok, let's go over how to kill this guy. For
    the most part you want to just IGNORE the cloud and wait in the middle of
    the area until a crystal pops out. The CRYSTAL is the MAIN BOSS here. It
    will stay as a crystal for awhile and then transform into a magician.
     This battle is ALL about timing and knowing the bosses pattern. Let the
    cloud form (not much you can do about it) and whip the crystal as it appears
    to your RIGHT. You can get 2-3 whips in before the magician appears. Once the
    magician appears he will raise his staff to the cloud and it will shoot down
    lightning, which TRIES to rain down on top of you and covers some of the floor
    when it hits. YOU want to wait until the magician raises his staff, and the
    RUN TO THE LEFT! After you dodge the lightning, get back to the MIDDLE OF THE
     Now all you have to do is rinse and repeat. Hit the crystal, dodge lightning,
    and get back to the center of the screen. Keep at it and you'll win easily.
                                     Cloud Castle            
     Head right and watch out for the hawks/eagles as you go. There are two of
    them before a door. Past that is a knight so kill it and head up. Up here
    you will see ropes dangling down that you need to get across to continue,
    but they have spikes at the end of them. When you jump on them they go UP,
    and try to make you hit the spikes on the ceiling! For this first rope, grab
    it NEAR the spike to give yourself time to jump across (the second rope is
    easy to get across). Past that is a SET of spike ropes that you just need to
    cross QUICKLY. Continue on to the end and climb the rope up. Note that the
    last candle has an AXE sub-weapon in it.
     Up here is a set of four spike ropes that are easy to cross as long as you
    keep moving. Past that is a Puna, so don't let the balls hit you and kill him
    then move through the door (FYI, isn't this music great!?). Head down the next
    rope to see a floor of spikes moving up and down with a series of ropes to
    jump across. You're obviously going to want to wait until they head down, but
    then jump to the third rope and wait until they go down again. Ignore the
    candle (it has a heart) and make your way to the rar right rope to go up. Kill
    the bat that you find and head up once more.
     Now up here you'll see two spike ropes but NOTE how they are on a pulley.
    Yep, if the RIGHT one goes down the LEFT one goes UP. To get past this easily
    just WALK OFF the ledge and grab the rope (no jumping) then quickly jump to
    the other rope and to the platform. Note that the lower candle has HOLY WATER
    in it. Head up to find a room with two jellyfish. Kill them and head up to see
    another spike pully system. This one functions the same way, but you have to
    jump up to the first rope, so carefully do that and jump across and head up.
     This next screen is FUN (well, to me anyways). There's a Puna riding a
    floating platform, so avoid the energy balls (you may have to do some thinking
    in regards to ricochet) and get on the close platform and kill the Puna so you
    can head through the door. Grab the candles and head up the rope. Up hear is
    one of those annoying dagger slinging enemies. It's hard not to get hit here,
    but try to jump to the EDGE and wait for the daggers, then get UNDER him and
    walk to the left or the right to avoid him. That's how I got through this
    without getting hit.
     Up the next rope is a LARGE room that spans upwards. In here you'll find a
    series of pullies that control ropes going up and down. The most important
    thing to know here is that the ropes STOP and switch direction every so often.
    Use that knowledge to ascend upwards (be PATIENT). Kill the knight you find on
    the way and head up a screen. There's a Puna up here, so go up to the upper
    part when it's safe and kill him. Go through the door to hear that familiar
    change in music.
     The boss if a ways off though, so proceed past the moving platforms carefully
    and don't go after candles if its dangerous. There is some HOLY WATER on the
    way to the boss, in a candle on solid ground. Keep going to reach a dead end
    and whip the candle to face:
     - Boss: Angel Mummy
     This is another unique boss. It is essentially TWO bone dragons that come
    out of the wall to the right. The top one has a skull for a head and the
    bottom one has a dragon head. You need to whip EITHER head to hurt the boss.
     His attack consists of making his RIBCAGE fly to the left and then back to
    the right. Note how the upper dragon has more ribs than the lower one? After
    a few seconds it will make four ribs fly to the left (towards the center of
    the screen) and to the lower dragon, who will then grow LONGER. THEN they
    will both spit a fireball at you. The upper one first and then the lower one.
     To kill this beast, I'd recommend whipping the lower one as soon as the
    fight starts. You can get in SEVEN hits before the rib cages come down to
    the lower beast. From there you can either take a fireball and keep whipping
    or use the platforms to avoid both fireballs. Now wait until the ribs go up
    again and resume whipping the heads. Personally I take two hits in this fight
    and can kill the boss by just whipping the lower head. If you want to do it
    without taking any hits, get in those first seven hits, duck the ribs, and
    then just use the platforms to dodge the fireballs and ribs until it is
                                     Plant Castle               
     Head to the left... but slowly. There are frogs here to greet you that can
    catch you by surprise if you aren't careful (notice how the flowers open up
    as you walk by). Kill the two frogs and enter the left door. In this next
    room you can take the upper or lower path (I suggest the lower path) while
    killing bats along the way. Head down the rope at the end and go down to the
    lower level. Eyeballs will come at you from ahead of you and you'll see a rope
    leading upwards. You can either go up or stay down below. If you go up you'll
    deal with eyeballs and the fact that they can DESTROY the bridge you are
    walking on (plus the ceiling spikes), so I recommend staying low and killing
    the Puna enemies until you get to the end and head up a rope. Kill the bats
    up here and go through the door.
     This next area is kind-of annoying. You need to head upwards on the far
    left rope. Head up FAST as a skeleton comes down. These skeletons are what
    make this place annoying as they throw bones. They also try to jump to ropes
    that are closer to you. Kill this one off and head to the right and up. Once
    you reach the next ledge jump up and make another skeleton come down so you
    can kill him easy, then head right (there's a chance that due to this
    scrolling level's nature the skeleton will come back). Head up the far left
    rope and kill another skeleton then jump to the right. The candle by the
    platform has an AXE sub-weapon in it. As you head up there will be no more
    skeletons but GIANT bats. When you hit them they split into two smaller bats.
    The first one is easier to run past and then turn around and fight, while the
    second one can be taken out from ranged (if your whip is powered up!). Head up
    and kill some jellyfish (wait for them to attack) and go through the door.
     In this room you'll see a bridge on the upper part and a marsh-tentacle area
    on the lower part. The first candle also has some HOLY WATER in it. It's WAY
    easier to stay on the upper path (the tentacle things slow you down) and just
    JUMP over the eyeballs. Remember, if you whip them they explode and take out
    part of the bridge. Head down the rope at the end. In the next room jump over
    the first eyeball (watch out for the ceiling!) and go forwards. This whole
    bridge area is a dead end, so further to the right (and NOT above the Puna)
    be sure to whip an eyeball to make a path downwards, then drop down and kill
    the Puna and take the rope down and head through the next door.
     In here you'll see a series of four spiders. They pose no threat and are
    easy to kill. However, once you kill them their line of web remains and you
    can USE it as a rope. You don't need this first set of four spiders but you
    will NEED the second, so once you get to the second set kill them all when
    they are at their LOWEST POINT. Enter the next door.
     You'll hear the music change again. You'll also see eyeballs rolling to the
    left like clockwork. Jump down in between them (good timing is required) and
    walk with them to the last rope. Now time the open chances so you can slide
    (SLIDE! DOWN+JUMP) down to the next screen. You'll have to get between some
    MORE eyeballs down here, but once you do walk with them and jump on the rope
    at the end. Jump OFF the rope fast though, as the PUNA nearby will spit at you
    as soon as he sees you. Continue to the right and whip the boss candle at the
    end to face:
     - Boss: Kumulo and Nimbler
     The bosses are the STATUES to your left and right. As you noticed once you
    picked up the boss orb, the middle platform starts to rise up and down. Also,
    the only place you can HURT these two bosses (who share the same life bar) is
    by whipping their heads.
     Thankfully this is a very easy battle. The bosses have two moves. They move
    back and forth, stopping at the left and right, and slam their tridents down.
    Now, you want to STAY on the middle platform, which totally makes the trident
    move worthless. However, their second move is to wait a split second AFTER
    slamming the trident down and spitting three balls of fire out in a spread
    shot. Both statues alternate these two attacks but don't do them at the same
     This fight is easy once you realize you can DESTROY the fireballs that the
    statues spit! All you need to do is stay on the platform and wait a split
    second AFTER the statue slams its trident. Then it'll open its mouth and spit
    the fire. With good timing you can whip the fire and easily destroy all (or at
    least 2/3rds) of the fire. Keep focusing on doing that while whipping their
    heads and you'll come out on top!
                                     Rock Castle           
     This place looks pretty cool, with it's heiroglyphic-type walls. The second
    candle has some HOLY WATER if you want it. Head to the right and kill any
    mudmen and bats you see until you reach a door. Head down from there two
    screens until you get to a room FULL of holes. Frogs jump out of these holes,
    but thankfully you can see them before they do. Do your best to kill them and
    head right. Try to whip them while they are still in the holes, but if you
    cannot, rush under them and get them that way.
     Head up and you'll see a room with spikes. These spikes jet out at you in a
    pre-determined order, but you need them to get higher. I did a similar diagram
    from Castlevania: The Adventure, so below is the order the spikes shoot out
    in. The candle has a large heart, by the way.
     |        ---------
     |              <||
     |              <||
     |              <||
    ___            4<||
    ||>3            <||
    ||>             <||
    ||>2            | |
    ||>             | |
    ||>1            | |
    ||>             | |
    --------------  | |
     Head up the rope and right past another room full of frogs. Fight your way
    past them to a door and go through. Head down to another room with spikes.
    You simply need to get to the lower rope here though. The candle here has an
    AXE sub-weapon in it. Here just wait for all four spikes to go, then go get
    the candle (if you want) and hurry to the rope. Sorry, no ASCII for you.
     Head down 2-3 screens until you see a pit with more spikes. Yikes! This is
    SUPER easy though. Wait for the first spike to jet out, then hurry across. If
    you are too slow, spikes starting from the second to last will work their way
    up in order to get you higher. Seriously, you can't even fall down the hole
    here (I tried) it's THAT easy. Head up and through the next door.
     This next room is unique as it gets light and then turns pitch black. Head
    forwards and get UNDER where the catepillar thing is. Keep going to the right
    from there until you see another caterpillar. Kill them if you wish and go
    forwards to a bat. Right after the bat is a series of holes. Watch the right
    catepillar fall into a hole so you know where to jump, then the light SHOULD
    come on for a spilt second. Quickly memorize the holes and jump over them and
    fight your way past some falling eyeballs to a rope.
     You'll be in another light/dark room. Go forwards and kill a caterpillar and
    jump the gap (it'll be light). Head to a ledge and see the eyeballs coming
    down. Get past them (whip one in the air for more time) and get on the ledge
    with the caterpillar (wait on the previous ledge, killing eyeballs if you
    must). Be sure to look ahead when its light to see the gap past the platform
    that the caterpillar thing was on, as you'll have to jump it blind. Past that
    though you can see another caterpillar drop off a ledge to make it to safe
    ground near a bat. From there just go left and jump up to go through a door.
     Head down to see a plate of spikes in the way. You can duck under it on the
    left and right sections, so get on the left and duck, then wait until it
    starts to go up and quickly get past the middle section to the right and duck
    again! Head down to see another spike plate. Slide down so you're even with
    the first ledge, then when it heads up QUICKLY jump over and get to the middle
    section and DUCK. Head down to another screen now. The first candle on the
    RIGHT is an AXE sub-weapon if you want it. Head down again to see two PUNA
    enemies. Kill them both off (don't let the ball hit you!) and head down again.
    You'll see a dagger-throwing enemy (one of the annoying ones) here, so dodge
    the first daggers by walking forwards and then let him jump over you while you
    walk where he WAS to stay safe. Oh, and whip him to death. Yea, that too! Then
    just head through the door.
     Ah, the music change. About time, no? Head down the rope and try to hit any
    candles you can. At the end you'll see an arena with ropes on either side.
    Hit the candle here to face:
     - Boss: Iron Doll
     This boss actually has TWO forms.
     The first form is the "Iron Doll" form. He is SUPER SLOW in this form. You
    can damage him up to half his health in this form by whipping his body. Just
    be careful of his sword attack (he'll raise his arm first!). You can easily
    kill him before he stomps halfway across the room.
     The second form is him without his armor. He's fast in this form and likes
    to jump around. His sword is powered up as well, and will send out shockwaves
    when he swings it! You can dodge his shockwaves when you stand on the ground
    by ducking. I recommend you STAY on the ground (the ropes are suicide with 
    this form) and just focus on NOT getting stomped on. Chances are he'll waste
    his shockwave while jumping, but if he does do it on the ground, DUCK. Use
    your subweapons (both are good here) and keep whipping him to win out!
                                 Castlevania Part I           
     With all four catles down, the TRUE castle of Dracula, Castlevania, will
    rise out of the screen. Christopher will also automatically head there,
    leading you to THIS stage.
     Head right and take care of the pair of birds as you go past a moving
    platform. A Zaldo (I THINK that's its name) will greet you. This thing will
    throw its scythe like a boomerang, so duck it and jump over it. It can also
    kneel and throw its boomerang, so be carefull and be ready to jump and THEN
    duck. Keep heading right and kill two more birds and another Zaldo to reach
    a door.
     Use the platforms you find to go up a rope (BARELY get on the left platform
    to kill the bat easy) and head up. On the next screen, go up the rope a ways
    until the TOP spike jets out and keep going up. The third screen is a combo
    of the last two, so kill a bat and use the spikes to keep going up. The next
    screen you need to jump left to a platform, then UP when the spike comes out.
    Another spike comes out from the left directly after that so jump on it and
    hit the candle if you wish (it's an AXE sub-weapon) and head up before a
    third spike from the right comes out.
     This next screen has a Zaldo on the bottom and a PUNA at the top. Hurry  up
    and kill the Zalda ASAP, as the single spike ledge should give you protection
    from the PUNA energy balls. With the Zaldo dead, focus on not getting hit by
    the energy balls and make your way to the far rope. Note that the spike ledge
    can make a NARROW GAP for the balls to STILL go down, so be careful when you
    head up the rope and kill the PUNA. Use the spike ledge to carry on and keep
    heading up. The next screen has TWO BIG bats. Take the first one out from the
    rope and run under the second one to the door.
     Take out the PUNA who is waiting for you, then head down. Kill the first
    rope skeleton you see on the left (hopefully you have fireballs still!) and
    jump to the FAR LEFT rope (the candle in the middle of this area has HOLY
    WATER if you want it). Go down this rope but aim your whip above the knights
    head to kill another rope skeleton. THEN kill the knight and continue down.
    Drop down and kill the next knight then ignore the big bat and head down
    again to kill one last knight and go down a rope.
     IMMEDIATLY kill the PUNA to your LEFT once you go down a screen. From here,
    two spikes will come out from the left. Get on them and PLAN to drop down to
    the horizontal moving platform to continue going down. Kill the ensuing big
    bat from the rope and head through the door.
     Here you'll find a rope going DOWN and UP. =
     It may seem like there are two paths, but really we just need to get to a
    certain room. Do this: Head UP to find some spikes ledges to jump on (there
    are only two) and a candle on the right. You can also destroy part of the
    ceiling here, which gives you a RARE 1-UP. Go up a room to see two BIG bats.
    NOW, instead of going through this room, go DOWN. You'll see a different room
    down here, one guarded by two PUNA enemies. Take them out ASAP and head
    through the door.
     Ooo, boss music! Head forwards and kill the mudmen along the way until you
    get to a section where there are... pores on the ceiling and floor. Hit the
    boss candle on the end (do it from the far right) to face:
     - Boss: Bone Dragon King
     Ok, no joke, this guy means business. The messed-up thing is that the dragon
    doesn't actually ever attack you! It simply moves in and out of the pores
    and/or holes. However, since the screen scrolls to the right, being on the
    LEFT side of the screen is sure-fire death. Therefore, head to the RIGHT as
    soon as you can.
     Stay to the right at all times and aim for the dragon's head whenever you
    can. You can typically get two hits in each time its head shows up, but
    whatever you do stay on the right (you often have to choose between hurting
    the beast and heading right, but go RIGHT every time). Keep doing that and
    hurting him when you can to come out on top.
                                 Castlevania Part II          
     Ok, let's do this. Go forwards and kill the knight, then the Zalbo on the
    TINY ledge. Two more hawks will bother you as you continue (kill the second
    one BEFOER it swoops) but the path to the door is easy. Head up after that to
    a room with TWO PUNA enemies in it, both on platforms. It's HARD not to get
    hit here, but it's possible if you stay low and do some good dodging. The
    candle in here also has some HOLY WATER if you want it. Head up and fight the
    Zalbo in here. THIS candle has an AXE if you want it. Head up again to see a
    plate of spikes. Get through here carefully like you've done before and USE it
    to head up to see another plate of spikes. Get past this one carefully and
    jump on top of it. Whip the support column to make it fall down so you can
    continue onwards.
     Head up and kill the knight and collect the candles before going up again.
    Kill the Zalbo you find and go through the door. Continue up past this easy
    room to a room with automated rope pulleys. Remember these? There are some
    non-threatening knights here, so ride the pulleys up to the next screen. The
    candle at the top only has a heart (or maybe an AXE, since I had an axe at
    that time). Head up and kill the Zalbo and the bat then walk off the platform
    to the far left and go up. Head up and take care of a PUNA and a bat and then
    go through the door.
     This next room is a LOT like the beginning, so go onwards and kill the birds,
    knights and zalbos. You'll encounter spiders as you go along though, so be
    sure to kill them at their lowest points to use their silk as rope. You will
    battle two PUNA enemies before going through another door. With a change of
    scenery comes a change of music. Yep, a boss is coming up. Go forwards and
    gather up the candles, then hit the candle at the end to face:
     - Boss: Soleiyu Demon
     Indeed, it is Soleiyu, you're son! He is possesed though, and will be out to
    kill you. This is a TOUGH fight, as Soleiyu has some tricky attacks! His basic
    attack is to use his whip, which HURTS. His secondary attack is to toss THREE
    daggers to the upper left (or upper right) of the screen. These daggers just
    sit there and rotate for awhile before raining downwards. Often only two will
    rain downards at a diagonaly angle while the third goes across the VERY top of
    the screen. However, Soleiyu keeps moving while the daggers are out.
     The trick to this fight (and what makes it very beatable) is to use the upper
    platforms. Soleiyu WILL come after you and you don't want to be near him. When
    he is on the upper platform stay below and play keep away. When he goes lower,
    head up. You can still damage him like this if you're smart: whip him when
    you're on the top platform and he jumps up to the middle area, or when you're
    on the lower level and he's heading down. You can also get in fire hits if
    your whip is upgraded. Keep at it and use sub-weapons while dodging the
    daggers and you'll be ok.
     After the fight Soleiyu will come to and regain his senses. He'll tell you
    that without his powers, Dracula will use the four castle spirits to resurrect
    himself, and then he'll urge us to hurry, leading us to the next level.
                                Castlevania Part III     
     This isn't really a stage, so head forwards and go down to an ominous room.
    Once you hit the candle here you will have to fight the final boss:
     - Boss: Dracula
     Are you ready for the hardest fight yet? Dracula will use the four castle
    spirits to resurrect, leaving it up to you to bring him down. He only really
    has ONE attack but it's all he needs. He'll summon EIGHT orbs to rotate around
    him and spread out once he teleports away. Considering our surrounding are
    rather limited, this is a DEADLY attack. They are dodgable though. To win
    this fight (easier), you need to know WHERE he will teleport and HOW to dodge
    the orbs.
     For that purpose, reference the (poorly drawn) diagram below to see his
    teleport order. After the diagram will be the best places to be to dodge his
    orbs. The idea here is to be ready for where he'll be, whip him, then use the
    number of where he is at to find the best place to dodge his attack!
            -3-      -4-
       ---               ---
            -2-      -6-
               |   |
    ________^^^|   |^^^________
    (-IMPORTANT NOTE-): After SIX, he goes back to ONE, then FIVE, and THEN he
                        starts his cycle (1-6) over again!
     - Best place to dodge:
    1: Get on the LOWER LEFT floating platform. Get to the far left of it and
    2: Get to the LOWER RIGHT floating platform and walk to the far right. You
       can stand up on this one.
    3: Get to the middle platorm and STAND on the far left of it.
    4: Get to the platform with THREE on it and DUCK on the far LEFT end of it.
    5: Get to the platform with THREE on it and stand in the middle. JUMP when the
       orbs are released! Make sure it's a small jump.
    6: Get to the platform with FIVE on is and DUCK on the far LEFT edge of it.
     Use that knowledge to overcome Dracula. It's hard, but you can do it.
     After the fight, watch the ending and smile. You've overcome a genuinely hard
    boss and saved your son!
     Congrats on beating Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge!
    Thanks to my friends (Domz, Zylicyde) for the ASCII artwork.
    Thanks to Konami for the Castlevania series.
    Thanks to the CastlevaniaCrypt.com for the enemy names and being a great
    Castlevania site.
    Most of all, thanks to my family:
       My wife, for giving me the time. Thanks a ton baby!
       My daughter, for being who you are! My whirlwind of destruction!
       Never stop being you!
    ~ Fin

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