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"Belmont gets his revenge... and boy is it sweet."

Castlevania Adventure, for all intents and purposes, was a test of patience due to its jumpy feel and constricted controls. To put it in simpler language, the game sucked lemons. The sequel, Belmont's Revenge, is improved to the point where the gameplay somewhat resembles the NES Castlevania, but also retains some elements of the previous Castlevania entry. Let's see how it fares.

STORY: 16 years after Christopher Belmont supposedly kills Dracula, Chris' son goes missing. Thus ol' Belmont has to come out of retirement to save him from evil forces. It's better than Adventure's ''I don't know whether my name is Simon or Christopher but I gotta kill Dracula'' storyline, but it's nothing special either. 6/10

GRAPHICS: Much, much better than Adventure. Chris Belmont still looks bald, but everything else has a nice clean look to it and the detail is as good as a Game Boy can get it to be. Good effort. 8/10

SOUND: Like the visual aspect, the sound is improved tenfold. The sound effects are still nothing worthy to note, but they aren't a major loss. The music in this game is nicely done for a portable system that can't produce a decent soundtrack to save its life. It's better than its predecessor AND its successor (Legends). 8/10

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay took a major tweaking to the point where you have elements of the NES and GB Castlevanias meshed into one. You still climb ropes and stuff, but you can now collect sub-weapons (only holy water and axe, or the cross if you're playing the Japanese version) and it feels more like traditional Castlevania. The control is a little better than before. I just wished they didn't go with the Stage Select business. 9/10

CHALLENGE: The game is actually quite easy at times, although the last couple of bosses in the game will definitely test your patience. There's also a Hard Mode which adds a bit of extra difficulty into the game. 7/10

REPLAY VALUE: It's a one-time affair if you don't know the Hard Mode code. You can go like Megaman and try playing the initial levels in different orders, but it really doesn't matter. Of course, if you really like this game... there's your replay value. 8/10

OVERALL: Belmont's Revenge is one of the better 8-bit Castlevania games despite it's relatively short size and the fact that it's a Game Boy title. It's something different while at the same time is something traditional and familiar. Revenge is definitely sweet and worth your cash if you can find it. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/04

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