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"The Game Boy gets a second chance with this series and shows us why Castlevania games are so great."

Here we are with yet another Castlevania game to play. This outting is the sequel to Castlevania Adventure, also on Game Boy. Castlevania Adventure wasn't bad for a first Game Boy title but it did suffer from many problems. In comes Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. Let's just say that all the problems of old are fixed. Here's the rundown.

Story - adds nothing to gameplay therefore does not apply to score
16 years after Christopher Belmont thrashed Dracula, all has been well. Christopher's son Solieyu is about to recieve the title of Vampire Killer but is taken over by Dracula's spirit and turned to evil. Christopher grabs his whip and sets out to rescue his son and finish Dracula once and for all. Not too bad for story considering it's from the early 90s era.

Graphics - 7/10
Standard fare here. Christopher and many of the other enemies haven't changed much from Castlevania Adventure. However the game has been sped up quite a bit. Unfortunately it's still slow but at least it's more playable now. Overall the graphics are just standard and nothing more.

Sound - 9/10
Normal game sounds are all there and are all what you would expect. As for music it sounds quite impressive coming from that tiny speaker. Konami did an excellent job on music which meets the tough standards set by all other Castlevania titles.

Gameplay - 10/10
Hey it's another Castlevania. Of course the gameplay is top of the line. You jump, whip, and even get some sub-weapons (only two but it's better than nothing). Also when you take a hit you're whip doesn't go down a level in strength unless of course you take a hit from a spitter enemy but they're alot easier to avoid this time around. You'll battle your way through seven stages. All of which are a bit easier than Castlevania Adventure. Oddly enough you go through the first four stages in any order much like Mega Man. But you don't benefit from a specific path so it doesn't really add anything new except it's the only game in the series that gives you this option so it is neat. As for the controls, they're very responsive making vampire hunting a breeze.

Overall - 9/10
For such a small game it does turn out really well. If you didn't like Castlevania Adventure give Belmont's Revenge a go. It's a great second chance for the Game Boy branch of the series and it's challenging enough to keep you occupied. Most importantly of all it's another Castlevania title. While it adds nothing new to the series as a whole it merely tells another chapter of the Belmonts struggles against Dracula.

To buy or not to buy?
I'd say buy it if you can find it. Shouldn't go no higher than $10 used and it's not rare either. It's part of a great series and belongs in any Game Boy library.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/04

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