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    Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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                                                        Blitz Knight Stunt Present:
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    Authored by: Bkstunt
       Email:    Faqs @ Bkstunt . Com
       Facebook: Facebook.com/Bkstunt
       Website:  Bkstunt.com
                                  - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
       Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
     - Introduction.......................................................[CA-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[CA-CON]
     - Game Basics and Tips...............................................[CA-GBT]
     - Stage 1: The Graveyard........................................[CA01]
     - Stage 2: The Caverns..........................................[CA02]
     - Stage 3: Death Tower..........................................[CA03]
     - Stage 4: Castlevania..........................................[CA04]
     - Credits............................................................[CA-CRE]
    Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a FAQ of Castlevania: The Adventure, the
    FIRST Castlevania Game Boy game. It's not... terribly good, but there's
    something to be said for the start of Castlevania's mobile history.
    Honesty, the guide that's already up at gamefaqs.com actually looks like it's
    a decent guide! Not something I say too often! However, since I've already
    faqed ALL of the GBA Castlevania games, I figured I may as well faq all of the
    Game Boy Castlevania games as well. With Castlevania Legends already done,
    this game became my next target.
    Anyways, I hope you enjoy the guide!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    So between those two sites, come on over and say 'Hi!' sometime.
    First of all, let me say that my primary motivation for writing guides is,
    and always will be, for the gamer. However, as I've learned by writing just
    a few guides on new games, it can hit your pocket book! I wish they'd give me
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    Please be sure to send me an email so I can thank you personally as well! Or
    just send me an email to say "Thanks!" Every one of those I read makes my day!
    ~ Bk
    Here are the controls for the game. Now, normally I put in some ASCII of the
    controller or something, but since this is a GameBoy game I think a brief
    description will do.
    (-NOTE-) Controls are taken from the game manual... forgive the cheesiness!
     o Control Pad: Press Left or Right to advance through the maze. Press Up to
       climb up a rope. Press Down to climb down a rope or to "duck" the
     o B Button: (The Attack Button) Press to crack the Mystic Whip. Be warned,
       though, its impossible to attack when climbing up or down a rope.
     o A Button: Press to leap. Also press to jump down from the rope.
     o Select Button: Not used during the adventure.
     o Start Button: Press to begin your quest. Also press to pause and unpause
       the action.
                                 Game Basics and Tips                      
     Here I'll attempt to ease your transition into the game and help you to
    beat it by pointing out some game basics and tips:
     o Probably the most IMPORTANT thing to point out is how the whip functions.
       To start out with your whip is short and rather pathetic. However by
       acquiring crystals you can UP the power of your whip two more levels:
     - The FIRST crystal power up will turn your LEATHER WHIP (or Vampire Killer)
       into a CHAIN WHIP with greater power and length.
     - The SECOND crystal power up will add FIREBALLS to your attack (making your
       whip the FLAME WHIP), giving you a ranged option. This can be particularly
       useful in certain situations.
     HOWEVER, you can also LOSE your power ups by getting hit. Each time you get
    hit you'll end up going down a rank, so as you can see not getting hit is your
    TOP priority.
     o If you run out of lives, you can choose to continue after you die. If you
       do so, you will start at the BEGINNING of the stage that you died in, which
       is nice of them.
     o As you play, you'll come across SEVERAL different types of items that will
       help you out. I'll list those items down below, so you know what to keep
       your eyes open for:
     - Heart: Partially restores your life.
     - Flashing Heart: Totally restores your life.
     - 1-UP: Gives you an extra life.
     - Cross: Makes you invincible for a period of time.
     - Crystal: Powers up your whip by one level.
     - Flashing Crystal: Makes a BOSS appear.
     - Coin: Increases your points by 50.
     o Be careful of your limited mobility! Jumps take extra space, especially
       when you want to make those tricky jumps off of ropes.
                                      Game Start!                      
                                 Stage 1: The Graveyard                     
     Time to get started. Get adjusted to your limited movements here and move
    forward, whipping the candles here so we can get an upgraded whip. Drops will
    fall from the ceiling and turn into mudmen, but they are super easy to defeat.
    As you go up, you'll see a goblin. These things get pushed back and do a giant
    leap when hit. Hit him to check it out. Not hard to defeat as long as you pay
    attention. The very last candle before going up has a heart in it.
     On the next screen, get ready to destroy a rolling eyeball (they go down in
    one hit and explode). They keep coming, so keep going. Be sure to grab the
    last candle here for a cross. Make good use of the cross and head up and right
    as fast as you can. You'll find the most annoying enemy here: the EAGLE. It
    zooms in from the right and then doubles back, aiming for your back. Try to
    kill them off as you go (hopefully with a fire whip) but be sure to be ready
    for the back attack. Remember, they pick up speed when coming back, so WHIP
     The next screen has more rolling eyes, but the first candle has a cross
    while the second candle has some health. Very nice. The next screen also has a
    cross in one of the candles, so keep being invincible while heading up. The
    next screen has two goblins on it. The far LEFT candle (which you can only hit
    while jumping off of the rope) has some health in it. Head up and there will
    be a candle that only a flame whip can hit that has a 1-UP in it, but you'll
    need to head right while killing mudmen. Eagles make their return here so be
     You'll come to a pit soon enough. The first THREE ledges here will FALL once
    you touch them, so be ready (two quick jumps and a long third jump). The very
    next candle also has health in it. Continue on and jump from platform to
    platform. The candles underneath hold coins, crystals, or health if you need
    them, just be careful of the bats. Make it past the dropping ledges at the
    end to continue to a dead end.
     Hit the candle at the far end of this area to face:
     - Boss: Gobanz
     Being the first boss of the game, Gobanz really isn't anything to worry
    about. If you DO have the upgraded whip though, note that the fireball will
    actually BOUNCE OFF of him, meaning we'll have to get up close and personal.
    His basic attack strategy is to walk forward a little bit and than extend his
    chain/grappling arm to attack you. He either extends it downwards or upwards,
    meaning you are NOT completely safe on the higher ledges in this area. To
    defeat him just wait until he attacks, then hit him once and retreat. Now
    simply rinse and repeat. If you need to get by him (and you will), simply wait
    until he's close to the right-hand side and use the ledges to jump over him.
                                 Stage 2: The Caverns                      
     Ok, we have three bats right above us to start. Kinda sucks. Head right and
    kill any that follow you. Grab the far left candle for a cross and start
    heading right. This cross will get you past another area full of bats. You
    will soon meet a new enemy: the Punaguchi (who looks like it should be from
    Contra, to be honest). Thankfully you can kill his shots (notice how they
    ricochet). To the right is a split where you can go up and face a Puna or
    down. The up path has health candles, while the lower path has a new enemy
    called a Zeldo. He uses scythes as boomerangs, so you can duck/jump over them
    and be safe.
     Head down and kill the Puna, then use the dropping ledge to get lower (let
    it drop PAST your exit and jump to reach safety, you CAN'T WALK to safety).
    The far candle has health. One screen lower you'll find two more falling
    ledges, so be CAREFUL. A screen lower is two Puna enemies. Below that is a
    (what I consider) FUN area. The entire area is bridge after bridge, but
    rolling eyes will come at you from both sides (not constantly, but be on
    guard). When you DESTROY THEM, a portion of the bridge will be destroyed!
    You can afford to make single holes, but never double holes (let future eyes
    roll OFF of the bridge). Keep making your way across like this and you'll be
     Go down a screen to see three falling ledges guarding a candle to the left.
    As you would imagine, the candle is valuable, containing a 1-UP. You can now
    choose to go down using the LEFT or RIGHT rope. Both take you to the same
    place after a few screens, so choose either. Just beware of bats, eyeballs,
    and puma enemies. Keep going until you run into two Zeldo enemies. This next
    rope goes UP and DOWN, but going up does nothing but return you to this same
    screen, so head down.
     Hit the candle in the middle of this area to face:
     - Boss: Undermoles
     The most IMPORTANT thing to notice about this fight is the AREA you're
    fighting in. Notice the four holes in the background. The BOSS isn't just a
    single boss, it's actually a BUNCH of undermoles who will appear, one at a
    time, out of those holes. Granted, they all die easily, but you're going to
    be fighting them for awhile. The holes that the moles come out of is
    randomized, but they PEAK THIER HEADS OUT before coming out onto the screen,
    and you can USE that time to KILL them. If they DO get out, they will bounce
    around uncontrolablly. In fact, TWO of them can be out at once, making this
    fight get VERY hard if you start to miss them!
     With the FLAME WHIP, what you want to do is hang out near the middle hole
    and monitor THAT one. Then, when you see the moles pop out of the right hole,
    quickly send a fireball to greet it. When the pop out of the center and left
    holes you're going to whip them, obviously. The only hole you just plain CAN'T
    get to is the top hole. The moles WILL jump out of that, but you can always
    whip them as they come down.
     WITHOUT the FLAME WHIP your job is a LOT harder since you have no range.
    The smartest thing to do is to obviously start near the middle hole and rush
    to the left or right as needed, then return to the middle hole after you've
    killed the mole peeking out. 
    Rinse and repeat, and hope you don't let any of
    them get out!
                                 Stage 3: Death Tower                     
     There's a good reason this is called Death Tower. This stage is frickin'
    H-A-R-D, HARD! The majority of the stage is YOU trying to escape impending
    DOOM, doom in the form of massive walls of spikes bearing down on you. This
    stage is tricky, but can be done.
     This first area will have the WALL 'O DOOM coming from the ceiling. Continue
    forwards and watch it fall (one of the beginning candles has a 1-UP in it, but
    you NEED to prioritize speed over candles). You'll soon see a rotating column
    that you MUST destroy to make the wall go back up. It only takes three hits so
    you should be able to do it, no problem. Head past that and the ceiling will
    come down again, but there's a SAFE AREA in the ceiling you should get under
    and duck until it starts going up. Now keep going right and destroy another
    rotating column. Keep going until you see a path going UP.
     OK, we have another race against time. THIS time the spike wall will come
    from BELOW. Start climbing and jump to the RIGHT rope when it's safe. There's
    a ledge coming up with a worm on it, you MUST get on it and destroy the worm
    and keep going. It is SUPER HARD if you don't! Once you can do that, you can
    get up much faster (the other ledges with the worms are easier to get on and
    proceed). Keep going up and when that path splits with ONE rope going up the
    right path (that you are on) and one going up the LEFT path you NEED to jump
    down and take the left rope. You'll be cutting it close since you have to jump
    off the RIGHT rope quite aways PAST the ledge to make it, so give yourself a
    few feet (like three lengths of yourself) to make it.
     Keep heading up and change ropes whenever they let you. Once you see another
    worm off to the right, keep going up. You'll see some platforms and falling
    platforms that you need to traverse to get further right, so watch your
    jumps. Head up and jump to the small block platform to the left after that,
    kill the worm, and head further up. More small platforms and falling ledges
    await you, for quite a few screens actually. This is the easy part and you
    will soon be done with the upwards ascent section.
     Ok, NOW we will be chased by a wall from the RIGHT. It just doesn't stop,
    does it!? The candle here has health, but you're better off focusing on moving
    leftwards as fast as possible. I'd stop only to kill worms. Try to KILL them
    if you can, insteal of hitting them and making them roll. You'll come to two
    sections where there are THREE sets of long ropes. These sections are designed
    to let the wall catch up to you, so we have to do this perfectly. Climb up
    until you are one body length away from the ceiling before jumping. You'll
    also have some small blocks and falling blocks you'll have to jump on, but
    they'll give you some space at least.
     Past that are some more double-back sections with mudmen. This is the end
    of this section at least, as you head up a rope to a new screen. Up here,
    head to the right, stand right of the candle, and whip it to face:
     - Boss: Death Bat
     As you start the fight, face to the left so you can see Bat/Man thing appear.
    It will fall down to the floor so you can get in the first shot. From here,
    the only thing that the Death Bat will do is fly back and forth and try to
    dive bomb you. You can easily bait it to dive bomb you while you are in the
    middle of the area, just walk back and forth and when it comes down keep
    walking to get some space (and make it miss), then turn around and whip it.
    You can also utilize the upper ledge on the left (by standing under it) to
    make him miss and punish him for it.
     The boss will also occasionally fly down and walk around a bit on the ground,
    which is another obvious time to attack him. Keep it up and you'll be
    victorious. WAY easier than getting through the stage was, right?
                                 Stage 4: Castlevania                     
     We are in a FANCY area now! Lots of candles are here in the beginning, so
    gather them all and head right. You'll run into KNIGHT enemies, who can be
    hard to kill unless your whip is powered up (so you'll have to kill two of
    them before powering your whip up). Once it is, duck down and hit them once
    to get past them. A Zeldo will great you past the row of knights. Past him
    you will face... Gobanz! He'll take FOUR hits to take down, so be careful of
    his hook attack. Sheesh, they are throwing ex-bosses at us now!
     Go up a screen to face a hallway full of Puna (stay on the rope to avoid the
    first energy shot). Be careful of their bouncing attacks and remember that you
    can destroy them! Head up after about three of them and jump off the rope to
    the ledge right away to avoid getting hit! Kill the Puna here and go up and
    kill the other one (who is guarding health and a crystal candle). From the
    left rope, climb up as much as possible to the falling ledge to make the jump
    to the right.
     Climb up and you'll see two plaforms moving amidst a bunch of spikes. Jump on
    the right one and when it heads left jump on the lower one. Wait a second and
    head left on it as it goes up so you can make the jump to the higher ledge (I
    find that stationary jumping is WAY more likely to get you killed). Also, be
    sure to drop to the lower area on the left before going up. The next two
    screens going up have three up and down moving platforms that are pretty easy
    to travers if you move before jumping (and be SURE you climb up the rope high
    enough before jumping onto the first moving platform).
     Further up you'll find a Zeldo. Wait until he throws his weapon, THEN jump up
    and kill him and the Zeldo past him to head up further. The next screen has an
    easy-to-kill Puna. Up past that is another Zeldo (you want to jump to solid
    ground ASAP). Up past that is an interesting room full of spikes, but they
    come out one at a time to provide you a path upwards! In THIS room, three
    spikes will come out of the LEFT wall (pretty slowly) and one final one from
    the right (the candle here has a crystal):
    ||>                         |
    ||>                         |
    ||>                         |
    ||>                         |
    ||>                         |
    ||>             ____________|
    ||>            <||
    ||>            <||
    ||>           4<||
    ||>            <||
     The next room has more moving spikes. In here, they come out slowly for the
    FIRST two (which come from the left), then the next two will come out FAST
    from the right and then one more from the left:
    ||>5           <||
    ||>            <||
    ||>            <||
    ||>           4<||
    ||>           3<||
    ||>2           <||
     Head downwards now and one spike from the left and one spike from the right
    will BOTH go at the same time. You want to get as far left as possible and
    let the spikes retraction drop you down (sorry, no ASCII art this time!). Past
    that is a big hallway with THREE Gobanz enemies! Be carefull and attack them
    in-between their attacks. Past that is a room with a dropping ledge where you
    can nab some candle goodies (health, crystal). Go down further and you'll be
    dropped down to the final room...
     Go hit the candle in the middle of this arena to face:
     - Boss: Dracula
     We finally get to take on the prince of darkness. Dracula's strategy in
    this battle is to warp around the room, stopping on one of the many ledges
    scattered throughout the room and than spitting out projectiles from his cape.
    He sends out WAVES of projectiles, four at a time, alternating between four
    shots going out diagonally and four shots going in each of the cardinal
    directions. He does the DIAGONAL attacks FIRST by the way, which is important
    to know. You're going to want to position yourself next to him and whip him
    inbetween his attacks (you can whip him anywhere, by the way).
     This isn't TOO hard, actually. So, to make this easier on you, I've listed
    below where he likes to warp to and from, in order. When he gets to FOUR, he
    will just start back over at ONE.
            ---      ---
       ---      -3-      ---
            -1-      -2-
     After you've defeated him, he will explode, but your battle isn't quite
    over! Be prepared for the next boss!
     - Boss: Vampire Bat
     So, I'm confused... is this still Dracula, or another boss? Or maybe,
    Dracula turned into a giant bat? Eh, either way we're going to kill it.
    The bat's entire attack pattern consists of flying back and forth at the
    top of the screen, pausing occasionally to spit out a spread-shot of three
    bats (which travel downwards). You can stand on one of the two lower platforms
    (not the LOWEST platforms, the lowest ones up in the air) and the bat will
    never touch you. It's also a good place to avoid the smaller bats it spits out
    UNLESS it stops right by you (then you want to get the hell away!).
     To hit the thing, you're going to want to jump up while the bat is coming at
    you and whip, letting your whip hit it as it comes forwards (you'll fall and
    be safe afterwards, and when it is moving away from you its too easy to miss
    or get hurt). That's the only real safe way of hurting him. It's going to take
    some time to finish him off, but as long as you play it safe like this you'll
    end up the victor!
     Watch what little scenes there are after winning (its mostly credits, with
    one ominous scene at the end) and congrats on defeating Castlevania: The
    (-NOTE-) After the credits the game will start over again, saying it is stage
             5. Hard mode, I suppose!? I played through the first stage again and
             it didn't seem any harder to me.
    Thanks to my friends (Domz, Zylicyde) for the ASCII artwork.
    Thanks to Konami for the Castlevania series
    Most of all, thanks to my family:
       My wife, for giving me the time. Thanks a ton baby!
       My daughter, for being who you are! My whirlwind of destruction!
       Never stop being you!
    ~ Fin

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