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"This is not the best Castlevania, but is good for it's time of creation"

Castlevania Adventure was a game that was released early on in the Gamboys life. It showed, but it actually is better than I expected.

THE STORY (2/10): There really is no story to Castlevania Adventure, you just run around and whip servants of Dracula, but you are Christopher Belmont, and your mission like every other castlevania game is to defeat Dracula, and that story in itself is worth two points.

THE GRAPHICS (4/10): The graphics are horrendous, and blurring occurs across the screen on many occasions. This, however occured in most early gameboy games, and that is the price you pay for attempting an adventure game for the gameboy. Christopher looks well, and is not blurred, but that is likely because the speed he moves at, and the background are not too shabby with detail. The monsters also are mediocre in graphics.

THE SOUND (8/10): This game had great sound for the weak gameboy sound chip. The background music is good from the get go. When you hit the start game on the Castlevania Adventure gamescreen you hear a low toned music, which is appealing to listen to. The entire music track is spooky and haunted, which is nice to listen to. The sound effects are not as strong, but the whip does make a nice sound when it is used.

GAMEPLAY (6.5/10): The gameplay is not that bad. Christopher is slow at movement, but the whip comes when the ''B'' button is pressed. The jumping is very tough at points, but it is doable, and I have not died at the same jump more than twice. There are only 4 levels however, which makes this game pretty short, but those levels are long and treachorous for entertainment. The enemies are also tough but are able to be defeated.

DIFFICULTY {not a score}{9/10): This game is extremely hard, and there are millions of ways to end up dead. In my mind this is by far the hardest of the Castlvania series. But it is entertaining enough that you will strive to defeat Dracula.

Overall (5/10): Simply put, if you are a true fan of Castlevania you should pick up this game. If you are looking for an entertaining game, which will not drive you crazy, I would not advise it. The jumps are frequent and treachorous and Christopher Belmont is slow. It is hard to find this game anywhere besides E-Bay, but it is a cheap game to buy, and is almost always around to purchase. Overall this is one game I do not regret buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/07/01, Updated 12/07/01

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