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"Belmont Killer"

CastleVania remains my most favorite video game series of all time. With all sorts of ghouls, skeletons, classical monsters, or whatever freaks at Dracula's disposal come your way; these games prove to give some nice satisfaction. ^_^

sometimes.....This game was the biggest dissapointment of the series. You star as Christopher Belmont, our biggest loser of the Belmont Clan. Why you ask? Because he has a slow walking speed, horrible jumping abilities, and only one whip power-up. Mnay things were bad about this thing; more bad things than one that you can shake a crucifix at. Although it was the first CastleVania game for the Gameboy; it certainly has been its' worst title.

Here's why.


Sure it's Gameboy graphics; but that's still no excuse. Christopher Belmont looks even worse than Simno Belmont from the earlier CastleVania hay-days. Simon Belmont at least had color. Our hero in this game looks like a walking naked stick figure waving a thin piece of string, that actually turns out to be your whip. :p Some backgrounds do look nice tho'; the cemetary one especially. But the rest are not. And your enemies are whatever non sensical blobs walking towards you; even those grim reaper dudes called Zeldos don't look like their actualy counterparts. And since this is early gameboy; to avoid certain doom for Christopher, you best bet is to squint at the ugly looking graphics to TRY and get a better view of this. And it won't take long till you become, ''Blind as a 'Bat'. A 'Vampire Bat' that is.

SOUND: 4/10

The only piece of CastleVania music I liked was the first level; that being 'Battle for the Holy'. I liked the beat of it; and even this tune from your Gameboy's enough to make you wanna, ''jump, Jump''. The rest is whatever unmemorable dribbling you're hearing. And very few enemies have sounds. The msot irritating are the eagles. When they screech, it sounds like Dracual's running his claws down a rusty chalkboard. To give this part a 4; was for me to like the LEvel 1 music. But it takes more than one piece to give it a better ranking. This is as close to a rating as it gets.


Here's the ugly part of the game. Christopher Belmont probably never received proper Belmopnt, Vampire Slaying training. He walks SL-Ow-LY across the screen, and he's a amster of ''NOT jumping properly''. Even earlier, jumping was a problem for Belmonts, but this guys' the worse. Making precise jumps over pits, or rolling eyeballs is soemtimes impossible. Andl ike earlier gamesd, you get hit, you fall back a lot. Hitting enemies may be ahrd, due to the fact you can't see em very well. Witht he Fioreball upgrade to your whip, it may prove to be ana dvantage. Otherwise, the enemies are gonna ahve their way with you.


Four days after the purchase of this bat dung, I returned it. And never regretted it. Not only is it impossible to finish; but it also irritating to those who are a CastleVania fan. This game features our Belmont black sheep; who doesn't really doing anything spectacular. The reaplky on this ugly game is LOW. You'll grow out of it very quickly; and will began your quest for 'CastleVania 4' for SNES. (Which was a far superior game.) I think people had more fun typing in their PIN numbers all day than furiously mashing the controls of the GB with this game.


The Belmont who never ate his Wheaties was Christopher. Why he walks slow, why his accuracy is horrible, why he looks ugly, and why he keeps falling in the pit you were trying to avoid; all adds up to one lame CV game. If you're still playing it as this point, have your eyes checked. Squinting to try and get Christopher to Dracula will ultimately get you very near sighted. Good thing I took it back; my eyesight woulda gotten worse had I kept playing it. This is the CastleVania black sheep; I had more fun with the N64 versions. Yep; surprise. They were better. Oh boy. -_-

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/26/02, Updated 05/26/02

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