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"Could have been great if not for control"

When the Game Boy first debuted, a number of popular Nintendo games were given titles on this system, like Super Mario Land, Mega Man, and yes, Castlevania. While the other two played somewhat like their NES counterparts, Konami's first Castlevania foray was different. There was something about this particular game that makes people hate it. I played this game before I bought a copy of it off the bargain bin (yes, I actually bought the game). This could have been good if not for control... here's my take on this game.

STORY: There is no story. Oh wait... does ''you're Christopher Belmont and you have to go and kill Dracula'' count as a story? Didn't think so. 1/10

GRAPHICS: For a first-generation game (is it?), the graphics on this game aren't bad. Sure, I didn't like the fact that the guy I playing with looked bald, but what do you expect? It's simple stuff. 6/10

SOUND: A lot of people didn't care much for the music tracks in this game. While the only really good musical pieces are the first level music and the ending music, the rest isn't as bad as everyone else finds it to be. It's not that memorable like some of the stuff in the earlier games. As for the sound effects... well, no comment... 6/10

GAMEPLAY: First off, the reason people hate this game is because the control is slow and unresponsive. Or rather, your on-screen character is slow. I'm thinking this was done to reduce blurring (which was a constant problem with the old Game Boy), but this isn't a good excuse. Instead of a traditional Castlevania game, it's more of a test of timing when it comes to doing all those jumps; they are pathetically weak to the point where you have to jump off at the very edge of a platform to land on the other side. 4/10

CHALLENGE: Overcoming the poor control is the challenge in itself. The game alone is difficult enough without having to deal with the unresponsive control, but you also have to move quickly before you're crushed by a wall or something. Perhaps if the control was a little more responsive, then maybe this game would not have a high level of difficulty. 6/10

REPLAY VALUE: You may not want to play this game again, whether or not you have beaten it. However, it does serve its purposes. 3/10

OVERALL: Castlevania: The Adventure isn't a game. Rather, it's a test of patience, a test that yields two outcomes; either you will break your game boy in frustration, or you will be patient and take a break to clear your head. The game could have been great (not Castlevania NES great, but good enough) if it wasn't for the poor control. I think this is the only thing that kept the game from being better than it is. I can't recommend this title to anyone other than the Castlevania purist, but even then, you might want to try it before you buy it. 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/09/02, Updated 06/09/02

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