Review by Mmeeva

"The only thing scarier than Count Dracula himself is this game."

I have always been a fan of the Castlevania games for quite some time. When I first heard that Castlevania would be heading for the Game Boy I was thrilled by the idea, a portable Castlevania. Needless to say I was quite disappointed by this game. Nearly everything about it is horrible. Just name something about the game it was completely horrible.

Gameplay- The gameplay is very slow. It is also very difficult, but for all the wrong reasons. First off the game makes you do platform jumping. No biggie, but the worst thing about it is that the controls are so horrible, that you must have the heel of your feet on the very edge of a platform, just to make some jumps, and this did not sit very well with me. The game also demands quite a bit of this as well, making the overall experience lacking.

Story- The story is like every Castlevania out there. You are of the Belmont Clan. A family who's destiny is to destroy the Lord of Darkness, Count Dracula, who emerges from his slumber. You take the roles of their Belmont and their weapon of choice, the mighty whip in order to destroy Count Dracula himself.

Audio- The sounds in this game is perhaps the only saving grace of this game. It has the familiar haunting sound found in Castlevania games, and was about one of the only things that I could enjoy about this game.

Video- The graphics department is also seriously lacking. The sprites located within the game are quite small, and at many times are quite difficult to tell what they are. Even for Game Boy standards this game is lacking any good graphics, whatsoever.

Replayability- The replay value on this game is so low, it's not even funny. If you even manage to get to the end of the game, it's most likely that you will not want to play this game, ever! You will probably will not even want to give this game a second look, after playing through just the first stage.

All in all try to avoid this game as much as possible. It totally wrecks the Castlevania series, and should never be mentioned again. With poor graphics, absolutely no control, and with a difficulty factor that is difficult for all the wrong reasons, even the evil lord Count Dracula would fear this game, and make him go running back to his coffin.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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