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"A Dagger Through a Vampire Hunter's Heart"

The clashing sounds of lightning strike from the skies that envelop over the black woods of Translevania. Wolves howl at the lurid night, for signs of their kill. Bat squirm from the bowel wretches of caverns in search of their victims. Scorned souls of the dead roam the land, in hopes to scourge any adventurer that passes, due to the envy they have towards the living. And above the realm of the dead one being stands above all, watching his children of the night. Sound like a classic horror film? Well, you might be close... The name of the game is CastleVania Adventure, about a lonely follower of the Belmont clan who unstoppably ventures into the gothic world of Translevania to stop evil, which already floods the land, from taking over the world. A whip in hand, the hunter is now ready to proceed. Going through turmoil to complete a greater challenge than any other Castlevanian adventurer ever accomplished, to successfully complete his quest without the aide of secondary items.
Story: 6
What's there to say about Castlevania? You just begin in Translevania, end in Translevania. Enough said?
Graphics: 7
I give the graphics a good rating mainly because when the game was made, the designers had nothing to work with. This was the beginning for pocket games, an era when huge games get converted into smaller handheld games. Konami hadn't really known how exactly a handheld functioned. Anyhow, the games graphics pretty good back in the day. It had a background effect, as well as items that responded when hit and some of the creatures new what their target was, obviously the gamer. What didn't work was the framerate. It was extremely slurred. Imagine walking into a world covered in honey, get the drift? Aside from that, the formula of gravity was too positive. The gravitational pull in the game was very strong, forcing the character to jump successfully with over two to three feet in the air (compared to Simon when he jumped over people in Castlevania 2). And then there was the level design. It was superb, except for the fact that it didn't work with the control system. Imagine trying to make an eight foot dash, only jumping five feet. It was pretty hard. Many of the platform jumps, if not all, required me to ease myself to the ledge and then gradually jump. I got the hang of it after time. And then, later on, the system's programming clashes again, when the stage is threatening to squish you with spikes from below as you try your hardest to slowly climb up ropes and hope your jump from rope-to-rope wouldn't be a botch.
Gameplay: 8
The game requires PATIENCE, and allot of it. The game itself is difficult when first played. On the first three tries, the average gamer would give up. I advise that you shouldn't quit. The game has not so well AI. I find myself taking babysteps here and there, and I could get past the first board untouched now. One would just have to study the right way to do certain things, and you would really succeed passing the game untouched. It takes allot of work. But, its rewarding to myself to actually know that I got passed something that seemed so hard at first. I would say that the game does have it's frustrating moments...
Challenge: 10
This is definitely the hardest game I played, level desiging ways. Contra series, by Konami, is hard because you have mobs of angry aliens and rebels shooting you nonstop with a billion bullets. This game is hard because it requires accuracy as well as timing to successfully pull things off. If you want to get past allot of leaps of platforms, slowly ease to the edge then hop, ease, hop, and so forth. The bosses become rather boring whenever you know how they work. If a boss goes up three steps, hit once, walk back, then hit twice, and so forth. It becomes second nature. And, aside from Super Contra, this game IS beatable.
Overall: 8
This is the worst Castlevania Game made to date, but that is not really that bad. The game isn't really for everyone. If you like challenging games, then this is a winner. If you enjoy quick action games that require you to get passed stages fairly easily, and have fun the whole time, then it isn't. I liked the game. I play it still once in a while. At first glance, I lamented Konami for forging a horrible game, to find out that there are worse games than this out in the market. And that this Castkevania still sits a few notches above the endless feilds of rubble known as the games thats should have never been...

Rent/Buy? Good luck Renting. Good Luck finding it to buy cheap, or if at all. If you could find the game for five through ten dollars and if you are a fanatic of gothic, challenging, or even Castlevania games. Then buy it. If you are neither, then don't. The game is really a challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/06/03, Updated 03/06/03

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