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"I actually liked the controls in this game BETTER than in the NES CVs!"

If you have read my review of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, you will know that Castlevania: The Adventure was the first game in the series I ever played. If you did not read that review, now you know. ;-)

Gameplay: 6/10
This is the area of the game that people seem to complain the most about. Often they say that the controls are awful and thus make the game devoid of any fun. In my opinion, the controls were a little bit on the harsh side; however, I found Christopher Belmont (the playable character in this game) to be much easier to control than his relatives, Simon and Trevor, in their respective NES Castlevanias. Once you get the hang of it, my “buddy” Chris is rather easy to control.

Also, I am not sure how many other people noticed this, but Christopher’s speed changes depending on how many times he uses his whip. So, if you seem a bit more sluggish than usual, swing the whip once or twice to speed up. (I am fairly certain he has three alternating speeds: slow, medium, fast.)

Story: 4/10
The story is basically, “You are a Belmont. Go kill Dracula!” It is definitely lacking, but I just did not have the heart to give it anything lower than a four. Anyway, it was one of the earliest Castlevanias, so I doubt any gamers were disappointed by lack of a good story. (Therefore, I am only giving this half as much weight as the other criteria.)

Graphics: 6/10
Considering that this game was made for the original Gameboy, the graphics are acceptable. Some of the graphics are very detailed, while others are shoddy (but not to the extent that they ruin the gameplay). However, all of them pale in comparison to a game like Link’s Awakening. (Of course, that game was made a few years after this, so progression is expected. I just used that as an example to give some perspective.)

Sound: 9.5/10
This is my favorite part of Castlevania: The Adventure. The tunes that Konami put into this game are great! They are so catchy that I can still hum most of the level themes about fourteen years after the game’s release. The music from the first level is one of my top five favorite video game themes ever.

Replay Factor: 5.5/10
As the other reviews say, this game is short. There are only four levels. (Each level is comprised of three or four stages.) I will tell you right now: when you get to the second stage of level three, be prepared for one of the most grueling tasks ever attempted by a Belmont.

Final Recommendation: 6.8/10
If you can find a used copy of this game for $5-10 or so, I would suggest picking it up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/22/03, Updated 05/22/03

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